Taming the Plastic Mountain + insect buddies + STRAW Bale Gardening!

the extension of our lease has renewed our excitement to keep cleaning up the property. taming the plastic mountain. lurking on the south side of the building... an ugly beast of the past nursery, we have been craving to remove. white truck in shining armor..arrives from Agri-Plas..comes to the recycling rescue, we thrillingly helped load. more photos here...Neil, Naomi and two awesome

Projecting the "me I want people to see"

By EilleenConsumption Rebellion(Note that this post is a re-vamped version of an earlier post in my personal blog on simple living, consumption and identity)I wonder though what other people see when they see me and my home? I wonder if they see that I do this out of choice - to avoid human exploitation as much as possible? Or do they think I've fallen on hard times? Or do they think anything

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

By Notes From The Frugal TrenchesRecently I posted about my morning routine, which led me to reflect on the changes in my sleep pattern since I swapped a very busy life for a simpler, greener and more frugal one. When I had a busy London career, I often left my home by 6am, in hopes I could actually catch a bus and not be left with a two hour commute, for a journey which should take thirty

Chestnut harvest …..and more

We have had a very busy time of late with the chestnut harvest,shed relocation and farm tours. Fortunately we had some excellent help from woofers', Emanuele and

polenta & kangaroo Federica from Northern Italy who where keen to learn about our farming methods and sustainable lifestyle. While they were able to experience our lifestyle and farming methods first hand we learned about chestnut forests in Northern Italy and their traditional foods, celebrations and way of life. The polenta and kangaroo is a merging of the two cultures.


They were keen to experience food from paddock to plate .Here they are preparing birds for the table a valuable experience as they wanted to provide quality food for themselves in the future.

A few new building skills never go astray.shed

Emanuele also put 26 years of rainfall records on the computer (something I planned to do one day but never got around to.) Now its easy to see patterns and trends in our rainfall patterns.

The busy pattern continues as Deb will be attending a 4 day Biodynamic trainers seminar at the end of the week.We have enlisted the help of Maggie and Bob to man the farm shop while Deb’s away.

We are still awaiting the autumn rains so the biodynamic preparations can be applied and we can experience the creeks running once more.

After that, the next couple of months will fall into a nice pattern of selling chestnuts and weekend roasting chestnuts until the cold room empties and we snuggle up for winter . Quentin calls this the ‘football and firewood season.’

Homemade Mustard

by Abby of Love Made the Radish Grow

I admit this isn't a new post on my personal blog-it's been out there for a while, but it is one of the more popular, and is also one thing on my list of to-dos this week: Make Mustard.

I cannot live without mustard-an oddity in our house that loves ketchup (honestly, blech. I can't stand that stuff. Good only as a tomato base in my barbecue sauce, and I

Growing Garlic

written by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

I believe that garlic is one of the simplest plants to grow in your garden.  I also believe that once you have had fresh garlic grown in your own garden you will never buy garlic from the supermarket or green grocer ever again.  Never again will I eat rubbery garlic without any flavour imported from a foreign country.

You can too.  Growing your own

Chronicles of a New Garden: potatoes

by FrancescaFuoriBorgoOver the last few years, something strange has happened to the potatoes sold in the stores in my area. Formerly, I could buy several different varieties of yellow, white and red potatoes, but gradually these have disappeared, and nowadays there's just one kind, generic “potatoes” that come in huge bags. Unfortunately, these have a soggy, mealy texture, and a taste that's


Horizon Herbs + Uprising Seeds just landed, more Adaptive and Siskiyou on order..... yay!

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Just Beeing

I started beekeeping apprenticeship a few weeks back with a neighbor farm.

I've been preparing for beekeeping for the past couple years. It was actually the first time I mindfully reflected on how I learn best- reading fiction. So I read every fiction book I cold find that centered around beekeeping. I started reading a non fiction guide as well, but found that all the other fiction books had

Dealing with Seedlings

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmMy seeds started last month are all up and growing. Seeds have different germination times, so I've never been a fan of the big nursery-sized seed starting trays or flats. My vegetable garden feeds the two of us, plus extras to give away to friends and neighbors. I scrounge, save and re-use the six-packs flowering annuals are usually sold in. Six of anything is usually

A Homestead in Progress: Year Four

by Kate
Living The Frugal Life

I'm well into the heavy spring workload in pursuit of making our 2/3 acre residential lot a functioning homestead.  This is also the beginning of the fourth year of this pursuit overall.  It's been a lot of work over the last three years, and I have to remind myself that as much as there is left on my list of things to do, we've also made progress.  On the other

Our lease is extended !

Through at least March of next year !!!We are excited to have more time to nurture this land, get more plants growing and plan for more workshops and fun stuff at this site...Thank you for all of your collective positivity and incredible support!Ducks: Foof and Cooper with goats Nellie, Sebastian and hen Banti, celebrating their future water feature, another climbing mountain and hatching further

An Internal Celebration of Earth Day

by Melinda Briana Epler, One Green GenerationApril 22 marks the 40th year Earth Day has been celebrated around the world. Over the last several years, I have watched it become increasingly a holiday about green products. And that is not to say that green products are bad - I'm ecstatic that there are so many wonderful alternatives to the things I need on a daily basis. I remember when I first

Indian Runner Duckling Darlings

today's new arrivals... you takin' my picture?.....more to say in a bit : )

Thirst for Knowlege

by Chiot's RunI've always been inquisitive, as a result the library has been one of my best friends throughout my life. When I was a young girl I'd stop at the library almost every day and pick up a new book, which I'd finish that night and exchange for a new one the next day (thank goodness for all those speed/comprehension reading drill in grade school). I'm still an avid reader, with stack of

Adapting when changes come your way

by Throwback at Trapper CreekMany times dreams or goals have to change due to unforeseen circumstances. For a long time my husband and I have been working towards being off-grid when it comes to our food supply. What comes to mind when the term off-grid comes up is electricity, but food security was a larger concern for us. To us electricity is a luxury I guess, which allows us to use our

Spending according to my values

by EilleenConsumption RebellionHello everyone!A few weeks ago, I was out to dinner with some friends when I was asked:"Why do you do what you do? Why are you so picky with what you buy?"I have to say, that since embarking on this journey to simplify my life, these are the most common questions I get asked by people who know me in real life.For me, simplifying my life has not been about saving

of gardens and friends

not sure how to put a little slideshow here yet... so i just added on our facebook site and here. Randall, Erika, greenhouse going up, Liz, ducklings and Anna with one of the huge coir coconut blocks that just landed:

What’s in the Box?

Posted by BelFrom Spiral GardenIt is vitally important that our children have access to fresh, wholesome, affordable and tasty food. The freshest food is local food. Food from the earth, not wrapped in plastic from a store. The most local is our own backyard, balcony, or a school or community garden.Potted gardens are quick to establish. They are ideal for those renting, living in small

Cat and Dog food is in!

Felidae, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Organix, and Natural Plant Organics + yummy treats including Zuke's, Greenies, Snap Bits, Red Barn, and organic catnip... we'll have catnip starts and more organic herbs from Gales Meadow Farm this Saturday! More chickies landed and ducklings, too : ) Plus wheelbarrows and a variety of hand tools.

How Much Laundry Do You Do?

By Notes From The Frugal Trenches I mentioned recently on my blog that a friend of mine admitted that she and her husband do 16 loads of laundry for two people, per week! I was quite amazed, or horrified, depending on how you look at it, as two people in my household equates to three loads a week and a family including children come in at around 5 loads per week. I asked readers how much laundry

Blessings in Disguise on the Farm

By Abby of Love Made The Radish Grow

It is funny how things can mount against you when you most want/need to be out working on your homestead. I mean, the last couple years it seems the harder we work, the more goes wrong. Our first year on the farm we had an awesome garden-bumper crops of so many things. I kick myself thinking back-I didn't preserve nearly as much then,and would it ever have

InFARMation (and BEER!)

Tuesday at Roots Organic Brewery, come early for chatting, food and beer. Starts at 6:30pm and features Stu O'Neill from Rogue Farm Corps in Ashland, OR (Farm tour of Barking Moon)

Pumpkin Patch Success

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

A couple of weeks ago our pumpkin season finished here in South Eastern Australia.  The three wheelbarrow loads of vines are now composting away nicely, and the garden looks much tidier.

Did I have much success I hear you ask?  I am proud to announce that this has been my best pumpkin growing year ever!  I have been trying to grow this vegetable for at least

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Chronicles of a New Garden: herbs

by FrancescaFuoriBorgo~ Borage is an annual plant, with small cobalt blue flowers which bees love. Borage is a good companion plant for tomatoes and strawberries. Flowers and leaves are used in cooking. ~When planning a garden, remember to set aside plenty of space for herbs. In fact, herbs are a great addition to vegetable gardens of any size: they're easy to grow and have many uses, but also

Family Farm School

When people ask my almost 6 year old daughter where she goes to school, she replies, "I'm farm schooled." We have always homeschooled her and she has always been pleased with this, but moving to the farm was really influenced by her development.

When she was three a neighbor gave her a wire pig lawn ornament. From that point on, rain or shine, she checked on, fed, and played with her Wilbur



The chestnut harvest is underway. It started with 30+C days which was hard on the hands as the burrs were dry and easily penetrated the leather gloves. But now the Autumn rains have arrived the burrs open easily. The quality this year is excellent. They seem to benefit from the doubling of the irrigation to try and counter the drought and lack of subsoil moisture.

Each morning we harvest, then grade the nuts. Now that the rains have come this is an especially good experience, the smell of damp soil and the explosion of fungus popping up everywhere. It would be much better if they where the edible types.

emerging fungus Autumn fungus

Once the chestnuts are picked and graded they are stored in the cold room. The coldroom maturation starts the process of the starches converting to sugars. Fresh chestnuts are sold direct to the public from our farm shop. The shop is opened daily.We can pick and complete other chores because we have a radio controlled pager to inform us that you need serving. Once the cooler weather arrives the chestnut roasting season begins in the Stirling village, on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons from Saturday 1st May and lasts until we have sold all our nuts- usually late June-early July.

chestnut sign

Fertilizer for the Home Garden

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmWe make a big compost pile every Fall - cleaning out beneath our slat-floored chicken coop and mixing in all the fallen leaves and spent plants from the garden. Turned a time or two through the winter, by Spring I have an abundance of organic fertilizer to scratch into each garden bed as I prepare it for planting, and to spread around the perennial plants as they start

Embrace Your Failures

by Kate
Living The Frugal Life

I think a lot of us who are part of the new simplicity movement are hard on ourselves sometimes.  We have high standards, we want to do it all, and we want it done yesterday, looking perfect.  I don't know anyone who's actually managed that though.  Certainly not me.  But I know that sometimes even the blogging I do contributes to other people feeling like they

beloved wormies have landed!

they are here!! the quietest livestock. Waiting patiently to come eat all of your food scraps and make fertile castings for you. We got a small batch from a neighbor, 'micro brew' worm style, which had two kids enroute to be here at noon when they landed, it was awesome. We have 20 lbs left in stock, a big order that just arrived.Give us a hoot ahead and we will pre-sort the amount you'd like,

The Ceremony of Making Bread

by: Chiot's Run.. no Yoga exercise, no hour of meditation ... will leave you emptier of bad thoughts than this homely ceremony of making bread.--M.F.K. Fisher, The Art of EatingI love making bread. It's one of the first things I started making from scratch and it's so worth it. I was pretty young when I started my baking career. I remember making bagels and other delicious bread with my mom

The lazy preserver

by Throwback at Trapper CreekMaybe claustrophobic preserver would be a more apt description. I feel hemmed in by having too much preserved. Preserved doesn't mean food lasts forever, and it loses quality fast in the freezer compared to other methods that I have come to depend on. I can some, I freeze some, I dry some, I lacto-ferment some, I root cellar some, and some I just harvest all winter

Managing Consumerism: encouraging my children's ability to self-regulate

by EilleenConsumption RebellionHello everyone,I hope you are having a wonderful Easter long weekend. I've been enjoying catching up with family and friends. Last month a reader of my personal blog asked me how I handled my children's exposure the blatant highly sexual messages being shown in the media and advertising. I answered her question then, but I realised that my answer can also apply

Learning from the Past

I've been thinking a lot about why I feel compelled to grow my own food. Somehow, I think this video has a lot to do with it. I love watching this footage of our gardening forefathers working the land. While our growing techniques have changed through the ages, it seems the core principles still remain the same. Will our country ever take part in such a powerful movement again? Victory was
747 seed packets just landed via snail mail from Uprising & Siskiyou...who can resist the ARK of Taste Heirloom Tennis Ball?+ 60 peepers landed Saturday morning! Breed list in HENS+CHICKS linkCLOSED Sunday for Easter pancakes and relaxing, Cooper's orders, quack! : )

Our House Cow Journey Part 3

Posted by BelFrom Spiral GardenHoney, at six months, is now almost as tall as Lucy, her foster motherContinued from Our House Cow Journey Part One and Our House Cow Journey Part Two.Since I last wrote a cow update, Honey was gently weaned by mid-January and Lucy had nearly 10 weeks holiday from milking. So did we! The milk in the freezer lasted awhile, then we had to go back to buying local

Adelante Mujeres + Willamette University

Adelante Agricultura Project Volunteer Intern – 2010 Growing Season. Work includes Insectary Blocks for pest management, Apiary, Farm demonstration garden and work on development. Adelante Agricultura provides resource-limited, aspiring Latino immigrant farmers and farm workers with the training and skills necessary to farm using organic methods and to successfully market their products.