Blithe Tomato

by Francesca @ FuoriborgoIn response to a number of requests, I'll be posting one final updated version of the List of International Seed Catalogs in a couple of weeks. If you have more suggestions, please leave them in the comments here. In winter time, when I don't garden, I like to read about gardening. I especially enjoy books written by gardeners who describe and muse about their life as

Jack of all trades, master of (at least) one?

Aurora @ Island Dreaming

We had a good collection of very elderly non-fiction books in our home library when I was growing up, mostly gleaned for pennies from charity shops and library sales. Some were encyclopedias, some were old school text books, some were beautifully bound introductions aimed at the 'working man'. My favourite was a learning library comprising of five leather bound books

Organic Potatoes & Onion Sets

...have landed. Thaw ground, thaw!

One Hundred Simple, Green or Frugal Ways To Make A Difference Part I

By: Notes From The Frugal TrenchesI've been thinking a lot lately about giving back, largely because I ran a little charity program over the holidays where I asked readers of my blog to donate something warm {could be something they made or something they purchased} to a special program I had recently volunteered with {ChinaKidz}, which cared for palliative care & special needs orphans in China.

The Sweetest Time

Here at Chiot's Run the first warmup in the spring signals the start of sugaring season. Early last week we had a day that warmed above freezing so we went out and put taps in all of our maple trees (about 25 taps total). Our predictions were correct and the sap started flowing in some of the trees immediately. Tapping your maple trees is a wonderful way to get back outside in the spring

Quick Garden Checklist

by Throwback at Trapper CreekOur weather this time of year can be this one day.But the next day it may be look like this.When we get sunny dry days, even though it is too early yet for planting much in the way of garden, it's a good time to get some of the other things on our garden list done. Garden Checklist for February in my area:Divide or move plants like rhubarb, horseradish, hops, and

Experiments with Culture

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmI've got six bale-topped bottles lined up in front of me, sterilizing bleach water in the sink behind me, when my husband walks in to make himself something for dinner. "Could you please wait a couple more minutes, until I'm finished?" I ask, and he heads back into the living room. I'm bottling a batch of kombucha and, as with all fermented or cultured foods, care must

Food Crisis

Posted by BelFrom Spiral GardenPlato said that society is "just a few meals away from babarism." And I guess it is more true in our modern age than ever before. Apparently, the British M15 use a 'four meals away from anarchy' scale to evaluate threats.I typed 'food crisis 2011' into a search engine and got over 54 million results. Okay, so I don't watch or listen to much news, but I the

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