RASPBERRIES–the taste of summer direct from the Adelaide Hills.

Berry niceWith the late start to summer and the Christmas rush over the berries are now at there best. The raspberries along with their cousins, the English gooseberries, black currants ,and red and white currants are all ripe and dripping with flavour. All the berries are grown using biodynamic methods in a cool spring fed valley. We take the same care in picking our berries as we do growing them. This ensures only the best are sold. We don’t sell seconds for a couple of reasons-(1) the way they are grown and picked and (2) we do all our own value adding.

mixed berries

Shop garden

Our berries are only available from our farm shop which means they have travelled no more than 300 metres. While we are picking, people drop in to the farm tNirvana shopo buy berries. It is nice to stop picking for a few minutes and chat with regulars who enjoy buying directly from the producer. We receive direct feedback and the visitors take away high quality, fresh, biodynamic food.

Our farm shop is unique as it only sells our produce, fresh fruits in season and value added products made from our own fruit by Deb - 20+ varieties of jams and preserves to choose from Plus a range of Deb’s baskets hand crafted from materials growing at Nirvana and roadside weeds.

Shop 005

Nirvana Organic Farm is 5 kilometres from the Adelaide GPO the way the crow flies but for those who do not fly take the Stirling exit off the South Eastern Freeway , turn right at roundabout and travel 3.5 km to 184 Longwood Road HEATHFIELD. or check out your street directory UBD 157:G7 .

We are open Daily 9-5 during the berry season.

As the raspberries fade the Black Mulberry harvest begins.

My Little Veggie Hanger

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmAfter seeing yesterday's post from my co-writer Amy, I now have serious pot rack envy. I could really use the cupboard space freed up by hanging a few pots and pans, for food storage instead. The ceilings in our house are so low, though. Even a pot rack with a very low profile might be more in the way than useful; maybe look too cluttered. I think I'll tape up some paper

Beriklan di internet

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Apple Confirms White iPhone 4 for Spring 2011

New sings around Apple Store in the US has a text “The white iPhone 4 will be available spring 2011″ on them. Previous rumors told that Apple actually killed the whole white iPhone 4, but this now brings new life for it. Let’s see if they this time can actually release it, or if they’ll again postpone it.

Apple Ups Q1 Shipment Expectation to 21 Million Units

According to Taiwanese components suppliers, Apple will ship 21 million iPhone 4s in Q1 2011. This is up from 19 million that they expected to ship earlier. The regular iPhone 4 makes 14-15 million, while the CDMA iPhone makes the remaining 5-6 million.

My big, homemade pot rack

This pot rack is roughly 4 feet by 2 feet and made of galvanized piping.
by Amy of My Suburban Homestead

My dear husband made me this big pot rack for Christmas this year. 

Our house was built in the 70′s and has very low ceilings. I’ve attempted to put up a potrack before, but the pots hung way too low and had to take it down. And our house is very small–only 1,100 square feet, and

Frugal guilt

by Throwback at Trapper CreekWith the new year about to begin, the yearly urge to purge is coming on. Always with good intentions I bolt out the gate in January and fizzle out in a month or two. I want to be organized and finish all my projects, and sail through the year. This year will be that year, I hope... .Another thing that comes with the year end is the self-assessment we all do. Did I

One Hundred Ways To Save Money in 2011 Part I

By: Notes From The Frugal TrenchesHappy Holidays to you & yours! As the Holiday Season closes and the New Year approaches, I've been thinking a lot about the frugal life in 2011. Saving money can feel like a long hard road and while it certainly takes determination, sacrifice and motivation to get out of debt and save, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways we can live more frugally! Here

Waxing Cheese

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

As I make many different cheeses, and post video tutorials about how to make them, I thought that in this post that I would show everyone how to wax a cheese.
The cheese wax is a special formulation and is not the same as paraffin or candle wax.  That type of wax is too brittle to be used to coat cheese, as the cheese needs a solid yet flexible covering to


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Pruning Saw

by FrancescaFuoriBorgoAre you in need of a last-minute present idea for a gardener? Or are you a gardener with limited storage space and room for only the essential tools? In either case, a pruning saw might be the tool for you!I fall into the second category: I'm a gardener who's limited by a serious space shortage, which means I can only keep a handful of essential hand tools. About a month

My new best friend

By Aurora from Island Dreaming

I have always had a thing for brand new stationery; indeed I was delighted, aged four, when I came down on Christmas morning to find an executive desk and chair set with all the (admittedly plastic and cartoon animal themed) accessories, filing drawers, blank papers and new pens a 4 year old could possibly want. I loved filing, I loved writing notes and memos, I

Come on in & Stock up!

Reminder that we will be CLOSED for a mix of resting and renovating the shop:Friday, December 24 through Monday, January 3 - Back OPEN Tuesday, January 4th

Seasonal Fun for Families - Summer

By Belfrom Spiral GardenSunshine and holidays inspire activity and new beginnings.Family traditions help build beautiful childhood memories and nourish us in times of uncertainty. We honour the seasons through our awareness of the cyclic changes in nature. Taking a cue from our environment, we can alter our diet, our routines and our wardrobe to suit the weather and the days’ activities. Thrill

Meringue Cookies, Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmAt Christmas time, my grandma used to make these melt-in-your-mouth meringue cookies. She'd make hers all chocolate chip, tinting half the batch red (more like pink) and the other half green. I loved them so much, I just had to get her recipe. I then adapted it to make two flavors from one batch of cookie batter. I leave the chocolate chip half of the batch white, to

This is my tree!

greedy gosling

According to this young goslings the shahtoot mulberry near our veranda, along with another tree in the mixed fruit orchard, belongs to it.It spends its day alone cruising between the two mulberries trees.It is not alone in liking these sweet fruits as the tree is constantly visited by wattle birds, silvereyes and blackbirds.These birds are quite clumsy and knock the mulberries down to the delight of the gosling.The gosling has also learnt to jump up and grab lower limbs and shake off the mulberries.

this is my tree

yummy mulberries

These are the sweet yummy mulberries.white shahtoot

The red shahtoot mulberry is popular as well but we have it netted this year.red shahtoot

Homemade Nutella (hazelnut-chocolate spread)

by My Suburban Homestead 

Today I discovered by accident that it is easy to make Nutalla from scratch. Here's what happened:

My husband saw a jar of leftover hazelnuts that I had from making hazelnut mashed potatoes and he said: "Hey, why don't you make some hazelnut butter? That sounds good." So I proceeded to make some hazelnut butter.

If you've never made your own nut butters before, the

These Little Piggies Came Home Stinky

by Danelle @ My Total Perspective Vortex

There's no way to sweeten the ideal, we are pig farmers and have three rough and tumble kids under 7. That means I do a LOT of laundry and deal with a lot of really bad smells. Those of you with kids and or pigs probably know that the majority of these smells come from the kids!

But there is a catch, everyone in our house is allergic to commercial

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

by Chiot's RunI'm always game to save money in any way I can. Gift wrapping can be very expensive, even if you buy it on sale after the holidays, and buying something that you're just going to recycle and throw away seems a little crazy. One inexpensive way to wrap gifts is by using brown kraft paper. You can buy it in big rolls very inexpensively at home improvement stores, but I find that if

Holiday Party & Hours

Friends of Family Farmers' End of Year Celebration this Tuesday's InFARMation at Holocene = FREEMusic by the Greasy Chain String Band and Nathan McFall & Dean ClaeysSilent Auction with lots of amazing treats, see their list online- - - - -Come in and stock up, we will be closed Christmas Eve through New Year's, December 24th and re-opening Tuesday, January 4th.

Homemade Jerky

by Throwback at Trapper CreekI have a few hard to buy for omnivores on my Christmas list and the other day the idea of homemade jerky popped into my head. Making jerky was a hit-or-miss affair at my house, and I never really liked the end result or the ingredients in the recipes. And then one day I happened upon a fine blog and an even finer jerky recipe (among all his other fine recipes.) It

The NEW iPhone 5 - Coming July 2011

The iPhone 5 built for 4G is COMING!!!Lots of speculation is going around on the new iPhone 5... in HD!!Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and 5 and Verizon confirms they are making network changes to bring the iphone to their network. The new iPhone 5 is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat on 3g and 4g (no longer restricted to WiFi only)

Preparing For The New Year - A Simple, Green & Frugal 2011

By Notes From The Frugal TrenchesSlowly but surely I find my confidence growing. I've blogged before about a little internal battle I faced, feeling like I wasn't ever going to succeed at the green or frugal life because I couldn't knit or sew and didn't have a homestead for my own chickens, bees and garden. In 2010 I finally understood the truth, there isn't one prescription for a simple, green

Saving Time and Energy with a Pressure Cooker

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin.

On Sunday night, I cooked our dinner in my pressure cooker.  Since this piece of cookware was given to me two years ago, I have used it at least twice a month and the results have always been outstanding,  just as I remember from my childhood.  My mother had a pressure cooker and preapared lots of the family meals in it.  Quick, simple and you can use very

Twitter with iPhone

Twitterfon is a simple yet practical and useful application for iPhone users to kill even more time, this time with twitter. It's available for free in Apple app store, through iTune.

Posting to blogspot with iPhone

Surprisingly, there is no official iPhone application for posting to blogspot.But I finally managed to find this very nice and hang application, called blogpres.It can post to many blog services. It is simple and to the point. I have used it for few days and so far I'm happy with it functionality.You know where you can find it. Go to app store on iTune and search for blogptess.

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder Now Supports The iPhone

iPhone users might have been disappointed that the $199 ear-mounted Looxcie camera only supported Android when it was first released, meaning that they would need to look for an alternate solution if they wanted a gadget that could easily capture what was going on in their day and share it via their phone.The good news is that the company has announced the release of the iOS app for this device,

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(modified) Pretzels

by FrancescaFuoriBorgo When I wrote about Batch Baking, I mentioned making pretzels, and a few of you asked how I make them. I make soft pretzels, which are traditionally made from a simple dough of flour, yeast, water and (usually) some butter, which is cut and rolled into strips that are looped in the distinctive pretzel shape, then boiled, sprinkled with salt, and baked. They are very easy


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PHOTOS: Before & After of the Shop Outside and Inside, 1st year!

We got the keys to the property on Halloween Weekend of 2009 and it was indeed... spooktacular and to us, wonderful. Here are slide shows of our past year. We have more in the works, including our new baby chick cabin and more fun things you'll love. Thank you for inspiring us to keep busy creating a neat spot... ♥BEFORE: OutsideAFTER: OutsideBEFORE: InsideAFTER: Inside

Introducing myself

Aurora, at Island Dreaming.

This is my first post here; so I will take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am battling a bug at the moment, I apologise that this is short and photo-light.

I have always been interested in environmental issues. My university education was focused upon the technical aspects of solving various environmental problems - waste management, contaminated land and

Samsung Epic 4G Media Hub Update Causing Battery Life Issues, Workaround Detailed

The recent update to the Samsung Epic 4G which added access to the manufacturer’s Media Hub service is confirmed to be causing issues with battery drain and sleep functionality. As the update added the OMA DRM runtime for content encryption and access, the runtime is constantly running in the background, polling every 11 seconds and does not allow the device to enter into a proper sleep mode

Samsung Wave II (S8530) Announced

Samsung today announced the successor to the original Wave, the Wave II (S8530). They previously announced the Wave 2, but the Wave II is the real successor of the Wave.The Wave II comes with a larger 3.7? Super Clear LCD screen, 1GHz CPU, HDSPA, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5mm audio-jack, 5MP camera with LED flash and HD video recording, 2GB internal memory, microSD card slot and a 1,500mAh

Reusable Present Wrappings

I started a new job today, and just remembered it's my turn to write here. My brain is a bit overloaded at the moment, so I hope you don't mind if I just re-post one of mine from a couple of years ago - the information is still timely and useful:by Sadge, at Firesign FarmI'm not talking about re-using wrapping paper, although it can be done. Young mothers-to-be used to carefully undo the wrapping

Pineapple Cranberry Salad

Here's a great Pineapple Cranberry Sauce recipe someone shared at Dr. Fuhrman's Member Support Center: cook 1 package of cranberries with 1 can of crushed pineapple until the berries pop. Stir in 2 tablespoons agave, maple syrup, or date sugar (to taste, we liked it a bit tart), 1/4 teaspoon almond extract, and some chopped pecans.

We enjoyed this as a side dish at Thanksgiving, but I love it even more as a salad topping, mixed into a salad with chopped apple and pecans. I packed us whole apples to slice into the salad at lunchtime, so they don't turn brown.

The gel-cool bentos are filled with Fennel Cucumber Salad from my first book, garnished with a kalamata olive. (BTW, the side dishes fit perfectly in the top compartments of our To-Go Ware containers, even with the lids on, but I've ordered large stainless steel sidekicks for the future, because I prefer them to plastic.)

P.S. This picture sucks! You can't even see the cute little smiley faces on the apple picks holding the olives. Oh well, I was running out the door this morning and took it with my iphone. Bad shmoo!

BlackBerry Curve 3G Review: A Slight Update to a Successful Product Line

The BlackBerry Curve 3G is the latest device in the BlackBerry Curve series and the best part about it is that it has 3G and is BlackBerry 6 ready. The Curve product line has always been the most accessible of all the BlackBerry models because of its low price point and popular form factor. he Curve 3G fits nicely into this series because it has everything you would expect from a Curve but just a

Freemium Antair DelayedSend App Lets You Time Delay Email Delivery

Antair make some quality apps for BlackBerry including a spam filter, call screener and an auto-responder (great for support emails).Their latest app is DelayedSend that allows you to create an email and delay its sending or schedule it for a particular time। The app integrates into your email application making it easy to delay emails sent.To download the free version of DelayedSend, view this