iTunes 7.7 reveals iTunes Remote app for iPhone and iPod

Apple released a pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 for developers along with the new iPhone Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) 8 beta that came out. This new version will be able to do more than just sync music and video to the 3G iPhone.“Use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home — a free download from the App Store,” it reads.This

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson’s T610 remake

The T610 was one of Sony Ericsson’s first smash hits, and many will argue that this single phone model marked a turning point for the company. Five years after its release, it looks like Sony Ericsson is about ready with a remake of this ever-popular handset.We don’t have a final product name on this one - yet - but its codename is Remi. Personally, I like “New T610″ better, so I’ll just call it

Verizon Wireless Teams Up with Rhapsody to Offer Music Service

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Rhapsody to deliver unlimited monthly access to music on up to three Rhapsody-compatible mobile phones and players and online on multiple PCs and Web browsers, for about the cost of a single CD. In addition, customers who purchase music over-the-air are able to download the master copy of the songs or albums to their PCs free of digital rights management (DRM)

Opera Mobile 9.5 Public Beta To Face The Mobile World July 15

The Opera Mobile 9.5 public beta version will finally be available on July 15. This was announced recently by Opera after an extensive delay left everyone hanging as to when they can experience the new mobile web browser’s added features and improvements.Initially introduced in January, the Opera 9.5 had to be kept under wraps for some time to ensure its overall reliability and conformity with

O2 XDA Vista Available in China Soon

If you are in love with the Xperia X1 high resolution display screen, you might want to take a look at this O2 XDA Vista too. Reported on it168 chinese website, O2 XDA Vista will be available in China soon with a selling price of around 500 USD.With a similar design as the Toshiba G900, it has a 3-inch WQVGA WVGA display screen at 800 x 480 pixel. Powered by the Intel XScale 520MHz cpu, the O2

Intel Atom to power Apple's next iPhone?

We already know that the next-generation iPhone 3G will be running computing cycles through its Samsung-sourced CPU, but what about the next next-generation iPhone? Previous speculation pointed to the iPhone 3G possibly including an Intel Atom processor, which proved to be off the mark, but not by much.A research note from JoAnne Feeney at FTN Midwest indicates that Apple's next iPhone may very

A Vegan Tea Party

My mom, previously seen here as the Weight Watchin' Vegan, is back today as the divine hostess of a scrumptious all-vegan luncheon tea party in celebration of my sister-in-law's birthday. I just had to take a picture of her glorious afternoon table bedecked with delicate plates and pretty food. Isn't it beautiful? Martha would be proud...

Mom made an ingenious selection of dainty vegan tea sandwiches with crusts cut away. In the center of the sandwich platter are black bread rectangles filled with avocado, hummus, and sweet paprika. These are encircled by a trio of sandwiches on white bread: cucumber with Earth Balance margarine; green olives and pimentos with fresh chives and vegan cream cheese; and watercress, chive, and Earth Balance. Along the base of the platter are tomato and fresh basil sandwiches on small baguette slices spritzed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (my favorite).

Next to the sandwiches is a pasta salad from one of our favorite cookbooks, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone:Fusilli with Garden Vegetables and Tarragon, filled with carrots, tomatoes, peppers, sugar snap peas, red onion, and baby crookneck squash. Speaking of salads, my aunt brought a mixed fruit salad with fresh mint.

At the center of the birthday table is a Triple Chocolate Cake on a pedestal (I made the chocolate cupcake recipe from my cookbook as a 9-inch cake and filled it with raspberry jam). The cake is set off by two enormous pink Asiatic lilies from my mom's garden.

Finally, a summer tea party wouldn't be complete without a pitcher of iced tea, a pitcher of limeade, and a pot of hot tea (not shown) for those who wish to thumb their noses at the heat.

Verdict: Divine! These little sandwiches would make a great lunch box, packed with sweet iced tea, mixed fruit, and a nibble of dark chocolate or a dainty scone, don't you think? The only problem with this lunch is, now I'm too full to eat dinner.

Orange Launching New 3G iPhone on 17 July 2008

Orange, a brand of France Telecom, has announced that it will launch the new 3G iPhone on July 17, 2008. According to the company, the 3G iPhone offers faster internet access plus new features such as GPS and email via Microsoft Exchange. The 8GB model will sell for €149, while the 16GB will cost €199. Those prices presume that you are signing up for Orange for iPhone, Origami Star (at least 3

New Red Sony Ericsson W580i from AT&T-Big deal!

Well news is news as they say, and here’s a small bit of news, The Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman mobile phone is now available in Red. That’s about it really, told you it was only a small bit of news. Sony Ericsson has the W580i mobile phone in quite a few colours, and they seem to just keep adding.The red Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman is no different to any of the other colours in the range, inside

Motorola Z10 kick-slider UIQ3 mobile phone: images

Still waiting in the States for the Motorola Z10, so to appease their appetite for this Motorola kick-slider, AllAboutSymbian has come up with an abundance of good images of the Motorola Z10 in action. Just like the Motorola Z8, the Motorola Z10 features the trick kick-slider.The Motorola Z10 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera along with auto-focus and onboard video editing software, and higher

Sony Ericsson SO706i 3G Hits Japan

There's something weird about Japan, in the way that a lot of made-for-girls mobile phones get to be released there. The half-Japanese Sony Ericsson is among the latest handset manufacturers to launch such a device, called SO706i and available soon from NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile operator in the Asian country.The new SO706i from Sony Ericsson is a clamshell that comes in three basic color

Motorola V950 in Live Shots

Sprint released the Motorola V950 which is designed to be durable and makes it suitable for use even in extreme conditions. Motorola V950 is yet a stylish phone, creating a slimmed down look. Motorola V950, a rugged and waterproof clamshell, suppors the carrier’s recently launched QChat based Push-to-Talk service. This allows for long-distance walkie-talkie communications just like those of

Samsung offers up the J800 Luxe, L700 and L870 mobile phones

While at the Singapore Telecommunications Exhibition, Samsung revealed a few new mobile phones, the Samsung J800 Luxe, the Samsung L700 and the Samsung L870 mobile phones. So to enlighten our readers further here is a rundown of those three mobile handsets specs.First up is the Samsung J800 Luxe, the Luxe misleads a tad because there isn’t much luxurious about the Samsung J800. It is a mid-range

Rogers Announces Price Packages for Apple iPhone 3G

Rogers Wireless announced a variety of voice and data pricing plans for the Apple iPhone 3G set to hit stores on Friday, July 11. With monthly plans starting at $60 for voice and data combined, all price plans require a three-year contract. With the cheapest $60 plan you will get 150 voice minutes plus unlimited weekend and evening talk time, as well as a 400MB data transfer limit. These isn’t

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Gaming Revenue to Surpass $4.5 Billion in 2008

Worldwide mobile gaming revenue is on pace to total $4.5 billion in 2008, a 16.1 percent increase from 2007 revenue of $3.9 billion, according to Gartner, Inc. While mobile gaming revenue will continue to lag behind other value-added entertainment services - such as music and adult content - the market still has much potential.“Although current consumer interest in, and usage of, mobile gaming is


We have been hearing about a new handset prepared by Motorola in collaboration with Kodak, since earlier this year, and now we finally have a press release with all the details about it.MOTOZINE ZN5 is a powerful camera phone revealed today in Beijing, China, is the first model adopting the KODAK Imaging Technology combined with Motorola’s ModeShift Technology.ModeShift technology changes the

Instinct Sets Sprint's 3G Sales Record

In one week, the Samsung Instinct has become Sprint's fastest-selling 3G handset, setting the scene for a battle royale with the upcoming 3G iPhone.As anyone who has kept an eye on cell phone news for the last few months can attest, Sprint managed to drum up a fair amount of hype for its own iPhone competitor, the Samsung Instinct, prior to its June 19 release. And as the carrier revealed

Nokia E71 Available in Singapore

The sleek Nokia E71 with full QWERTY keyboard is available in Singapore today, with a selling price of SG$798. Designed for both one-handed and two-handed use, business users will be pleased by the Intelligent input with auto-completion, auto-correction and learning capability.The Nokia E71 support email accounts from more than a thousand internet service providers (ISPs) around the world, as

Nokia N78 Available in US This Week

Available for sale this week, the newest Nokia Nseries device, the N78 is available through select consumer electronics and wireless retailers, online retailers and at the Nokia Flagship Stores in Chicago and New York. Combining advanced mobile features such as integrated A-GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and high-speed HSDPA connectivity on North American 850/1900 MHz networks

The FCC Approved Nokia 7610 Supernova is Official Now

Featuring a slide design and smooth curves, the Nokia 7610 Supernova offers Xpress-On covers in a choice of a set of ’steel blue’ and ‘red’ covers offset by a muted gray front surface, or ‘bright lilac’ and ’steel blue’ contrasted against a pristine white front surface. The new Theme Colorizer feature lets people capture any color and further tailor a look by applying captured colors to the phone

Baskin-Robbins Gets Vegan-Friendly

No matter how many years go by or how many inspirational John Robbins books I read, I never get over the fact that my Inner Child believes that Baskin- Robbins is how people tell you they love you. It's sad, I know, but when I was little my Grandma and Grandpa would take me there, lifting me up so I could gaze at all the magical ice cream colors before making my choice. It felt like the biggest treat in the whole, wide world.

So imagine my dismay when the only vegan flavor my local store carried was Lime Daiquiri Ice. Rum-flavored ice was not exactly the child-friendly flavor I dreamed of sharing with the little ones.

This year, though, Baskin-Robbins has come up with two brand new vegan flavors: Tropical Ice and Strawberry Sorbet. My store carries both, and after shmoo's last softball game we all went there to celebrate. We tried both flavors; the Tropical Ice was awesome.

I know, I know, please leave your "how could you" flames in the comments section. You really should probably just stay home and teach your kids that there are sugar-free ways to show you care. But I still wanted to get the news out to those of you, like me, who don't feel like proper parents without some summertime trips to the BR.

iPhone 3G Launching at 8:00 AM, July 11

AT&T insider leaks iPhone 3G launch date and timeReportedly, a tipster told folks at The Boy Genius Report that AT&T is launching Apple's iPhone 3G at 8:00 AM on July 11th. While July 11 was already known as the day iPhone 3G was slated for release, the exact hour was a mystery. Store managers allegedly received e-mails informing them of the exact date and time the new device should be made

Vodafone pre-registering customers for iPhone 3G in India

In a bid to undermine Bharti Airtel’s latest announcement about the availability of the iPhone 3G on their network later this year, Vodafone Essar has already started registrations for the much-awaited Apple device, scheduled for a release on July 11th in other countries. Interested customers can now book an iPhone 3G on Vodafone’s website and their retail outlets. Although there are no definite

Winter Orchards

Posted by Picasa

Summer Veg Out Part II: LOCAL

Many of you already mentioned this important money-saving tip in the comments section of Part I, but I felt it was such an important point it deserved its very own post: eat foods that grow near you.

1. Eat what's in season.

What food grows where you are, and when is it at its peak? Produce is generally cheaper when it's in season in your area, even if you buy it at the local supermarket. It usually tastes better, too! For example, our own grocery stores are flooded with the most delicious local melons at the end of summer; it's almost a crime to eat them any other time of year. And I'll never forget the amazing artichokes we could get when we lived in California; I haven't seen a single fresh baby artichoke since I moved here.

2. Visit Farmers' Markets.

This is a no-brainer, really, and if there is a farmers' market in your area I bet you’re already going there. But did you know that you can sometimes score a really good deal right before the market closes? Workers usually don’t want to pack up and haul home all that unsold produce, and they might make you a deal if you stop by a few minutes before close.

For example, my mom stopped by our local market last week when the sellers were packing to leave and bought two bunches of organic baby beets with greens for $1.00 each, and someone I met at a party told me he always shows up at the market at 12:15 and picks up produce for a steal. In fact he had just bought over 10 pounds of Rainier cherries for $9.00 (they are normally $4.00 or more a pound).

Heck, it’s no sure thing, but it's certainly worth a try!

3. Join a CSA.

A lot of my friends are trying out Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where they pay a fee and become "shareholders" in a local CSA farm. They then receive a box of fresh produce every week all through the growing season. It's an adventurous way to eat, as you never really know what's coming week to week; you may end up discovering foods you never thought to try before, like Jerusalem Artichokes, say, or green tomatoes.

If you have the money to pay upfront for a CSA share, it can be a great time and money saver. For example, my cousin's CSA cost $480 for 15 weeks. That sounds like a lot of money, but it comes to $32 per week for as much fresh food as he can possibly eat, without having to go to the grocery store or market.

For more information on CSAs or to search for one in your area visit Local Harvest. (Thanks, Zach!)

4. Roadside Stands.

Keep your eye out for small fruit and vegetable stands along the roadside or in front of local farms and orchards. If you don't see any, you might try checking the classified ads in your local paper for "Produce".

5. Pick Your Own.

In addition to farm stands, check the classified ads for "U-Pick" farms and orchards. It's usually less expensive and it's a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with the kids. I'll never forget the fun of picking fruit with my family at local orchards, sitting on the tailgate with friends eating Red Delicious apples as big as our heads, or making ourselves sick on cherries.

6. Grow Your Own.

Do you have a yard, patio, porch, or sunny windowsill? If so, you can probably save some money by growing some of your own vegetables or herbs.

Here's a picture of our own work-in-progress. We have a very large yard and are continually ripping up lawn and putting in more garden beds. This year, with the rising cost of food and fuel, we got serious about fruits and vegetables and planted five large beds. So far we have 15 tomato plants, a pumpkin patch, cantaloupe, strawberries, basil, zucchini, peas, garlic, grapes, sweet corn (in the foreground, hopefully "knee high by the Fourth of July"), a raspberry/blackberry patch, an apricot tree, rhubarb, herbs, and flowers (I never want to run out of space for the flowers.)

How about you? Do you have more tips on saving money, exploring your own region, and becoming not just vegans but localvores as well?

Fruit Crumbles Cookies in a Head-To-Head Snack Time Smack Down

Check it out: new data shows that fruit now tops cookies as the most common snack for children under 6.

The article also states that kids today:
• Are less likely to consume carbonated soft drinks, ice cream, candy, cake and fruit juice as snacks than kids the same age did 20 years ago.

• Are more likely to have fruit rolls and gummy pieces, yogurt, crackers, granola bars and bottled water.
What good news for the health of the next generation! If they start out eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables those tastes will continue into adulthood, leading to less obesity and less diet-related disease.

And to think, it all started on Sesame Street with a certain furry blue monster changing his ways. Thanks, Cookie!

Samsung A523 Going to Canada

SPH-A523 is the latest Samsung mobile phone to be released in Canada, via Telus, the third largest operator in the country. The handset is already available in the US, as it was released back in January by Helio, the MVNO that uses Sprint's network.While the US got the Samsung phone under the name of Helio Mysto, Telus will probably offer it to its customers simply as Samsung A523. Currently, the

Sprint Motorola Q9c enters hospice care - nearing end of life?

With the Samsung Instinct poised to take the reigns as Sprint's flagship smartphone, it might make sense to stop pushing lesser handsets. As such, we're hearing that Sprint's Windows Mobile-powered Motorola Q9c is getting the ax, as it enters it's "end of life."The speculation comes from reports that indicate Sprint is not stocking the Moto Q9c on their online storefront, and Sprint reps have

Blackberry 8820, Welcome to Rogers

Fast and furious announcements from Rogers these days. We’ve got iPhones, Centros, whispers of the BlackBerry Bold and now their latest launch - the Blackberry 8820 complete with Home Zone Calling.On the surface, the 8820 looks a lot like the 8800. But…looks can be deceiving young Skywalker. The 8820 sports Wifi and GPS, an addition that very much works in the 8820’s favor. And now for your specs

Swimming the Somen Sea

As promised, here's the first lunch in Daddy Shmoo's new bento box.

A grilled portabello mushroom fish with baby cucumber scales and snow pea eyes is set adrift on a bed of somen noodles with blanched snow peas and parsley "seaweed".

I really wanted to include a Lotus Root Salad next to the somen -- wouldn't that have looked lovely? But alas, I can't find fresh or even canned lotus root here, so I settled on roasting a red pepper and cutting it into sand dollars and little fish shapes, with fresh basil tucked here and there.

A squeeze bottle of somen dipping sauce (konbu stock with soy sauce and mirin) and garbanzo beans fill in the rest of the space in the box. I packed an orange alongside the lunch box for a sweet ending.

Verdict: "That was almost too cute to eat!" he said. "I was hoping someone would stop by my desk so I could show it off." But was it enough? "I didn't think it would be until I started eating the noodles; they were dense." So it seems it will hold enough if you focus on a filling starch like noodles or rice.

I asked him to rate the lunch on a scale of 1-5, and he thought for a minute. "I was going to say 4 stars, but I can't imagine any way it could have been better. So I guess that's 5 stars!"

Summer Veg Out Part I: CHEAP

Have you bought food, driven anywhere, or been out of the house in the last few months? If you have I'm sure you noticed that prices are a wee bit up. I practically fainted the last time I bought a loaf of bread.

With the cost of food so high, how can any of us afford to emphasize fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables? When times are tough it's tempting to stick with foods that are cheap, calorie-dense, and comforting (like starchy American junk food) instead of foods that have fewer calories and might go bad before you finish them.

But fruits and vegetables are good for us! Eating healthy foods will save us money on medical expenses in the long run, and if you're a savvy shopper they might not cost as much as you think. Here are some of the cost-saving ideas I use and would like to share.

1. Don't stick to organic.

I know, it sounds terrible. It's certainly not ideal, but when I'm trying to save money, not every vegetable and fruit I buy is organic. Organic tends to cost more, sometimes a lot more, and unless it’s on the most contaminated list I'll buy whatever is cheapest. I wash all my produce well and peel non-organic fruits and cucumbers.

2. Eat seasonally.

Produce is generally cheaper when you eat what’s in season in your area, and it usually tastes better, too. More on seasonal, local produce in the next Veg Out post...

3. Eat frozen instead of fresh

Frozen vegetables are usually less expensive, and they are more nutritious as well.

Unfortunately, my son hates the texture of frozen broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and green beans. I have to agree; except for corn and peas the texture of frozen vegetables leaves me cold. Keep that in mind when considering switching to frozen; it’s no savings if nobody eats it.

4. Shop like a restaurant

Look for any bulk or wholesale grocery stores (aka "Cash and Carry") that cater to restaurants and businesses in your area. There are two in my city that are open to the public. Anyone can shop there and buy their personal groceries at the same price that a restaurant would.

Here is a picture of my purchase from the other day: six romaine hearts, a bunch of bananas, six grapefruit, pineapple juice, a 5-pound bag of frozen mango, an enormous bag of broccoli crowns, and cauliflower. The total cost: $19.29. The bag of romaine only cost $2.00, and the mangoes were a bit over $5. Look in the yellow pages under "Grocers-Whsle".

5. Ethnic Markets

Have you checked out the ethnic grocery stores in your area? Our local Asian market was selling bags of beautiful baby bok choy before the big grocery stores had even heard of it, and at a very low cost. Our Hispanic markets sell mangoes, limes, avocados, and more at much lower prices than the regular stores.

Was this helpful? What are your money-saving ideas? Please add your own ideas and suggestions in the comments!

Samsung T229 Released by T-Mobile

T-Mobile, the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US, has recently released a new affordable handset: Samsung T229 (or Samsung SGH-T229).Given its low price, Samsung T229 is an entry-level device, hence it can't offer too many advanced features to those who need their handsets to pack the latest in technology. Therefore, the new Samsung will only attract those who need simple phones, reasonably

A "Manly Man" Lunch Box

I'm not the only one going off to work nowadays. Daddy Shmoo has quit his at-home job and is working in an office now, heading out each day with a paper bag lunch tucked under his arm.

I wanted to celebrate his new job by getting him his very own Men's Lunch Box from JBOX in Japan. I wanted something bigger and not as cutesy as the Laptop Lunch System, something made for a Hearty Man but still bento-stylish. This looked perfect.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, "Didn't you read the dimensions, dipnoodle?" Well, I've always been spatially challenged, and with a description like "...perfect for big eaters! This is a large-sized bento box...this will hold a good portion of food..." I figured this would be plenty big.

But look at it! It's much smaller than I had imagined. In fact, it's so small you can almost fit it inside the Laptop Lunch Box. No wonder Americans are getting bigger by the day; apparently even our children are eating more than a full-grown adult in Japan!

Wow, what a disappointment. But still, I love the color, the built-in chopsticks holder and chopsticks, and the fact that it's basically one large container (with removable divider) so you can eat a big serving of one dish instead of coming up with four smaller servings of different foods.

I wonder if it really will hold enough food for a hungry adult office worker. Later this week or next I'll pack it up for my husband and report back with a verdict. Stay tuned...

P.S. My husband just pointed out that the label "Stylish Metallic Color For Men" on the lid is not removable and is, in his words, "pretty embarrassing".

HP iPaq 900 business smartphone

We take a look at HP's new iPaq 900, a full QWERTY messaging phone loaded with features. Will it take the iPaq to the head of the class?HP has finally updated their aging iPaq line, starting at the high-end with the new iPaq 900. The iPaq 900 will look familiar to pretty much anyone who has used a QWERTY smartphone in the last couple of years, as it seems to borrow styling elements from most of

Sony ericsson J132 and K330 announced

Sony Ericsson today announces two new entry-level phones, designed for lasting communication. With superb talk and standby times, torch functions and FM Radio the J132 does the basics well. Add the camera and Bluetooth™ functions to the K330 and you get further features on an equally straightforward phone.Singapore, 17 June 2008 – Two new candy-bar phones fromSony Ericsson, designed with

Introducing the Summer Veg Out!

For most of us with school- age children, summer vacation is finally here. That calls for either a "Hooray!" or a "Dear Lord, when does school start again?" depending on how you look at it. Now that the kids are home, it’s time to totally VEG OUT.

No, I’m not talking about lazing around on the couch watching daytime television. I’m talking about revamping the kitchen to get the junk out and bring the healthy foods in. It’s time to tackle the problem of what to feed the kids during these long, hot summer days at home. My suggestion: fresh, healthy vegetables, and cool, refreshing fruits (along with whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and treats in moderation, of course).

But how, you ask? Well, I thought it would be fun this summer to put together a collection of posts focusing on how to make vegetables and fruits easy, attractive, and affordable for families.

Although the ideas I'm going to post are suitable for any season, summertime is the perfect time to tackle the family eating plan, breaking those unhealthy habits that may have crept in over the winter and adding more fun, healthy options in their place. A long break from school can be an opportunity to influence kids to make healthier choices while they’re away from peer pressure and cafeteria competition.

Ready? Tune back in on Wednesday for Part I of the Vegan Lunch Box Summer Veg Out!

P.S. The beautiful photograph above is courtesy of Michelle Ellis Photography. Michelle is a fabulous friend with a gifted eye, and I hope to hire her to photograph the entire extended Shmoo Clan very soon. Thanks, Michelle!

Samsung Goes Green with Two New Phones: W510 and F268

Samsung, currently the second largest handset manufacturer in the world, announced the future release of two new environment-friendly mobile phones: SCH-W510 and SGH-F268, both slider phones that look quite good.Samsung W510 is the company's first phone that includes bio-plastic materials. More exactly, the back cover of the handset is made of plastic obtained from corn.Plus, unlike most of the

Sony Ericsson S302 for your snapshots

We told you about the Snapshot series quite some time ago in a post about the new nomenclature of Sony Ericsson phone names, and today we’ll be unveiling Sony Ericsson’s first phone in this series - it’s called the Sony Ericsson S302 Snapshot.The S302 Snapshot is a cheap camera-enabled quadband GSM phone with further support for EDGE networks. It’ll be available in Europe (S302) and China (S302c)

Sony Ericsson F305 is for fun and games

The Sony Ericsson F305 is Sony Ericsson’s first Motion Gaming-enabled phone. Or well, no, that’s actually not true, but it’s the first to go by that name in particular. It’s a quad-band GSM phone with support for EDGE network speeds.This low/mid-level phone sports some rather cool gaming features. The three pre-loaded games - Bowling, Bass fishing & Jockey - will enable you to use movements to

Nokia finally unveils Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 multimedia computers

Nokia introduced today the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 - the latest email-optimized devices from the Nokia Eseries product range. The sleek Nokia E71 with full QWERTY keyboard and the stylish, slide-to-open Nokia E66 easily mobilize a broad range of personal or professional messaging needs including Microsoft Exchange.The Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 come fully equipped for easy-to-install and easy-to-use

The iPhone 3G FAQ

Now,the iPhone 3G is available and we may have gotten a hands on with it already, but in typical Apple fashion, there's still a lot of stuff left unsaid. How does activation work? How will first-gen iPhone users bring an iPhone 3G onto their plan? Does the GPS work for driving? How much will games cost on the App Store? We've got answers. Lots of them.The PhoneHow much will an iPhone 3G cost?

Nokia Batman 'The Dark Knight' Phone Prepped for Verizon

Verizon Wireless today announced the Nokia 6205 (The Dark Knight Edition) will be available online June 15.Clad in a mysterious black color and embellished with a subtle "The Dark Knight" emblem, the Batman movie-themed clamshell comes pre-loaded with wallpapers, voice tones, animated screensavers inspired by the film, and a full movie trailer.Touch-sensitive external music keys access tracks

Some variants of the Nokia N78 ships minus FM transmitter Why?

One of the key selling features of the Nokia N78 has to be its built-in FM transmitter, right? So it seems somewhat surprising that Nokia is shipping some variants of the Nokia N78 excluding the FM transmitter. Not too sure just how transmitting music reflects on battery life, and if it does, just how significantly, but I guess that could be one possible reason.So I’m thinking the only reason

Tom Tom explains iPhone situation

We were a tad disappointed by the 3G iPhone announcement, because we were expecting a whole lot more of features and upgrades and all we got was 3G and A-GPS. And we got lots and lots of applications. I do admit that most of those applications do come in handy but we were not expecting Steve Jobs’ keynote to be that boring.A day after we heard that TomTom had in the works a navigation software

From the Heart

It’s always a good feeling to complete building a compost heap. I’m tired and worn out, as it usually takes the best part of a day, but with wet materials being heavier and drizzle it has been a long day. But I have a warm glow inside of a job well done.

Compost is the heart of our orchards and gardens, where I (Quinta essentisa) collect the ingredients and put the heap together so that the organic matter (recycled from within the farm) is combined with air, water and warmth to create the new substance of rich black, quality humus which will enliven the soil and strengthen the plants. Click here to see how our compost is made.

When visiting organic farms and gardens I’m amazed that so few practitioners make compost or have thought about how they can develop a system of creating and recycling within their own system. They are more than happy to buy in all their fertility. This is one of the main reasons I never enjoyed being an organic inspector . After 13 years of certification we ditched it as a waste of time, money and with the attitude of minimum standards , where excellence is not considered and everything goes down to the lowest common denominator there seem little point.

My Biggest Lunch Box EVER!

My husband's Rotary Club is hosting a cultural exchange group from India this week. "On Friday afternoon we need someone to fix them all a picnic in the park. They're all vegetarian. Volunteers?"

My husband eagerly piped up. "Why, my wife wrote a cookbook all about vegetarian lunches! I'm sure she'd love to do it! She'll make something fantastic!"

Thanks a lot, dear. Lunch for twenty, coming up!

My first thought was to panic. What could I possibly make for a group from India, where they make some of the most amazing vegetarian dishes I've ever had? It wouldn't be Indian food, that's for sure. Anything I made would only be a dim shadow of the brilliance they are used to at home.

I settled on one of my favorites from Vegan Lunch Box: Tofu Apple Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. I increased the heat to grown-up levels with extra cayenne and chili oil.

Next to the Spring Rolls is a large green salad with a mini-salad bar of toppings to choose from (hearts of palm, baby carrots, celery, chickpeas, sugar snaps) and Yumm! sauce or vinaigrette for dressing.

I also decided to feature some local Mid-Columbian produce: fresh asparagus from a produce stand down the road mixed with snow peas fresh from our garden, lightly blanched and tossed with a simple soy sauce dressing ("Ted's Asparagus" in my cookbook). And the first picking of Chelan cherries was at the Farmer's Market this week; not as sweet as Bings, but close.

For dessert I made an enormous dish of Thai Baked Rice Pudding (the reviewer is right, it's fine without the eggs...darn, I wish I had taken the plastic wrap off before taking the picture!). I put a little dish of extra coconut milk on the side to sprinkle on top. I thought this baked version would be easier to transport and serve than my more liquid version. It was fine, but after tasting I've decided that I prefer the flavor of my runny, more traditionally Thai version.

Not pictured: lots of juice, lemonade and water to drink, and the crackers and cheese my husband insisted on bringing.

Verdict: After my initial disgruntlement at having been volunteered without my approval, I actually did get into preparing and serving the Big Lunch. It was fun meeting these men and women from India and hearing about their trip. There was a language barrier, but I got the impression that they were enjoying their tour of America. Some of them weren't sure what the tofu was (do they not have tofu in India?), but they all seemed especially taken with the black rice, and a few even asked for the recipe.

One of their American hosts looked over the spread with trepidation. "When I heard you were making the food I just knew it would be healthy." Sorry! Have some crackers and cheese...

Samsung SGH-F488 Launched in Taiwan

Samsung launches the SGH-F488 (aka F480) touchscreen phone in Taiwan market. The Samsung SGH-F488/F480 features a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, 5 Megapixel camera and 0.3 Megapixel front camera for video calls.The F488 is a 3G phone and supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps high speed data. The integrated media player supports MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+ and FM tuner with RDS. F488’s 5 Megapixel camera supports auto

Motorola ZN200 slider surfaces

While we are all waiting for the high end 5 megapixel Kodak/Motorola ZN5 cameraphone to start the new line of Motorola handsets, Motorola seems to be working on another, far less well specked ZN device .Called Motorola ZN200, it seems to be a pretty low end dual band GSM (850/1900) slider with small display and 2 megapixel camera.And, contrary to the leaked pictures and what not, Motorola ZN200

Samsung G810 review

Right after introducing Samsung SGH-G800 – a GSM camera phone with an optical zoom - Samsung released its successor, a slider marked Samsung SGH-G810.While both phones have a very advanced photography features, they are very different in almost everything else.Samsung G800 is a feature camerphone with Samsung’s own OS, while Samsung G810 is a Symbian S60 smartphone which happens to have a very

Samsung SCH-W480: Mobile Phone or Digital Camera?

Now here’s a gadget that is confused with its identity, with keen focus on promoting its digital camera facilities, Samsung introduces its SCH-W480 mobile phone with an excellent camera quality.The 5MP CCD camera zooms with a 3x optical inner zoom lens and 4x digital zoom lens. The phone clicks with auto-focus and face-detection features as well. Apart from the crisp camera facilities, the

Palm Centro Comes to Verizon

Verizon Wireless today announced that the Palm Centro smartphone will be available on June 13 for $99. Dressed in cobalt blue, the Centro offers a color touch-screen, full QWERTY keyboard and a lightweight design.Running on Verizon's high-speed data network, the Centro can quickly send and receive email messages and attachments and browse the Web. Customers can use it as a modem for their laptops

Nokia intros 1508 phone for US CDMA carriers

Nokia today quietly unveiled the 1580, a starter candybar phone for CDMA carriers, most of which operate in the US. The phone sits just above Nokia's most basic phones with an FM radio as its most advanced feature; the phone also supports using its micro USB connection both to charge and to supply legacy 1xRTT data access to a computer through tethering. A color display, a 2.5mm headset jack, and

Sprint simplifies cell plans in market grab

Sprint this afternoon has introduced changes to its cellphone plans it hopes will bolster its network. The US provider says it now has just two basic talk-only plans that offer 450 and 900 minutes of talk time at $40 and $60 respectively. Subscribers can add $10 per month to get unlimited messaging and also get access to a $90 plan at the same level that adds unlimited calling. The existing

Asus M930 communicator launched in India

Asus M930 smart phone has finally been launched in India.The handset has two screens - external 2-inches TFT LCD with 240 x 320 resolution and internal 2.6-inches screen with 400 x 240 resolution. The surface is reflective and features a free-stop flipping hinge that allows users adjust to any preferred angle or position.Specs & features:• Windows Mobile 6 OS• 3.5G connectivity• GPRS, EDGE• WCDMA

LG Dare from Verizon Takes on iPhone

Verizon Wireless today announced the LG Dare, a touch screen business phone similar to the iPhone.Users can navigate the menu with flick of a finger. They can flip through the contact list for speedy texting, emailing and phoning. Favorites can be reached with a drag and drop photo interface.Featuring 3G VCAST capabilities, the handheld supports VCAST Music to download from over 2 million songs

Is the much awaiting BlackBerry OS 4.6 now available? It seems so

It has been rumoured that the introduction of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry Thunder 9500 mobile phones would bring in the much awaited BlackBerry OS 4.6, and well it seems they are because over at Horizon Wireless Online there’s a new listing giving details of the upcoming operating system.The new BlackBerry OS 4.6 id apparently to feature richer Blackberry browser

Emerging music markets gain the KM710 and KM380 from LG

LG has announced the launch of not one but two types of mobile music phones, the LG KM710 and the LG KM380, both music mobile phones are to be available in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, which makes it look like LG are pinning their hopes on the music phone market.Both the LG KM710 and LG KM380 are powered by LG Sound Engine that happens to be the sound boosting technology newly

Sony Ericsson packs a punch with the 8.1 MP Cyber-shot C905 Shiho

Sony Ericsson need to get to grips with their leaks as it seems another has slipped from their grasp before they manage to make an official announcement, this time it’s their killer slider Cyber-shot C905 or otherwise known as codename “Shiho.”The Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 “Shiho” is the latest from SE, and is said net whispers are true it will be packing an almighty 8.1 megapixel camera with

Samsung Omnia

Momail, the provider of the free email service for over 1100 mobile devices announced its availability for the new iPhone 3G and Samsung Omnia.”These devices will sell large volumes and their specifications makes them very suitable for consumer mobile email and Momail. Our server based solution gives us the possibility to add support for new devices very fast and today we support over 80 percent

Samsung U900

Samsung Soul at Phones4U got pink and is available via Orange Dolphin at £35 for an 18 months plan including 600 minutes and 3000 text messages monthly.This cool professional-grade cell phone released in April is rich in high-end functionalities and unlocked costs about $450. Samsung Soul U900 Pink is based on the same model featuring 3G HSDPA 2100 connectivity for up to 7.2 Mbps transfer speeds

Before Winter Sets In.

June is the time for clearing up, pruning and preparing for the winter rains.

One important job that requires doing before winter sets in, is to make the biodynamic preparations. So last weekend with a perfect autumn day a few of us from the Adelaide Hills Biodynamic group set about filling the horns with fresh manure from Paris Creek BD farm, preparing the compost preparations of yarrow, chamomile, oak and dandelion.

The horns where buried in their usual pit of rich soil and the horn silica (501) was retrieved after spending summer in the earth.

The compost preparations in their clay pots are buried in the humus rich soil of the vegie garden. The oak is down in the wet valley.

Another job is to brush cut the banks after which they had an application of cow pat pit followed by horn manure (500). I then planted some mixed legumes and wheat seeds and within 24 hours the geese where systematically grazing the banks. But really it’s a win, win situation as they don’t often graze these steep banks. Their manure will add to the cut grass to break down and enrich the banks, they will miss a percentage of seeds so they can come back and graze on the new green growth.

I have been renovating a blackcurrant patch, which had been plant about 20 years ago in a star shape. Nice idea but they were a pain to manage and difficult to pick, so I finally decided it was time to change the area. A week or so ago with the help of Gibberagunyah Chris, we moved them into 5 rows , keeping some older bushes and planting some new ones I had propagated last year. After it was completed, I looked at the area and the types of weeds that where growing and decided the rows needed some attention and compost added.

As I embarked on the weeding I was firstly surprised how easily the fork slid into the soil and the weeds lifted out. These are not the usual backyard weeds, this area is often waterlogged (blackcurrants love this type of soil) and a special range of plants adapt to protect the soil .These include deep rooting dock, reeds and other water type plants with very fibrously deep roots and paspalum a very tough grass with very tight fibrous roots – the hardest to dig out.

As I weeded the tilth of the soil would make most vegie growers envious, the fork just glided through. The soil had not really been touched since the’ star’ was planted. Annual maintenance of brushcutting, and weeding around the bushes and adding a little compost. But I should not be surprised at the soil quality since the entire farm as been regularly treated with the biodynamic preparations in autumn and spring for the past 20+ years.

When we started in 1983 the whole valley was very waterlogged with a pH of 3.5- 4, very anaerobic and the soil smelt really bad in fact the stench stayed on your hands for days. Since then drains have been added, raised beds, compost and biodynamic preparations. The area still gets waterlogged – usually in spring, although in the last couple of years less so, the pH is around6-6.5 and the soil smells sweet and earthy.

Clowning Around

Shmoo recently hosted a clown workshop for his friends, where they tried their hands at juggling, tumbling, acting in skits, plate spinning, and more.

Here's my shmoo in his graduation nose, hair still a bit damp from the pie fight. He took to clowning like a natural, who would have guessed? Actually, I've been calling him a clown most of his life.

I packed shmoo a lunch box to run off and join the circus with ("Now be sure to do what the carnies tell you, and don't forget to eat all your deep-fried vegetables-
on-a-stick"). A veggie dog clown (Yves) in a whole wheat bun has a lettuce ruffle and sugar snap buttons. The face is a mix of Vegenaise and ketchup. Cantaloupe and honeydew are decorated with two clown picks which can also be used for eating. Vegan animal crackers and in-shell peanuts complete the circus theme.

Verdict: Clowns -- cute or creepy? Whatever you decide, keep in mind that circuses with animals suck, so it's a good idea to get your clown kicks at animal-free circuses. Shmoo ate everything but the lettuce and the peanuts, which he wants to keep to feed to the squirrels. 3 rings.

Shmoo Review: Deceptively Delicious

I'm sure you've all seen this little pink cookbook winking at you from store shelves everywhere. Deceptively Deliciousis so popular that even now, almost eight months after its publication, it is still a "7 Day Only" loan at our library. Well, this week I finally got a chance to check it out myself!

The basic idea here is that if you want to end the struggle over vegetables at mealtime, start sneaking vegetable purees into foods your kids love, like mac and cheese or brownies. Then sit back and smile to yourself as they eat their vegetables in blissful ignorance.

Vegetable subterfuge, you say? Well, bring it on! I've been using the magical blender to erase any hint of certain vegetables in my family's dinners for a long time, and so have a lot of my readers. In fact, last March I wrote "Let's Hear It For Sneaky Mommas!", a special post raving about my blender and asking for more sneaky ideas from you readers (My favorite was blending spinach into mashed potatoes and calling them "swamp potatoes". Genius.)

Eager for even more ideas, I looked through Deceptively Deliciousfor some vegan recipes I could start with. I found....Ketchup. That's right, the recipe for homemade Ketchup was vegan. Everything else would require at least some substitutions, mostly in the egg and dairy department. Even the recipes for avocado spread and salsa dip contained dairy!

Some of the recipes looked worth veganizing, though: I loved the idea of adding yellow squash puree to a simple dish of "Buttered" Noodles. I would substitute nondairy milk and some nutritional yeast in place of the milk and Parmesan. The recipe for Creamy Potato Soup with secret butternut squash and cauliflower sounded excellent. I would substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth, nondairy milk and a splash of lemon juice for the buttermilk, and leave out the cheddar cheese.

Oddly enough I had more luck finding vegan options in the dessert section: Blueberry Oatmeal Bars, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes (without the frosting), Chocolate Fondue, and Fruit Punch were all vegan. Yum!

But on closer inspection, I really started to wonder about some of these "deceptive" dishes. For example, the Blueberry Oatmeal Bars contained 1/2 cup spinach puree. The recipe serves 12, so doing my math...that's about 2 teaspoons of spinach per serving.

Really? I mean, I know a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but all that effort -- cooking, pureeing, freezing, and thawing -- to get two teaspoons of spinach into the kids? Is it really worth it to sneak 2 teaspoons of spinach into an oatmeal bar, or, for another example, 1 teaspoon of cauliflower into the frosting on your child's chocolate cupcake?

Ultimately, I don't think a vegan could easily get their money's worth out of this one, and although I applaud the effort and the many helpful tips and ideas here, perhaps it's best to stick to just a few of the recipes that contain larger amounts of the vegetable purees. Add some cooked vegetables and a salad on the side and some fresh fruit for dessert. If you do this most nights you can probably skip the deception the rest of the time and let cupcakes be cupcakes.

Strange Timing

How odd that I just happened to pack Pringles potato chips for the very first time in my latest lunch box post. It turns out that the creator of the Pringles can just died and was buried in a Pringles can.

Although my Minis came in a bag instead of a can, I must still pause to raise an excessively salty, fatty crisp in memory of Fredric J. Baur, inventor of the Pringles can. Thank you, sir. Those cans have turned out to be quite useful. In my Wilton cake decorating class we learned that a Pringles can is the best thing for holding a pastry bag open as you fill it with frosting. They also make a nifty wall organizer, vase, windmill, or even an antenna. And I guess Mr. Baur found one final use for them himself.

So long, Mr. Baur, and thanks for all the cans!

P.S. Speaking of Pringles, have you noticed there are like 5 million flavors on the market now? Wasn't one enough?

HTC Raphael officially announced as HTC Touch Pro

Ladies and gentlemen, HTC Raphael has been officially announced. It's new name is HTC Touch Pro!The Windows Mobile 6.1 super-phone will be getting its power from Qualcomm's MSM7201A 528 MHz CPU, and will also boast virtually every possible acronym you can imagine — including HSDPA, GPS, WiFi. Rest of the specs involve a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD memory expansion slot, 288 MB of RAM

Next Generation iPhone

The winners of the Design The Next iPhone, Win The Next iPhone Contest were announced in The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, a magazine designed as a comprehensive resource of the latest iPod and iPhone news including sneak peaks, tutorials, pictures submitted by iLounge’s readers, and special announcements.The winners of the Next iPhone contest who submitted cool concepts representing their vision


Shmoo has been begging for a peanut butter gummy worm sandwich ever since reading the Captain Underpants series.Now, on his second-to-last day of homeschool partnership school, I am finally able to oblige this repulsive whim thanks to vegan sour gummy worms, the first vegan gummy worm ever!

He also asked for potato chips with whipped cream, another gem from the Captain, but I drew the line and merely surrounded his wormwich with Pringles Minis.

On the side are two of his favorite fruit and vegetable combinations: blueberries and kiwi fruit, and corn and lima beans.

Verdict: A disgusting, revolting, worm-ridden lunch box. In other words, it was perfect! Shmoo reports that the gummy worms were very good, and "not actually sour". 5 stars if you have a 9 to 10-year-old boy or for Halloween.

Sony Ericsson takes up the mobile gaming gauntlet with new mobile gaming phone range.

It appears Sony Ericsson wants to break into the mobile gaming world big time, hoping maybe to become the “Nintendo Wii” after striking a deal which will turn a mobile handset’s camera into a motion control sensor.Apparently Sony Ericsson has signed with GestrueTek, a company in California with a deal to brink GestureTek software to Sony Ericsson mobile handsets by September. This GestureTek

Apple 3G iPhone on its way and casing images show possible new design

June 9th draws closer and nearer to the Apple WWDC event being held in San Francisco, and as we do so more images of the next gen Apple 3G iPhone hit the net waves; so many images have been offered up these past few weeks it is easy to say with a fair amount of confidence, just what sort of visually artistic changes to expect with the Apple 3G iPhone.For instance we already know there have been

Vodafone has a secret, the LG Secret and its available now

Shh it’s a secret, well it was but not anymore, because Vodafone has officially launched the LG Secret in the UK. After many false promises on release dates of the LC Secret slider mobile phone from UK retailers and networks, it’s finally here.The LG Secret, known by its model name of LG KF750 is a “super-skinny” mobile handset with the ‘F’ in the name standing for fashion, and is part of LG’s

The E90 In All Its Mocha Glory

We’ve seen a few pictures of the Black version of the E90 float around the internet these past few days. The new ‘improved version’ apart from coming in black takes care of the keypad caused marks that used to be left on the inner screen by implementing a redesigned lower-profile keyboard. Initial reports suggest that this has made typing on the inner keyboard feel worse. Further, on a more

New T-Mobile Ameo 16GB with Bigger Memory Storage

T-Mobile has just launched the Ameo 16GB too. Available in June 2008, the new model is a successor to the T-Mobile Ameo launched in January 2007. Users can operate the device either with or without the full QWERTY keyboard. The new QWERTY keyboard now have a perceivable effect when you press it.As stated in its new name, the Ameo 16GB will come with a built in 16GB hard disk. The “mini-laptop”

The new CDMA mobile phone the W4950 from Samsung

Looking for a new CDMA mobile phone and not sure which? How about taking a look at Samsung’s new offering. The new Samsung SPH-W4950 mobile phone is a slider design and supports CDMA2000 1x EV-Do Rev.A. The W4950 has a stylish and quite slim appearance while covering most of the bases of the mobile user with features like a multimedia player, and a 1.3 megapixel camera with a secondary VGA for

Is there going to be a delay with the Apple 3G iPhone launch?

More rumours concerning the Apple 3G iPhone, this time round the mumblings are that maybe Apple may have to delay the highly awaited launching of their second generation iPhone. Although unless Apple actually make an official announcement I’d take this one as just what it is, a rumour.According to Nicolas Gaudois, a UBS Investment Research analyst, a profit warning has been issued by Infineon,

Nokia N96 expected on 31 July pre-order for $1200

The word is the sleeker successor to the Nokia N95, the N96, officially announced way back at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year is expected to be available by the 31st of July.The Nokia N96 is the latest flagship NSeries mobile phone from Nokia and features a cool 5 megapixel camera with dual LED and auto-focus, quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 2100MHz, DVB-H

Gresso Unveils White Diamonds Collection

The latest collection comes from Gresso a Russian mobile phone manufacturer, called White Diamonds collection.The new collection includes two new mobiles called Gresso White Diamonds and Gresso Royal White Diamonds. The new White Diamonds Collection run on Windows Mobile 6 Standard, features inherit hand-assembled body panels made out of 200-year old African blackwood, keyboards with base plate

Motorola ROKR EQ5 hands-on

We'll plainly admit, going into this hands-on, we didn't think much of Motorola's ROKR EQ5 -- or the whole concept of a portable A2DP speaker, for that matter. Stereo Bluetooth has a nasty habit of detuning audio quality just enough to make it noticeable for folks that are paying close attention to their music, and portable speakers have a nasty habit of just not sounding very good in general.

Disney And Sharp Conjure Up The Cinderella Phone

The great dust storms generated by extended bouts of enthusiastic synergetic backslapping in Japan have finally cleared to reveal the fruits of a Walt Disney and Sharp mobile phone collaboration.Being prepped for a June 7th offensive into adolescent handbags all over the Land of the Rising Sun is the new Walt Disney/Sharp DM002SH phone, known as the Cinderella phone.The none-more-girly clamshell