Strange Timing

How odd that I just happened to pack Pringles potato chips for the very first time in my latest lunch box post. It turns out that the creator of the Pringles can just died and was buried in a Pringles can.

Although my Minis came in a bag instead of a can, I must still pause to raise an excessively salty, fatty crisp in memory of Fredric J. Baur, inventor of the Pringles can. Thank you, sir. Those cans have turned out to be quite useful. In my Wilton cake decorating class we learned that a Pringles can is the best thing for holding a pastry bag open as you fill it with frosting. They also make a nifty wall organizer, vase, windmill, or even an antenna. And I guess Mr. Baur found one final use for them himself.

So long, Mr. Baur, and thanks for all the cans!

P.S. Speaking of Pringles, have you noticed there are like 5 million flavors on the market now? Wasn't one enough?