Samsung A637, AKA Samsung ‘Milky’

Last week, a new phone, a funny looking Samsung, surfaced on the net. Until now nobody, knew its name or its specs. Today, we can finally give you more information on this little and weird looking handheld.As seen in the photo, the phone is a candybar type, all white and with big round buttons. It features a pretty small screen with no out of the ordinary graphics, which could be explained by

Sagem Porsche Design P9522 Goes Full Touch Screen

About one year ago Sagem and Porsche Design launched their first P9521 luxury phone, which is a clam shell phone selling at around 1200 euro. Sagem and Porsche Design has recently introduced their second phone called P9522, a full touch screen phone in candy bar form factor.The new Sagem Porsche Design P’9522 featuring a 5 megapixel camera, comes with built in WiFi for wireless internet access

flyPhone and glowPhone, the Handsets to Please Kids and Parents

Needless to say, when one has children, one’s life changes dramatically – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. In order to make it a bit easier for parents, and offer kids a really cool and age-appropriate phone, Firefly Mobile has designed two new models, the flyPhone and the glowPhone."At Firefly, we put the same focus on ease-of-use and child safety into the design of our

ZTE Unveils U990 with HSDPA and TD-SCDMA Supported

ZTE Corporation announced the U990 device, the world’s first HSDPA TD-SCDMA mobile handset. The new handset was first unveiled last week and is ZTE’s third TD-SCDMA (China’s 3G Network) mobile handset model. The new model supports dual mode TD-SCDMA/EDGE allowing seamless transitions between the two networks. Its HSDPA speed is capable of reaching 2.8Mbps for downlink transmission and 384kbps for

LG Announces KP500 Affordable Touch Screen Phone

LG announces the launch of LG KP500 with an affordable introduction price. Slim-profiled and lightweight, the LG KP500 is a GSM phone which can operate in four frequency bands and supports 39 languages. LG did not reveal the selling price but said it will be affordable to most mobile phone users. When available, it will come in black, Vandyke brown, Anodizing silver, and Elegant gold, giving

Sony Ericsson G910 Concept Looks Hot, Feels Comfy

While LG are getting ready to announce the Prada II, the Sony Ericsson G910 would make a fine rival for the first generation of handsets branded with the fashion designer’s logo. Designed by J. Havrlant, this concept phone is both stylish and touch-friendly.Its navigational pad beneath the screen seems fairly easy to use, while the rest of the buttons surrounding it are (or seem) touch sensitive.

i-mate Jama 101 Launched in India, via Airtel

India's largest mobile carrier, Bharti Airtel, has recently announced the release of a new Windows Mobile Pocket PC: i-mate Jama 101. Not quite a great looker, i-mate Jama 101 runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, and is targeted at business users.The features of i-Mate Jama 101 include a 2.4-inch TFT touchscreen display with 240 x 320 pixels, tri-band GSM connectivity (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz),

Lunch Box Contest Winner #5

Here is the phenomenal Amy, Winner Number Five in the Vegan Lunch Box Contest. Amy is fifth in honor of the FIVE lunch boxes she packs for FIVE of her children. How she manages to pack five lunches at all is a mystery to me, not to mention the fact that all the lunches look delicious, healthy, and fantastic!

Amy writes:
I love your blog and when I saw your contest I thought it would be fun. I have 6 children (the youngest is breastfed and doesn't need a lunchbox yet) so I'm sending in a picture of lunches I made for 5 of my children...

The bottom left has Southwestern Eggrolls on a bed of brown rice with diced tomato on the side. The inside of the roll is tempeh, spinach, corn, black beans, onion, red pepper, jalepeno which is left out for the kids, tomato, chili powder, and cumin. My recipe is a copycat of Chili's Southwestern Eggroll recipe except I substituted steamed tempeh for the chicken and just omitted the cheese. They are baked instead of deep fried like the original. The dipping sauce is vegan avocado ranch for the eggrolls. I used toffutti sour cream, veganaise, and soymilk in place of the dairy in the recipe. The top left has carrots and cherry tomatoes from our garden to use with the rest of the dipping sauce. The top right is mango and blueberries. The bottom right is an attempt at a vegan churro. I used a vegan donut recipe and it came out a lot flatter than I anticipated and looks more like a cookie.
The rolls and dip look delicious, and I love that they included my favorite soy food, tempeh. I'm so glad you took the extra time to photograph and share your family's lunch with us. Congratulations and thank you, Amy!

Global sales of LG Prada hit 1m

LG Prada - 1m sold!LG and Prada have announced that they have now sold 1m units of the touchscreen fashion device. This is in advance of the much-rumoured follow-up device.Hey I wonder if the original tagline for the device was “Touch Fashion” - probably not actually - it could well have been something far more obscure…..*update* well the only official site I could find said “Mobile Innovation

Sony Ericsson's New Cybershot Rumors

For some time now, leaked information about Sony Ericsson working on a new Cybershot model has been circulating on the Internet, and it seems that this fall, besides the Xperia X1, the Swedish-Japanese giant manufacturer also has a couple of mid/high-end devices in store for us. Apparently, the company is working on a k750 successor, codenamed Kate.Of course, there's little information available

Samsung Reveals Yet Another 8MP Camera Phone

Five megapixel camera phones are now becoming passé. The new "in" is 8 megapixel and the competition is getting extremely fierce. LG has two phones with 8MP cameras and a bunch of other features, Sony Ericsson has their C905 and Samsung already has the i8510 INNOV8 slider, but it seems that was just not enough. Samsung has revealed the next 8MP model - the M8800 - but reports are a bit unclear as

Apple iPhone 2.2 OS shows off refreshed iPhone Safari

Unless your a bona-fide Apple iPhone developer, chances are you don’t have access to the latest iPhone OS beta and the changes hidden within. That’s where we step in.The iPhone 2.2 OS beta 1 that was seeded to iPhone developers earlier this week apparently includes a refreshed iPhone Safari UI. The picture you see here shows a new iPhone Safari design that does away with the magnifying glass icon

GIGA-BYTE GSmart MW702 & MS802 Available in Hungary with New Smart Touch II UI

GIGA-BYTE Communications showcases its new GSmart MW702 & MS802 in Hungary, and announced that the availability of MW702 in market from 26th September. GSmart MW702 and MS802 was introduced earlier this year in World Mobile Congress 2008, both pda phones will come with the latest version of Smart Touch II UI.GSmart MW702 and MS802 are PDA phones that aim to target at the business users. The two

New nokia N85 color revealed!

Finally, its almost here. In an internet article from dailymobile, colors for the upcoming Nokia N85 phone was revealed. The phone as seen on the picture would feature a dark brown and dark grey colors.Nokia unveiled the Nokia N85, the latest Nokia Nseries multimedia cell phone made to set new standards for mobile entertainment, gaming and sharing. Along with an eye-catching 2.6″ OLED screen and

Scartel WiMAX Concept Phone Comes from Art Lebedev

Remember the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard? You know, the really cool one? Well that keyboard was designed by Art Lebedev. The same company has developed a WiMAX concept phone together with Russian carrier Scartel.The device looks like an iPhone clone from the pictures here. It will also have Apple like features if we don’t count the WiMAX support: WiFi, tri-band GSM and a 850×480 touchscreen.

Motorola Reveals New Candy Bar Handset : Motorola VE538

Motorola is out with a new candy bar handset. Although there doesn’t seem to be any official launch for it yet, the Motorola VE538 is quite evident on their website.The handset features a 2 megapixel camera with a Shozu client pre-installed for blogging or uploading images. Since it’s a 3G enabled handset with support for GPRS/EDGE, connectivity will be no problem for the Motorola VE538.Other

What You Didn’t Know About the Chinese iPhone 3G with No 3G and No WiFi

One of the most weird news I got to deliver this month was China Mobile’s request to Apple to strip down 3G and WiFi support. Like I said earlier, the WiFi seems rather a harsh method. Communism in the purest form? Well not exactly! But certainly weird.It’s understandable that a regular Chinese has no 3G support from its carrier. But to refuse WiFi is what I don’t digg. And Apple is going to

iPhone 3G to Launch in Russia on October 3rd

We’ve come a long way since we have first started talking about the iPhone 3G in Russia. Local carriers are ready to sell Apple’s device and, according to Reuters, the actual sales will start on October 3rd.All major carriers will have iPhone offers for their subscribers. MTS, Vimpelcom and MegaFon will all have the same pricing offers. The iPhone 8GB will sell for about $924 while the iPhone

Palm Treo Pro Now Available in US

Palm today announced that the unlocked Treo Pro smartphone is now available in the United States.Palm Treo Pro is the latest smartphone from Palm, comes with built in Wi-Fi, GPS and UMTS/HSDPA network capabilities. Treo Pro is unlocked, giving end users the flexibility to simply insert their existing active SIM card and immediately start using their Treo Pro anywhere there is GSM coverage,

Visa and Nokia working together to deliver payment applications

Visa and Nokia announced plans today to deliver Visa payment and payment-related services - including contactless payments, remote payments, money transfer, alerts and notifications - for Nokia’s next generation handsets beginning with the Nokia 6212 classic, expected to be available starting October 2008.The Visa applications will first be made available for trial use by interested financial

ASUS P565 to Hit the Stores in October

The mobile industry sure changed rapidly in the last few years. Today, more and more companies move to higher-resolution displays. So, in order to keep up with the evolution toward high-res displays, ASUS came up with a device that's called simply P565. As seen in the picture, it really doesn't look like much on the outside, but when powered up, the handheld shows its true face. It packs a never

IM-S380K – Stylish HSDPA Phone from Pantech

As it turns out, the South Korean company has a strong market share in its own country, since shortly after releasing the IM-S350, yet another phone was launched as part of the fall collection. Today, Pantech has introduced another Sky phone, the stylish slider IM-S380K. The handset is designed to work only with Korea's KTF, and it supports high-speed data transmission HSDPA. The fact that it's

Samsung SPH-M4800 Smartphone

Samsung has launched two new phones in the Korean market, one of this is the Samsung Bresson M8800 and another is the Samsung Ultra Messaging II SPH-M4800. This Ultra Messaging smartphone features a 2.55-inch LCD screen and 624MHz high-speed CPU with processing speed three times higher than its prequel. The smartphone include three kinds of input modes such as text-friendly QWERTY keypad, the

Motorola Q9h Silver- it's more than just a makeover

MotorolaQ9hMotorola Q9h had a makeover and the new Motorola Q9h Silver had sprouted. Many concluded that the Silver version is nothing but a makeover with no extra features that would make it stand out compared to the Motorola Q9h. Now, many were proven wrong. The new Q9h Silver did not just get a new paintjob but it has something that would make your life a little bit easier. Okay, that's a bit

Motorola Adds 3 Phones to 'Yuva' Range

Motorola has added 3 new phones to its 'Yuva' range - MOTOYUVA W388, MOTOYUVA A810 and MOTOYUVA ZN200."Our YUVA range of mobile phones offers Indian consumers a diverse range of affordable options," said Lloyd Mathias, senior director and head of Sales and Distribution, India and South West Asia, Motorola Mobile Devices. "The YUVA W388 is a multimedia candybar phone, YUVA A810 is a touch screen

Any carrier iPhone 3G handsets from Apple in Hong Kong?

It appears that Apple is selling unlocked iPhone 3G handsets on their website in Hong Kong with the promise the Apple iPhone 3G “can be activated with any wireless carrier.”Apparently you can purchase the IPhone 3G 8GB at KH $5,400 that’s $695 US, and the 16GB handset for HK$6,200, along with free shipping. The Apple store advertises the iPhone 3G as compatible with any carrier.The store actually

LG KC780 Will Have an 8 Megapixel Camera

LG KC780 will be LG's next cameraphone to be equipped with an 8 megapixel camera. This means good news for LG fans, since they will have yet another device that will enable them to take high quality photos.While the whole 8 megapixel camera is nothing short of exciting news, everything else about this phone doesn't seem to get people fired up that much. This happens mostly because LG didn't take

Sony Ericsson launches MBW-200 Bluetooth watches

Dear ladies, this is another stylish gadget for you. Sony Ericsson has announced the MBW-200, the female version of its MBW-150 Bluetooth watches. The Sony Ericsson MBW-200 wristwatches feature a small monochrome OLED display and connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth. The watch is then able to display your incoming caller ID, as well as alert you to new text messages, emails, and even

Samsung F480 reviews

Samsung is an innovative company, continuously meeting the diverse demands of the consumer. The five design centres worldwide, and the inspiration derived from the life style of today’s consumer, make it possible for models like the Samsung F480 TouchWiz to be invented. The Samsung F480 TouchWiz is a compact mobile phone with a touch screen that will certainly appeal to those users with a touch

Ann Cooper: Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names

Speaking of the school lunch program, blog follower A. Brown sent in this great clip of Ann Cooper, director of Nutrition Services for the Berkeley Unified School District and author of Lunch Lessons,at a 2007 conference:

Woo hoo! I love the passion and intensity she brings to this issue.

Samsung i900 Omnia launched in India

Indians will now have one more option if they are looking for good touchscreen device as Samsung has just announced the availability of Samsung Omnia i900 on the subcontinent.Sunil Dutt, Country Head for Samsung Telecom, stated, “Samsung Omnia is our flagship model aimed at users who desire a lot of functionality, a lot of style, a lot of usability, and a lot of entertainment in one innovative

T-Mobile G1 Reviews

T-Mobile announced the international launch of the world’s first Android powered mobile phone in partnership with Google. Available soon only for T-Mobile customers spanning two continents, the T-Mobile G1 cell phone combines full touch-screen functionality and a QWERTY keyboard with a mobile Web experience that includes the popular Google products that millions have enjoyed on the desktop,

Nokia 6210 Navigator Reviews

Last year Nokia released its 6110 Navigator phone, the first in the company’s line-up to have dedicated sat-nav features and sport the Navigator branding. It came into my office along with a flurry of other mobiles and never quite made it to the front of my review pile but its successor, the 6210 Navigator, has. It isn’t widely available as I write this but I did find it from Vodafone for free on

T-Mobile USA showed off the G1,When and how much?

The first phone that harnesses Google Inc.'s ambition to make the Internet easy to use on the go was revealed Tuesday, and it looks a lot like an iPhone.T-Mobile USA showed off the G1, a phone that, like Apple Inc.'s iPhone, has a large touch screen. But it also packs a trackball, a slide-out keyboard and easy access to Google's e-mail and mapping programs.T-Mobile said it will begin selling the

Possible Launch Date for Nokia Tube Leaked

Nokia announced that it was working on a full touchscreen device as early as October of last year, but no further comments on it were made at the time. Later on, however, a teaser video surfaced on the net, showing the supposed Nokia XpressMedia 5800.August this year brought new info on the full touchscreen handset when Devinder Kishore, Nokia India's marketing director, said at a press

European Commission acts to cut cost of texting and mobile data services abroad

Mobile phone users can expect the cost of sending text messages from abroad in the EU to be much cheaper next summer. The European Commission today proposed to reduce the price of roaming text messages by 60% as of 1 July 2009. EU citizens travelling in other EU countries should pay no more than €0.11 per SMS compared to the current EU average of €0.29. The proposals will now be submitted to the

Sony Ericsson Announces PlayNow Unlimited Music Download Service

Sony Ericsson today announced the launch of PlayNow plus, a music download service for Sony Ericsson customers, available for use on both phones and PCs. The service is due to launch commercially with operator Telenor in Sweden in the fourth quarter of this year, with further roll-outs around the world beginning in early 2009. A special edition of the Sony Ericsson W902 Walkman phone will be the

BlackBerry Bold launches in Serbia and Spain

More BlackBerry 9000s are hitting the streets this week, now in Spain via Telefonica and Serbia through Vip and Vodafone. No word on pricing in Spain, but based on other European releases, you can count on spending upwards of 130€ for all the Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and, above all, e-mailing goodness you can handle.Vip is also taking the occasion to launch the GPS BlackBerry Pearl, the 8110, which is a

Blackberry Storm with Slide-Out Keyboard?

Okay, so the Blackberry Pearl Flip didn't get too much attention since word got out about the Storm model. Until a few days ago, you could find a leaked video on the Internet, which presented Blackberry Storm as being available in North America only through Verizon, and that made a big fuss. Now, rumors have it that another device will be launched, at the same time with Storm, and that this

Blinged Out Palm Centro for Emmy

It seems being a TV star ain't half that bad, since, besides getting free clothes, you also get free gadgets along with other presents. This is the case of Emmy hosts, presenters and performers, all of whom will receive a blinged out Palm Centro at this year’s edition of the awards show.Granted, maybe the price of the phone isn't that high (about 100$ US) to start with, but when Palm teams up

Vertu Nautilus Concept Phone

After creating three different Nokia concept phones, Austrian designer Tobias Hornof decided to try his creative hand at Nokia’s elite Vertu line. This new concept called the Vertu Nautilus takes more than just a page from the classic, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and looks classy enough to join the Vertu ranks. The back is also reminiscent of something that belongs in the ocean, like a

Nokia Beta Labs Releases Nokia Photos 1.5

Nokia Photos team has put up their new Nokia Photos 1.5 on the Nokia betalabs, the free application let you transfer and manage your photos or videos from your S60 phones. The Nokia Photos 1.5 will partially supported on all Nokia S60 devices and will fully supported on all Nokia NSeries devices.Other than manage your photos and videos from your mobile phone, you can use the Nokia Photos 1.5 to

BlackBerry Bold Going GSM in India?

RIM along with Reliance Communications have announced the launch of the BlackBerry Bold for Reliance Communications GSM customers in India. The Bold is expected to be available from Reliance by the end of October within India… and will sell for 34,900 rupees (roughly $760 USD by today’s conversion).When asked to comment, RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, said: “Reliance Communications and Research In

Alltel Wireless Introduces the MOTORAZR VE20

With the similar Motorola RAZR flagship design, MOTORAZR VE20 is now available on Alltel network in US. The MOTORAZR VE20 features a large external screen with touch-sensitive controls to give the user easy access to recent calls, music and messaging, without ever having to open the phone. Users can connect and disconnect the Bluetooth function from the external touch screen. The VE20 also

Lunch Box Contest Winner #4

The fourth winner of the Vegan Lunch Box Contest is Candice, who sent in her entry all the way from her current home in Laos. Candice handily beat out all competition in the categories "Most Unusual Fruit" and "Funniest Lunch Box Logo".

Candice writes:
"In this lunch box that I bought in China (attached pictures for the humor -- there is 'Chinglish' on the lid) I have packed fresh spring rolls stuffed with bean sprouts, home made peanut butter, Thai basil, lettuce, and glass noodles (I cut one open in the middle so you could see inside. For the record, fresh springrolls do not photograph well!)

"In the red bowl is spring roll dipping sauce made from palm sugar, vinegar, water and chilies. The red bowl has a lid (Tupperware). In the blue bowl is ground peanuts that are sometimes dumped into the dipping sauce, but you can always just mash the spring roll down in there and get some peanuts on the end of it. The green stuff is bell peppers. The eyes on the spring rolls are hijiki seaweed.

"On the other tray are dragon fruit (about 1/3 of an entire dragon fruit), two rambutans, and home made roll-out vegan oatmeal cookies.
Best of all Candice was kind enough to send me her healthy
recipe for Roll-Out Vegan Oatmeal Cookies and I have posted it for all to enjoy.

Thank you so much, Candice! I hope I have a chance to try rambutan and dragon fruit someday. They look like crazy Dr. Suess fruit to me -- I love it!

Samsung Introduces M75500 Night Effect with Emporio Armani

Unveiled at a press event held in Milan, Italy on Sunday, Samsung and Armani introduces the Samsung M75500 candy bar with a nickname called Night Effect. The Samsung Armani Night Effect is the first mobile phone with Emporio Armani branding (it was Giorgio Armani last year) for Samsung. It comes with 2.2-inch AMOLED display screen, 3 megapixel camera, 120 MB internal memory, microSD card slot and

Reliance Introduces Prepaid BlackBerry Services

Reliance Communications and Research In Motion (RIM) have launched the first prepaid service for the BlackBerry wireless solution in India.This 'pay as you use' pricing model in India is in line with Reliance Communications' strategy to extend BlackBerry services to customers who are looking for cost-effective options."We recognize the needs of customers and believe a prepaid option enabled by

The iPhone Has a Safe Mode

The fact that the iPhone has a Safe Mode screen is funny in so many ways. We would have expected a Microsoft phone to pull a stunt like that from time to time, but an Apple device? After the AT&T PAYG iPhone trick, she managed to find an iPhone in Safe Mode.Here’s how you can get one yourself. First of all set your jailbroken iPhone to “fast respring” by turning on one of the SpringBoard

Live Call-In Interview this Wednesday

For those of you interested in hearing me yammer on about lunchtime (as I do so love to do), there is an upcoming opportunity to do so: I'm going to be interviewed this week by Dr. Melissa West on her internet radio show Returning to the Body Mind.

Dr. West is a "holistic lifestyle coach, psychospiritual energy worker and yoga and pilates instructor", and her show focuses on the connections between physical, spiritual, and personal well-being. She's interviewed some very interesting people, including vegan professional triathlete Brendan Brazier (scroll down to the 9/3/08 episode to listen to the archived show).

The show will be going out live online at Contact Talk Radio this Wednesday, September 24th, from 8am to 9am PST. Listen in live at the website, or download the recorded show later on itunes.

We'll be talking for a whole hour (can I really yammer on that long?) and will even take calls from listeners. So call and ask me your questions (be nice!) at 1-877-230-3062 while the show is going on.

HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Viva, Available Soon in Taiwan

Although Taiwan is HTC's home country, the company's Touch Pro Pocket PC has not been released there yet. But this is about to change in the near future, as the Windows Mobile handset manufacturer intends to strike a deal with Far EasTone, Taiwan's third largest mobile carrier, in order to start selling the Touch Pro across the South-East Asian country.Officially presented by HTC at the beginning

Touch 'Em for iPhone and iPod – Where Animals Meet Multi-Touch Technology

Those who are in continuous search of new and cool games for their iPhone or iPod Touch might be happy (or at least pleased) to find out that Play 'Em, a young company appeared out of nowhere, have just released their first game called Touch 'Em.Touch 'Em is presented as a one of a kind take on the popular icon-matching game genre. It makes heavy use of iPhone's multi-touch capabilities, luring

Window QuickPwn 2.1 Available Now

When it comes to freeing your iPhone or iPhone 3G from Apple’s iron-fisted rule, Windows users typically get the short-end of the jailbreak-stick. Over the past couple years, Mac machines have had the honor of getting first crack at iPhone jailbreak solutions, with Windows machines taking at least a couple weeks to catch up. We’d love to tell you that times have changed, but then we’d be

Quantcast LG Secret gets four new colors

The world’s thinnest 5 megapixel cameraphone, LG Secret aka KF750, will be soon available in new colors. LG has announced that users will be able to grab their DivX-enabled handset in either Titan Gold, Ruby Violet, Aqua Blue or Dark Silver. That’s in addition to the original black version, of course.The violet and gold versions should be already available across South Korea, while the device in

T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) $199 with a contract

T-Mobile G1 the same HTC Dream, which will become the first phone to support the operating system Android, will be sold in the US for T-Mobile customers with a contract for $199, repeating pricing tactics of iPhone. This was reported today by The Wall Street Journal.While it is not known what kind of contract will be offered for a new phone, which is manufactured by HTC. It is expected that in

The 8 Megapixel Samsung Bresson M8800 Is 'Coming Soon'

It seems that, as the year 2008 comes with rapid steps to its end, rumors are that Samsung is working on a new 8 megapixel camera phone codenamed Bresson, apparently after the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Quite a good codename for a phone with this kind of camera bliss, isn't it? Samsung M8800 could mean a very short lifespan for the newly launched Innov8 especially since the few

Super-slim Samsung M3510 Beat b unveiled

Samsung's latest music-centric candybar cell phone, the Samsung M3510 Beat b, was unveiled this morning. It sports a new Motion Play motion-sensing control system that allows users to silence the phone by simply turning it face down, or skip to the next music track by shaking it.The Samsung M3510 Beat b also sports a 2 megapixel camera with video capture and a microSD card slot for plenty of

Samsung M3200 Beat s slider hits the scene

Yesterday, Samsung announced a new music-centric slider, the M3200 Beat s. Sporting a row of dedicated music playback keys beneath its display, this cell phone also brings a standard 3.5mm audio port and a microSD card slot to the party. A Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplifier and stereo speakers are also on board for a superior music experience.The Samsung Beat s is connected with tri-band GSM (850/

Apple Has Patent for Future iPhone Firmware?

We found some interesting pictures from a new Apple patent. It looks like the company is working on iPhone’s firmware. Are we getting something new soon or is this the future iPhone?Apple wants apparently to offer iPhone users a better access to applications and their settings. No more fishing for the settings option when one could do everything from the home screen right?I must admit I’d like to

Bling Software hopes to find its place in the ever-crowded mobile widgets market

Bling Software has recently launched Active-Phone-Top, what they say is the industry’s first widget based on-device-portal (ODP) solution for wireless operators based on the universal JavaScript authoring standard.Their idea is obvious - to rely on the open standards and make sure existing web developers have all the knowledge needed to quickly create widgets. In addition, Bling’s solution

XtremeMac Unveils Slew of Apple iPhone and iPod Cases

XtremeMac has unveiled a slew of cases for the new iPhone 3G and iPod models. The Verona Sleeve, made of hand-crafted leather, is for the fashionistas, while the Sportwrap armband is perfect for running. Made of lightweight neoprene, the Sportwrap ensures your iPhone/iPod stays in place while running or working out.The Tuffshield, for iPhone or iPod touch, protects the screen from dust/dirt and

Samsung introduces durable B2700 cell phone

Samsung recently launched the Samsung B2700, bringing another ruggedized candybar cell phone to the market. The Samsung B2700 uses GSM for 2G connectivity and supports 3G on the 2100MHz UMTS frequency band.Samsung B2700The Samsung B2700 is solid handset that provides all the basic features in a very durable anti-shock case. This candybar handset also boasts IP54 specs and can protect itself from

ROK Geniem Launches DIY Bluetooth Marketing Service for Advertisers

ROK Entertainment Group today announces the launch of ROK Promoter, a web-based application which allows advertisers to easily create and manage their own Bluetooth advertising campaigns, direct to consumers. ROK Promoter has been developed by Geniem, the Finland-based mobile applications development subsidiary of ROK.ROK Promoter enables advertisers to build, deploy and monitor Bluetooth

Sony Ericsson to Replace Windows Mobile OS in Future Xperia Phones?

If Sony Ericsson is considering changing the Windows Mobile OS which it is currently using for their upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, that must mean only one thing: Sony Ericsson won’t split up just yet and they will continue to create smarter phones.Earlier rumors about an Xperia delay were based on the issues Windows Mobile integration presented. Is that why Sony Ericsson is considering an

Nokia N900, the Next Internet Tablet?

If you are still playing around with your Nokia N800 or Nokia N810 internet tablet you should hear this. Nokia might launch a new version soon. The next generation tablet might be the N900 and it is said to have 3G connectivity, OMAP3 processors from T1 and high definition cameras with photo sharing. A new OS version is also coming soon.The N900 hasn’t been officially announced and people say

How could the cafeteria get any better?

The USDA wants to know!

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recently sent out an alert asking concerned citizens to contact the USDA with our input on how the National School Lunch Program needs to change:
The Child Nutrition Act includes legislation for the National School Lunch Program, which provides federal assistance for school lunches. This act is being reauthorized in 2009, and the USDA would like your input on what needs to change. Submit your recommendations for improving vegetarian options by fax at 703-305-2879, or online. They are accepting comments until October 15, 2008.
PCRM has put together a list of recommendations that would make school lunches more veg-friendly and healthier for everyone, including offering nondairy milk alternatives, plant-based meal options, and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Latest Cell Phone Ratings

Reevoo is an independent publisher from the United Kingdom that keeps track of impartial customer reviews of different products including cell phones. It works with companies like Vodafone and Orange and the site’s visitors can find a helpful resource of information helping them to decide what to buy according to their needs and the reviews displayed online.In its latest press release, Reevoo

GSMHelpDesk Previews the LG KC910 Renoir 8 Megapixel Phone

Other than Sony Ericsson C905 and Samsung Innov8 i8510, LG KC910 is the third GSM mobile phone that featuring a 8 megapixel camera module. The LG KC910 has a codename called LG Renoir, which came from a name of an artist. According to GSMHelpDesk hands on, the KC910 has implemented a similar interface as Samsung TouchWIZ UI. Unlike Samsung, which places the TouchWIZ bar at the side, LG has a row

Griffin Unveils AirCurve and Clarifi at Apple Expo Paris

Griffin Technology today unveiled the AirCurve, a new acoustic amplifier dock that amplifies and projects the iPhone’s sound without speakers or the use of electricity. Also introduced today, Clarifi is a protective case for iPhone that features a built-in lens for close-up photography.AirCurve collects and amplifies the sound from the built-in speaker of the iPhone and projects it into the room,

OtterBox Launches iPhone 3G Protection

Famous for its rugged protection, OtterBox releases iPhone 3G protection case in the semi-rugged, drop and scratchproof Defender Series design. iPhone 3G Case available now in black and coming soon in white, black/yellow and pink.The new iPhone 3G case allows access to the silence switch, provides an improved screen and better fit and feel. Sync/charge, home, sleep/wake, volume, camera and

Rumored: AT&T to Sell BlackBerry Bold Starting With the Last Week of September

We’ve heard about AT&T selling the Blackberry Bold since the beginning of time itself. Cut it out AT&T and start selling the device already! It’s available in Chile! Sure, you’ll say you don’t want any competition for the iPhone. Is that why you asked for the Blackberry Bold for yourself? To make sure it won’t compete against the iPhone? iPhone lovers will buy Apple’s handset no matter what other

HTC Touch HD, the real iPhone killer

While the Touch Viva turned out to be the low-end stalwart of the three new smartphones announced by HTC, the HTC Touch HD is a farcry from it and in fact has everything needed to pulverize the iPhone 3G (if it hasn’t succumbed already to the recent touchscreen onslaught). And we thought the Touch Diamond was the ultimate cell phone! Anyway, this handsome multimedia monster supports quad-band GSM

HTC Touch Viva aka Opal gets official

Standing by their belief that touch is the way of the future, HTC has announced three new cell phones catering to every segment of the touch-frenzied consumers of today. Of the three, the HTC Touch Viva, which we have already talked about, turns out to be the perfect product for any budget-minded consumer, with a few sacrifices in its specifications compared to the other splendid devices that HTC

Shmoo Review: The Sneaky Chef

Not long after I posted my review of Deceptively Delicious a reader brought to my attention the existence of another popular cookbook with an identical mission -- to sneak vegetables into children's food unawares. It's The Sneaky Chef,and the author Missy Chase Lapin has a pending lawsuit against Deceptively's author Jessica Seinfeld for stealing her idea.

It may be true that Seinfeld ripped her off, or it may be a case of two people coming up with the same idea at the same ripe time. The question for me isn’t who thought of it first (scores of parents over the generations have resorted to sneaking a bit of something into the mashed potatoes or muffin batter). The question for me is, which one does it better? If you're going to buy just one sneaking-mashed-vegetables book, which one should it be? After reading them both, I would recommend The Sneaky Chef.

The author has really done her homework and most of her advice is right on: find fruits and veggies your kids like "straight up" and serve them that way (Method Six, page 76); slowly incorporate more whole grains into the diet (Method Two, page 67); avoid frying (Method Seven).

Best of all, her purees actually sound yummy, with a touch of lemon juice and a wide variety of vegetables (the Green Puree, for example, includes broccoli, spinach, and peas). I actually want to whip them up and add them to meals, even in a not-sneaky way.

But still, the initial bewilderment that I had when reading Deceptively still hits me as I look through the recipes here. Are children really so resistant to eating any fruits and vegetables that a tablespoon of orange vegetables hidden in boxed macaroni and cheese is a triumph? Sneaky even excitedly proclaims on its cover, "Blueberries hidden in cupcakes!"

Blueberries? Really? Who needs to hide blueberries? I need to hide the fresh blueberries away from my son so he won't eat them all in one sitting.

But Lapin's personal story of mealtime struggle brought home to me just how hard it is to get some kids to eat healthy foods, and caused me to cheer for her when she finally hit upon stealth techniques that worked and brought her some relief. Hey, whatever it takes sometimes! More power to you, sneaky momma!

AT&T Launched the Samsung Rugby

AT&T has just launched the Samsung Rugby which is a clamshell phone. If it seems familiar you might have seen elsewhere as the Samsung SGH-a837. The phone will cost you $129.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and with a 2 years contract. Without a contract the phone will sell for $279.99.Now that we know how we can get it, let’s take a quick luck at the Rugby’s specs. The clamshell phone isn’t it called

We Have iPhone Copy Paste… Kind of… Again

One of my unsettled iPhone problems is the copy paste issue. Sure Apple is thinking out of the box about a voice controlled copy and paste command but that’s going to be available in the distant future. By that time I would have already found a way to copy paste stuff. Especially since I kind of like to write a lot and therefore I would need it.I came across another application that sort of, kind

iPhone 3G sales strong and steady in UK

As we wait for Sony Ericsson, RIM, HTC, and Samsung to drop their latest wares on the entire world, the iPhone 3G has apparently been doing quite well for itself. With the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 rumored to go live at the end of this month (except for us Yankees, of course); RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry handset - the BlackBerry Storm - appearing on Verizon’s website; HTC unveiling the WVGA

Zenprise MobileManager 4.0 to Solve Your Blackberry Problems

Zenprise, Inc., a Californian developer of mobile service management software, has recently announced the release of MobileManager 4.0 for BlackBerry. The new application is created to monitor, troubleshoot and manage issues that end users might experience with BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) environments. This way, enterprise Blackberry users can easily carry on with whatever tasks they might

BlackBerry Storm 9530 goes live on Verizon - sort of

RIM’s first BlackBerry smartphone to sport a touchscreen display is all but official at this point. We know what it looks like, we know what it’s called, we even know the selling-points that Verizon is using to sell the darn thing. And, now Verizon has gone live with the BlackBerry Storm - sort of.The BlackBerry Storm isn’t available for purchase or even pre-order, but Verizon has finally gone

The Email-Only Peek Handset Is Now Available

If you happen to want a smartphone-shaped handset that's not really a smartphone but just a device that lets you read and send e-mails while on the go, Peek might be a good choice. Freshly released across the US, Peek is a handset equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and a large enough display (2.5 inches and 240 x 320 pixels), both of which should help you stay connected via your e-mail address(

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB-108 Offers Long Battery Life

Unveiled today, the Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB-108 from Sony Ericsson offers an impressive 25 hours talk time and can be easily switched between vehicles. With the impressive 25 hours talk time and a standby time of up to one month, the Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB-108 lets you enjoy crystal clear conversations and superior true duplex audio quality with echo reduction, noise cancellation

HTC Touch Diamond Coming in White

If Apple’s iPhone comes in both black and white and if Samsung’s Omnia comes in black and white, why shouldn’t HTC’s Touch Diamond be any different? The hot phone was just released in the USA but the new color will be available some time in October. Except for the color nothing will be modified in any way. It’s the same phone you know and appreciate under a new coat, especially made for winter.So

Nokia Expands Nokia Media Network

Nokia today announced the expansion of the Nokia Media Network, a mobile advertising network that reaches more than 100 million consumers around the globe. The new European publishers join other flagship Nokia Media Network publishers such as Reuters, Cosmopolitan and AccuWeather, operators like Sprint and Airtel, and Nokia services including, MOSH and Widsets.The Nokia Media Network

AT&T Pay-As-You-Go iPhone 3G?

Here we go and spoil it all for you. We will all be picking up the story of a certain Erica Sadun of TUAW who managed to insert a pay-as-you-go AT&T SIM card on an iPhone 3G. Everything worked out perfectly. The phone calls and the data were there. The phone has been activated with AT&T, whom with else, and it hasn’t been unlocked. Or so she says. And instead of letting you enjoy it everyone will

Sony W910i MOBO Edition On its Way

Sony Ericsson has unveiled a new version of their popular W910i walkman phone - the Sony Ericsson W910i MOBO Edition. This announcement came a month before the 2008 MOBO Awards that will be held at the Wembley Arena in London. The specifications of the new phone, however, hasn’t been fully released to the public. But do know that the W910i MOBO should be on sale later this year, only across the

Rumored: Asus to Make an Omnia-like Smartphone?

We recieved first information about the new Communicator from ASUStek. The device is named ASUS Galxy7, perhaps this is the sames as o2 Xda Zest, which has already appeared on rumors. If our hopes come true, the new Galxy7 will be a decent competitor for communicator Samsung Omnia. Presumably, the model is equipped with 3.5 inch touchscreen with WVGA resolution (800×480 pixels), 5 MP camera, and

New Apple iPod touch

Apple introduced the second generation iPod touch featuring an amazingly thin contoured metal design, a gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen glass display, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi wireless networking, integrated volume control buttons, a built-in speaker for casual listening, a built-in accelerometer and other advanced sensors, and Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface. iPod touch, now available for

MapQuest Launches Free MapQuest 4 Mobile with BlackBerry Support

MapQuest today announced the beta launch of MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free, downloadable application that extends capabilities to compatible BlackBerry smartphones.MapQuest 4 Mobile offers users an easy-to-use interface and the same accurate directions and maps they rely on from the site. Local search is also accessible, enabling users to search for businesses by proper name

Lunch Box Contest Winner #3

This contest entry from Sherrila in California won my heart with a beautiful lunch container and a meal fit for a king -- or, in this case, a very hungry vegan husband!

I really like this Nissan Stainless Steel Lunch Totewith its nesting containers tucked into an insulated carrier. (I noticed in researching this lunch container that they have discontinued the current model and are coming out with a new one soon; I'm not sure what the changes are as it looks identical in the pictures...)

Let's start the description on the bottom left with heart-shaped melon salad with a trio of adorable strawberry mousies on top.

Next to it is a bell pepper filled with tofu salad and a salad of flower-shaped carrots, peppers, and zucchini, and a container of dressing on the side.

The hearty main course is a "Tuscan-inspired" pot pie filled with spinach, cannelini beans, and apple-sage vegan sausages from Field Roast. That pie sounds sooo good right now -- I love Field Roast!

For more pictures of lunch and lunch box, along with a more detailed description of contents, check out Sherrila's contest entry pdf.

It's so beautiful, Sherrila! You have one lucky husband. Keep up the good work!

Change Log for the New iPhone 2.1 Software Update

Here is a list of the changes for the new iPhone 2.1 firmware, which have been released last Friday. The update will decrease number of dropped calls, promise to give you better battery life and other bug fixes. To update your iPhone you can use the updater tool in your iTunes.iPhone 2.1 Change Log: * Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls * Significantly better battery life for

T-Mobile wins court case against VoIP iPhone app

T-Mobile Germany was putting the legal screws to VoIP provider sipgate for requiring its users to jailbreak their iPhones in order to enjoy cheap calling over Wi-Fi networks (which is really just a roundabout way of fighting back at competition which is undercutting them). Well, T-Mo, the contested King of Magenta, won the case, forcing the program out of iTunes App Stores Germany-wide. Of course

New BlackBerry Phone - BlackBerry Curve 8350i

By the end of this year, if you’ll be one of Sprint’s customers, you’ll have the chance to get the new BlackBerry Curve 8350i phone with built-in Wi-Fi module and Group Connect capability that allows you to start instant conversations with up to 21 subscribers simultaneously, via Push-to-Talk."Smart phones in general, and BlackBerry products in particular, have become more important to both

Ticketmaster Now Via BlackBerry Handsets

In a move bound to provide its users with greater freedom when it comes to buying (all kinds of) tickets, RIM has announced that the famous Ticketmaster service is available directly on BlackBerry devices.Ticketmaster and the Canadian smartphone manufacturer are also working together to develop a unique software app capable of providing BlackBerry users with instant access to searching and buying

T-Mobile USA Prepares a Sony Ericsson Christmas with the W760

US music lovers who are also T-Mobile customers will soon have a pretty cool (and relatively new) phone that might prove to be just the perfect thing for them. Sony Ericsson W760 is the handset in question and T-Mobile will offer it either as Sony Ericsson W760t or as Sony Ericsson Denna. The W760 will be the second device from T-Mobile's 2008 line-up to be built by Sony Ericsson, after the TM506

T-Mobile to Release BlackBerry 8120 in 3 New Colors

We’ve recently seen how much color matters when the new iPod nano generation was unveiled this Tuesday. Products are more appealing to customers if offered in more than one boring color.T-Mobile is going to release the BlackBerry 8120 in 3 new colors starting with October 15th. The colors have cool name of course. First we have Frost which is light blue, Indigo which is blue or purple and Black

Looks like Bold, this unique phone could work anywhere!

Just found a post about an unique phone which “could work literally anywhere on earth, without worrying about coverage limits”. Produced by a little known company called Elektrobit, its design strangely looks so much like the BlackBerry Bold or a Motorola MOTO Q.A little known company called Elektrobit has come out with a unique phone that could use GSM in the city, 3G or Wi-Fi when you need it,

Live photos of Samung's SPH-M540 Highnote for Sprint

The last of our Fall 2008 CTIA related photo galleries has as its subject the Samsung SPH-M540 Highnote, a new slider style phone for Sprint. The Highnote is a music oriented device that works on Sprint's high-speed EV-DO 3G network. It includes a 2 megapixel camera and features a high-powered speaker for music playback without the need for headphones.The phone itself seems to be pretty standard

Official: Sony Ericsson W707 Alicia - alive

Sony Ericsson stealthily announced its new W707 Alicia, a Walkman handset. Featuring a 3.15 mega pixel camera with a video recording option, this new walkman handset from Sony Ericsson is an advanced version of W980 handset.What makes Alicia W707 attractive is the fact that it comes with two displays on the external case. Sony Ericsson W707 equips two displays (round display and a square display)

Apple Patches iPhone Bugs, Early Response Positive

Apple Inc. updated the software that runs its iPhones on Friday in hopes of decreasing dropped calls, improving battery life and cutting the time it takes to synchronize the device with a computer.Shortly after Apple made the new software available on its iTunes online service, some users offered positive feedback on Internet forums, saying it appeared the device was getting faster at handling

Vertu Signature S Design Leaked by the FCC

Oh my, but what do we have here today? It looks like the FCC has a chic phone to analyze. The Vertu Signature S Design is the new model from Nokia’s luxury division. Well then go ahead and tell your boss you found out the next Vertu is available. I’m sure he is too busy to read these lines, but he’s probably definitely interested in the device.The new phone might just have a little bit of this

LG Launches Lotus Clamshell for Sprint

Most of you will probably wonder why I’ve written this piece of news, considering the handset in question - The LG Lotus - which is a CDMA device launched with Sprint with a contract plan. The reason is that it’s a flip phone like no other I’ve seen before. This clamshell handset opens up to a full QWERTY keypad with a rather unique fashion sense.The LG Lotus is available in two color options -

Web This Site Sep 11 iDEN BlackBerry 8350i Available from Sprint

The iDEN BlackBerry 8350i will get you that push-to-talk service people are so crazy about. While I prefer the traditional mobile conversations, which by the way I am so good at, I can’t help but notice people and carriers embracing various handsets with push-to-talk support.The 8350i will also have a 2.0 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi and with the Group Connect service you will be shouting orders

AT&T Has WiFi BlackBerry Curve Ready

Need WiFi in your Curve? AT&T is ready to release a BlackBerry Curve version on September the 23rd which will have the WiFi switch enabled. The handset will also bring you OS 4.5. The WiFi Curve will cost you $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate and with a 2 years contract. Or isn't it better to get a Bold or a Thunder instead?If you happen to own the 8310 model than you should be waiting aswell for

Nokia N82 v30.0.019 Firmware Updates via NSU

A new Nokia N82 firmware updates is now available in several countries. The new firmware will update your N82 software version to v30.0.019, another big jump from v20.You can now connect your N82 to the Nokia Software Updater, and let it try to detect if the firmware update applicable to your country. The firmware change log is not available at the moment, one member from symbian-freak forum has

Motorola Prepares RAZR 3 Vxx “Ruby”

Motorola has a new RAZR phone in the works. Apparently it’s going to be called RAZR 3 Vxx “Ruby” which is quite complicated for a name. It’s said it will include a metallic body and a slightly smaller size than the RAZR 2 V9.The front screen will have 6 customizable touch spots for quick launching applications. So it’s not quite a touchscreen there right? Other specs include 3G HSDPA connectivity

Velocity 103 Launched, Pre-Orders from 420 Euros

Announced at the beginning of April, together with Velocity 111, the Velocity 103 smartphone is now commercially available and can be pre-ordered from Expansys. The handset is priced at 334.99 GBP (about 420 Euros or 590 USD) and it will begin shipping, unlocked, towards the end of September.Built by Velocity Mobile in collaboration with the Taiwanese notebook maker Inventec, Velocity 103 is a

HTC Touch Pro Announced for Japan

HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PCs, announced that it has signed an agreement with KDDI in order to bring HTC handsets to customers from across Japan. The first device to be released by KDDI, via its au brand, will be E30HT. Under this not so attractive name hides none other than HTC Touch Pro, the full QWERTY version of HTC Touch Diamond .Unfortunately

New Treo 700wx Updater 1.24 Available for Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Verizon Wireless’s Treo 700wx owners can now upgrade their smartphone to Windows Mobile 6. Palm has just released the Treo 700wx Updater 1.24 on the support page. The releases note did not mention a Windows Mobile 6.1, so it is more likely to be the earlier Windows Mobile 6 version.What you can expect after the upgrade: * Calendar functionality - See the big picture at a glance. A Topline bar

Microsoft and RIM to Launch Live Search for BlackBerry Smartphones

Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) are working together to integrate the Live Search into the BlackBerry Browser and BlackBerry Maps. BlackBerry smartphone users will be able to use Microsoft Live Search as their search engine of choice within the BlackBerry Browser as well as access Live Search on BlackBerry smartphone customers will also be able to use Live Search to

Shuttle – Virgin Mobile's First EV-DO Phone

Virgin Mobile USA has prepared a big surprise for its customers, with the upcoming launch of Shuttle, the MVNO's very first mobile phone to be EV-DO / 3G capable. The Shuttle is also Virgin's first device to come with features from the recently acquired Helio: Accuweather, ESPN, access to Facebook and MySpace, YouTube and so on.Built by PCD (Personal Communications Devices), Virgin Mobile Shuttle

Motorola Z12 concept phone

For hardcore Nokia loyalists, the fact that Motorola phones are sometimes better designed would not go down too well. Perhaps, a look at the Motorola Z12 might bring about some transformation in opinions.The phone is a treat to the eyes with a 2.8-inch display that boasts of 16M color VGA resolution. Since most phones these days are outfitted with exceptional cameras, it is hardly surprising that

HTC Opal - Successor of HTC Touch

Resource Smartmobilegadgets publishes a photo and technical specifications of smartphone HTC Opal, which is supposed to be successor of HTC Touch. Technical specifications given by the source are somehow surprising.Handset is equipped with low TI OMAP 850 processor of 200 MHz, 128 MB RAM and should be able to run Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Device will have, according to the source, 2.8″

Latest Apple AppStore figures are out: 100 million+ downloads, 3,000+ apps

Apple is out with the latest AppStore figures and the numbers are impressive. Here’s the recap.Since the official launch of the AppStore on July 11, 2008: * iPhone and iPod Touch users have downloaded more than 100 million applications and games * More than 3,000 applications are currently available * Over 90% of all apps and games are priced at less than $10 * More than 600 apps are

Palm Treo Pro available for pre-order for $549

Palm has started accepting pre-orders for its recently announced Treo Pro smartphone. You already know all the details about Palm’s Windows Mobile 6.1 powered device, except the price. It could be yours sans any contracts for $549. You’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks to get your hands on a single unit, which BTW at the moment is available in “Obsidian Black” color, only. The offer also includes a free

Vertu Magic, Dangerous, Mysterious, Audacious, Curios with Boucheron

Vertu, known with its luxurious mobile phones, together with jewelry house Boucheron announced addition to its line - Vertu Signature. Dedicated to 150th anniversary of the famous jewelry house, respectively, each phone very generously is decorated with precious stones and metals.In line are included several unique models: Vertu Magic, Vertu Dangerous, Vertu Mysterious, Vertu Audacious and Vertu

Dual Sim FLY DS400 and FLY DS500

It seemed that market of DualSim phones slowed down but we got two new device to fill up the space. This time its model range updated company Fly, adding 2 phones to its portfolio.New devices are announced with the precode DS (likely acronym of Dual-SIM).Junior model - Fly DS400 - is a bar phone with the functionality of affordable middle class: display size is 176×220, 1.3 Mp camera, support for

Lunch Box Contest Winner #2

Here is Winner Number Two in the Vegan Lunch Box Contest: the Amazing Aracelis from beautiful Puerto Rico! Aracelis had by far the most entries in the contest, but any one of her artful vegan lunches would have won it for her on its own.

To give you just a taste, here are my four favorite entries from Aracelis:

1. "This is 'Chinese Take-In'. Home made Szechwan eggplant, barbecued tofu stir-fry (with broccoli, tri-colored peppers, cauliflower and mushrooms), white rice garnished with pepper flowers and black sesame seeds; and to round off the lunch: more broccoli. This was a nice and decadent lunch."

2. "This has been my favourite lunch so far. The contents are: steamed broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas and tri-coloured peppers. Edamame; with a BBQ sauce container. Strawberry and vegan chickn bits; and lastly onigiri (omusubi) filled with mushrooms sauteed in hoisin sauce. I could eat this every day!"

3. "This is a simple lunch, but it really hit the spot. Lentil soup, rice, broccoli, watermelon, and black bean mini burgers. The soup was made by my mom, specifically to accommodate me. She's really sweet!"

4. I call this 'TGIF Bento'. Everything (except the tofu dog) was home-made. The contents are: sesame noodles, maki sushi (avocado, carrots and cucumber), char siu seitan steamed bun, broccoli, tofu octodog, mango, blackberries and a tomato. It was a really good lunch and good way to end the work week."

Congratulations, Aracelis! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful creations with us!

Coming soon, iTunes for S60 smart-phones

Apple’s iTunes for Symbian Series 60 smartphones is no longer rumor: now it is confirmed that it is coming! iTunes S60 will have the same functionalities as desktop version, including iTunes Store. The application offers new features - the revolutional software technology with codename “HypnoBreathe”, that increases the sound quality on the level, which was not reachable for other s60

Motorola VE358 Phone Hits China

Do you love Motorola’s products? If yes, then you have a reason to smile. Motorola China has announced the availability of its latest VE358 Phone priced 5,990 yuan. This is a 3G model infused with user friendly features. With 3G mobile internet functionality, it lets the users connect easily at the Facebook, Google, Yahoo and MSN.The VE538 allows for dual lens photography. Thanks to the 2

Xperia X1 Launching on 30th September 2008

Sony Ericsson has finally announced that their much awaited Xperia X1 will make an official appearance on the 30th of September 2008. It will initially be available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The handset will be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008.To start the countdown to the launch of Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson will host a live

RIM Announces its First BlackBerry Flip Phone

Research In Motion (RIM), has unveiled the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone, the first BlackBerry phone to come in the flip form factor.The quad-band EDGE-based BlackBerry weighs 3.6 ounces and measures approximately 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.7-inch. Featuring two high-resolution, light-sensing color displays, the external LCD makes it easy to preview incoming emails, text messages and phone calls

Mundu Heads Towards The BlackBerry - Mobile Phone Reviews

Geodesic Information Systems, provider of mobile and desktop solutions for instant messaging has joined the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program and plans to offer its mobile services to support BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8800 series more | digg story

Mundu Heads Towards The BlackBerry

Geodesic Information Systems, provider of mobile and desktop solutions for instant messaging has joined the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program and plans to offer its mobile services to support BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8800 series smartphones.One of Geodesic's flagship products, Mundu IM, combines all of the most popular IM services,

LG KB770 cell phone with DVB-T tuner

I know I wouldn’t want to miss Prison Break’s latest episode even if it had too many shark jumps for my taste, but if I am ever stuck in a meeting during its air time, LG seems to have the perfect solution to keep me updated. The LG KB770 is a bar-style phone that integrates a DVB-T tuner that can pick up free terrestrial signals along with a huge 3-inch touchscreen display and TV-out feature.

Asus Unveils the P552W Smartphone

Asus seems ready for a new phone and it has unveiled the new P552W. And this is the first smartphone from Asus to ever use the Glide user interface which will get you lots of touchscreen action. But what’s inside you ask? Well besides the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS you’re going to find lots of features in it.The Asus P552 will have: * an 624MHz processor * 256MB initial storage space * 128MB RAM Mobile Service Enable Mobile Access to Your Desktop (the Global Hosted Operating SysTem pronounced “ghost”), which offers its Web-based Virtual Computer (VC), today launched its brand new Mobile service at the DEMOfall conference in San Diego.The Virtual Computer already allows users to access their desktop, files, settings and apps from any browser. Now the Mobile service allows the same users to access

Access All Your Contacts with SkyData Mobile Application

SkyData Systems unveiled its new mobile application for business users today at the DEMOfall 08 conference. The SkyData mobile application combines information from CRM applications, contact systems, the Web, business and social networks, profiling, news, and location services to provide the Mobile Super Network-which delivers an instant, unified view of all of your business and personal contacts

Samsung Highnote Dual Slider Cell Phone

Samsung Highnote, one of the latest additions to Sprint high-end cell phone line, is to be launched together with the Samsung Rant, considered to be the Best Cell Phone at this year’s CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Conference, both featuring the innovative One Click user interface with customizable menus, awarded as the Best Overall Product at CTIA 2008.Unlike Rant, which is optimized for

Sony Ericsson unveils G705 and UMA capable G705u sliders

Today in London, Sony Ericsson announced the new G705, and cell phone that Sony Ericsson claims will make the perfect personal assistant. The G705u, a UMA (?) compatible version of the G705 to be available exclusively from Orange, was also announced. The G705 handsets feature Google search on the standby screen as well as a built-in A-GPS module that backs up Google Maps and Wayfinder navigation

Samsung T459 Breaks Cover for T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA will soon widen its collection of mobile phones made by Samsung, with an unofficially announced model, apparently called Samsung T459 or Samsung Holic.Resembling the old but still popular LG Rumor and the Samsung Messager (an affordable handset recently launched in the US via both MetroPCS and Cricket), the new T459 will come with a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out horizontally,

iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1 Firmware Ready for Launch?

iTunes 8 is at least as much awaited for as the new generation iPods. “Let’s Rock” will probably unveil the new platform and its features. An earlier leak told us about the Genius auto-playlist as well as support for a second generation iPod classic. We will wait for them to be confirmed in about two days from now.iPhone 2.1 firmware should also be released this Tuesday. This version will repair

Nokia UK - a selection of prices

Tis the season of Nokia madness, when it gets a ton of devices out there for purchase - nope, hang on, that’s all the time!Anyhoo, just a quick round-up of “prices and devices” on the Nokia UK site right now - check out some keenly priced devices, plus one very interesting pre-order…..First out of the gate is the E71 - the seriously good-looking emailer device that is going to bring the pressure

UK: Samsung to empty £5m in to Omnia Advertising!

We’ve known the Omnia has been coming for some time - we’ve even seen the Ads in the sunday newspaper today - but what is the total cost of all that marketing and advertising in the UK? Well, according to Mobile News, we now have an answer……….. and the answer is nearly £5m!The Omnia has come at somewhat an awkward time, in so much as the established competition (a certain Apple device) is selling

LG VX9600 from Verizon Wireless coming soon

FCC has approved a new phone LG VX9600. This phone will support CDMA 850/1900 with EVDO for data and Bluetooth with A2DP, this model suggests it for Verizon Wireless. This phone is equipped with a 3-inch LCD (which could indicate that it is a touch screen device). Neither LG nor Verizon have announced this phone.There is no also official specifications but it is rumored that this phone will also

Nokia N96 & N78 Support fring VoIP Application Now

Fring has announced that Nokia N96 and Nokia N78 users can now install their mobile VoIP application to enjoy free calls between fring users.fring is a free, downloadable mobile phone application enabling free mVoIP (mobile VoIP) calls, real-time presence and live chat with multiple IM providers. fring users or “fringsters” mVoIP communicate with other fring users, landline or cellular phones

New Nokia N95-1 Firmware v30.0.015 Available

If you are using the first generation of Nokia N95, you can now upgrade your Nokia N95 to the new v30.0.015 firmware through the Nokia Software Updater.The change log for the new version is not available, but some users have noticed the following changes *Nokia Maps 2.0 built-in *Full N-Gage client *Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in *Share online 3.0 *Enablers for Comes With Music

Sony Ericsson TM506 finally on sale

Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile USA announce that the TM506 clamshell phone is now on sale. “The Sony Ericsson TM506 keeps you connected and entertained with a great sense of style and advanced features, including a 2.0 megapixel camera,” as the T-Mobile USA website said. You can own it for $79.99 after rebate on contract.The TM506, Sony Ericsson’s first handset supporting T-Mobile’s AWS spectrum (

Resuscitating mobile phones with a pen

Just when the cell phone dies in the middle of a crucial discussion we realize how much we need a mobile charger. Without this device, the mobile phone becomes useless and causes its owner the most unbelievable frustration of not being able to communicate.Cell phones come in packages with mobile chargers, which are small devices provided with batteries that you can plug a dying phone into. They

A Simple Cell Phone

Looking for a simple cell phone? After reading its presentation I can describe it as a mid-level mobile phone with features dedicated to those of you that don’t need complicated technology in the pocket. The clamshell here is available in Japan only and can be used by anyone who hasn’t much experience with these handsets. Included in this category are children who need just to call their parents

LG Invision

Even if it catches all your attention with a smart name, the LG Invision is just another entry-level camera phone hidden in a cool design in black and imitating the Viewty shape.Let’s say it’s the cheaper version of it as it has a built-in 1.3MP camera instead of the 5MP like LG Viewty world's first cell phone with DivX support. But that’s cool too, for those who don’t plan to spend too much on

3D Navigation GPS and Style

These are the three main elements that characterize the HTC Touch Cruise, one of the best smartphones on the market today. It is an advanced handset coming with GPS capabilities, displaying turn-by-turn routes with spoken guides and the TomTom software, to help you in finding the best and shortest way to your destination.HTC Touch Cruise has a large 2.8-inch display with backlight and

Lunch Box Contest Winner #1

I am pleased to present you all with the First Place Winner and youngest competitor in the Vegan Lunch Box Contest!
"My name is Abraham and I am 9 years old.

"Like your son, I am homeschooled so I usually don't pack a lunch for school. My mother often shows me your pictures and told me about your contest. I decided to make one of my favorite vegan lunches and enter it.

"Like you, I have a blog. I put up a lot of pictures of the meal there: The Little Giant.

"I call this lunch 'Artist's Palate'.

"In addition to my bamboo spreader and a cloth napkin, I took rice cakes, peanut butter, raisins, dried coconut, two blackberries, a few cherry tomatoes, some sweet red pepper slices, and a few green beans.

"I also packed two tiny "donut" peaches that we found at the farmer's market. Everything was organic except the raisins and all of the vegetables are local, too."

Thank you so much, Abraham, for entering the contest and showing us the artistic side of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lunchtime at your house looks like fun!

Abraham's free autographed copy of Vegan Lunch Box is on its way. I'll introduce you all to the second place winner next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vodafone UK Start Selling BlackBerry Bold

Vodafone UK and Research In Motion (RIM) announced the arrival of the new BlackBerry Bold smartphone. On sale today for all new and existing Vodafone UK customers, the BlackBerry Bold comes with built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) and integrated GPS that supports location based applications including Vodafone Sat Nav. The BlackBerry Bold also features a large half-VGA colour display (480×320 resolution

Nokia N95 8GB Getting New v30 Firmware Updates Soon

According to symbian-freak, they have already obtained a new firmware for Nokia N95 8GB. The software update file is to be ran from your PC directly, but not from the Nokia Software Updater service. It is not sure if this version 30.0.010 is the final release version, symbian-freak has posted the change log for this updates. You might be able to find download link for version 30.0.018 too.See the

ShoZu Announces New Edition of iPhone Application Available on Apple App Store

ShoZu has announced a new edition of its free social media aggregator for iPhone and iPod touch, available immediately on the Apple App Store. The new version simplifies photo uploading, blogging and other mobile interaction with more than 50 Web 2.0 sites. Enhancements include the ability to take and upload high-resolution pictures from within the application, add geo-tags to any photo if

Motorola to Offer MOTOJEWEL in UK from November

Motorola has just announced the MOTOJEWEL clamshell phone in UK, targetting at ladies who love fashion with its 3D crystal-cut design and mirror finish. The MOTOJEWEL comes complete with a must-have mini clutch designed to hold all the essentials for the perfect girls’ night out: a MOTOJEWEL, credit card and lipstick. The MOTOJEWEL is available exclusively at Carphone Warehouse for a limited

LG Unveils Viewty’s 8 megapixel Successor KC910, Available This October

LG Electronics announced today that it would launch the LG-KC910, a 8 megapixel multimedia phone with a full touchscreen interface. The LG-KC910 boasts top-of-the-range camera capabilities and the latest multimedia features, all combined with a 3.0 inch full touchscreen. Like its predecessor the LG Viewty, which debuted as the slimmest 5 megapixel phone, the LG-KC910 will be the slimmest 8

New FOMA SH706iw launched in Japan is based on Symbian OS

Symbian Limited welcomes NTT DOCOMO’s launch of the FOMA SH706iw based on Symbian OS which starts shipping in Japan this week. The FOMA SH706iw, a handset which supports the well-being and dietary requirements of users and works in conjunction with a health support website. It’s manufactured by Sharp Corporation and includes the MOAP platform which is compliant with the latest FOMA

Samsung i7110 pictures surface

Hot on the heels of the 8-megapixel behemoth called the Innov8 comes yet another S60-powered device from Samsung, the i7110. Although not officially confirmed yet, from what we can glean from the picture, the i7110 seems to be a handsome-looking handset in a candybar form factor. As for the specs, all we know is that the device plays home to a 5-megapixel camera, runs on Symbian S60 operating

MOTO Q Global in Silver Available from ATT

Motorola and AT&T announced the availability of the MOTO Q Global with Windows Mobile 6.1. Available exclusively to AT&T customers, the new MOTO Q Global has a bold pinstripe design with eye-catching metallic edging and a robust feature set, including Motorola’s patented CrystalTalk technology for clear calls, assisted GPS1via the AT&T network for quick, accurate location fixes, and threaded SMS1

Samsung slips out SGH-a237 clamshell via AT&T

Probably in order to compete with Sprint's M320 and M220 (launched in the US yesterday), AT&T has just rolled out its own new Samsung handset, namely the a237.First spotted at the beginning of August, the a237 is an entry-level device that comes in a clamshell form factor (like Sprint's above-mentioned phones). Samsung has designed the new handset in such a way that, when it's not flipped, it has

Samsung BlackJack II Windows Mobile 6.1 update now available!

Finally, the BlackJack II (aka Samsung SGH-I617) owners can update their smartphones to the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS. We did mentioned this update is coming, but due some technical glitches it was available only for few brief moments. Samsung has reportedly fixed the problems and now you can bless your QWERTY smartphone with some Windows Mobile 6.1 coolness. Here’s what’s changed:

Sony Ericsson out with Xperia X1 SDK

Although it was said to have problems with the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, Xperia X1 actually seems to be ready to hit the market, as Sony Ericsson has announced today the release of its SDK (Software Developers Kit).The SDK will allow developers and even simple mobile phone users to create personalized panels for the X1 smartphone. These panels can “sit on top” of the handset's Windows Mobile

BlackBerry Bold Goes to Singapore and Indonesia

After being released in several European countries as well as in Canada, RIM's newest high-end smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9000, is getting ready to conquer Asia. The handset was officially announced for Singapore and Indonesia, thus it will become available (theoretically at least) to almost 240 million possible buyers (4.5 million in Singapore and 235 million in Indonesia).In Singapore, the

Sprint launches rugged Motorola V950 Renegade

Sprint and Motorola have announced the Motorola V950 Renegade, a new ruggedized clamshell cell phone for Sprint's CDMA network. The V950 is clad in a black color scheme and supports the Direct Connect walkie-talkie service for instant communication with friends and co-workers.Aside from withstanding the elements by meeting military standards for dust, shock, vibration, and blowing rain, the

Samsung M320 and M220 Launched in the US via Sprint

Samsung has added two more entry-level cell phones to the US market via Sprint, the M220 and M320. Both are clamshells which are aimed at the budget-minded populace, which means there’s not much you can expect in way of specs, although the M320 (pictured above) has a few features more than the M220. Available in deep red, the M320 has a 128×160-pixel CSTN internal display along with a 96×96-pixel

Nokia to launch ‘Comes With Music’ first in the United Kingdom

Nokia today announced that the United Kingdom will be the first market in the world to launch ‘Comes With Music’. Comes With Music gives people a year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalog with the ability to keep all downloaded tracks even after the year is over.Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive UK pre-pay channel offering the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic ‘Comes With Music

Nokia N96 Price

Here it comes! The Nokia N96 smartphone is finally released and available at a price of £535 including VAT at the Nokia United Kingdom website. There you can pre-order it and wait a few days for it to arrive at your place.Unfortunately, in the Asian countries people will have to wait more for it to be available in stores and we can speculate and say it will happen in October or September.The

BlackBerry Javelin and KickStart in New Images

Two of RIM's new but unofficially announced BlackBerry smartphones, the Javelin and the KickStart (also known as Pearl 8220), have been recently spotted in new live images, allowing us to make a size comparison between them. Moreover, the new pictures also include the already-released (in some markets) BlackBerry Bold, which is the biggest handset of them all. Well, that is if the KickStart is

Samsung's u310 Knack keeps things simple for older Verizon customers

Today Samsung unveiled the new SCH-u310 Knack for Verizon Wireless, a phone that targets older consumers that need clearly labeled keys, quick access to emergency contacts, and a very simple user interface. While it appears to be a normal phone, the Knack has really been thoughtfully tailored for its target audience. Everything has been tweaked to be simpler to use and easier to read, while most

Samsung i8510 Innov8 now available on Orange UK

Barely a month after we first caught word of its 8-megapixel monster, Samsung has put the i8510/Innov8 out on the streets. They had let it out that this S60-powered handset will be available in UK “early September,” but we didn’t actually think it would be this early. Orange UK is the first carrier to boast the availability of this tech titan and it has thrown in a Nokia 1650 on a Pay As You Go

TouchFlo 3D

TouchFlo 3D is a mobile phone interface developed by HTC and introduced by the HTC Touch Diamond handset to give the users the freedom of browsing through the menus and applications easier than before. Released as an enhancement to the previous software version called TouchFlo, it features a high and fast responsiveness to your finger gestures, revealing concept-like cool effects on the 2.8-inch

Nokia E66 NAM hitting the Flagship Stores in America

I guess we all expected this to happen. Following the announcement that the full QWERTY keyboard equipped Nokia E71 is hitting the U.S. shores with proper 3G frequencies, we all waited to hear the same for the E66 model. And that’s happening as we speak…The Nokia Flagship store in Chicago confirmed to have only the Grey Steel color scheme in stock. Those of you that crave for the black version

Just Peachy

One of my tips on finding cheap fruits and vegetables this summer was to pick your own. Shmoo and I put that into practice this morning, picking peaches and nectarines at a local U-Pick farm for 60 cents a pound. Not a bad price, especially when you consider that U-Pick combines buying fruit with an hour of enjoying a shady stroll in the orchard and watching kids having fun. Shmoo was a most enthusiastic picker, determined to search tree to tree to find me the biggest, heaviest, prettiest peaches.

Here is my car trunk filled with fresh fruit, at a total cost of $22.00. We plan to gobble up the nectarines, then I'll be peeling and slicing the peaches and freezing them in a single layer on baking sheets. When they're frozen I'll put them in a smoothie bin and enjoy peach-blueberries smoothies all autumn long.

Telus’ LG KEYBO (aka enV2) now available in pomengranate

Roughly a month ago we saw Telus adding the LG KEYBO — which is also known as LG enV on Verizon — to its portfolio. Now the Canadian CDMA carrier has decided that offering the device in simple black isn’t enough. Ladies may want some other color, hence Telus is introducing the LG KEYBO in pomengranate. As you can see from the image on the left, the device seems designed for the savvy lady texters

TEUFEL is here !

Tiny just took this lovely photo of the TEUFUL Organic Compost that so many of you are madly in love with... It's back!!!(some say too-ful, some say toy-ful)And I have lots more to share, I've just been a wee bit occupied with celebrating my marriage to Neil in our garden this past weekend. We did the legal paperwork in January and saved all the festivities... More soon!Naomi

SlovoEd dictionaries now on iPhone and iPod Touch

Paragon Software Company announced the release ruler SlovoEd dictionary devices for iPhone and iPod Touch. Thus, Paragon Software has become the first and only Russian company, issued the full set of licensing software for iPhone and iPod Touch, consisting of 120 dictionaries. SlovoEd Dictionary now available in the main Internet portal company's product applications for Apple - App Store.Users

Family GPS-phones Mio Leap - already Russia

Mio Company announced Russia entering the market two new products - Leap K1, the world's first bilateral phone with navigation, and GPS-communicator Leap G50. Family Leap is for demanding users who need the functionality of the phone, camera and browser, combined in one compact and stylish device. For the first time presented at the exhibition Computex 2008 in Taiwan and there have received

LG Prada II with QWERTY Keyboard?

A blur photo shot posted on BGR last week is said to be the next Prada phone, LG Prada II. The new version has the same design, except that now it comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard for fast text entry. No further info is available, we will have to wait for the official words to confirm the rumor.

Chinese handset maker turns Nokia’s slider patent into reality

Back in December of last year we wrote about Nokia’s weird-looking slider patent with rotating camera on top of the device. While we’re still waiting to hear anything more concrete from Espoo, certain Chinese handset maker cloner decided to use the idea and make the device before Nokia does. As you can see from the image above, the device looks weird yet kinda appealing. Too bad it’s not a real

Vertu Ascent Ti Constellation Rococo Edition

Vertu has released the new Vertu Constellation Rococo Edition to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Available in this summer, the Vertu Constellation Rococo edition will have 3 colors in noir, scarlet and ivory.The handsets will support 3G UTMS network and has a 3 megapixel camera, 16 million colour QVGA screen and running Series 40 interface.The phones are based on various kinds of design such as

Samsung Omnia at IFA: Is it really that bad?

With Samsung building up the Omnia as a potential iPhone-killer, it’s quite understandable the level of disappointment visitors felt when they finally got to play around with a demo unit at IFA. So terrible was their experience that the only positive thing they can comment about it was the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. This is where my skepticism kicked in, and it’s not without reason. I’ve read

Rogers Offers Up the Samsung T336: Another HotSpot-Enabled Phone

It might be the Friday before a long weekend, but Rogers didn’t take the day off. They were busy today distributing information to dealers that announced the availability and official specs for a new handset, the Samsung T336.Like its sister, the Samsung T339 on T-Mobile, the T336 is essentially your basic flip. It features a color external screen, an internal screen with modest 176×220

HTC S740 QWERTY Smartphone Live Photos has got the chance to try out the new HTC S740, a slim version of Touch Diamond with a QWERTY sliding keyboard. Different from what we saw in the press photos, the numeric keypad, shortcut keys design will not kept your thumbprint, although the phone LCD and back cover will still love your thumbprint on it. The HTC S740 will be available across Europe from September 2008. Check out

Yellow MOTOACTV W450 coming to T-Mobile?

T-Mobile will apparently be adding the yellow MOTOACTV W450 in early September. Nothing too exciting here, except if you’re living a way-too-active lifestyle and require a water-resistant mobile phone with basic features and a media player.Aside from the obvious ruggedness, there’s nothing special on the W450. Bluetooth support, 1.3 megapixel camera and a microSD card slot combined sound so last

Google fights the AppStore with Android Market

The success of the iPhone’s AppStore has been a positive sign for software developers and now with Google’s Android OS approaching an official release the possibilities to deliver software to a second platform are becoming a reality. According to Google, they will be launching an open content distribution system that will help users find, purchase, download and install various types of content

Future Shop drops Samsung Instinct to CA$119.99 in Canada!

Future Shop in Canada is following footsteps of its U.S. “brother in arms” RadioShack and is dumping the price of the Samsung Instinct to CA$119.99. I’m not sure whether they along with Telus, which carries the Samsung’s all-touchscreen device, are scared of the “iPhone menace” but their latest offer certainly sounds compelling. Not only has Future Shop dropped the Instinct’s price, but they’re

LG Launches The KP199

LG has launched a new model in its dynamite series – the LG KP199. According to LG, the handset will be able to offer a talk time of up to 11 hours and a standby time of upto 30 days. But that's what the company claims, we'll let you guys know how the phone fares soon enough when we get it for review.This phone allows users to opt for FM radio as a wake-up alarm. Apart from this, the phone also