Samsung intros twelve (yes, twelve) phones at IFA

IFA typically isn't considered the strongest show in the mobile world, which Samsung apparently saw as an opportunity to grab just a little more spotlight than it'd normally have. Okay, maybe "a little more spotlight" is an understatement, seeing how it trotted out no fewer than a dozen handsets at the show -- and granted, none of them are groundbreaking taken alone, but the collective ends up

LG KC550 Pink

The LG KC550 camera phone newly released at Phones4U in black, has now a cute pink brother available exclusively at The Carphone Warehouse. It comes with all the features of the original model and a touch of pink for the ladies and not only.The pale pink cell phone has a slider design and measures 96.9 x 51.4 x 14.9 mm at 110 grams. It has a 2.4-inch large TFT display of 256K colors,

LG Decoy

Today we’ll see a recent release from LG via Verizon Wireless at a price of $149.99 with contract, called LG Decoy.I personally like this cell phone a lot because of how it looks, especially when slide open revealing this deep black keypad surrounded by light metallic silver.Besides the design characteristics, LG Decoy is a music phone with detachable headset working wirelessly through the

MOTOZINE ZN5 Launches in India

Motorola and KODAK's MOTOZINE ZN5 camera phone has finally made it to the Indian market. Sony Ericsson's Cyber-Shot series has got more competition now. With features that include Motorola's "ModeShift Technology" and KODAK's "Imaging Technology" this camera could just give the other mobiles in this segment a run for their pixels.The ZN5 comes with a Xenon flash. It has a 2.4-inch TFT display

Sony Ericsson G705 live pics

Sony Ericsson is preparing to come up with two new handsets, codenamed Kumiko and Eian, which might represent a new direction in the company's way of designing products - a square-ish direction, if you want to call it something in particular.Kumiko should be officially named Sony Ericsson G705 and it will come as the first slider from the Web-oriented Gseries family of handsets – which currently

Nokia Ovi news: Global site is up, Sync on Ovi works!

Nokia has recently unveiled the global website to bring all of their web services — including Nokia Maps, Share on Ovi and Files on Ovi — under one brand.In the other Ovi news, a new service called Sync on Ovi was also launched to enable both S60 and Series 40 powered Nokia mobile phone users to easily sync their contacts, appointments, and notes with Ovi. The benefits of the new service

Motorola W6 Availeble In USA

T-Mobile USA users who feel that their carrier doesn't offer enough Motorola phones will be pleased to learn that, sometime in the near future, a new handset manufactured by the big M will be available to them.The device in question is Motorola W6, but T-Mo seems to want its name to sound differently, hence it will sell it as MotoACTV (most probably standing for “Moto Active”). In case you expect

Xperia Launch Date Further Delayed

The latest scoop, according to reports says that Sony Ericsson’s elusive handset, the Xperia X1, as now been further delayed. This is getting rather annoying as the handset just doesn’t seem to be making any headway. This looks like it is some sort of gimmick the company has cooked up to flash the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional handset at as many events as possible without making a proper

MOTO Q Global

The new Motorola smartphone model launched today is available via AT&T with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system pre-installed, which brings some cool applications to mobile professionals accessible via a friendly user interface.At a price of $149.99 including a 2-year contract, the Blackberry looking smartphone called MOTO Q Global delivers a nice sliding panel home screen design, the

au KDDI W63SH URBANO: mobile phone from Sharp for the Japanese cities

Japanese mobile operator au KDDI, which provides telecommunications services in the standard CDMA, announced yet another mobile phone model - W63SH URBANO. This model made in a folding form factor, developed by SHARP, and the title URBANO taken from the Italian language, whose literal translation sounds like "urban".W63SH URBANO distinguishes attractive design, availability 3 - x inch display

LG KF300 ( "LG Wine" )

At first glance, the LG KF300 looks like a standard GSM clamshell phone. But look more closely and you can see that LG have designed the KF300 for ease of use, with an easy-to-use number pad and dedicated shortcut keys to important functions.This isn't the first time that we have seen this sort of arrangement. The Sagem VS3 did something similar a few years ago which met with moderate success.

Spring Events at Nirvana

September 7th 2-4 pm Adults $8. Accompanied children under 16 $4.
An ideal opportunity to gain an insight into a successfully run biodynamic garden & farm .This farm was established in 1983 so there is a wealth of experience to share. This Garden Quality Farm demonstrates an integrated system incorporating orchards, poultry, native habitat & wetlands, home food production & hardy cottage gardens all rolled into a unique lifestyle.
Life in the slow lane. Advanced bookings only.
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The Biodynamic methods are by far the most sustainable way to manage your garden. For example the waterholding capacity in increased which means you use less water , developing a dynamic ecosystem means you need less inputs and have less pests . This one day course introduces the practical concepts of the biodynamic methods to farmers & gardeners. The biodynamic method is a modern organic approach that creates a holistic approach to building healthy soil, plants, animals & humans reducing your impact on the earth.. Includes notes, biodynamic preparations, lunch & teas.

Sunday, October 12th 9.00 -12.30 $40
Producing good quality composts is essential to any garden. Deb’s 30+ years of experience will guide you through the Principles of composting & mulching, techniques & materials used & how they can be used most effectively on your garden or farm.

Sunday, October 19th 9.00 -12 noon $35
A Garden grown for freshness-delicate,fragrant, fleeting freshness = home grown vegetables. Deb shares the experience of getting the most out of your garden. A practical guide to establishing & maintaining a productive & healthy garden that will provide food for your table all year round.

Sunday, October 26th 9.00 -12.30 pm. $40
Freshly harvested from your garden. Practical guide to growing fruits, nuts & berries. Establishing, maintenance, ground covers, soils.

Sunday November 9th 9.00 - 12 noon. $35
The joy of sharing your space with poultry. All you need to know about getting started with poultry. Includes breed selection, housing, feeding, breeding, pests.

Sunday, November 16th 9am 4pm $90
The ideal way to recycle your garden prunings .A introduction to natural fibre weaving. Includes techniques, suitable plants & other materials to make baskets, fences & trellises. Includes all materials, lunch & teas.

All courses are run at Nirvana Organic Farm in our unique 4.5 ha living classroom full of practical solutions & examples of how goals can be achieved.
This successful small holding has been run under BIO-DYNAMIC principles since 1983.
Nirvana Organic Farm was the National Winner of the Organic Federation of Australia Awards of Excellence as the leading Organic Educator.

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You will find us at 184 Longwood Rd

iPhone Security Flaw to be Fixed

One more strike for Apple and its iPhone. There’s a security flaw in both 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 firmware versions which would allow unwanted people to get inside your phone even when you think it’s safely locked.I am not talking about guessing your password or anything like that. Simply hit the Emergency Call and double click the home button. You will get in the Favorites list and from there the sky is

iPhone 3G Sales Surpass the Original iPhone

Six weeks have passed since the iPhone 3G has been launched and Apple is almost near the 6 million mark. If we do the math, that means almost 1 million handsets have been sold every week although that’s just a personal estimate.More importantly Apple has managed to surpass the original iPhone’s sales. It sold in almost two months what is sold in a year. That’s quite something. No matter how bad

Orange is Reported to be Capping your iPhone 3G Speeds

Orange France has admitted that it has tampered with iPhone 3G speeds. Its excuse is that the decision was taken in order to keep the network as stable as possible. Well I didn’t know the iPhone 3G will make any network unstable.Average 3G download speeds in France were around 400Kbps at best for iPhone users. Orange says it will increase 3G data speeds to 1Mbps starting with September 15th.

Why you should update your iPhone 3G to iPhone 2.0.2 OS

The iPhone 2.0.2 OS was publicized by Apple and AT&T as the solution to all iPhone 3G users’ 3G network problems. Unfortunately, users that had updated to the new iPhone 2.0.2 OS didn’t immediately realize any improvements with their iPhone 3G’s network performance.Then AT&T sent out mass SMS text messages urging iPhone 3G users to hurry up and update their handsets to the iPhone 2.0.2 OS. But,

Windows Mobile 6.1 update almost ready for Samsung BlackJack II

It’s a Windows Mobile update week folks. First we saw the AT&T Tilt getting the update, and soon afterwards the Verizon XV6800 was also blessed with the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade treatment.Now another device is jumping on board - Samsung BlackJack II. Unfortunately, the update is almost or not yet ready - the server crashed as many people rushed to get their favorite QWERTY smartphone’s firmware

Pantech SKY IM-S730 Blue Wink released in South Korea

Pantech’s new phone wears two names. The first one is more techy and it’s “SKY IM-S730.” The other one, though, is let’s say more casual and seems “invented” to make the device more appealing to younger generations. It’s “Blue Wink” and no, we don’t have a slightest clue what that means nor how that name is perceived in South Korea, where Pantech released the new slider.Specs wise, the SKY

Sony Ericsson G502 Turned Red

Fancy colors and mobile phones go "hand in hand" quite well, and that's why Sony Ericsson will soon be offering a new version of its G502 mid-end candybar –"celebrity red". The G502 is currently available in black and "brilliant hazel", so the new red color is more than welcomed, as it completely changes the phone's appearance.There is no official info yet on the new G502, but according to the

RadioShack Now Sells Sprint’s Samsung Instinct Nationwide

RadioShack will launch Sprint’s Samsung Instinct nationwide this Labor Day weekend. As part of the nationwide launch, RadioShack will be offering a 4-day exclusive retail price of $99.99. The special pricing will be available to new Sprint customers only starting Friday, August 29 and running through Labor Day weekend.The new award-winning Samsung Instinct provides the ability to quickly browse

Vertu Signature 3G - With New Design

There are rumors that Vertu will soon announce a modification of Vertu Signature phone for networks of third generation (though official confirmation has yet to be received).We Should Remind that previous models of Vertu Signature worked only in the networks of GSM. At the same time, the new Signature is not the first phone of this brand for 3G-networks: last fall was released Vertu Ascent Ti

Nokia 6650 flip phone picked up by AT&T

It was about time one more Nokia made an appearance here in the good old USA, with the last S60-powered device to grace the States being the N75 almost a year ago. We hope Nokia doesn’t take the same route with the Nokia Tube and include this side of the Atlantic in their grand plans too. Fresh off its European tour on T-Mobile, the Nokia 6650 has decided to pay us a visit bearing AT&T’s flag.

Verizon’s UTStarcom XV6800 gets a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade

Just when we reported the AT&T Tilt aka HTC TyTN II is getting the Windows Mobile 6.1 update, we have the same news to report for another device. This time it’s the UTStarcom-made Verizon XV6800.Unfortunately, Verizon keeps locking some of the phone’s functionalities, hence even with the update if you need to use any location-based service, you’ll have to rely on the carrier’s VZ Navigator. Other

Learn Japanese on iPhone

If you have ever wanted to try and learn to read Japanese, which a very complex language, but it would help you in case you play to stay for a while in this country, now you have to chance to do it in a smart way directly on your iPhone or iPod.ThinkMac Software is a company from the United Kingdom, an independent software developer that designs innovative applications for the iPhone platform.By

Samsung F210 Reviews

Let’s take a break in hunting the upcoming smartphones, and take a look at one of the most popular handsets of the beginning of this year. Samsung F210 was announced in the summer of 2007 and released in stores in November last year, but it became one of the best choices when it comes to music phones, in January 2008, when more people found out of its existence.It’s not a slider, or flip-phone,

CKing’s Epoq EGP-PP01, the world’s first projector-phone available now

It’s real. The Chinese have done it! Seeing past the blatantly iPhonish icons and interface, we really have to hand it to them for getting it out so fast. Behold the CKing Epoq EGP-PP01, the first commercially available cell phone with a built-in microprojector. We didn’t know its proper name when last reported it, but a lot more than just the name has emerged since then. This CKing marvel can

ATT to Introduce New iPhone Data Plan for International Roaming

Beginning tomorrow, AT&T will offer two new plans for iPhone customers’ when they are traveling abroad. For discounted international data usage in 67 countries, the 100 MB iPhone plan is available for an additional $119.99 a month, while the 200 MB plan costs an additional $199.99 a month. There are no long-term commitments required, so customers can add or remove these plans to their existing

PwnageTool 2.0.3 brings jailbreaking to 2.0.2

Have you been holding off on the 2.0.2 update for your iPhone for fear of losing access to your jailbroken apps and features? The wait is now over. The iPhone Dev team has just released PwnageTool 2.0.3, which brings full jailbreaking to the newest iPhone firmware. Sure, it won’t grant you unlocking access, but if you’ve been itching to free your handset from Apple’s iron fist this is a pretty

Rumor: Sprint’s Red HTC Touch Diamond release date August 28th

Way back when a rumor began circulating that Sprint would be getting a slightly different version of the HTC Touch Diamond, much like the HTC Victor (Taiwan version of HTC Touch Diamond) but in Red. Well another twist was added to the equation and it seems that Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond will be launching by no later than Thursday of this week (August 28th). Today we have even more news to

Motorola i776 Brings The Antenna Back

Motorola looks like trying and making antennas chic again, with their freshly-leaked i776. The phone targets the mid-range market but the antenna will surely force buyers to think twice before they invest their money on it because mobile phone antennas certainly look out of place in 2008. The Motorola i776 ends up on iDEN networks, probably on Nextel and Boost in the States. Motorola i776 is a

Contest Update

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Vegan Lunch Box Contest. The deadline for entry was yesterday. I've been enjoying looking at all the yummy lunch pics and reading your wonderful, creative descriptions. Good job, everyone!

Wow, it's going to be tough: there are over 50 fabulous entries and I'm going to have to narrow it down to 5. It makes me wish I had more books to give away!

The five lucky winners will be notified via email on September 1st (my birthday!), and their lunches will be featured here on the blog throughout the month of September. So stay tuned!

iLuv intros iMM173 Dual Dock with Alarm for iPhone and iPod

iLuv has introduced the newest addition to its other splendid Apple-oriented products, the iMM173 Dual Dock Alarm Clock, which is capable of supporting the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and iPods. This stylish dock features two universal docking stations enabling users to charge either two iPods or an iPhone and an iPod at the same time, while playing media accessible from either of the device.

Nokia N85 with OLED Display Screen Officially Announced

Nokia today officially announces the Nokia N85 multimedia computer, comes with an 2.6″ OLED screen and sleek finish. It boasts N-Gage gaming, music with in-built FM transmitter, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and geotagging capabilities. The Nokia N85 is expected to begin shipping in October 2008 with an estimated retail price of EUR 450, before taxes and subsidies. Each Nokia N85

"Shmoo"...hey, I like the sound of that one!

Sorry, but you'll have to squint to read this Sunday's Sally Forth (why is Sally Forth always so darn small on Sunday?)

P.S. In case you're not sure, no, shmoo is not my son's real name. It was just a family "term of endearment" I decided to use as a web alias when I started blogging. Little did we know!

Nokia to Release N96 for US in Q4 2008

Nokia announced that the Nokia N96, unveiled earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be made available for high-speed 3G HSDPA networks widely used in the Americas during the fourth quarter of 2008. Combining a large 2.8 inch screen, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and compatibility with a wide range of video formats, the Nokia N96 allows up to 40 hours of video content* to

Nokia Unveils the Nokia N79 Multimedia Computer

Nokia today unveiled the Nokia N79, the latest addition to the Nokia Nseries multimedia computer. The new N79 offers a full range of multimedia experiences including integrated navigation, music with FM transmitter, high-speed connectivity, at least 10 pre-loaded N-Gage games and an 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The Nokia N79 is expected to begin shipping in October 2008, with an

HTC unveils Diamond-like S740 smartphone

Today HTC announced its new S740, a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition smartphone with a QVGA display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The S740 adopts the style of HTC's popular Touch Diamond, but shares much more in common with the S710 and S740 smartphones that HTC has put out in the past. One notable upgrade from those devices, however, is the addition of a 4th row to the keyboard for the

Titanium LG Voyager

It made its first appearance among LG phones at CES 2008 in black, and now Verizon Wireless has it in titanium, with V Cast Music with Rhapsody for over-the-air downloads of over 5 million songs, and Visual Voice Mail feature, which allows you to manage your messages I a smarter way.This touchscreen smartphone with a flip QWERTY keyboard in a laptop style, and dual-display, comes at a price

Motorola Blaze ZN4 and Rapture VU30 exposed in live pics

Not exactly sure who’s excited about this, but apparently the Motorola Blaze ZN4 and Rapture VU30 have been leaked and are now exposed in all their live glory. Pictured here are the two said handsets which, although bearing quite similar designs, are going to be offered to slightly different markets.If you recall we unearthed the first traces of the Motorola Blaze several weeks back, and here it

Sony Ericsson W350 Reviews

After the excitement of my last Sony Ericsson handset, the C902, I was ready for more of the same with the W350. In design terms I got it, but in other respects I was disappointed.The W350 is a Walkman handset, and so is designed for music playing. It sits at the lower end of the Walkman range, though, so you shouldn't expect huge things of it. It is a tri-band GSM phone with EDGE and if you want

MediaFLO USA Brings Expanded Live News Coverage to AT&T and Verizon Wireless Phones

MediaFLO USA has expanded its news coverage to include three new standalone full-time 24/7 news channels to its mobile TV service: CNBC and MSNBC from NBC Universal, and FOX News. The new channels will be available to AT&T and Verizon Wireless subscribers and will launch in time for the political party convention season. MediaFLO USA’s mobile TV service is available to AT&T subscribers as AT&T

Smartest of the smartphones coming?

Is the smartest of the smartphones coming to the tech world? Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung beware if the website, devoted to this new wonder, is to be trusted then we have 28 more days for the launch of the 01 Phone, which incorporates all those features missing from famed iPhone, Nokia N96, BlackBerry Bold, Samsung’s INNOV8 i850. The 01 will don a 5.0-megapixel camera, 3G

Verizon Launches Blitz, New Affordable Messaging Handset

Verizon Wireless, the second largest North American mobile carrier, has, as of today, a new handset in its line-up of products. Called "Verizon Wireless Blitz", the new device is presented as a "messaging phone" targeted towards "heavy texters or those who simply want to keep in touch."The Blitz has a pretty weird form factor, somehow resembling Motorola's unconfirmed Alexander smartphone. One of

Motorola unveils new cell phone with integrated audio player:Motorola W396

The Motorola W396 handset serves up both great mobile phone basics and a fantastic music experience, in a clamshell handset that you can show off with pride. Friendly features on the Motorola W396 cell phone such as long-lasting battery life, a mighty music player, VGA camera and Motorola’s proprietary CrystalTalk audio-enhancing technology gives you a dependable experience.Motorola W396 mobile

Sony Ericsson W760i Soon in Canada

After finally releasing RIM's BlackBerry Bold, Canada's Rogers is getting ready to launch another new and cool handset – Sony Ericsson W760i. Although for the moment there is nothing official about the release of the new phone, the handset might be available before the end of August.Moreover, besides releasing the W760i, Rogers will also cut the prices for two of its current Sony Ericsson phones:

HTC Dream Pictures and Prices

HTC’s first Android device, the Dream has been widely discussed these last couple of weeks. While we’re still waiting to see if a September release will be possible, we got more pictures and details of the upcoming device.What do you think about the image above? Does it look real enough to you? Is it extremely photoshopped? We sure need more details than that.But there are rumored pricing options

iPhone for Home Arriving Next Year?

What do you think about an iPhone for your home? Would you actually use? I certainly see the iPhone’s usability but would I get a home version? I think not, but let’s give it a closer look.The company manufacturing this device is OpenPeak and it has been working on this version for about a year and a half. Are they ready? Not yet! The final version will hit the market sometime in the first

Clamshell BlackBerry coming soon:RIM Blackberry 8210 and Blackberry 8220

The new, clamshell BlackBerry will soon be launched in two editions. The only difference between 8210 and 8220 is that the latter has WLAN support, while the first has a GPS receiver instead. The couple, also known as Kickstart, is the first clamshell model from RIM.The two handsets have the keypad known from 8100 (Pearl), they have a 2.6" QVGA display inside, while there is a 128 x 160 pixel

Motorola VE538 Series

Motorola call this candy bar as a mobile social networking cellphone. But how come? Well, it comes with one-click button to do that. As you might get it from one-click music cellphone out there. Unlike W388, VE538 will be more expensive. It’ll cost you about $250. No doubt about this since this series may support 3G networks for blogging and Flickr-ing.Moto VE538 features and specs1. Phone type:

Motorola announces W388 music phone for emerging markets

T ell the world you’ve arrived without saying a word. The Motorola W388 handset serves up both great mobile phone basics and a fantastic music experience, in a candy bar handset that you can show off with pride. Friendly features on the Motorola W388 cellular such as long-lasting battery life, a mighty music player with motoID, VGA camera and Motorola’s proprietary CrystalTalk audio enhancing

Few things that you need to know about the Nokia Tube

Nokia will soon be coming up with its supposedly iPhone killer Nokia Tube. Tube will bring touch screen Nokia devices to mass market. Here are few things that you need to know about the upcoming Nokia Tube.It's no iPhone beaterAt first, it looked like this could finally be Nokia's touchscreen answer to the iPhone. Alas, leaks of the so-called Tube, or 5800 XpressMusic to give it its real title,

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Little did I know when I planted 12 tomato vines this spring that they would eventually take over my kitchen and my life.

Saturday morning:

Saturday evening:

Ah, here's ten quarts of canned tomatoes and three quarts of Roasted Tomato Basil Soup ready for the freezer.

But look what's sitting next to them: more tomatoes! I've won the battle, but not yet the war. My next weapon of mass tomato destruction: Sneaky Momma's Tomato Sauce.

So that's what my weekend looked like. How was yours?

Apple Cozy Pattern

Sorry I'm a bit late with this one, but my medium apple cozy was at the county fair this week (blue ribbon, baby!) and I wanted to wait until it came home so I could include it in the picture.

Here is the Apple Cozy Pattern (with pear variation) to go with the Banana Cozy and Orange Cozy patterns I already posted. Knit up a whole fruit bowl!

You'll notice I wrote up this pattern in three sizes: small for those wee two-bite apples that are just right for the preschool set, medium for your average apple eater, and large for the biggest of apples or Asian Pears.

Knit on!

Samsung Tocco and Samsung G600 – Samsung’ s dazzling gadgets

The Samsung creations are highly innovative and fascinating. The feature rich and technology enriched phones by Samsung are Samsung Tocco and Samsung G600.The Samsung handset are highly admirable and have their own specific position among customers. The various amazing inventions of Samsung are Samsung G800, Samsung J700 etc. However all the beautiful creations of Samsung are awesome like Samsung

Sony Ericsson's First 'Made In India' Phone Launched

Keeping the music lovers in its mind, Sony Ericsson has launched its first 'made in India', 'made for India' mobile phone -- the R300 Radio phone. Along with the FM frequency channels, Sony Ericsson R300 also comes with AM frequencies, a first for radio phones in India. R300 Radio is designed to have a clear radio look-and-feel."We are witnessing unprecedented growth in smaller towns and cities

Motorola Atila touch screen phone with Windows Mobile 6.1

The buzz is that Motorola is coming up with a QWERTY less touch screen phone, Motorola “Atila”. Motorola Atila phone, as according to BGR, should be a touch-screen mobile device and would run on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.Functionality wise the Motorola “Atila” is to be a powerpack. Quad-band EDGE tri-band 3G, GPS, WiFi, Qualcomm 721a chipset, 1130 mAh battery will be some of its features.

LG Gaining Popularity in the US?

LG has always placed great care in customer satisfaction. They do not only produce top of the line phones, but also gives importance to what the customer needs. With this mentality, LG had its top three best-selling phones flying out like hot cakes.One of its best-selling phone was released by Verizon Wireless in May. The LG enV2 or the LG-VX9100 sports a QWERTY keyboard design and gives users an

Orange Poland Fakes iPhone Lines

Today is the day when customers in 20 more countries have started to purchase the new iPhone 3G and one of them is Poland. Orange is the carrier which brings Apple’s handset in some European countries, including Poland. From what we hear, Polish people aren’t that enthusiastic about the phone.It appears that Orange has hired fake actors to stand in fake iPhone lines to draw attention to their

Samsung SCH-F639 TVC

Asia definitely gets the much better phones in the market - even better than the ones in the US or in Europe. The Samsung SCH-F639 CDMA slider mobile phone is another example of this. It looks very similar to the U600 ultra slim phone. In fact, it is the CDMA version of the U600 as its supports CDMA 2000 1X 800 MHz mobile.Aside from that, the Samsung F639 supports DMB or Digital Media

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 scores came on Vodafone's site for October release

The uncertainty of trying to predict exactly when -- and where -- Sony Ericsson's beastly X1 would launch has come to be one of the more entertaining dramas in the mobile world this year, but it looks like Vodafone's ready to shut down the rumor mill. The Windows Mobile superphone has now been slapped with an "expected" launch date in October for Voda's UK audience, which means we can probably

LG M-Sports Edition

Yeah, the Olympics is almost over. In fact, there’s only one more week to go. But I guess its still worth mentioning LG’s new M-Sports Edition that allows users (mainly the Korean Olympic team) to receive game results and scores in real-time.I guess this allows users to keep track of results, schedules and scores of their favorite events. But of course, users would need to sign up to a service to

Motorola Releases Next Gen Push-To-Talk on CDMA 1x EVDO Rev A

Motorola has released its next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution, optimized for CDMA 1x networks equipped with EVDO Rev A data capability. This solution leverages the improved performance capabilities provided by the CDMA 1x EVDO Rev A standard including higher speed data rates, low call set-up time latency and quality of service (QoS).Motorola’s end-to-end Push-To-Talk over

Samsung G810 awarded the European Photo Phone 2008-2009

Now this is strange. EISA’s (European Imaging and Sound Association) European Photo Phone award is usually reserved for Nokia phones, but this year it’s the Samsung G810 which got all the glory. Best of all (as far as Samsung is concerned), they’re using Nokia’s S60 platform for their baby.We’ve already covered the G810 in the past. Let me just quickly recap the specs. The kick-ass device sports

iPhone (3G) Silicone Cases

I highly recommend you to consider these cute and stylish Anti-Slip Loop IPhone 3G Silicone Cases. iPhone 3G Looper Cover Case with Free Screen Protector Keep your iPhone 3G clean and colorful with the Loop silicone casing. Loop is designed to provide greater overall protection for your iPhone 3G. Made of a thin, high-quality soft silicon, the Loop keeps the slim look of the 3G iPhone's

Samsung i900 Omina coming to Russia as WiTu

Samsung will be selling its flagship iPhone-killin’ device i900 Omnia in Russia as the Samsung WiTu. Aside from the name, specs wise the device remain the same, except the fact that the 8GB version of the device won’t be available — Russians will be able to grab the 16GB model, only. In addition, the Samsung WiTu will include widgets for quick access to Russian popular sites - Championat,

AT&T to Welcome Nokia 2680 Slide

AT&T's line-up of affordable phones seems to grow quickly lately, as after the arrival of Sony Ericsson W350 and LG Invision, a new pretty basic handset is prepared to be released. The phone in question is Nokia 2680 Slide.As its name suggests, this new Nokia comes in a slider form factor. What the name does not let us guess is the fact that, feature-wise, the 2680 Slide has nothing to make users

LG KC910 8 megapixel camera phone in works?

After the announcement of Sony Ericsson C905 and Samsung INNOV8, it is not surprise that LG will be introducing their new mobile device with 8 megapixel camera. Today the company has officially announced the LG KC910, a successor of LG KU990 Viewty camera phone.The GSM Quadband phone has a large 3-inch touch screen. The display screen is able to produce 256k colors with a 240 x 400 resolution.

Samsung Phones Feature Chinese Text Input from Zi Corporation

Zi Corporation today announced Samsung has integrated Zi Corporation’s eZiText and Decuma text entry solutions onto its L258 and G618 handsets in China. Decuma Chinese V4.1 handwriting recognition technology bundled with predictive text entry software eZiText, to provide Samsung with a complete text input solution.The Company’s products have been licensed to Samsung for use on the L258 handset,

MetroPCS to Offer ZTE C79 Music Phone

ZTE USA today announced the general availability of the ZTE C79 handset in the U.S. market. The ZTE C79, a CDMA AWS flip phone, is being offered by carrier MetroPCS to subscribers in the U.S. markets. The ZTE C79 includes over 60 MB of user memory for downloading games and applications as well as an MP3 player which includes external music keys.Featuring a sleek design and affordable price point,

LG 10000 Launched For Reliance India Mobile

LG has announced the launch of LG 10000 (also known as the vx10000 or Voyager in certain places) in association with Reliance India Mobile. We had a chance to check out the handset at this year's Mobile Asia held in Delhi earlier this year. This Communicator lookalike comes with a 2.8-inch external touch sensitive LCD as well as an internal display of the same size along with a full QWERTY

World’s First Diamond iPhone 3G

By releasing this spectacular high-end mobile handset, Knalihs Athem takes a step in front of the competition from the luxury gadgets sector, unveiling the world’s first diamond-encrusted iPhone 3G, which, according to the company, it is the only true diamond-encrusted iPhone 3G, unlike other creations just pretending to be at the same level.This is not a photoshopped model, but “the real thing

Nike+ iPhone application screenshots fake?

Apple and Nike have already been confirmed to be bringing their Nike+run-tracking application and hardware to the iPhone and iPhone 3G, so it’s ony a matter of time before we see the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, we may not be as close to a working iPhone Nike+ application as we had previously thought.Real or not, the fact that Nike+ iPhone screenshots are getting so much coverage is an

Mobiado's luxurious Luminoso Lucido is lovely

Mobiado has recently announced its latest luxury handset, the Luminoso Lucido. With only 200 units planned for production, this cell phone will certainly be hard to come by. The Lucido is clad in anodized aluminum and features a hardened sapphire display and camera window. The buttons are crafted from stainless steel, and the keypad and back cover feature machine engraved labels.Tri-band GSM (900

AT&T and LG Introduce Invision Mobile TV Phone

AT&T and LG today announced the availability of the LG Invision, a compact Mobile TV-capable phone in the U.S. at just 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide and less than one-half an inch thick. With its crystal-clear screen, TV fanatics can enjoy watching their favorite programming, including major college football games on CBS Mobile, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile and NBC2GO. Invision also offers Video

3 Offers Skypephone S2 in UK

Alongside free Skype calling and instant messaging, the new Skypephone S2 from 3 in UK brings internet services such as Facebook, Google and Windows Live Messenger to the front of the phone. The new 3 Skypephone S2 will be available for pre-order from 19th August, available to buy online from 27th August and in-store from 1st September.Technically the handset boasts an improved 2.2″ QVGA screen,

Palm Treo Pro Officially Launched

Palm has officially introduced their latest Windows Mobile handset after the 750 - the Treo Pro - that we only recently saw making its appearance on the web. This sleek black handset comes equipped with Palm shortcuts layered on a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. It comes ready to deal with the mundane functions as well other requirements that most users these days tend to want more than need

Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile USA Confirms TM506 Clamshell Phone

Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile USA announce today that the TM506 clamshell phone will be available in early September. The TM506, Sony Ericsson’s first handset supporting T-Mobile’s AWS spectrum (1700/2100), is a compact and stylish clamshell phone that delivers an exceptional Web experience in an eye-catching design. A built-in GPS navigation feature in the TM506 along with the TeleNav application

New Beta Android SDK

Developers operating system Android fired beta numbered 0.9 package for creating applications (SDK). It has earlier version, but it is working, its purpose is to study possible errors in preparation for the release of Android 1.0. How to warn developers, applications generated with the test version SDK may not be fully compatible with mobile devices based on the platform Android 1.0, however, API

LG has received two awards EISA

The company LG Electronics announced the awards in two categories awarded prestigious Association of European magazines on audio and video (EISA). At the official ceremony to be held on August 29, 2008 in the Berlin office International Exhibition Agency (IFA), model LG XH-TK953TV will be recognized as the best in Europe, home theater, a model of LG T80 - a personal best in Europe Media Player

Sanyo Katana Eclipse

Cool name for a col cell phone and a superb design are encountered at the new model from Sanyo released at Sprint telecommunication company.Sprint says in its press release that this is the first cell phone featuring unique lighting effects and high-speed wireless transfers via the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, while the user is the one in charge with assigning preferred illumination for

Nokia Unveils the N96

Nokia’s much awaited, fully loaded, dual slider, the N96, has been unveiled in India almost a month and a half before the UK launch that was set to be the first. Bravo - is what I have to say. This cross between the N81 with its glossy trims and the N95’s dual slide component makes for a great handset overall.I’ve mentioned the specs of this handset more times than is perhaps necessary but it


This new Motorola mobile phone was released by Sprint with its cool and free feature called NFL Mobile Live, which enables live audio broadcast NFL Mobile Live, as well as 8 NFL Network games, team content and video highlights exclusively. It’s amazing to see how far the wireless technology allows you to go!Other important functionalities of this mobile phone model include Sprint Mobile

Samsung L770 reviews

Supporting the 3G HSDPA 2100 connectivity technology the new Samsung L770 is a high-speed mobile phone enabling data transfer rates of up to 3.6Mbps, which is important when you need to download cool music and games from the Internet or just check the latest news on your favorite websites.This cell phone was announced back in February and released in July, in a slider design with rounded edges,

Kyocera TNT

This new addition to Virgin Mobile USA cell phones line comes from Kyocera Wireless and will be available starting August 20 with basic communication functionalities, at an affordable price of just $20 with a cheap cell phone service and no annual contract."At Virgin Mobile USA we are committed to giving our customers value, service and choice they can't find anywhere else,” said Matias Monges,

Motorola Adventure V750 making an entry in the market this 28th

The Motorola Adventure V750 is finally going to be in the market by July 28, 08. This is a real cell phone that carries many features along with it and Verizon’s next generation Push-to-Talk technology is the main feature that is running over the EVDO Rev.You can get a lot in a handset worth only $99.99. Other features include 2 megapixel camera and microSDHC expansion. This handset is certified

Samsung SGH-U700 in Lovely Pink

Already available since year 2007, the Samsung Ultra Edition II lineup U700 is available in Pink color now in Taiwan. Featuring the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) at 3.6 Mbps, the U700 comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera in an ultra slim profile and boasting a 2.2″ wide TFT LCD wide screen. The pink color is created for Chinese Valentine day last week.Features at a glance:* 900/1800/1900

Four New Colors for Sony Ericsson K770

Released by Sony Ericsson about one year ago, the K770 is positioned in the mid-end range of the company's Cyber-shot family. Currently available in five color versions (Truffle Brown, Soft Black, Henna Bronze, Sandy Beige and Ultra Violet), the handset will soon be sold in four new colors, according to the SEMC Blog: Star Heaven Silver, Touch of Pink, Serene Black and Natural Brown.While the new

New Samsung E200 is Environmentally Friendly

Samsung Electronics will continue its efforts to recycle electronics products in an environmentally-responsible manner by building and operating an efficient end-of-life electronic product recycling system.Samsung has been making an effort to develop more renewable and eco-friendly material compared with common plastic produced from petroleum. The new Samsung E200 do not contain BFRs (brominated

Apple Releases Fix for iPhone 3G Connectivity Woes

Apple Inc. has released an iPhone software update it says improves communication between the smart phone and wireless networks.The iPhone 3G, which went on sale July 11, connects to cellular providers' speedier third-generation networks and was meant to deliver snappier Web surfing and online video viewing than the year-old original model.But some customers who shelled out $199 for Apple's newest

Tether Apple iPhone 3G to Laptop

Tether Apple iPhone 3G to Laptop. A pair of programs, 3proxy and MobileTerminal can help you to tether a jailbroken iPhone 3G to laptop. This will use your iPhone 3G as a wireless modem. Tethering your iPhone is against the iPhone data plan terms. AT&T could slap you with huge fees if you overuse it.Here’s the basic rundown:+ You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone 3G (you can use this iPhone 2.0

Lonely Planet content now available on Nokia Maps

Nokia and Lonely Planet have announced a partnership to distribute Lonely Planet content via Nokia Maps. Travellers can purchase and download the city guides so that they have information at their fingertips whilst they are on the road. With over 100 destinations available now, and more to come, the Lonely Planet guides will help travellers to find great places to eat, shop and sleep, as well as

Red LG Viewty Joins the Black, Silver and Purple LG Viewty Range

A new and exclusive LG Viewty has now been released in a seductively deep red coloured casing, following on from the success of this 5 megapixel mobile phone Vodafone have now launched the LG Viewty Red edition.This new model offers exactly the same great features and design as the Purple, Black and Silver editions but swaps the exterior colour for a great looking red housing.The LG KU990 Viewty


‘Push-to-talk’—the voice equivalent of text messaging (SMS)—has come to the iPhone™ for the first time.Promised as ‘soon’ when it launched its service for the iPhone on July 29, Palringo has added the vocal instant messaging functionality to its rich messaging application available from Apple’s App Store.Kerry Ritz, CEO of Palringo, said: “We’ve completed the suite of ways in which people can

Samsung with InnoPath : Samsung U340 and Samsung U430

Samsung U340 and Samsung U430 are two new handsets available via Verizon Wireless featuring the FOTA technology, which enables firmware updates from the cell phone, with no re-flashing. In addition, the new models come with the InnoPath Mobile Device Management Client pre-installed, which couples with the special server to avoid device recalls and to permit over-the-air upgrades."The growing

ROKR Portable Speakers

These new cool speakers from Motorola are meant to offer you louder sounds for the music you are listening on your cell phone, anywhere on the go. ROKR EQ7 and ROKR EQ5 are small portable speakers available at Motorola’s online store with Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to listen audio wirelessly together with your compatible mobile handset.ROKR EQ7 has more advanced features while the ROKR EQ5

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

16 August 2008 – Nokia today introduced the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, a new premium mobile phone that marries the timeless design of the Nokia 8800 Arte range with materials that reflect a new exclusivity based on refinement and authenticity. Engineered from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is for individuals who appreciate uncompromised high

Apple pushes out Apple iPhone OS 2.0.2 through iTunes

Well that sure was quick. It seems like just an eye-blink ago that Apple released their iPhone 2.0.1 OS for iPhone and iPhone 3G owners looking to get enhanced performance out of their sometimes laggy iPhones. And, following on the iPhone Dev Team’s release of the iPhone 2.0.1 OS-jailbreaking solution, Pwnage Tool 2.0.2, Cupertino has released their latest iPhone OS.iPhone OS 2.0.2 isn’t yet

iPhone Dev Team working on restore-less Pwnage Tool - QuickPwn jailbreak without restore

Pwnage Tool is an amazing testament to the iPhone hacking community’s (namely, the Dev Team) ability to crack Cupertino’s code for the betterment of iPhone users worldwide. Unfortunately, the Pwnage Tool jailbreak solution that creates custom iPhone OS packages (ipsw files) requires that you perform a full “Restore” on your iPhone before getting access to your iPhone and iPhone 3G’s file system.

HTC with Google Android

In general I don’t like to write about unofficial news regarding upcoming cell phones because I prefer to have some press releases to count on, as they come with high resolution images as well, but this is an interesting information I don’t want you to miss though.According to different sources providing information to US websites, European blogs and technology India reviews sites, it seems that

Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Phone Telescope

Telescope 6x Zoom For Mobile Phone, Well, Just Get it to Extend the Shooting Power of your iPhone!!FunctionOvercome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view for you at the moment.AdvantageThe new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual

Pink Blackberry

Both RIM’s Blackberry Curve 8330 and Blackberry Pearl 8130 smartphones have now pink brothers available for pre-orders at Verizon Wireless, with the shipping date set for August 15. Well, actually the Blackberry Pearl 8130 in hot pink is already available in stores, and the other model is preparing to come out too. The main target sector is students who want to stick to the fashion

Nokia 6205 Dark Knight : why so serious?

After a real success in the movie industry with a rating of almost 10 on the Internet Movie Database, The Dark Knight leaves its fingerprint on a new Nokia cell phone called Nokia 6205.Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Edition is available at Verizon Wireless for $69.99 with an online purchase and a 2-year contract. The flip phone comes in black with The Dark Knight pre-loaded content and The Dark Knight

Nokia 6500 classic reviews

The bar design version of the Nokia 6500 slide handset targeting the business sector is called Nokia 6500 classic and is a more stylish mobile phone model measuring just 9.5 mm thick, with a housing made of anodized aluminum. It is available in stores at a lower price than the slider, which was released a month before, and features a built-in 2MP digital camera for high-quality pictures and video

I Need to Know who a Phone Number Belongs too

… and to do that I first have to live in the United States or Canada and enter on the I D YOU website to download the real Caller ID application on my Smartphone.This application was developed by I D YOU and it’s called Privus Mobile, a service that displays the name and number of the person who’s calling, even if it’s not in your phone book. This way you’ll always be able to identify a phone


Motorola added 3 new mobile handset models to its modern ROKR line of music phones, to offer more style options to its customers.There is the MOTOROKR EM30 music phone, a candybar handset featuring the ModeShift technology from Motorola, the ROKR EM28 clamshell sporting touch-sensitive keys, and the ROKR EM25 slider coming with built-in FM radio sharing.“Following the path of our award-winning

Sony Ericsson C902 James Bond CyberShot

The James Bond phone in the image is no other than Sony Ericsson C902 CyberShot used by Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond movie, for capturing evidence and help the agent in his missions. The model is available at about $600 unlocked and this is a limited edition that will come out in November with the movie’s themed content on a memory card provided with the model.It is

Samsung E840 Slimmest Slider

The Samsung E840 is the world’s slimmest slider mobile phone measuring just 10.6 mm thick, and it was released last year with support for GSM 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies, MP3 player, 1000 phone book entries, 70 MB internal memory shared with the applications and expandable via a microSD card slot, EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, USB 2.0, email, Internet browser, games, and a


Opera Mini 4.1 Beta

Bagi yang belum punya anda bisa mendownload di langsung dengan ponsel anda. Ukuran file nya kira kira 120 kb, cukup kecil.

Fitur baru Opera mini 4.1 beta adalah :

Direct Text Input, anda dapat mengetikan alamat url langsung pada browser, sebelumnya Opera mini menggunakan Text Input pada ponsel
Auto completion, mirip dengan Opera for Mobile atau pengetikan pada Internet explorer, anda cukup mengetikan beberapa huruf depan dan Opera akan melengkapinya berdasar riwayat penulisan url anda
Save Page, anda dapat menyimpan halaman web yang anda buka
Saved Page, anda dapat membuka kembali halaman web yang pernah anda simpan
Kemampuan meng upload image yang lebih baik dan kemampuan untuk mengisi form dengan jumlah kata yang lebih banyak. Saya mengujinya untuk memposting tulisan dan gambar pada wordpress. Jadi mobile blogger terasa lebih mudah
Rendering web page yang lebih cepat ( dibanding Operamini 4.0 )
Mampu menampilkan situs atau halaman web yang dibokir pemerintah melalui filtering dan sensoring di IIX
Bagaimana Operamini bekerja lebih cepat dibanding Web Browser default ponsel seperti Net Front 4.O?

Ketika Opera mini me request halaman web pada suatu URL maka request tersebut di sampaikan ke server Opera mini ( kalau tidak salah di Swedia ). Dari server ini permintaan baru diteruskan ke URL destinasi

Data yang diberikan oleh url destinasi kemudian dikirim ke server Opera mini, bukan langsung ke Browser ponsel. Server Opera mini meng kompres data data tersebut menjadi paket paket kecil untuk kemudian di kirim ke Originasi ( Browser pada ponsel )

Opera mini Browser menerima paket paket tadi dan mendekompresinya untuk kemudian menyajikan tampilan halaman web sesuai yang anda request.

Itulah mengapa Browsing di Opera mini terasa lebih cepat dan lebih hemat tarif layanan datanya

Selamat mencoba...


Rabu, 2008 Juni 04
Tips Membeli Ponsel/HP/PDA Second
Bagi anda yang suka gonta-ganti HP tapi tidak dengan yang baru alias beli bekas atau second dan juga yang punya rencana suatu saat mau beli ponsel bekas sebaiknya memperhatikan beberapa hal di bawah ini :
1. Perhatikan Kelengkapannya.Sebisa mungkin usahakan membongkar isi ponsel tersebut. Jangan sampai isi di parts di dalamnya tidak sesuai dengan yang kita harapkan. Perhatikan baterai, charger, dan perlengkapan lainnya. Lihat pula enginenya. Jangan sampai mesinnya diganti dengan versi lainnya. Terkadang casing yang masih bagus dapat menipu anda untuk membayar lebih dan tidak membongkar isi ponsel.
2. Tanyakan Kondisi Baterai. Tanya dengan sopan tentang kondisi baterai, apakah masih baik dan normal atau bermasalah alias bocor. Baterai yang bocor biasanya hanya bertahan satu atau dua hari dalam posisi standby dan beberapa jam saat kondisi sering digunakan. Terkadang penjual sengaja diam agar kita tidak menurunkan harga tawar.
3. Tanyakan Garansi. Jangan lupa untuk menanyakan jaminan bahwa ponsel tidak akan rusak dalam waktu singkat. Kadang ponsel second adalah hasil perbaikan dari ponsel yang rusak yang belum tentu stabil dan lengkap fungsinya. Bila tidak ada garansi maka anda dapat menurunkan harga tetapi anda akan menanggung resiko yang besar. Garansi beberapa minggu atau bulan akan lebih baik. Minta pula nomor telepon dan alamat yang dapat dihubungi. Sebelum meupun setelah anda beli sebaiknya anda test dulu semua fungsi dari ponsel atau pda tersebut, apakah berjalan dengan wajar dan normal. Segera hubungi yang menjual ketika anda menemukan kejanggalan.
4. Survey Harga. Sebaiknya anda survey dulu harga ponsel dan pda second yang berlaku saat itu. Pengetahuan anda tentang harga akan menyelamatkan anda dari membayar lebih mahal dan harga pasar. Untuk mengetahui harga anda dapat mengecek di koran atau media yang banyak memuat harga ponsel dan pda second seperti koran harian poskota dan situs-situs. Curiga apabila anda menawar kepada orang yang tidak anda kenal di jalan maupun di counter sebaiknya anda selalu menanamkan rasa curiga. Jangan sampai anda membeli barang hasil tidak kejahatan atau semacamnya. Jika ternyata anda membeli barang milik teman anda yang hilang maka urusannya bisa repot. Anda bisa dituduh maling oleh kawan anda sendiri.

Nokia 3610 Fold Compact Entry-Level Phone Introduced

Nokia today introduced the Nokia 3610 Fold, a new compact quad-band clamshell with everything people need to stay in touch.The 3610 Fold has a smooth back design for an understated elegance. Its ergonomic shape, when opened, makes for a natural alignment to the face. It has a spacious keypad for comfortable text messaging and usability.With a 1.3-megapixel camera and 6x digital zoom, the 3610

Sony Ericsson T700 3.2Mega Pixel Ultra-Slim 3G phone

Sony Ericsson is stepping in to create buzz with its new feature phone -the ultra slim 10mm thin T700. The stylish candybar from the staples of the Swedish-Japanese handset maker boasts of a 3.2MP camera with slim design, which combines timeless design and premium features for the mainstream market. Sony Ericsson is keen on satisfying the people who take pride in their appearance with the new

Treo Pro caught in the wild; Plus, we have more details!

Just when we posted that Palm is working on the Treo 850 / Treo Pro, we have first images of the device caught in the wild as well as more details.Let’s do the details (specs) first. Here’s what we know: * 400Mhz CPU * 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM — i.e. enough for performing multiple demanding tasks at once * Tri-band 3G, quad-band GSM/GPRS * 320×320 pixels touchscreen * built-in GPS * 2 megapixel

Orange Cozy Pattern

Hey, knitters! As promised in my recent fruit cozy post, I have been hard at work with needles and yarn and have devised an Orange Cozy Pattern for your knitting and lunch-packing pleasure.

This will go nicely in your lunch bag next to the Banana Cozy you may already have knitted up. Get busy, because next week I hope to have a new apple/pear pattern for you, too.

Go Team Yarn!

Best Buy to Carry iPhone 3G from September 7

Best Buy announced today that it will carry Apple’s revolutionary iPhone 3G at Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide beginning September 7. Best Buy Mobile plans to sell the iPhone 3G at the suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 8GB model and $299 (US) for the 16GB model. iPhone 3G requires a new two-year contract with provider AT&T for qualifying customers.“The iPhone has changed the way

Motorola ZN200 Slider Phone Available This Quarter

Already introduced last month in Brazil, Motorola has now listed the Motorola ZN200 on their global website. MOTO ZN200 comes with a 2 megapixel camera, music player and CrystalTalk technology. Press the dedicated camera key to launch imaging mode and only the keys you need are illuminated, making it easy to capture video clips and still images.With up to 2GB external memory, in addition to 30MB

BlackBerry Bold coming to Orange UK on August 16th

Orange will be the first mobile operator in the United Kingdom to offer the BlackBerry Bold. As a matter of fact, the France Telecom owned carrier will be launching the Bold this Saturday, August 16.From what we know, the device may be available for free for heavy business users, though Orange may force some contract signing. It’s a 18-month long contract we’re talking about here where each month

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.Log FilesLike most standard Web site servers we use log files. This includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time

You Can Buy Samsung Innov8 i8510 from September in UK

Samsung has confirmed that the company will start selling the Samsung i8510 through a partnership with The Carphone Warehouse in early September 2008. This will be the first 8MP camera-phone to launch in the UK market. Although it is only confirmed for UK market, you should be able to see it in other countries in September too.Check out the specification list below: * Network: HSDPA 7.2 Mbps (900

I Think I'm In Love...

...with these lunch boxes from Lunchsense. A reader pointed them out to me just last week -- I had never heard of them before.

I love the different sizes to choose from (small, medium, and large), and the various containers. Not to put down Laptop Lunch Systems, but some of us with Laptops have mused amongst ourselves that it really would be nice to have lids sometimes. These lids look great: clear snap-top lids on all the food containers, and an easy screw-on lid for the 1 oz. dressing container and the liquid bottle.

And look how it all opens out into a placemat! Pretty nifty.

What do you think? What other great lunch boxes are there out there? Have you all been shopping for lunch bags/containers in preparation for back-to-school?

Casio G’zOne Boulder Tough Phone Launched by Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless launch Casio G’zOne Boulder phone, a mid-spec, rugged phone in United States. This Casio phone withstands shock, water and dust environments. It looks like Verizon Wireless is going to stay away from Motorola’s rugged design phones, which consumers find at Nextel, before Nextel was bought over by Sprint.The G’zOne Boulder is available for $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a

Rice Burger

Here's another recipe courtesy of The Manga Cookbook:Rice Burgers! The top and bottom "bun" are made from leftover Japanese sticky rice, pressed together and cooked until firm.

I'll let the cookbook explain:
"Like the bread on a sandwich, rice patties can hold just about anything in between. For vegetarians, rice burgers are a godsend, since fast-food chains in Japan often serve them with only sautéed veggies in between."
We filled this burger with Tofurkey slices and topped it with two vegan cheese "sunshines".

Next to the rice burger are Eco-Planet Non-Dairy Organic Cheese Crackers. That's right -- VEGAN CHEESE CRACKERS, people!! Woo hoo! Now I won't have to make my own all the time.

In the top row are blueberries, carrots and Yumm sauce, and dried apple slices.

Verdict: I couldn't wait for shmoo to get home today so I could find out how his lunch was, because I must admit I was picturing the rice bun falling apart as he tried to eat it. "Did it work?" I asked him. "Were you able to pick it up and eat it just like bread?"

"YES!" he replied. "The rice held together good. Although I did eat the tofurkey first and then the buns." So there you have it, the perfect sandwich for all you gluten-freers! And the crackers are AWESOME; you would never guess you weren't eating a regular cheese cracker. 4 stars.

Well, everyone, have a great weekend! I hope you enjoyed this special summer camp week filled with new vegan lunches from the shmoo and me!

Japanese Curry

Two lunches again today, one for my son and one for my husband. This time, surprisingly, they both chose the same thing.

Japanese Curry is a dish my aunt introduced me to and I haven't been able to stop dreaming about it ever since. She cooks potatoes and carrots in water until tender (I added peas at the end) then throws in a bar of S&B Golden Curry. The warm, rich curry is served over white sticky rice, making it something of a Japanese Comfort Food.

My aunt mentioned that she usually has to add a lot more water than the package calls for, and I agree. I started with about 2 cups of water and still had to add more. This curry gets very thick very fast!

I wanted to make sure my husband had enough to eat, so I packed his rice and curry in separate containers in our 2-tier To-Go Ware. An orange in one of my fruit cozies is alongside.

I packed shmoo's curry and rice together in a smaller Thermos, and he chose an apple instead of an orange.

Verdict: From hubby: "Lunch was excellent. There was more than I could eat so I will save the leftovers for later. The curry was drier than I usually like it but the flavor was very good. The orange looked very cozy wrapped up in its little comforter. All it needed to be perfect was a piece of fresh-baked naan. Four stars." Hmm, Japanese naan?

From shmoo: "That curry was good! Is there any more?" Four stars.

Maple Phone

Maybe you read about the Luxury Mpingo Phones from Gresso. They are made of African Blackwood, a very expensive material on the commercial timber market.Now i want to present to you the Maple Phone from 2 designers that won Silver at the International Design Excellence Awards 2008 ( IDEA) competition for the Free Wind, best room air conditioner design.Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee created a

Speaking of Soy Sauce Fish...

It's our hero with the soy sauce fish head, Kikkoman!

Wow, he even gets the girl!

(My apologies for a few cartoon images of non-vegan food that appear in this vid. It was too good to pass up.)

Zeemote's JS1 Controller Coupled with Sony Ericsson W760 for a Dutch Release

Zeemote JS1, presented as the "first compact wireless thumbstick for mobile gaming", will be released in the Netherlands next week, coming in a package with Sony Ericsson W760i.According to MobileGamesBlog, at first the JS1 controller will be offered only in bundle packages with an advanced handset. The W760i (or simply W760) from Sony Ericsson was chosen to be shipped with the JS1 due to its 3G

Naruto Roll and Jyagatama

Two dishes today from The Manga Cookbook,a cute cookbook inspired by Japanese comic books and animation. If you like manga, anime, and bento boxes (and who doesn't?), this is the cookbook for you! The book is filled with cute manga-style drawings illustrating each recipe step-by-step. Even better, there are little notes on the history of these traditional Japanese dishes, how and when they are eaten, and even references to the manga where these foods appear.

The first recipe we have here is Naruto Roll: nori, tofurkey, and vegan cheese rolled together and cut into bite-sized pieces. Unfortunately, the vegan cheese I had (Tofutti slices) would not roll like the soft, creamy cheese pictured in the cookbook (looks like Velveeta to me). The vegan cheese crumbled and ripped, ruining the pretty roll effect. After throwing two rolls away and gritting my teeth in disgust, I finally figured out what to do: layer the nori, tofurkey, and cheese together on a cutting board with the cheese on top, then set the board under the broiler for just a few seconds, just long enough for the cheese to get soft. Roll away!

Next to the Naruto are Jyagatama -- potato salad balls. I had never in my life imagined making mashed potatoes mixed with cooked peas, corn, and carrots, seasoning it like a potato salad (Vegenaise, lemon juice, etc.) then rolling it into little balls. Could this possibly be good?

Next to the main dishes are steamed broccoli and green beans, with a happy apple food pick and a little soy sauce fish. And for dessert, a container of red watermelon and two Oreos.

Verdict: Potato salad balls? Phenomenally brilliant. Seriously, they were sooo good, all creamy and tangy and you can just pick them up and pop them in your mouth. Who knew?

The Naruto, on the other hand, was not such a hit. Shmoo ate one and then decided that as of today he no longer likes Tofutti. That was the only storebought vegan cheese he ever did like, so now we're down to none. Hey, it's okay by me -- I don't like it either!

He has fun squirting the soy sauce fish on his vegetables. "Oh no, the fish is going to throw up! [then in a fishy voice] 'It must be some bad shrimp I ate. Blecccgh!' " 4 stars.

Sandwiches and Filo Tarts

Shmoo didn't want a thing to do with all the icky stuff I put in his dad's lunch today, so as you can see his lunch looks a lot different!

For starters, instead of salads and spinach I made him two sandwiches filled with Chickpea Salad (recipe from Vegan Lunch Box). This is our answer to tuna or chicken salad, and pressing the sandwiches kept all the filling in and eliminated that nasty crust. I pressed the sandwiches closed using a dough press(aka dumpling maker). I discovered that only our smooshy white bread took to pressing; the whole wheat ripped at the fold.

Shmoo did like the lemony potatoes I made for Dad, so I tucked in a few with his Brussels sprouts and topped them with a lemon to avoid any Brassica odors (this is a new concern for shmoo -- he doesn't want his lunch to "smell like anything", so I'm topping things with lemon slices and wrapping each container in plastic wrap).

For dessert I packed shmoo a donut peach, and used the same frozen filo cups as in my husband's lunch, this time filled with chocolate pudding topped with raspberries.

Verdict: It was all good but the dessert. The filo cups held up well with the drier spinach-mushroom mixture in my husband's lunch, but the pudding turned them to a soggy, unidentifiable mush. Note to self: stick with dry ingredients or use pie dough pastry next time. Not to worry, though: shmoo still got to eat a pudding when he got home. By the way, this was our first time trying storebought vegan pudding -- very, very yummy! 2 stars.

Greg's Great Greek Lunch

Not one but two lunch boxes today -- one for shmoo and one for daddy shmoo. I figured I was up and cooking anyway, so why not? It's interesting to contrast a grown-up lunch like this one with the kid-friendly version coming up. They're very different!

Our bumper crop of tomatoes and all the local cucumbers inspired me to think Greek Salad, and Greek Salad made me think Big Fat Greek Lunch Box!

So there's the Greek Salad at bottom right, filled with fresh-picked tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, sweet onion, and a sprinkle of Greek oregano. Oil and vinegar dressing is in the little container.

Next I wanted to make the Spinach Phyllo Triangles from Vegan Lunch Box, but my husband doesn't usually care for tofu. So I used the recipe anyway and substituted fresh button mushrooms for the tofu. Instead of using raw filo dough and baking them, I spooned the filling into premade frozen filo cups and put them right into the lunch box. So easy!

At top right are tangy potatoes roasted in lemon juice and olive oil and two dolmas (rice-stuffed grape leaves). Finally, for dessert, a donut peach fresh from the farmer's market. I love these donut peaches -- they're so sweet, and the perfect size for packing in a lunch box.

By the way, this lunch was packed in a new 2-tier Gel-Cool Bento Box from I Love Obento, our second attempt to find a bigger-sized lunch box to fit my husband. The lids are filled with freezer gel and act as little ice packs to keep the lunch cool. How neat is that?

This email just in from daddy shmoo: "Hi - lunch was great! Everything was wonderful and all the dishes blended well together. I only wish there was enough to share with everyone in the office. Five stars." (Special thanks to I Love Obento for the awesome box!)

Analyst predicts RIM to reign in growth and lose AT&T’s favor

Research In Motion (RIM) has seen impressive growth in the enterprise-oriented smartphone market during recent quarters. The BlackBerry maker’s bullish performance on Wall Street underpins the firm’s 70% smartphone share on AT&T and 107% year-on-year growth as of Q1 2008. But, Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha believes RIM’s stock price is significantly over-valued. Why? RIM is losing AT&T

All Star Corn

Hey, you lucky vegheads! Shmoo is at Adventure Day Camp all this week, and I'll be posting his lunches every day!

For his first day of camp I packed shmoo six Nate's Meatless Meatballs, with catcher's mitt-baseball picks for eating.

Next to the meatballs are some "All Star Corn": fresh corn-on-the-cob, cooked and cut into rounds, topped with cucumber and carrot stars. I filled in the open spaces between the corn with blanched green beans.

Above the corn is my son's new favorite: yellow watermelon from the farmer's market. I think he could eat an entire melon by himself if I didn't make him share. Because he loves it so much I used the container as a guide when I cut the melon into chunks, trying to get as much in there as possible.

For dessert? Oreos, three this time instead of his regular two. Oh, and that's a bottle of water next to the lunch.

Verdict: When I look back at his lunches in first grade most of them seem so small now, with tiny servings in half-full containers. Right now I'm packing his lunch box to the brim! To give you an idea of why, today at camp they went swimming and rock climbing, played tennis, and went to the park. I picked him up a bit early to take him to his first football practice. The boy is active. And he likes to eat -- today, he finished everything but a few of the green beans. 4 stars.

Cell Phone Rental

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Palm Releases Sprint Palm Centro Software Update 1.07

If you have not updated your Sprint Palm Centro, a software update was released on July 22nd with quite a few enhancements. The software will update your Palm Centro to version 1.07 and it is only applicable for Sprint subscribers only.Check out the list of the enhancements below: * Improved Gmail IMAP compatibility and an updated setup wizard with the new Gmail settings * Updated

Nokia 5610 to Hit the US on August 11

Although Nokia 5610 is not among the newest handsets to come from the Finnish company, the US mobile users can't buy it yet, as it has not been released in the States. First believed to be launched in June, the 5610 will only be on sale starting August 11, offered by T-Mobile.According to Cell Phone Signal, the delay of Nokia 5610 was caused by some signal reception problems, but these are gone

Sony Ericsson G705 Slider Leaked

Although it has canceled the G702 (codenamed BeiBei), Sony Ericsson did not give up on producing new handsets from the G-series. The proof is a brand new Sony Ericsson G705, recently appeared on the Web in lots of unofficial but good-looking pictures.Unlike the other three G-series phones currently available on the market (G502, G700 and G900), which are all candybars, the G705 is a slider. Its

The Vegan Lunch Box Contest

Hot, hot, hot off the press! A box filled with copies of Vegan Lunch Boxjust arrived at my door, fresh from the publisher. My first thought was, "Wow, it really happened! It's a Real Book again!" My second thought was, "Let's give them away!" So, here I am to announce


Here's what you do:

Pack a lunch, take a picture, and email it to me along with your name, mailing address, and a description of whatcha got in there. The top five lunch boxes will be featured here on the blog, and the five winners will receive a free autographed copy of Vegan Lunch Box!

The lunches can be packed in any container, lunch box, or bag you like, but all the foods must be vegan (i.e. no meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, or bugstuff). Points will be given for nutritional balance, creativity, and attractiveness.

Entries must be received by August 25th. The winners will be notified via email on September 1st, and their lunches will be featured here on the blog throughout the month of September.

Good luck! I can't wait to see all of your vegan lunch boxes!

Panasonic MIRROR II 824P Phone unveiled for Japanese market

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Overview: Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson, a leading mobile phone manufacturer, recently announced its latest device called the Sony Ericsson W902. The Sony Ericsson W902 is a very stylish device that incorporates the features of a mobile phone, camera, and a walkman, all in one package.Even if you are away from your home entertainment, you can bring along the Sony Ericsson W902 with you so that you can still be surrounded

Sprint Software Updates

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Dual SIM TV Phone

Made in China, of course, this smartphone is released by Chinavasion, the top Asian wholeseller of professional and customer electronic products. It provides lots of different high-end cool gadgets and some of these we’ve already described on Techpin, such as the Parrot Wireless Doorbell, the Time Cube Desk Watch, the Bluetooth Bracelet, the Racing Rim Camera, and the Wireless Silicone

Samsung J600E

Samsung J600E is a slider cell phone announced in spring 2007 and available in stores at a low price of around $140, providing basic functionalities such as MP3 player, photo call, USB connectivity, GPRS, FM radio, voice command and card slot for additional external memory.It is also a quality camera phone integrating a 1.3 mega pixel sensor, video recording and being capable of capturing images