HTC starts shipping the Touch Diamond

The tease is over. The HTC Touch Diamond, worthy of the moniker “iPhone killer,” has started shipping, contrary to the rumor mill’s June shipping dates. 10,000 of these awesome devices are now en route to Hong Kong’s CSL carrier network with the Asia Pacific and Europe to follow soon.T-Mobile will be the lucky one in Germany, who will sell both the Touch Diamond and the MDA Compact IV (Raphael)

Alcatel OT-S210

Alcatel's mobile phones don't always impress me hugely and recent models have been a bit of a let-down. For example, the Mandarina Duck, produced primarily as a tie-in with the bag brand of the same name, didn't do it for me, and nor did the OT-E201 mainly because of its poor user interface. These handsets were a surprise as Alcatel tends to think carefully about design and offers phones that

Asus Introduces Mini GPS PDA Phone P320 in Taiwan

With a chic and fashionable outlook, the new Asus P320 is a sure eye-catcher. Made to fit comfortably in the hand, the new Asus P320 operating on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional platform and packed full with features such as GPS navigation; EDGE/GPRS and WiFi for Internet access from anywhere; Bluetooth and USB.The P320’s built-in GPS module allows timely, faster satellite pinpoint and

BlackBerry Kickstart Experience in detail

Ah, yes. Because we all need the same people who sell us our phones to tell us how to use them, there is this certain “BlackBerry Kickstart Experience” that’s detailed in a series of realistic-looking slides for you to ponder upon. That’s if you’re interested in learning more about how to use the still unannounced phone, of course.The BlackBerry Kickstart Experience is a short collection of

4d Skype Phone

Skype is getting more and more popular with their close to free communication solutions. Talking with your friends for free is something Skype has been offering for years. They also happen to offer mobile solutions, skype phone numbers which can be called from anywhere and custom phones.Today we’re talking about the 4d phone released for Skype users. The 4d is both a standard actual phone and a

Verizon Motorola Adventure V750

The Verizon Motorola Adventure V750 is almost here. The Verizon Motorola Adventure V750 is one of two new PTT handsets debuting Verizon’s new service - the other is the Verizon Motorola VU30. Basically, this handset is a rugged military spec 810f phone out to compete against Nextel.The Verizon Motorola Adventure V750 will feature: Bluetooth, microSD slot, 2 megapixel camera w/ video, dual

LG's KC550: big cam, small price

Handset manufacturers -- particularly Samsung, LG, and lately, Huawei -- have a tendency to barrage the FCC's approval process with countless models, most of which we'll never see, much less pay any mind to as they're quietly launched in some corner of the world with little to differentiate them from the models that precede or succeed them.Of course, that's not always the case, and here's a great

Nokia 7310 Supernova

The Nokia 7310 is using the S40 user interface, it does not support 3G or HSDPA but built in with a 2 megapixel camera, music player, bluetooth and support EDGE/GPRS data connection. The LCD screen is crafted with mirror effect, definitely an essential tool for ladies. Although you only get a 20MB built in memory for your music files, the microSD card slot is available and support up to 4GB

Samsung Soulb phone launches

Samsung announced, just a few hours ago, the release of Samsung Soulb, the third mobile phone from Samsung Soulb phone launches the South Korean manufacturer’s Soul family. Samsung obviously chose to name the new handset Soulb due to its bar-type form factor (or candybar, as it's popularly known).Staying true to the "Soul spirit", the new Soulb comes in an elegant metallic case and it’s the


Motorola announced a new cell phone called MOTO W755 optimized for entertainment while on the go, and makes it available at Verizon Wireless.It is offered exclusively at the telecommunication company’s online and offline stores featuring a slim clamshell design with metal finish, measuring just 0.68 inches thickness. The cell phone comes in Black Slate and Purple colors, providing access to V

Kyocera and Virgin Mobile team up for a Special Edition Wild Card

Virgin Mobile USA and Kyocera have announced a Special Edition of the Wild Card we spotted last year. What’s so new about that eh? Well, there is. Apparently, 1500 lucky winners will have special access to the Guest Lounge at the Virgin Mobile Festival coming up on August 9th and 10th in Baltimore. Just flash your Special Edition Wild Card cell phone and you are in. While the specs remain the

iPhone Battery Backup

The online retail store providing gadgets and gifts,, has announced the availability of a new rechargeable battery backup especially designed for the iPhone and iPod.It is a compact device called RichardSolo Smart Backup Battery described as the most powerful compact battery available, featuring 20% more power than the competitors plus that it connects to the 2 Apple products

Asparagus and Watercress

There are refreshing signs of spring in my latest lunch box: two beautiful vegetables from my first trip to the local Farmer's Market.

It was exciting to be back at the market after a long, cold winter, and I was especially thrilled to find bags of fresh, green watercress there for the first time ever. Raw watercress greens are much, much too bitter for my taste, like trying to eat paint chips. But stir-fried in a touch of toasted sesame oil and drizzled with miso dressing and almonds? Heaven and a half! I found this luscious recipe at (click on recipes, then on "Stir fried Watercress with Ginger and Almonds in Miso Dressing").

Next to the cup of watercress is lightly steamed asparagus, another springtime favorite from the market.

The triangle of rice underneath is a musubi (aka onigiri, see Vegan Lunch Boxfor the recipe). The rice is topped with a sprinkle of nori komi furikake (a seasoned mixture of nori flakes and sesame seeds).

Tucked alongside are bright cherry tomatoes, lightly steamed cauliflower, and edamame skewers. I packed it all in my "Let's Do Lunch" bag and I was ready to go.

Go where, you ask? To work! That's right, I finally made good and got a real job. I'm still homeschooling James during the day, but on evenings and weekends I work at a little shop that sells smoothies (the real kind, made with fruit and 100% juice, not powdered sugar gunk). So of course I filled out my little lunch with one of my favorite smoothies: 1 cup grape juice, 2/3 cup frozen blueberries, 1/3 cup frozen pineapple, and a scoop of ice.

Verdict: It was all delicious!

P.S. Not only am I working at a job, I'm also working on an entire series of posts for this summer, starting next week. So stay tuned!

GPS Phones-Top 10 Hottest Cell Phones

Wirefly, online comparison of cell phones, wireless service plans and wireless accessories, announced the Top 10 Hottest Cell Phones for Summer Travelers, a cool list including the top GPS-enabled models."The Summer Top Ten list offers a wide variety of features for the avid traveler," said Brian Westrick, Wirefly's president. "With the surge in gas prices this year and Memorial Day Weekend

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

T-Mobile USA is launching the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic cell phone rich in music features and coming at an affordable price of $49.99 with a 2-year contract, on May 28.Besides its default functionalities such as the 31.5 x 41.5 mm TFT display of 16 million colors, music player, 2000 phone book entries, up to 8GB memory support, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP, microUSB slot, email, Instant

3G iPhone quicker than broadband?

How do you make the greatest mobile ever even greater? Simple: add 3G. But what do you do after that? How about making it the fastest phone in the world? We'll take it.And that's just what Australian website ChannelNews is claiming. It quotes a senior executive at operator Telstra as saying: "We know what is coming we have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it

Samsung 'Tocco' wants to be touched

Tocco" isn't a taco gone wrong: It's the Italian word for touch, and Samsung has seen fit to use it as the name of its latest touch-screen phone. Bene! Previously known as the Samsung F480.The Samsung Tocco is smaller than other touch-screen phones and thin too, but it feels very solid because of its metal casing. Its screen is responsive and vibrating feedback ensures you know when you've

HTC Touch Dual in Best Buy stores this weekend

While you're out buying goods for your Memorial Day barbecue, why not swing by Best Buy and pick up a HTC Touch Dual?Yes, the Touch Dual will be available in stores and online starting this weekend for a nice chunk of change--$549 to be exact. First announced at CTIA 2008, the Touch Dual alleviates some of the text entry pains of the original HTC Touch by providing a slide-out SureType-like

Sony Ericsson K530i Phone Specifications

The Sony Ericsson K530i mobile phone is built with such a good architecture. The design of the phone increases the convenience of use as the mobile can be used for all communication and entertainment purposes. The phone’s capability to work on 2G and 3G networks brings innumerable facilities to the user. The user can access latest services of the network service provider. It’s capability to

Sony Ericsson K770i Features And Specifications

The Sony Ericsson K770i is a blend of both technology and design. The widget is compatible with other devices as well – thanks to the integrated technical know-how. So, file transfer is easy with this high-end device. The mobile can be used to send files to other gadgets with a pin-pointed accuracy by making use of Bluetooth technology or USB ports. This gadget can work on 2G as well as 3G

HTC gets official with Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 update for HTC TyTn II-Kaiser

Not to be outdone by ROM leaks and unofficial copies of its Windows Mobile 6.1 update for HTC TyTn II handsets, HTC has gone official with their HTC TyTn II ROM-boosting update.HTC has delivered the ROM update to keep their flagship touchscreen handset at the top of its game, and at the same time appeased the masses complaining of crippled video performance.Threaded SMS, "Getting Stated" wizard,

Linux May Power New Nokia Phones

The world's top handset maker Nokia Oyj expects the role of the Linux operating system in its product portfolio to increase as the role of its Internet-focused devices grows, company officials said.Linux has so far had little success on cellphones, but its role is increasing as more new Linux-based models reach the market, while Google Inc gave it a vote of confidence by using it to build its

Rogers launches the HTC Shift UMPC in Canada

With a 7-inch "slide-n-tilt" touchscreen, 40GB hard drive, WiFi, quad-band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) GSM, tri-band (850/1900/2100Mhz) 3G/HSPA, Bluetooth 2.0 and full QWERTY keyboard - packed into a package weighing in at just 1.8 pounds - the HTC Shift is a UMPC that redefines what it means to be mobile.The HTC Shift runs Windows Vista Business edition and is being touted as the first UMPC to

Sprint Instinct starts selling on June 20

Sprint says that this touchscreen cell phone from Samsung is going to be one hell of an iPhone killer and we're going to have the opportunity to find out for ourselves starting June 20. That's the confirmed launch date for the Samsung Instinct, getting much more specific than earlier reports that pointed toward a "late June" release.Interestingly, June 20 is more than a week after WWDC, an event

Motorola EM30, New ROKR Phone

Motorola EM30 is one of the new phones that Moto has been hiding for some time, but it's now fully unveiled thanks to the FCC, which approved the handset use in the US. The device comes in a candybar form factor, having a design similar to ROKR E8, the music-centered phone released by Motorola not long ago. The new handset has the same flat, morphing keypad, but instead of a scroll wheel it

Opera Software confirms it's Opera Mobile 9.5 that will run on the HTC Diamond

Now we officially know which browser HTC will use on its latest flagship smartphone, HTC Diamond. Yap, it's the super-cool Opera Mobile 9.5 browser.As you may already know, the latest version of Opera Mobile brings such features as tabbed browsing, improved text wrap, landscape mode, ability to call a phone number right from a web page, history, bookmarks, and copy text to clipboard. In addition,

Nokia Maps 2.0 sheds its Beta tag

Nokia introduced the Nokia Maps application in February 2008. Till now the version was a beta version but now Nokia has upgraded it and consumers can download this application and start using their on their mobile phones.Yesterday Nokia and France Telecom formed a joint venture, where Nokia is responsible for providing digital mapping solutions. The improved Nokia Maps application is called the

New Dior Phone Targets China, Russia

PARIS -- French luxury-goods company Christian Dior SA Wednesday will unveil a line of mobile phones, extending beyond its traditional fashion business to boost sales, particularly with brand-hungry consumers in new markets such as China and Russia.The new Dior phone -- priced from €3,500, or $5,000, and up -- comes after competitors such as Prada SpA and Dolce & Gabbana have turned their

Samsung L870 updated into a Soul smartphone. To be launched in June

Last month we all got a nice taste of Samsung leak love when some initial details about the L870 made the rounds. To refresh your memory, it looks hot. A Symbian slider running the latest version of S60 with a metal face, 3 megapixel camera and a quad band GSM radio (or so we thought). We also knew that this puppy was going to be nice and fit, sporting dimensions of 102 × 50 x 13.55 mm. Now it’s

Velocity 103 and Velocity 111

Don't worry if you have never heard of Velocity Mobile, because this UK based company is very new and hasn't actually brought anything to market just yet. But hopefully over the next few months we should see the launch of the Velocity 103 and Velocity 111 smartphones.Before we dive into the technical details of these two devices, it's worth having a closer look at the company itself. The key

Apple to bring OTA music downloads to 3G iPhone

Apple to bring OTA music downloads to 3G iPhone- Over-The-Air downloads coming to next-generation iPhone.While current iPhone users have to find a WiFi connection to get their iTunes Store application to download music, Apple has plans to bring OTA (Over The Air) music downloads to their next-generation iPhone.According to the New York Times, Apple is planning to put the faster UMTS-based HSDPA

iphone runs windows vista

Here’s a fun iPhone hack you’ll either really love or really hate. VistaPerfection 2.0 is a complete re-skinning kit for Apple’s wonderphone that lets it masquerade as a Windows Vista machine.While many of you will ask: why the heck would you want to go and do that? Dunno. Maybe Spec Works (the guy who made it) just wanted to prove it could be done.The install comes complete with wallpapers,

Samsung Slash official for Virgin US

Virgin Mobile USA just announced the availability of Samsung Slash, the carrier's very first mobile phone produced by Samsung. In line with the other handsets offered by Virgin, the new Samsung is an entry-level device, hence it comes for an affordable price: only $79.99.Although it's entry-level, the Slash looks pretty nice, coming in a slider form factor. Measuring 3.8 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches (96.5

Samsung SGH-F400 Music Phone Available in France in May

Samsung has announced that the SGH-F400, a dual-sliding music phone, is set to be launched this month in France, with other countries following soon. This handset features a 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash in addition to a microSD card slot. A 1GB microSD card is included in the package.The F400 sports a standard 3.5mm audio jack, along with dual stereo speakers for ultimate

Opera Mini 4.1 Out Of Beta

Opera Mini 4.1 is now available as a full release, having previously been available only as a beta product. One of the most popular mobile web browsers, Opera Mini is compatible with most handsets on the market and brings a full desktop browsing experience to your mobile phone.Opera Mini 4.1 features quite a few shortcuts that are designed to make browsing a much faster and easier experience. You

Mobiado Launches Professional 105 ZAF Luxury Handset

The Professional 105 ZAF is Mobiado's latest luxury handset. It offers fashionable design and ultimate reliability. Measuring only 10.6mm (.4") thin, Mobiado claims that the Professional 105 ZAF is the thinnest luxury handset on the market.The Mobiado Professional 105 ZAF's front and back body pieces are made of sapphire crystal, which places the handset second only to diamond in wear and tear

HTC Touch Goes Burgundy on Alltel

Alltel, the fifth largest mobile operator in the US, now offers a new version of HTC Touch to its customers: a Burgundy red one. This is surely a nice change of look from the initial gray Touch and it comes to offer users an alternative in case they have something against gray.At the end of April, HTC updated the firmware of Alltel's Touch to the 3.04.671.2 version, bringing several improvements

BlackBerry Thunder 9500, RIM's First Full Touchscreen Smartphone

After only a few days from the announcement of BlackBerry Bold 9000, currently the most advanced smartphone to come from RIM, a new device is rumored to make its appearance soon: BlackBerry Thunder 9500. Unlike the official 9000, the 9500 doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard and it will be the first handset created by the Canadian manufacturer to come with a full-touc According to Boy Genius Report,

Scrumptiously hot sunshine arrives...

It is sunny and forecasted to reach 85 degrees today and climb into the mid 90's tomorrow, and in the 80's through the weekend!Peonies are blooming at the Portland Chinese Garden and rhododendrons are super happy over at Crystal Springs. Hands trapped in workplaces right now (mine for example at this keyboard...) are eager to go home, plant, weed, water little seedlings.. ride bicycles, hike,

LG KM501 makes it to Taiwan

We would have considered this another run-of-the-mill music-oriented device were it not for its 3.5-mm headphone jack, a trump card that most other musicphones do not possess. And its capability to play up to 29 hours of your favorite tracks.Other than these two major factors, the LG KM501 falls into the low to mid-range criteria with a 2-inch 240×320 display, a 2-megapixel camera, and 42MB of

Google Reader iPhone Edition

Jumping into the “me-too” iPhone wagon, the Google Reader now boasts an iPhone version that works mighty fine on other phones. The thing that irks me is putting an iPhone tag to everything these days, although I guess that’s one way companies can get any attention. Not that Google wants it, but still — it’s free publicity for Apple as well.Anyway, the iPhone Google Reader is now out in beta (what

ASUS P560 GPS phone

The Asus P560 is one of many more smartphones that will be released this year working on Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. It first made an appearance in CeBIT 2008 and is now scheduled for a launch next month.Like most of the other Asus phones, the P560 is a feature-packed device powered by a TI2431 450 MHz processor, 256MB ROM, and 128MB RAM. The phone has a pretty big 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen

Sony Ericsson W62S Phone in Japan

Sony Ericsson has released another phone into the Japanese market. Here is a brief introduction to the Sony Ericsson W62S Phone.The Sony Ericsson W62S Phone is a global roaming clamshell phone. Its features include a 2-megapixel camera, WQVGA (432×240) screen, and microSD slot. It also comes in with three stylish colors, namely the Silver-Leather, Black-Rose and White-Lime.Lastly, the W62S

Philips X800 and X-Connect are all-touch

Philips are obviously making a go at the high-end market, something they've been keeping away for quite some time. Today they've officially stepped up with two new handsets - the Philips X800 and the Philips Xenium X-Connect. The Philips X800 is a full touch-screen device with a large display, while the Philips Xenium X-Connect is a Windows Mobile-based device with an even bigger TFT display.

Hands-On with the New BlackBerry Bold:BlackBerry Bold 9000

The new BlackBerry handset is intriguing, but the real news is RIM's new, much faster platform.The US' top smartphone maker, Research in Motion, today announced its first major new platform in two years. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 still looks like existing BlackBerrys, but it's packed with new power, most notably a 624-Mhz processor and high-speed 3G networking.The 9000 is only the first of a new

Smartphone Samsung i200 for Business

This is Samsung i200, slim and compact smartphone.Supporting the Windows Mobile 6.1, Samsung i200 provides functional and practical features in business. Users can operate MS Office programs such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook promptly.The slim bar-type form factor with mere 11.8 mm thinness offers compact and stylish design, which is hardly witnessed in most of smartphones. A large

Verizon Wireless debuts the Samsung Glyde

Samsung and Verizon Wireless on Thursday announced the Samsung Glyde , a touch-screen cell phone based on the Samsung SGH-F700. All signs originally pointed to a May 9 release date, but Samsung and Verizon had an itchy trigger finger. But no matter what the reason, sooner is always better, particularly if it involves putting a high-profile device through its paces with a review.Offering a touch

HTC Touch Diamond

Behold, the HTC Touch Diamond in all it’s shiny glory!It has been heralded as the phone that takes Windows Mobile to the next level, but does it really deliver? The Diamond kicks it with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, 3G connectivity, HTC’s TouchFLO 3D interface, a VGA touchscreen, GPS navigation and boasts an accelerometer sensor (like the iPhone). This sparkling Diamond also features the

Motorola working on a RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Edition

Motorola seems to have signed a multi-device agreement with Ferrari as this is the second phone they're rolling out with the famous sports car branding. The first one, RIZR Z8 Ferrari Limited edition, we introduced back in December last year. Now, the American handset maker is reportedly working on a version of the RAZR2 V9 that would also wear the prancing horse brand.The still unannounced

New iPhone SDK Launched, 3G iPhone Pics Leaked

The iPhone with 3G capabilities is slowly but surely becoming a reality as more and more sites seem to be finding leaked images of the handset. With all the hullabaloo of Vodafone bringing the iPhone to India, things could be looking up for Apple fans.It seems like it would probably have a more glossy finish and it also seems like the Dock/Speaker connectors might also be altered slightly.Apart

iPhone gets the Vodafone treatment

Vodafone announced they have signed an agreement with Apple to sell the controversial handset in as many as 10 countries where Voda have coverage. Those countries include Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and TurkeyNo word on Spain yet - one the few large European countries that are still not getting an official carrier for the iPhone.

Samsung D780 Duos Review(SHG D780)

The Samsung D780 Duos is an attractive dual SIM mobile phone which comes in a solid bar casing complete with many useful & entertaining portable features. The D780 Duos comes in a dark silver coloured casing or a light silver coloured casing which both look incredibly sleek & stylish & complement the phones overall design.The handset has a solid & sturdy feel to its casing due to it be made with

LG Vu officially available from AT&T

No surprises here -- particularly since LG's Vu has been on sale through a number of AT&T retail outlets since late last month (whoops!). Today, however, the carrier is officially listing LG's latest for sale, and the Mobile TV-supporting handset is going for a stiff $549.99 sans contract, or $299.99 after giving away your cellular soul for two years and waiting anxiously for a $100 mail-in

BlackBerry 9000 to come in cheaper, 3G-less version

Apparently, RIM is a bit worried that the rumored high price-point for the forthcoming BlackBerry 9000 might be a bit too steep for some, and plans to offer a budget version -- sans 3G. According to the Boy Genius,an almost identical model of the next-gen phone will be available without high-speed data, and will have a slightly different bezel and back casing (which he's gotten a picture of, seen

LG's VX9100 – New features with dated looks

US operator Verizon announced the new LG VX9100. Apart from looking like the Nintendo the phone hosts a slew of features. Wish it offered the phone numbers of those models too.The VX9100 will featureA QVGA displayA full QWERTY keyboardA 2 megapixel camera8GB of storage space16.5mm of thicknessFrom the looks of it, it's slightly bulky if you ask me, but I guess those gals holding your next phone

24ct Gold iPhone Goldeneye Edition

GoldStrikers UK presents its yet another special edition of iPhone, the 24ct Gold iPhone Goldeneye Edition.“The front bezel & rear logo are struck with 24ct gold but the exclusivity is in the bespoke colouring of the full rear inc the bottom section antenna piece which are uniquely adourned in no ordinary finish but original exact colour match in metallic Winter gold for the 2008 Jaguar XK model.

Vodafone Germany confirms GSmart t600 - the phone with full mobile TV ( DVB-T )

While England was disqualified form Euro 2008 football championships by small mediterranean (neighbor of Italy) country of Croatia, Germany has 100% chances to go outside of their group and has big chances to become Europe champion in 2008! In other words: it is big boon for mobile operators in Germany to offer mobile TV... and with DVB-T no additional costs are incured so DVB-T phones will be

You can now use Google Apps on your iPhone

Google just released a new interface for the iPhone/iPod Touch that lets Google Apps users easily access everything they need in an integrated environment. This new interface lets you use applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other services that aren’t associated with Google Apps like Google Reader, Google Notebook, Google News and Blogger.If you have Google Apps for your

Hands-on with the Vu, LG's touch-screen TV phone

This sleek, jet-black handset delivers smooth and sharp live video via AT&T's new MediaFlo service, but like the sexy Prada phone before it, the Vu fails to take full advantage of its touch-screen abilities.Or at least, that's what I thought after taking some hands-on time with the Vu, finally unveiled for the U.S. here at CTIA in Vegas.First off, I should point out that the Vu is one of the most

BlackBerry Kickstart to land with T-Mobile

Well the recently surfaced clamshell styled BlackBerry Kickstart looks like it will be heading to T-Mobile. Originally labeled as being released sometime in 2008, it has since been un-officially narrowed down to September. Of course without any official announcement that is more than subject to change, and no pricing has been mentioned or even speculated.Otherwise the Kickstart does not look as

Review : My Mybiler - FREE remote control and display software for Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1

Unfortunately since many years Microsoft is not offering such application anymore (it was available from Microsoft for Windows Mobile 2003), so it is good to see that it is available now as 3rd party FREEWARE application - My Mobiler. Completely FREE!My Mobiler has been recently (previous month) updated, and new version has been released, so we concluded that it is good opportunity to review it!

BlackBerry’s clamshell styled Kickstart unveiled

It looks like the guys over at BGR have yet again unveiled a BlackBerry handset before RIM. With claims that “this isn’t fake, this isn’t a hoax,” they are showing off the latest BlackBerry handset, its a clamshell style that at least based on the available images has a nice large internal display, an external display, a SureType keypad and a trackball similar to that found on the Pearl. It also

Motorola A1600 Official Specs

Motorola A1600, also known as MotoMing 2, is one of the new Moto phones ready to be launched in the following months. Until now, there were only unconfirmed details about its features, but today we have its official specifications and also the markets were it will be released. Although rumors said the A1600 would only be available in China, its official developer reference sheet.Moto A1600 will

T-Mobile and Vodafone announce new price plans

Are you a Vodafone UK customer? Are ya? Well, there's some great news if you are. Vodafone have just announced that pay monthly customers will no longer need to buy an additional internet bundle for £7.50Plans will now automatically include internet access with a 500Mb-per-month cap. Price plans start at £25 and customers who select a £40 or higher price plan will also for the first time have the

BenQ Introduces C36 Music Phone

BenQ today announces the launch of the BenQ C36 music phone, successor to the BenQ C30, with enhanced multimedia functionalities, upgraded 1.3-megapixel camera and a spacious 2" LCD display perfect for viewing photos and videos. The origianl top key design brings direct access to FM radio, MP3 player and camera functions in a faster and easier way.Weighing 78g, the BenQ C36's 2" LCD display is

Motorola Z10 released in U.K.

BASINGSTOKE – 30 April, 2008 – Motorola, Inc. today announced the UK release of the much anticipated MOTO Z10, which makes shooting, editing and sharing videos directly from your mobile easier than ever before. The mobile phone maker also announced the launch of a national consumer Z10 competition to enable budding filmmakers to showcase their work for a top prize of £10,000.The MOTO Z10 means

Philips M600, Fashionable Music Phone Coming Soon

Philips M600 is a new music-oriented mobile phone that should be released pretty soon under Philips' brand name. The handset comes in a candybar form factor and has a very nice look, hence we could say it's both a fashion and a music phone.M600's highlights include the SRS WOW technology for the best possible audio experience, Music player with support for MP3, WMA, MIDI and AMR, music-dedicated

Starbucks + iPhone + AT&T = Free WiFi

How do you like my equation? I'll simply go ahead and explain it. AT&T, and I have covered a lot of AT&T and iPhone stories these days, have reached an agreement both with Starbucks and Barnes and Nobles to offer WiFi hotspots to their customers.That's nice but you still have had to pay for that. But apparently all iPhone users can have that service for free. You just have to log in with your

Getting pumped with your iPhone

PumpOne has announced a partnership with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide’s new brand, Aloft hotels – portable personal trainers for road warriors. The service is designed for tech-savvy aloft hotel guests.Aloft hotels is Starwood’s eighth hotel lifestyle brand and it opens doors to guests this summer. All Aloft hotels feature recharge — a 650 square foot fitness facility with equipment from

ATT Game Development Contest for Windows Mobile

AT&T, Microsoft, HTC and I-play announced today the creation of the AT&T Game Development Contest for Windows Mobile to discover the next breakthrough mobile game. The AT&T Game Development Contest is launching May 1.Beginning May 1, gaming developers can fill out the online entry form to submit their Windows Mobile compatible game. All game entries submitted during the next three months will be

ATT Mobile TV Start Streaming from May 4

AT&T and MediaFLO announced the May 4 availability of the AT&T Mobile TV with FLO service. AT&T is introducing the LG Vu and the Samsung Access which can be used for the mobile TV service.LG Vu: The Vu gives you a clear view of TV, Web, pictures or videos on its large interactive touch screen. It also lets you get the utmost in mobile entertainment with a music player, 2.0 megapixel camera and

Samsung P960 Aims for DVB-H Mobile TV Services

Samsung announced today P960, a DVB-H slider phone that supports both of European mobile TV standards, Digital Video Broadcast - Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Service (DVB-CBMS) and Open Mobile Alliance Mobile Broadcast Service Enabler Suite (OMA-BCAST). The device features all the up-to-date technologies within a slim 16.7mm thin metal body, softly brushed with hairline pattern.P960 offers

Buy movies with your Apple TV

As we posted earlier today, Apple announced that several movie studios will now be releasing digital versions of their movies for sale on the same day as the DVD. Even Apple TV users can get in on the fun. You now have the option of buying movies directly on your Apple TV, whereas before today you could only rent movies from Apple TVSure, it's not groundbreaking considering you could buy the

Garmin Nuvifone hitting AT&T for $500 plus?

We know it's coming in Q3 but the price of Garmin's hotly anticipated Nuvifone has always been a mystery. Until now. We just received a screenshot that a helpful reader snagged from a Garmin survey. In it, our tipster was asked the following question:"Now, how likely would you be to buy the Garmin nüvifone (for yourself or as a gift) if offered by AT&T for $499.99 with a two year contract? You