Motorola slides in the HSDPA capable Z8m

Motorola has announced its third iteration of the Z8, but this time with the addition of 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity. Called the Z8m, besides it’s upgraded HSDPA (from 3.2 to 7.2 Mbps),the new phone sports the same features as the original Z8. A 2.2-inch QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera, 80MB internal memory, microSD card slot (4GB max), one-touch music access, photo viewer, Bluetooth, USB 2.0,

iPhone rumors galore: Haptic / vibration feedback touchscreen, GPS, Jabber, iControl remote iTunes control, new patents

We must be getting closer to the 3G iPhone's launch. How do we know? Well, aside from the rumored June 9 launch at Apple's WWDC, the blogosphere is lit up with frenzied rumors of new features in the 3G iPhone as well as speculation at new features to be enabled with the coming iPhone OS 2.0 firmware update.From iPhone hardware to iPhone software features, Apple-fans can expect more functionality

Access Gmail Mobile on the iPhone and iPod Touch

With the advent of Apple’s new iPhone and iPod Touch, a whole host of websites have set up mobile version of their regular site. Notable among these various sites is Gmail and all of the related Google web services. (disclaimer: for the rest of this article I will be referring to the iPod touch, but I tested the application to the same extent on the iPhone as well.)For a while I didn’t have any

Following the popular LG Chocolate and LG Shine cell phones, LG today introduced the LG Secret series. The LG KF750 for Europe is the first one to go.

LG launched the third LG Black Label Series handset, the LG Secret KF750 touchscreen slider phone, in London today. Following the popular LG Chocolate and LG shine, also the third model from the LG Black Label Series focuses on a stylish design.LG Secret is supposed to always look new thanks to the materials incorporated into the phone. Carbon fiber should add to the handset's durability, and

Skype runs on feature phones now, sort of

Skype recently announced the availability of a beta version of their latest application - their well-known Skype client for regular feature phones - no need for Wi-Fi, no need for smartphones - just plain old Java (J2ME). That announcement made us cheer - at least for a moment that is - then we went on and read the fine print.Using Skype for chatsThe new Java Skype client currently officially

Beautiful to use: Nokia unveils three new handsets that merge modern functionality with classic and sophisticated looks

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today unveiled a trio of mobile devices that balance stunning and sophisticated looks with the latest in mobile functionality. All three devices, the Nokia 6600 fold, the Nokia 6600 slide and the Nokia 3600 slide present a smooth, minimalist design and an appealing array of easy-to-use features. The devices range in price from 175 EUR to 275 EUR before taxes and subsidies

3G IPhone Due on June 9, Analysts Say

The 3G iPhone will be announced June 9, the likely date of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference, analysts said in research notes on Thursday.The 3G iPhone will be the "first of an impressive wave of new products" from Apple, wrote Citi analysts Richard Gardner and Yeechang Lee. They also expect an updated Mac laptop and iPod lines. The Apple conference is

BlackBerry 8110 Pearl GPS-Enabled Smartphone for AT&T

BlackBerry handsets are especially designed for the professional class. AT&T Inc. recently released the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone with built-in GPS.The cell phone comes with an integrated AT&T Navigator that offers on-screen directions with colorful 3-D moving maps. The Navigator makes the users aware of traffic speeds and incidents via voice commands and on screen prompts."The BlackBerry

LG Prada II Cellphone Details Leaked

Those of you waiting for something apart from the iPhone 2 here is the LG Prada II that is if the leaked press releases are to be believed. Unlike its predecessor the Prada II will be a slider and come with a full QWERTY keyboard.The specs done look bad either. * Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900). WCDMA 900/2100, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity * 3″ WQVGA 400×240 px TFT touchscreen * 5 megapixel

Samsung W599 with CDMA, dual-SIM GSM and handwritten shortcuts

Samsung seem determined to cater for all possible options with their new SCH-W599 handset. Not only can the device handle both CDMA and GSM networks, but it actually has two SIM card slots meaning, like its D780 candybar contemporary, it can simultaneously log onto two separate GSM accounts. That means you can receive calls on, say, personal and business numbers using the same handset (keeping

New Satellite Phone Runs Windows Mobile, Has No Visible Antenna

The dreamers, they have their dreams. One of the big dreams for 2009-10, it seems, is new, hybrid satellite/cellular phones that work everywhere, but don't look like Cro-Magnon rock-hewing tools. MSV's Lost-style handset is supposedly coming in 2010, but it may be beaten to market by Elektrobit's sleek Windows Mobile satellite phone, which is supposedly arriving in 2009 and looks like a Motorola

Mid-end slim HSDPA clamshell announced by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has announced a slim, HSDPA-capable mid-end handset – the Z780. Sony Ericsson also announced the G502, which we covered here.Here are the technical specifications of the Z780: * Quad-band GSM connectivity, with EDGE support, as well as HSDPA ( 850/1900/2100 MHz) connectivity, and AGPS. * 128 x 160 pixels screen * Dimensions: 95.0 x 48.0 x 17.0 mm * Weight: 96 grams * 2

Three new low-end phones from Samsung

Today, three unannounced Samsung handsets have been seen - the SGH-M620, SGH-B200, and the SGH-B110. First up, the M620: this phone features a 1.9” LCD screen, Micro SD card slot, FM radio, which allows you to record the radio station you are listening to – ala the G600.The B200 features dual-band GSM connectivity, is a candybar handset, with a 128 x 128 pixel screen. It's internal memory amounts

Sony Ericsson Paris To Go With Xperia X1-Paris, also known as P5

Sony Ericsson prepares the release of another super-phone besides Xperia X1, and that is Sony Ericsson Paris, also known as Sony Ericsson P5 (or P5i). Although we are not sure what the final name of the handset will be, a recent post, which appeared over at the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, unveils the first clear hand-on picture with the device, plus several valuable details.Sony Ericsson Paris

New Release Nokia HSDPA 5320 and 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia introduced two new music-enabled devices as additions to its XpressMusic range. The new Nokia 5320 XpressMusic and Nokia 5220 XpressMusic are expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2008, with an expected retail price range of 160 to 220 EUR, before taxes and subsidies.Featuring a dynamic design with 3G social entertainment capabilities, the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic delivers

LG Secret / KF750

LG Electronics Thursday launched the Secret, or the KF750, a super-thin phone with a 5-megapixel camera.At 11.8 mm, the phone is one of thinnest handset on the market. It will start shipping at the end of May in Europe, then in Asia, South America and the rest of the world. Pricing is still a secret, but it will be a bit cheaper than the company's current Viewty Model, according to LG.LG Secret

Nokia Tube remastered, could be Nokia 5800 XpressMedia

The clever folks over at Nokia Port have deciphered the riddle behind Nokia’s new touchscreen phone, a.k.a. the “Nokia Tube”. In the rendered image pictured above, you can see what the Nokia Tube touchscreen phone might look like without the fuss. It’s got a lot of striking similarities to Apple’s iPhone, which I suspect cannot be helped anyway, since this is really a good design in the first

April : nudging a warmer May and so much to say...

Hi there! I am bursting with things to share with you. I have been stockpiling notes on scraps of paper and unfurling now here on the computer... (Here's a photo of Neil with Banti + her first stash of eggs and me with the ceramic tea party hen who mysteriously turned up this winter.)So, first with a time-sensitive one!WORKSHOPS:- - - Introduction to Permaculture w/ Toby Hemenway author of

The Earth Beneath My Feet

The seasons are changing; summer is slowly making way for autumn. In the air there are still clouds of common brown butterflies & dragon flies, the flame robins look fat & happy and the eastern spinebills are keeping me on my toes as they mimic our customer beeper.
My boots repel the heavy dew that glistens in the morning sunlight; the leaves rustle as I walk through the orchard. Picking chestnuts means eyes to the ground , as well as chestnuts & their burrs around my feet I see new ant hills,

spider holes, worm castings, freshly germinated clover and a multitude of fungi.

My mind drifts off wondering about these interesting fruiting bodies that started off as a spore. When the spore germinates it produces tiny threads called hyphae. When mattered together, these hyphae form mycelium before they appear above ground as fungi. There are many types here but wouldn’t it be nice if some where edible, may be a truffle or morel or chanterelle even a field mushroom (actually there are a few patches of mushrooms) but a greater array would be nice.

Then to the bigger picture, the soil and the world it contains, since a handful of good soil can contain millions of life forms what does their world look like. To start with there are the macro organisms, the ones you can see such as earthworms, springtails, ants, millipedes, mites, and nematodes.
Then there are bacteria such as rhizobia, that fix nitrogen, bacteria that works with phosphate, mycorrhizae fungi, actinomycetes and protozoa.
All these life forms interact to build soil structure. The bacteria exude polysaccharides (sugar) which bind partials of soil to form pods and develop soil structure .The hyphae of Mycorrhizae fungi also bind soil partials .The mycorrhizal fungi also form symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. Carbohydrates are supplied by the plants and in exchange the fungi search out nutrients and moisture for the plants. The hyphae look like fine cobwebs, around 1 micron. Mycorrhizae fungi are not host specific and often spread from plant to plant and species to species. The strands of their hyphae are interconnected and apparently travel long distances seeking nutrients for plants. In addition various helpful bacteria assist plants to get their nutrition far away from their root zones.

All these processes are enhanced by the addition of good compost which provides the material for the micro organisms to work.

While thinking of these relationships Peter Proctor suggests that in the Agriculture course given Rudolf Steiner in 1924 when talking about the preparations for the first time and how they would enrich soils & plants that in Chapter 5 these micro organisms are what he was talking about.
“Now if you treat the soil as I have described, the plants will be able to draw on what they need from a very wide area. They will be able to use not only what is in their own field, but also what is in the soil of a nearby meadow if they need it or what is in the soil in a neighboring forest”
For me this paints a wonderful picture of another world, the world under my feet which is busy building life giving soil to grow health giving food.

HTC launches the P3470 PDA Phone with GPS in India

HTC today announced the launch of the HTC P3470 in India - the latest member of the HTC product portfolio. It's also available from some importers in the US. Here is more info on the device:"Combining a lightweight design, large screen, navigation wheel, and macro lens, the P3470 sets a new standard in affordable smartphone coupled with GPS-based devices.At just 108mm tall, the HTC P3470 offers

Samsung SCH-M470: Welcome the first HSUPA-enabled Mobile Phone

Samsung Electronic is back in news with its latest SCH-M470 HSUPA enabled phone being unveiled in Korea. HSUPA stands for High-Speed Uplink Packet Access which promises an upload speed of 2mbps.The Samsung SCH-M470 brings the HSUPA technology especially to cater to the masses who frequent the internet often on their mobile phones and to top it all, the usage of internet on phones has seen a vast

Sony Ericsson G502 reviews

Sony Ericsson today introduced two new HSDPA phones, the G502 and the Z780 into its line-up; each clearly designed to take its range web-enabled phones in a different direction. The new G502 is the latest in an established line of classic Sony Ericsson phones that cram a wealth of time-saving features into an affordable, pocket-sized phone.Both the Z780 and the G502 come with the latest version

Vegan Lunch Box Sightings, At Home and Abroad

Sighting One: I have just been informed that there are 5 new copies of the original, self-published edition of Vegan Lunch Box available for sale in the UK and Europe. You can find the book along with Laptop Lunch Boxes and more at Becky and Lolo.

Sighting Two: Here's great news for those of you not in England and not able to spend a blithering amount of money for a used copy on the internet (a friend of mine recently sold hers for $100...say what?!?) The brand new, completely revised, expanded and very affordable Vegan Lunch Box is now available for preorder on

I've actually laid my eyes on a copy, and I can say without reservation that it is highly adorable!! I love the way the new publishers have reorganized the recipes and restyled the book, both inside and out. All the color photographs are still there, along with a great new index (I love me a good index) and some very cute pinwheel decorations. The new, lower price probably doesn't break anyone's heart, either, huh?

First Centrino Atom computer coming in June

The first portable computer based on Intel's Centrino Atom chip package is coming in June, although it will be bigger and more expensive than such devices were expected to be.Sharp will manufacture the D4 ultramobile PC for Japanese mobile operator Willcom, which will sell it to new customers for ¥39,800 ($395) with a two-year service plan costing ¥2,100 per month, taking the total cost to

Latest iPhone 2.0 beta reveals 3G chipset

Hidden away in the latest test firmware for iPhone developers is the mention of the chipset that will power third-generation cellular Internet access in Apple's next generation of the device.Discovered by the creators of the popular ZiPhone jailbreak and unlocking utility, a small, nondescript entry in the new firmware used to identify the phone's chipset refers to a device known as "SGOLD3."

Sony Ericsson G900 Preview

Introduction:During the MWC 2008 show in Barcelona, Sony Ericsson announced three new classes for its devices: camera-oriented phones now will belong the the "C", "X" comes for "ultimate user xperience" and "G" - the line of the phone we will present here. G-series are advertised as easy to use phones, for the average customer, yet with enough organizer options. They are touted for the option to

Cell Phone Sim Card Spy can read deleted text messages; Turns you into a stalker

First of all, it's important to note we're all about privacy and we think you shouldn't use portable SIM card readers to spy on others. Still, some people may opt in and start spying on their loved ones — spouses, parents and/or kids. We do argue they should stop doing so, but in just in case they want to continue doing "their thing," here's a tiny gadget that can take their "surveillance" one

Sprint's Samsung Instinct: At Last, a Decent iPhone Competitor

Samsung's Instinct may be the best stab at the coveted title of iPhone killah this CTIA. The 3.1-inch touchscreen phone has localized haptic feedback, plus three hard navigation keys. If it sounds familiar, it's because we've seen versions of it before, but only in Korea. Mind you, this is not the LG Prada-ripoff Samsung F480, which had a much smaller touchscreen.The Instinct rocks EV-DO Rev A

LG Iron Man Phone in 18-Karat Gold

LG Electronics today unveiled the LG Iron Man phone, a 18-karat gold slider modeled after the LG Shine. The Iron Man phone will not be sold in stores.Prior to the film's May 2, 2008 release date, LG will unveil advertising, as well as retail, online and consumer electronics industry initiatives to showcase the company's devices."In today's fast-paced world, cell phones often perform heroic feats

Nokia N76 Now SIM Free - N76 Nokia Unlocked UK

The Nokia N76 flip phone has now been made available as a SIM free handset, consumers can now buy the N76 from Nokia, unlocked to all UK networks and insert their SIM card to retain their existing mobile number and account deatils.The SIM free Nokia N76 is a good idea for those who do not want to be tied into another lengthy contract period or pay the extra line rental charges of a new

4 Low-cost Phones from Nokia for emerging markets

Nokia this week filled in the lower end of its mobile phone portfolio with four new low cost handsets intended for users in developing countries looking for replacement units.The handsets are very low cost -- from 50 euros ($78) to 90 euros ($141) -- and will be available by the third quarter, the world's largest mobile phone maker said Wednesday at the Growing Together conference in Johannesburg

Levi’s Ultra Limited Edition MLevi’s Ultra Limited Edition Mobile Phone paints the fashion world Redobile Phone paints the fashion world Red

The Levi’s ultra limited edition Red tab mobile phone is here to create ripples in the fashion world. The phone draws its attention with the bright red tab that’s present on its top.With a brand name of Levi’s, the phone is wrapped up with a neat 2 Megapixel camera, MP3 player and Bluetooth. The fashion conscious Levi’s ultra limited edition Red tab phone also comes with a premium presentation

Windows Mobile 6.1

Windows Mobile 6.1, the latest upgrade to Microsoft's main operating system for handhelds, has a few important invisible patches and a bunch of minor interface tweaks. It leaves all of Windows Mobile 6's core strengths and weaknesses intact. On the positive side, Windows Mobile is still a flexible OS with unparalleled Windows and Exchange support, and the greatest number of handset choices by far

Mobile Phone Industry looking to beat iPhone

Now a days, Mobile phone makers seem only interested in making phones that look very much like iPhone. But there were few blockbuster products or major announcements.Nevertheless, the Nokia booth was packed on Tuesday as Beyoncé and Madonna songs blared from overhead speakers.Show visitors huddled around a long white table where Nokia, introduce N series mobile phones, including the N78, a

Ad infinitum: new iPhone commercials from Apple

We know you have no reason to trust us, on this of all days, but we assure you this is news is not just legit—it’s too legit to quit. Apple’s posted three new iPhone spots on its website: Bet, Brilliant, and Music Store. These are what we like to call “Type A” iPhone commercials, which focus on showing off the iPhone’s interface.Music Store focuses on, as you might guess, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music

Blackberry Curve 8330 comes to Sprint

We had heard whispers about the Blackberry Curve hitting Sprint this month, and it looks like they were dead-on -- say hello to RIM's latest, the Curve 8330, all done up in black. Apart from looking way hotter than the silver version that's made the rounds, you're getting GPS, a 2 megapixel camera with video recording, Bluetooth, "enhanced" web browsing, and the usual suite of Sprint music and TV

Texters' Mobile Phone: LG enV VX9900

The LG enV VX9900 looks like a regular candy bar phone with a standard keypad, d-pad and display on the front face. But this LG mobile phone opens like a laptop to reveal a spacious QWERTY keyboard and a large inner display that's flanked by gutsy stereo speakers. For those who want a mobile phone with a keyboard for texting but don't need all the features of a smartphone or PDA phone, let alone

3D game dev app to get iPhone tools

Neglecting to release any specifics on how the development environment will integrate with Apple’s official SDK, Unity Technologies has announced that its multiplatform 3D game development tool, called Unity, will soon be able to create titles that run on the iPhone.A brief statement from Unity reads: “The Unity engine is the core technology that facilitates visually rich, engaging 3D game play,

Review: Scosche Clear case for iPhone

What can be said about Scosche’s $25 Clear case for iPhone that hasn’t been already said about similar hardshell iPhone cases? Precious little, in fact, so let’s cut right to the chase: it’s a two-piece—front and back—transparent-plastic case fashioned from polycarbonate, and including a thin, adhesive-film screen protector. There are openings for accessing all the phone’s controls and ports.The