Simple, Green, Frugal and Festive

by FrancescaFuoriBorgoCan we be simple, green and frugal, but also festive? ~ We make our own costumes. This is a skeleton costume I made for my son some years ago, from a long-sleeved T-shirt, an old pair of yoga pants, and various scraps of white fabric. We studied up on human anatomy a little, turning our costume-making into a fun science project ~This question occurs to me today, as Halloween

Eat Healthy with Cheap and Wholesome Foods

by KateLiving the Frugal LifeDietary related illnesses are much in the media these days, being notably epidemic in the US and other industrial nations. Many of us want to eat a more healthy diet. Many of us are also feeling the need to cut costs wherever we can. So I thought I would put together a little list of my own "superfoods" that cost very little but provide excellent nutrition. Here

The Loaf is Back, Baby!

Quite a few of you have noticed that my Magical Loaf Studio has been down all summer. Good news finally! I moved my website to a new hosting service, got a little technical help (thank you, Greg), and the studio is up and running again!

For those of you who haven't used it yet, the idea is to create your very own recipe for a vegan dinner loaf by choosing from the lists of options. For example, make a yummy loaf of lentils, amaranth, and almonds ... or garbanzo beans, oats, and cashews ... or black beans, rice, and pine nuts ... or kasha, butter beans, and walnuts ... etc. etc.!

So if you're not sure what's for dinner, head on over to the Magical Loaf Studio and let your imagination run wild!

Time to Plant

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmReally! I know the photo doesn't look like normal planting weather. I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow. Autumn's definitely here, and winter is just around the corner. The snow melted away by mid-day, but it reminded me I need to get back out in the garden soon. It's time to plant my garlic and shallots. They grow best like tulip bulbs - planted in the fall,

Used or New?

written by: Chiot's RunI've been trying to simplify my life in order to save money and to use fewer resources. This year I've really been focusing on buying used items. When you buy a used item you're keeping it out of a landfill and extending it's useful life. You're also cutting the amount of manufacturing and limiting the pollution that stems from making a new item. Most used items also

Five Fall Crops Worth Mentioning

Posted by Thomas, from A Growing TraditionWhen our family moved to our new home in late July, I was a bit disappointed that we had missed out on being able to grow many of the traditional summer crops that seem to dominate seed catalogs these days. While other gardeners were tending to their tomato, cucumber and melon plants, I was breaking ground, raising fence and sowing my fall garden.

Wanted: Simple, Green and Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

by EilleenConsumption RebellionHello everyone!With only 8 weeks till Christmas, it seems to me that talk everywhere is starting to turn towards gift ideas. There seems to be one major difference with the talk this year (at least in my part of the world). It seems to me that more and more people are starting to think more mindfully of presents and wanting to avoid over-consumption.Whether its


It’s been a hectic spring with goslings and chickens hatching, a new dog to train and lots of lovely rain. Although the rain has slowed down the orchard work there is plenty to do.

The horns have been retrieved yielding excellent quality biodynamic 500.

The spring workshops have had a wonderful cross section of people participating and I’ve scheduled a second biodynamic workshop this weekend for those who missed out in September.

We have had a rush of schools ordering fertile eggs to incubate and now primary schools are learning about food from paddock to plate , several tours have been booked by schools throughout November.

December and the beginning of the berry harvest is not far away. There are many more things to do before then but now it’s important to enjoy and savour the season of SPRING- the green of our valley, the activity of the wildlife, the vibrant colours and perfumes of the flowers and the fast growth of the goslings and chickens.

Hardy Kiwi in the garden

by Throwback at Trapper CreekNot one for planting much in the way of exotic fruits, when Hardy Kiwi's became available about 20 years ago, I dove in head first. I loved the taste of the fuzzy kiwi, but the crop was hit or miss in my climate, the tender plants preferring the warmer temperatures of California. However, the Hardy Kiwi plants can withstand winter time temperatures down to -25F.I

Indoor Gardening

by Lynn at Viggie's VeggiesThe growing season is well over in Wisconsin. As someone who just finished her first growing season and recently made the decision to urban homestead, I find the whole thing very frustrating. I want to be out there preparing all the new and expanded garden beds for spring.Depressed about the change in seasons, I turned to planning next years garden layout and picking

Learning To Be Green

By Frugal TrenchesI've shared here before that the quest to be simple, green & frugal has been a real journey for me. I've shared that I was very hard on myself initially, feeling I had to accomplish it all in a short period of time and feeling I'd fallen short because there was simply no way to accomplish it all, unless anyone wants to give me an acre or two ;)But lately I've been thinking about

Anyone For a Habitable Planet?

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

I don't often get political or promote environmental activism on the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, and usually leave my opinions to my own blog, The Greening of Gavin.  However as the UN Climate Change talks at Copenhagen are now only 44 days away, and it is my belief that these talks may be humanity's last chance to come to a global binding agreement to reduce

Two new writers

by Rhonda JeanHello everyone! I'm here today to introduce you to our two new writers - Lynn and Amy. Lynn's personal blog is viggiesveggies and Amy writes hers at Progressive Pioneer Both these women are living well and truly in the spirit of the co-op's values and I am happy to introduce them to you. Lynn's first post here will be this Saturday and Amy will follow up on Monday, 2


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From our woods

by FrancescaFuoriBorgo Our little northern Italian village is set in the midst of dense forests, and we’ve always tried to teach our young family to be aware and mindful when they walk through the woods. Not only to appreciate how rich and complex an environment it is, and how important it is to respect it, but also how, if they’re patient and keep their eyes open, they can find any number of

How To Roast Vegetables Simply

by Melinda Briana EplerOne Green GenerationWhen I bring my lunch to work, or I tell people what we had for dinner last night, people are often impressed with my roasted vegetables. "How do you do that?" I'm often asked. Yes, I remember before my husband went to cooking school, I had no idea how to roast veggies, and it sounded really difficult!Well I'm here to tell any of you who don't know how

The 50 Things Project

by KateLiving The Frugal LifeI don't know where I first heard about the 50 Things project. But I liked the sound of it immediately. The idea is to get rid of stuff, not just your everyday recycling, but things that either have some value to someone else, or are simply taking up space because you haven't found the motivation to get rid of them up till now. It doesn't matter whether you donate it

Naomi's Organic Farm Supply & Concentrates, Inc.

writings about it all in progress...   : )

inFarmation (and BEER!)

Tonight at Roots - October 13th: What does eating local in our state look like after the rains start and most of the farmers’ markets shut down for the season?  On the agenda: suggestions of how to “localize” your Thanksgiving will be given by farmers who can help,  CSAs who can creatively help consumers make the harvest last through the gray months, and tips on planning ahead which will make

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Nash's Seed

The Organic Rye/Vetch Cover Crop Mix from Nash's Organic Produce Farm in Sequim, Wa is here!  We have a ton and also have a few 50# bags of their Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat.