SFO rules out further inquiry into Vodafone's Kenyan partner

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) last night ruled out any further investigation into allegations of corruption involving a Kenyan mobile phone company of which Vodafone holds a 40 per cent stake.The decision came as thousands of Kenyans lined up to buy shares in the public flotation of the company, Safaricom, after opposition calls to delay the biggest ever state selling of its sort in east Africa

Type on the Apple iPhone easily with My Touch Keys

If you own an Apple iPhone you may like to consider this interesting accessory. Firstly, just so you know, the MY Touch Keys isn’t anything to do with the iPhone Haptic feedback keyboard prototype. What My Touch Keys is, is a thin plastic sheet with cut-outs in relationship to the on-screen keyboard that mounts onto an iPhone screen.My Touch Keys reportedly provides an easier typing experience,

ZiPhone 3.0 now available: new plug-in support and bug fixes

For those of you waiting for the next iPhone operating System you will have to be happy with what Zibri has to offer, and that is their new utility called ZiPhone 3.0. This new utility offers a handful of features as well as a solutions for any unlocked or jailbreaked iPhones and iPod Touches.As most of the features are the same on ZiPhone 3.0 as previous versions, the interface stays the same so

Onda VX767 With 4.3-inch Touch Screen

PMP Today report, “Onda’s VX767 is huge, and I mean touch screen huge. This PMP has 4.3 inches of widescreen ate 480 × 272-pixel resolution. I suppose they could’ve done better given that it rocks a 400 MHZ chip, and supports RM / RMVB format at resolutions of up to 720 × 576I’m not sure this bigger version of the VX757 is better with more screen space but sacrificing on portability. I mean, this

Blocked Calls: Adobe Building Flash Support for iPhone? For Real this Time. Honest. We Swear. Cross Our Hearts

The Flash drama continues, with more twists and turns than a California highway. It looks as though iPhone may be getting native Flash support after all, if dragged kicking and screaming. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke to reporters during a conference call… “Well, you really believe that Flash is synonymous with the Internet, and frankly, anybody who wants to browse the Web and experience the

iPhone SDK: now with 100% more Interface Builder

At the special event earlier this month where Apple laid out the future of developing software for the iPhone , the company said that it would be providing the full suite of its existing development tools, such as Xcode, for creating iPhone applications. However, in the first version of the SDK that was rolled out, there was one notable omission from that lineup: Interface Builder, the

Review: PDO TopSkin for iPhone

Silicone skins to the left of us, silicone skins to the right of us! They’re everywhere we turn nowadays. Like many of them, PDO’s $20 TopSkin for iPhone (3 mice) provides lightweight protection for your handset without hampering your use of its features and controls.Available in four colors (black, blue, white, and hot pink), the PDO Top Skin has the requisite openings for the iPhone’s screen,

Hot New Themes for BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and 8 Series Devices.

Normally BlackBerry has very ordinary themes and most of the BlackBerry users including me are always after new hot theme for our BlackBerry devices. VitaThemes.com has release a new bunch of BlackBerry for all latest smartphone devices. The theme is called H20 and is very similar to the BB Droid theme.The theme is very nice and fixes one of the problems that had with the Droid theme. It no

RIM confirmed new 3.5G BlackBerry

RIM confirmed new 3.5G BlackBerry (BlackBerry 9000?). RIM is testing a new BlackBerry with 3.5G data capabilities. The Financial Times revealed that Research In Motion (RIM) President Mike Lazaridis has confirmed the near-term release of a 3.5G-enabled BlackBerry smartphone.Lazaridis, The President of RIM (Research In Motion), said that he is toting around a prototype of the new BlackBerry that

The iPhone’s Move to Intel

Coming to an iPhone near you: Intel Processors. The Inquirer is reporting more information from CeBIT where the iPhone was used to represent the smartphone move to Intel’s Moorestown platform. It would be wise to point out the iPhone could have well been representing smartphones in general and not meant a thing about the device itselfTo clarify, the Moorestown platform is based on Intel’s Atom

HTC Shift X9000 UMPC info leaked

Information has leaked regarding a semi-full-featured hybrid tablet ultra-mobile PC from HTC, called the Shift X9000, a 1-inch thick, 2 pound device that features a 7-inch touchscreen and Windows Vista Business. Laptop Magazine recently had a chance to review the unit, noting that the built-in Sprint EVDO connectivity and push email make the device quite interesting. While not officially released

Samsung AnyCall Haptic with 22 types of touch

Samsung is jumping in the market joining the ranks of LG, Apple and others who have put out mobile phones featuring a touchscreen interface with the new AnyCall Haptic SCH-W420 mobile phone. Touchscreens have been all the rage for the past year or so, and already there are enough that companies have to come out with some unique features to help one stand out from the other.To the AnyCall Haptic,

Samsung J700 Review

The Samsung J700 is a compact slide opening mobile phone which comes in a sleek black coloured casing. The handset feels good to hold which weighs 92 grams & its dimensions are 99.5mm tall by 48mm wide by 14.8mm deep which in slender for a slide opening mobile phone. This simple but user friendly mobile phone has been beautifully designed by Samsung & is a member of the J range which includes the

Study: BlackBerrys Dominate Enterprise, But iPhone Users Happiest

A new survey finds that RIM and its BlackBerry still lead the business smartphone space,but Apple iPhone users are most satisfied.Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, is the clear leader in business smartphone marketshare, and the Canadian company's dominance will continue throughout the second quarter of this year, according to a recent report. However, Apple and

Review: XtremeMac’s Sportwrap for iPhone/iPod

Now that the weather is warming up, I have decided to (reluctantly) put down the cheeseballs, and start exercising again. I haven’t really been running since last November and a lot has changed since then. First of all, I am ridiculously out of shape. But more importantly, and relevant to this article, is the fact that I have become so reliant on my iPhone over the past few months that I gave my

See tomorrow’s cellphones today through the eyes of Pantech

Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech recently organized a contest in which students from Korean Universities were asked to create design concepts for cellphones that can be made available by 2010. And in its conclusion, five dazzling mobile phone concept designs were released. Pictured here is the Cell Dot cellphone design, featuring a very minimalist overall look and feel, plus it’s

Vodafone 'looking into' 3G femtocells

Wireless carrier Vodafone Group is testing femtocell technology, which uses mini base stations in homes and small offices to improve indoor 3G coverage.The larger version of this concept is the picocell, which is already an established technology for ensuring 2G/GSM coverage in corporate settings. Femtocells, however, are designed to improve 3G mobile-broadband coverage by rerouting data use off

Colloquy for iPhone and iPod touch

Colloquy for iPhone and iPod touch takes the 20 year old IRC protocol to the nextlevel of mobility — always at your finger tips. * Connects to your Mac so have access to everything Colloquy is connected to. * Even if your WiFi or EDGE network drops, you will get all the messages once the network comes back. * Use all your favorite Colloquy scripts from your phone using the same IRC commands

Nokia E90 gets some sparkle, feels a little uncomfortable about the whole thing

We're used to seeing fashion-centric devices bedecked in jewels all the time, but the E90 is pretty much exclusively the domain of the business set, and we're having a hard time imagining Joe Stock Broker going, like, totally crazy over this pimped version. The Nokia phone has been set with 408 diamonds and an 18 carat white gold shell by Peter Aloisson and retails for around $80k. Yeah, Joe

First downloadable application for iPhone OS 1.2 “Aspen”

Jonathan Zdziarski has made available the first publicly available application for iPhone OS 1.2, a port of his popular NES emulator. The application, for which source code is available, can be built in Xcode and run on iPhone 1.2 devices. Currently iPhone OS 1.2 is only in the hands of developers accepted to Apple’s iPhone Developer Program and holders of leaked copies.The NES emulator uses

SoftBank 920SC Phone

Softbank Mobile has released the PHOTOS 920SC slider phone that features two cameras - a 5-megapixel camera for picture taking and a 3-megapixel one for video conference. It further takes a stamp on the camera-phone market by including a xenon flash, 3X optical zoom, Bluetooth, IrDA, GPS, face recognition and auto focus capabilities. This will give its contemporaries, a run for their money.The

UBS: Next-generation iPhone to use 3G Infineon chipset in mid-2008

next-generation iPhone is a-coming? According to a note from UBS global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois, Apple has tapped German chip-maker Infineon to outfit the guts of the next-gen 3G iPhone. The chipset, which includes a digital baseband controller, power management unit (PMU), and radio frequency (RF) module, will finally bring a 3G HSDPA-enabled iPhone to market - bringing faster

Harvest Delights

Now that the weather is more like autumn it is pleasant to walk around the orchard harvesting chestnuts. As your always looking at the ground there are always lots of life to observe. Spiders of various sizes scurrying around, ants busy moving things , small skinks russeling in the grass. Today this little feller was sunning himself. It's always good to see the orchard provides so many homes for these often forgotten creatures.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W980

Hot on the heels of the new Xperia range and extended Cyber-shot family, Sony Ericsson has added to its popular Walkman range with the W980.The handset packs new audio enhancing technology, 'clear stereo', which makes playback closer than ever to the original recording and 'clear bass' for distortion free sound even at higher volumes. And to make the most of it, a pair of premium HPM-77

Vodafone nixes Windows Mobile 920 handset

Not that we were all that excited for Vodafone to launch their Windows Mobile slider from HTC (HTC Kii?), but we thought a few of you out there might want to know that the Vodafone 920 has been pulled from Vodafone's lineup.Vodafone gave no reason for killing the Vodafone 920, but we're figuring it might have something to do with certification tests or maybe some conflicting product offerings.

O2 XDA Zinc Mobile Phone

The O2 XDA Zinc is the next in the series of O2 XDA Smartphones which are starting to make a name for themselves in the smartphone market. Sleek, easy to use with an impressive polished finish, the handset looks the part and holds a vast array of the latest services required for a life on the move.The O2 XDA Zinc combines a traditional Mobile Phone offering with the latest PDA technology, and is

The O2 XDA Trion mobile phone at the Carphone Warehouse

This is the O2 XDA Trion mobile phone a sharp and stylishly designed mobile in stunning silver with one of the best brains you can find and backed by Windows Mobile 5.0 which allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents and check out PowerPoint presentations, and the use of WiFi and 3G keeps you in control.The O2 XDA Trion has a large touch screen which provides access to all

The O2 XDA Stealth Mobile Phone

The O2 XDA Stealth : ReviewThe O2 XDA Stealth offers another option for those who want a Windows Mobile / pocket pc phone. So far Windows Mobile phones had either a sliding QWERTY keyboard (HTC TyTN, i-mate k-JAM, i-mate JasJar etc), or a QWERTY keyboard on the front (HP IPAQ hw6515, hw6915, Motorola Moto Q, UBIQUIO 501 etc), or no physical keyboard at all (i-mate JAM,i-mate JAMin, O2 Atom etc).

O2 XDA Orion Mobile Phone

The O2 XDA Orion mobile phone was released earlier this year and works with Quad-band GSM networks. The phone weighs close to 106 grams and measures approximately 107.5 x 46 x 17.5 mm. The O2 XDA Orion mobile phone comes with a good 65k color TFT screen with a display resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The screen measures about 34 x 45mm in size.The O2 XDA Orion mobile phone comes with a miniSD card

XDA Mini S Mobile Phone

The smallest and most stylish of O2's Xda rangeWhat it can do - Xda Mini S key featuresAlways be in touch wherever you are with internet access allowing you to surf the internet, access your emails, talk on the phone, input data quickly using the QWERTY keyboard.Benefit from the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Whether for business or leisure use, the Xda Mini S is the ideal

O2 XDA Atom Life (3G & HSDPA)

While the main focus of new phones recently released by O2 were designed for those requiring email and other business oriented applications on the go, one model with a slightly different disposition is the XDA Atom Life. More of a portable multimedia handset, the Atom Life boasts a fast Intel XScale PXA 270 processor that runs at a staggering clock speed of 624MHz. Besides this astonishing jump

O2 Xda Atom Mobile Phone

DesignAt first, visually speaking,The O2 Xda Atom is hard to obviously tell the two apart, save for the obvious switch from a silver style scheme to an all-black one. The Atom is marginally smaller than the Xda II Mini at 102 x 58 x 18.5mm versus the Mini's 108 x 58 x 18.1mm, but that's more of a paper measurement -- we'd challenge anyone picking up both phones to intuitively feel the size

O2 Xda Atom Exec Mobile Phone

This pocket-sized fusion of phone and PDA has enough features to satisfy both general and business consumers, but a premium pricetag places it squarely in the corporate camp.O2 says that mobile email is this model's key feature, using Direct Push technology for wirelessly downloading email, contacts, appointments and tasks from a Microsoft Exchange mail server.You can also set up POP email

O2 X7 Overview

The triband GSM X7 from O2 was announced along with the XDA. It will allow its user to roam the world since it works with all GSM frequencies (GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900). The slider design is not new yet it comes with its own advantages such as taking up less space to store and of course, some feel the design much more appealing then the standard candy bar. The X7 weighs just 83 grams yet

The Simple O2 X2i Mobile Flip Phone

This is quite a reasonable mobile phone from o2 and of which is the o2 X range, this is a flip phone or clamshell some prefer to call it. Personally not one of my favourites but then I see phones every single day so I get to be choose and yes maybe I am spoiled for choice when I see some new phones come out but and I mean BUT this is quite a decent little phone if you want a phone that is very

Vodafone launches Vodafone 125 and Vodafone 225, first ultra-low cost handsets

Vodafone unveiled its first ultra-low cost consumer handsets, the Vodafone 125 and Vodafone 225. The new devices are branded with Vodafone logo and are manufactured by the Chinese ZTE Corporation.The idea behind this Vodafone's move is to "mobilize people" in developing countries where the cost of purchasing a mobile handset can be one of the key barriers to accessing mobile services. You

Exclusive Luxury Toshiba Handset Introduced

The Cosmic Shiner, a FanFun 815T model with diamonds, targeted at the ‘well-to-do’ was unveiled this week in Tokyo. This limited edition model, with only 1,000 available, is to be offered for $4,000 via an interesting invitation only scheme. In addition to the custom design features by Kansai Yamamoto discriminating buyers will also be entitled to a new “Prestige Gold” membership

The o2 XDA Orbit Windows Mobile

We got hold of the o2 XDA Orbit in December 2006, just after its UK release. First impressions have been very positive. This device is another in the popular XDA range from o2, which offer high-specification and high functionality to those looking to get more features on their mobile. The XDA Orbit combines a high-end mobile phone with the power of the latest version of Windows Pocket PC

O2 Jet talk-targeted frill-free phone flies in

UK carrier O2 has launched Jet, the business-oriented, voice-centric handset Reg Hardware exclusively revealed in June this year. The new phone's key feature? A talk time just shy of ten hours, the cellco claimed.As anticipated, Jet is camera-free. It has a quad-band GSM/GPRS radio for networking and Bluetooth 2.0 for device connectivity. The 121g handset sports a 2in, 65,536-colour display to

O2 Ice Mobile Phone

The Ice, exclusive to O2 is, as you may have gathered, white. In fact, I’d describe the colour as pure brilliant white – like the paint. It is tall and thin, and I have to say, rather elegant in design. The phone tapers at both the top and bottom edges, which makes a nice change from blockier handset designs and permits a couple of curves to creep in. When you add in the unusual rounded shaping

O2 Cocoon 3G Phone Review

The beautiful O2 Cocoon is a state of the art 3G fashion phone which has desirable looks & built in Technologies. The Cocoon is a music focused phone which comes with a stunning LED external display & will be noticed in a crowd. The handset is called the Cocoon due to its simple curved casing which is a unique design. The Cocoon has been designed with user friendly features that allow the user to

Samsung Ace Smartphone Is a Bit of a Bust

Samsung Ace Smartphone (Sprint/Nextel)Okay, let’s make one thing clear before we start out: Apple’s iPhone is the handset of the moment — maybe even the next few moments. While this isn’t exactly news to anyone, it may come as a surprise (to even the most pretentious gadget hound) that there is a healthy second-tier of business-savvy PDA/phone combos hitting the market right before the iPhone

7 Jobs That Nokia's Phone of the Future Will Be Good For

Nokia's Morph concept phone offers an image of the future. It is a future where, despite nanotechnology being so advanced we can fabricate integrated circuits, displays and physical interfaces that are able reconfigure themselves in a dynamic freeform substrate, we are still making phone calls. Here are 7 alternative uses for a form so advanced it makes its own function seem comically

T-Mobile Blackberry 8820, 8120 Launch Gets Scheduled

US T-Mobile subscribers who've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of new Blackberrys (I'm sure you're out there guys) can relax. The Pearl 8820 will be available as soon as March 24th, and its smaller cousin 8120 hits the upgrade program on April 14th. No word on how much they'll cost you, though.

The Many Faces of the Tancher Transformer Concept Phone

Once again we dip into the bin of impressive but implausible concepts with this Tancher Transformer phone design from Shkinder Maxim. The device can be configured in countless ways to act as a multimedia player and projector with support for holographic image projection and 3-D scanning.If that wasn't outrageous enough, there are also ideas that involve a built in voice analyzer for lie detection

Time for luxury - Golden Sony Ericsson T650i

As we know, Valentine’s Day is coming and we all must start thinking about presents for our darling ones. Maybe somebody with pleasure and maybe somebody with pressure, but the fact is that we must, I mean if we don't want to meet Valentine’s Day in a loneliness and in principle, not only Valentine’s Day :D.OK, let's pretend that we got some money and our girlfriend or boyfriend (for girls),

LionKing800 Mobile Phone Boasts One Year Standby? Hmmm

We’ve seen some handset manufacturers take a few liberties here and there, but at least they typically try to issue specs that bear some semblance of reality. Sometimes however, you skip past a gem that warrants a double-take, a snicker and a few solid minutes of pointing and laughing. Take the LionKing800 for example. Moving past the fact that if this device was built by any credible

Nokia's Remade Phone

The Wall Street Journal tells us that "Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile-phone maker by sales, unveiled a new handset made of no new parts. Called "Remade," the handset uses 100% recycled pieces, the latest in the company's push to go green, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, chief executive of Nokia, said yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona."That would be nice, but from what we can tell

New Diamond Cell Phone from Tiffany

Luxury cell phones are not a new thing anymore, but they keep on appearing to satisfy the fashion needs of those who have larger bank accounts. SoftBank, a leading Japanese mobile carrier,partnered with Tiffany Japan to bring such a phone, that will be sold for 10 million Japanese Yens, meaning about $93,600. It cannot compete against the world's most expensive phone, Goldvish Le Million, which

Fly Mobile Bring Levi's The Original

Levi's The Original is a fashionable phone that weighs 98 grams, measures 96 x 55 x 11 millimeters and comes in a candybar form factor. The device's case and keypad are made of high-quality stainless steel while its top-part, where the Levi's logo is engraved, is made of soft plastic for the users' ears comfort. Moreover, the phone's case has 12 tiny steel bolts that bring in mind the Levi's

March : Edible Portland, Worms, Bantams + Events !

Daylight rolled forward on the 9th. On the radio that day there was an organic farmer talking about how his dairy cows handle this change.They are sleepy, it's weirdly dark, they aren't too sure they wanted to be milked at what feels like an hour earlier (?!) ...so the farmer eases them into it by shortening the milking time from an hour to half an hour for at least a week in the morning and

I Love Obento!

Oh, yes I do! I just received word today that I Love Obento! is finally open for business.

The store features bento boxes (Japanese lunch boxes) and the little lunchtime accessories that you see in many of my own lunch box creations: plastic picks to skewer bites of fruit or vegetables, paper dividers and cups, tiny sauce bottles, rice molds, and more.

It's sometimes hard for natural, healthy foods to compete in an age of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and neon-colored pudding tubes, so lunch boxes and accessories like these are a great way to turn a healthy lunch into a special, fun treat for your kids (or yourself!)

Even more astonishing, the store actually has copies of the original edition of Vegan Lunch Box for sale. I think these may be the last remaining brand new copies in existence. A few used copies have been selling for an ungodly amount on amazon, but if you want an original, brand new edition at a reasonable price hurry over to I Love Obento!

Gigabyte GSmart MS808 Smartphone

Remember last week when I told you what a disaster it would be if Deutsche Telecom was to purchase Sprint as there are just so many wireless technologies to support? Well, I think I may have just found the phone which works with *almost* all of the technologies these two wireless carriers currently provide.The Gigabyte GSmart MS808 supports HSDPA, WCDMA 2100, EDGE, GSM850/900/1800/1900, and GPRS.

Samsung 8MP Cellphone Module is World's Slimmest

Good news for those who rely on their cellphones for their photo- taking needs; Samsung has just unveiled the world's slimmest 8MP CMOS, which measures a diminutive, 28mm × 15.3mm × 8.5mm. The semiconductor was designed specifically for cellphones, and it will push handsets beyond their current 5MP restraints. [Ed: 5MP as the limit in slimmer phones.] The new module, which is 10% more compact

NVIDIA Wants to Buy VIA for Mobile Processor Action?

In case you've been living under the rock that is your desktop PC, the mobile/UMPPC processor biz is hot shit right now. So Digitimes' report that Nvidia was in talks to pick up Via (who specializes in mobile processors, like in the OQO, or their own UMPC) makes sense, particularly with Nvidia's recent charge back into the mobile market with its low power, HD video-eating chipsets.Supposedly the

Vertu's 10th Anniversary Monogram Constellation Cellphones

Nokia's luxury subsidiary Vertu is celebrating 10 years of selling over-designed, under-featured, overpriced cellphones with a new collection of over-designed, under-featured, overpriced cellphones called the Monogram Constellation. Soon to reach your nearest Louis Vuitton shop in Chinatown, these models have the V monogram printed on the leather back in a four-hour process that is for sure going

Das iPhone Arrives in Austria and Ireland

And Apple is further extending its reach with the multi-touch enabled cell phone. The Apple iPhone is now available in Austria through T-Mobile and in Ireland via the O2 network. The popular cell phone has already been available in the United States for some time now and it has also launched in several European countries like France and Germany.It was only a matter of time before "das iPhone"

World's Most Expensive iPhone or Lamborghini Gallardo: You Decide

There are some people in this world that just have too much money for their own good and it is these people who would have no problem spending $176,400 on the world's most expensive iPhone. It's not that that particular handset comes with any special functionality, free cellular service, or even an extended battery. What makes it so pricey is all that blingery.Peter Aloisson, a luxury designer

Vodafone shows off Samsung i640

Vodafone has updated its website with news of a successor to the Samsung i620, cunningly called the i640.Samsung's i640 is available through Vodafone's UK wesbiteThe phone, which is now available to buy in the UK, retains the i620's slider design. Specifications provided by Vodafone are annoyingly vague, though the network provider does state that the i640 is a tri-band GSM/GPRS handset that also

CRUNCH, Crunch, crunch

That is the sound of footsteps in the orchard as I harvest the chestnuts. Everything as gone crispy under foot and in the air, a strange cracking sound came from an uphill chestnut, I looked up expecting to see a flock of Adelaide Rosella in the tree but no, it was the sound of dry leaves breaking from the tree and landing on the dry grass. Such as been March so far. The record heat wave has hit this valley hard, just at the time when we should
Be riffling through damp leaves in the morning drizzle. Throughout the hills orchardist are facing this force as they try to harvest apples and pears. Since the beginning of March this is how our temperature reading has gone.
1 29 C Max 10C Min
2 33 & 10
3 35 & 15
4 37 & 18
5 38 & 19
6 37 & 19
7 38 & 22
8 40 & 23
9 39 & 24
10 38 & 17
11 36 & 16
12 38 & 28
13 39 & 24
14 37 & 19
15 37 & 22
16 38 & 23
Today’s temperature is predicted at 39 C. The March average temperatures 22.8 C Max 10.6C min. March average rainfall is 44mm so far 0
Despite the heat and dry conditions the quality of the chestnuts are very good, the yield will be down 2/3rds and it will cool down soon (I hope) and then people will want some hot roasted chestnuts .Until then they are safely stored in the cold room What the long term effects on the orchard will be only time will tell.

KT610 Symbian 60 qwerty internet & messaging phone

In a competition with Nokia LG needed something that would resemble Nokia’s communicator series. With its KT610 presented at this year’s MWC in Barcelona LG has a chance to attract customers with a genuine interest in searching the internet and messaging.It is a clamshell, which after closing becomes a regular looking mobile that can be used for a phone call.Although not available on the market

Samsung F490 - finally a serious iPhone rival?

Samsung has announced today its new handset - the follower of F400. According to Trusted Reviews Samsung has learned its lessons from the launch of F400. F490 seems to be a lot more attractive than it’s predecessor. The most attractive for the potential buyer features are: HSPDA connectivity and 5MP camera.It looks good as well, and having almost the same dimensions as the iPhone (115 x 53.5 x

Goldstriker Spring 2008 collection

GoldStriker world’s largest online boutique for luxury mobile phones, iPods and rare personal gifts release new series Spring 2008 of gold cell phone for Nokia and Samsung Brands. The collection include Nokia 7900 Prism 24ct gold & Platinum editions, a phone featuring 3G support, a 2-inch OLED display with 16 million colors, music player, 1GB internal memory, Bluetooth, microUSB connectivity,

ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 Touch-Screen PDA Phone

the ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone by ASUS looks and acts much like the iPhone. Italian auto manufacturer Lamborghini is releasing their own touch-screen phone, which is speculated to look and act very similar to the Apple iPhone. The ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone will be made by ASUS who will unveil the luxury gadget in Germany later this month at the CeBit tech show. According to Mobinaute, who has a

Nokia 5070 review

Nokia 5070 review Nokia's 5070 is a straightforward mobile phone with no frills. It is definitely at the low end of mid-range, if not even lower than that. Made almost entirely of plastic

Nokia 3500 classic

Nokia 3500 classic During its annual Nokia Connection event in Singapore, Nokia expanded its portfolio of affordable, well-designed mobile phones for the mid-range market with the

Nokia N81

The Nokia N81 Review The Nokia N81, with dedicated music and gaming keys can be called musicphone cum gaming device. The N-gage gaming platform has been revamped to with S60 device packs

LG KF600 / LG Venus

The GSM version of the LG Venus VX8800, the LG KF600 is a dual-screen slider phone, with a touch-sensitive display at the bottom. This may look like a bit of a gimmick, but remember that the very popular Nintendo DS uses a very similar system.LG call the lower screen the "InteractPad™" - it is a 1.5" 40 x 176 touchscreen that dynamically changes according to the application that the phone is

Sony Ericsson G700 and G900

These two handsets look like ordinary Sony Ericsson phones, but in fact the Sony Ericsson G700 and G900 are two touchscreen Symbian smartphones, designed to bring touchscreen technology into the mainstream.Both handsets are very similar in terms of specifications. The Sony Ericsson G900 is a 3G device with WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and a photo light, a 2.4" 320 x 240 pixel

Adidas and Samsung Launch Mobile Training System miCoach

Yesterday at the Palau de les Arts Reina SofĂ­a, adidas and Samsung, announced their strategic partnership and unveiled the first product initiative as a result of the collaboration, called miCoach.miCoach is a real-time training system designed to motivate, inspire and enable athletes at all levels to reach their training goals. It collects and turns personal data into individual training plans

MemoryUP Boosts Mobile RAM Enhancing Performance

eMobiStudio Inc. announced the release of MemoryUp Standard Edition v2.2, an extension over its MemoryUp v2.0. In the new upgrade, a refined optimization algorithm is developed to automatically adjust mobile RAM refreshing rate in order to further reduce overall mobile system load.“Not only can MemoryUp boost up the overall performance of smartphone and BlackBerry, ” said eMobiStudio CTO, Daniel

Verizon renames the Samsung U740 to Alias

The U740 was released in Feb 2007, yet now over a year later, Verizon has decided to change the branding of the phone to Alias. No official word was given by Verizon as to why they decided on a name change, but one can only guess it’s to move away from obscure model numbers to a catchy name, now that we know the upcoming U940 will be called “Glyde”.“At first glance, the Samsung Alias in Black

Apple Announces iPhone 2.0 Software Beta

Apple previewed its iPhone 2.0 software, scheduled for release this June, and announced the immediate availability of a beta release of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers.The iPhone 2.0 beta release includes both the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as new enterprise features such as support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to provide secure, over-the-air

Samsung Anycall L258 announced in Kong Kong

Samsung Electronics introduced its latest glossy candy-bar phone, SAMSUNG Anycall L258. This stylish model comes with handwriting recognition to bring mobile users’ greater and more personal connectivity with friends.The slim and compact SAMSUNG Anycall L258 comes in a metallic-silver and black exterior, giving the phone an added sense of sophistication and glamour. With its touch screen and

Emoze Pushes Free Email Push and Sync Technology

Emoze is pushing its free push email services for CTIA. We received an invite for a meeting at CTIA which stated.emoze announced some great achievements and developments of its push-communication technology:* Everyone with a personal email account from their Internet service provider can now download emoze for free and have their email pushed to their mobile phone or PDA* emoze is now the

YouTube Mobile 3G Enhancements & Java Beta Launchd.

YouTube announced enhacements for Mobile giving users access to the largest repository of mobile video content available, on over 100 million devices worldwide, and will give them more tools to personalize their experience.YouTube for Mobile (http://m.youtube.com/) users will be able to access tens of millions of videos. YouTube for Mobile requires either a streaming capable (RTSP) phone as well


Motorola Updates Verizon Q9m & K1m, T-Mobile W490 Firmware

Motorola has issued three new firmware updates, all of which are available for updating via the internet.The first, and largest update, is for the Verizon version of the Motorola Q9m. The update is not detected by the standard version of Motorola Software Update. Users must go to the MSU web site (linked below), and select the Verizon Q9m from the list of available phones. A special version of

Meizu iPhone clone makes public appearance

Meizu’s miniOne iPhone clone — also known as the M8 — has made an appearance at the ongoing CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany. The device on public display can only display four different images, but is said to closely mimic the interface of the iPhone, including its finger-flick touchscreen motions.Technically the OS runs on top of Windows CE 6.0, but it looks, and works, just like the OS X Mobile

58 Million U.S. Mobile Subscribers Have Seen Advertising Over Their Phones

Twenty-three percent (58 million) of all U.S. mobile subscribers say they have been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days, according to a new report out today from The Nielsen Company. Half (51% or 28 million) of all data users who recall seeing mobile advertising in the previous 30 days say they responded to a mobile ad in some way.The findings come from the bi-annual Mobile

Yahoo! Announces Yahoo! onePlace Mobile Content Management

Yahoo! today unveiled Yahoo! onePlace - a mobile content management solution.Yahoo! onePlace will bring together a consumer's interests and important information into a single location. Everything is instantly organized, dynamically kept current, and served to them the way they want.For example, if a user is planning a holiday to Paris in June, he could create a "Paris" collection, and begin

Samsung Unveiled Soul in ClamShell, Samsung G400

Samsung today announced the launch of Samsung G400, the latest dual screen clamshell at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Samsung G400 inherits the look and feel of Samsung’s flagship product Soul with unique premium exterior and graphical user interface design identity.Similar to Soul, the Samsung G400 offers a new series of graphic user interfaces (GUI) providing three different options for users.

Yahoo! Brings Yahoo! Go 3.0 and New Mobile Widgets for European Users

Yahoo! today announced at CeBIT 2008 the upcoming availability of Yahoo! Go 3.0 for a number of European countries, as well as several new European-based widgets that will be accessible across Yahoo!'s mobile browser and client-based offerings.Within the next two months, European users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK will be able to access localized services from new mobile widget

Nokia to Use Microsoft Silverlight in S60 Phones

Nokia today announced plans to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60 on Symbian OS as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets. Adding support for Silverlight will extend opportunities for developers to create rich, interactive applications that run on multiple platforms in a consistent and reliable way.Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering

Vodafone’s Otello search engine uses images, not text

Vodafone is demonstrating a trial service called “Otello”, which is a search engine that uses images, rather than words at the CeBIT show in Germany. Rather than use a word as a search term, Otello users can send images via MMS from their mobiles and the search service which then returns the results to the user’s phone as an “ordinary” search result.A picture from a newspaper, billboard, book

Sony Ericsson Announces T303 slider phone

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the T303, a small compact slider phone with a mirrored screen, metal housing and chrome finish. The T303 comes with a built-in FM radio, meaning you can tune in, chill out, and let time just pass you by.Sony Ericsson T303 - At a Glance * TrackID * FM Radio * Media player * Java * Camera: 1.3 megapixel camera * Bluetooth * USB support * Size: 83 x 47 x 14.7 mm * Weight

Social.FM coming soon to your cellphone

Social.FM will be coming to your cellphone; similar to Last.FM, in that it offers a streaming genre-specific radio service, Social.FM also gives access to a user’s own digital music collection and a social network with buddy-list music playback. Available for Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets, the service requires a 3G or WiFi connection.HandMark has contracts with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,

MOTOROLA RIZR Z3 BLACK Mobile Phone Review

Motorola again have released a latest version mobile phone in the market known as Motorola RIZR Z3 black mobile phone. This RIZR is a beautiful phone with very attractive cool blue backlighting on the keypad. This is a superslim slide version mobile from Motorola which created a good impact on the overall users mind.Design:The Motorola RIZR Z3 black mobile phone is measuring about 106 x 46 x 16mm

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Smartphone Video review

Vodacom and Research In Motion introduced the new BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone in South Africa. The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone’s built-in GPS with Vodafone SatNav, powered by Telmap SatNav technology, enables users to find an address and track their location simply and easily as the route is displayed on a 3D map, together with audible step-by-step directions. The BlackBerry Pearl

Philips Xenium 9@9j can use standard AAA batteries; Available in Asia

On the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Philips has demoed one of its latest handset - Xenium 9@9j. Just like the rest of 9@9 series, this one also has an excellent battery life plus, it can also use standard AAA batteries as a source of power.Other Philips Xenium 9@9 specs include: * Quad band GSM (900/1800/1900/850 MHz)/GPRS connectivity * 176×220 px 262K color TFT display * 1.3 megapixel

Sony Ericsson W380i pictures and video

Here is some pictures of Sony Ericsson W380i and also a short video.Sony Ericsson just unveiled its new non-3G Walkman phone - W380i. There’s the 176×220 262K color TFT internal and 128×36 monochrome STN external screen, 14 MB of phone memory that is further expandable with microSD cards, 1.3 MP camera, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP). As for the pre-installed apps, users can expect Sony Ericsson’s

Samsung to release its two AM OLED handsets in Japan; Samsung 820SC and Samsung 821SC

Samsung Electronics launches its two AM OLED handsets Samsung 820SC and Samsung 821SC in Japan market through Softbank, which both support 1-seg and international roaming service.So, first model Samsung 821Sc adopting 2.6-inch AM OLED display with QVGA resolution, the 820SC offers ten hours of 1-seg recording via 2GB micro SD card. Measuring 51.3 x 102.8 x 18.2mm at 132g weight, it comes with

Windows Mobile trojan in the wild - InfoJack Trojan

Watch out folks, security firm McAfee has warned that they've discovered a new Windows Mobile trojan. This time, the trojan, InfoJack Trojan, is actually in the wild and capable of infecting unprotected Windows Mobile smartphones.The InfoJack Trojan infects your Windows Mobile device when an unsuspecting user downloads and installs an infected application, or uses an infected memory card. The

Mitsubishi Electric to Terminate Mobile Handset Business

Mitsubishi Electric has decided to no longer continue its mobile handset business in Japan.Mitsubishi Electric started supplying car phones in 1983 to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corp. and since then, the company has been involved in the mobile handset business in Japan, with the recent products supplied to NTT DoCoMo.It has become difficult these days, however, to expect growth in

T-Mobile and Nokia introduce Nokia 6650

Today, at CeBIT 2008, T-Mobile and Nokia announced the Nokia 6650, available exclusively for T-Mobile customers, the Nokia 6650 is equipped with the latest wireless features, such as an integrated GPS and multimedia player, allowing T-Mobile customers easy access to a wide range of services such as web'n'walk, MyFaves, Mobile Jukebox and NaviGate.The Nokia 6650 will be available from T-Mobile

Nokia introduces the Nokia 6124 classic for Vodafone

Nokia today announced the launch of the Nokia 6124 classic, exclusively available from Vodafone in Vodafone markets. The Nokia 6124 classic is a compact multimedia device offering Vodafone customers faster and easier access to all of Vodafone's high speed Internet and entertainment services.Available exclusively for Vodafone customers world-wide, the Nokia 6124 classic has a 2.0" display and


At Nirvana nothing is more important than producing quality compost to ensure nutrient recycling within the farm system.

In natures ’Wheel of life’ composting occurs at the bottom of the cycle, where death processes are turned back into life processes in the form of humus.

On the farm or garden it is the deliberate putting together materials to produce quality humus of the right quality to enliven the to enliven the soil .The end result is an even, dark brown/ black, humus rich, hygienic, living substance with a pleasant smell.


HUMUS is made up of long chained molecules that act like a sponge to increase the water holding capacity. Humus holds 900 times more water than sand. Humus binds nutrients in its structure so it is available to plants and not lost through leaching. Humus is also the home of soil organisms, who on death become fertiliser.

IN BIO -DYNAMICS there is NO ONE METHOD OF COMPOSTING within a farm or garden. There may be several different types of compost systems.

Just like there is no one way to prepare a family meal. The aim of both is to provide a broad range of ingredients to achieve a balanced meal. (For humans or the soil.)

Bio Dynamic practitioners use a broad range of composting methods. The method selected depends on:

  • Types of materials available. Both on and off property.
  • Quantity of materials / Available equipment.
  • Crops nutritional needs.

Success with composting depends on;

The right mix of ingredients

Compost needs the essential elements of:

Organic matter: Here we have the ‘U-Klekt-It Compost Company’ to supply good quality and quantity of chook and goose manure mixed with sawdust .On its own it makes reasonable compost as its C:N ratio is about right. But the more ingredients the better the compost. We grow comfrey and nettles to add to this along with any other green material. The types of green materials vary according to the seasons. Today’s compost had good quantities of fresh nettles, comfrey and a mix of other greens.




All these are required in balance by micro organisms in the heap.

In addition to the above elements compost requires the human element or ‘Quinta essentisa’ .The ordering principle to collect the ingredients and put the heap together. In addition a set of biodynamic preparation are added to the heap. If you think of a compost heap as a body then when we add the biodynamic preparations the heap is organized (Like adding organs to the body) The breakdown and more importantly build up of new substance (humus) is guided and balanced.

To help master the craft of composting draw some comparisons e.g.

Think of the process of making a cake:-collecting the ingredients, incorporating the right amount of air, baking at the correct temperature, testing for readiness, cutting to reveal the texture, moisture and complete baking.



Once the heap is completed the temperature starts to rise reaching between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius with in a few days. This heating process continues for up to 6 weeks then gradually reduces again until it stabilises at air temperature. The compost goes through 3 stages as it develops.



  • Proteins are broken down by bacteria producing amino acids and ammonia
  • Carbohydrates are broken down to simple sugars, organic acids and carbon dioxide.

Heat is required.

Build Up:

  • The fungi ingest the free ammonia and rebuild it into amino acids contained in their mycelia.

Moisture is critical.


  • Heating is reduced and the heat loving bacteria has produced spores and the fungi have pre-digested food for worms.
  • Mixing of organic substances creating polymerised carbon chains - humus, which absorb captions such as calcium, ammonium, magnesium, potassium, and others becoming a sponge for nutrients.
  • Arthropods e.g. centipedes begin to develop.

At this stage the compost can be used for heavy feeders, e.g. cabbage, corn, pumpkins ECT.


  • Humus bacteria come in. The compost turns into good crumbly humus with the smell of fresh earth. To test for this stage take a handful of compost and shape it into a ball - it should hold its shape, now drop it, it should fall apart. It is ready to use.

Want to learn more check out 2008 Courses

The Harvest Continues

As March begins many of the harvest are reaching their peak.

The grapes
are all harvested,

The hazelnuts in their neat fairy dresses have fallen

to earth and been collected up

The birds left some crab apples to harvest.

Their jelly partners the rosehips are also being harvested.

The netted figs can all ripen ready for harvest

We then wait for the weather to cool; nice soaking rains to open the walnuts and chestnuts. To allow the years harvest to be complete.

O2’s bringing the iPhone to Ireland on March 14th

O2 has confirmed that following it’s launch of the iPhone in the UK, it will be the exclusive carrier for Apple’s mobile phone in Ireland.iPhone will be sold in Ireland through O2 retail stores. The device will also be available through Carphone Warehouse retail stores. iPhone will be available in an 8GB model for €399 (inc VAT) and a 16GB model for €499 (inc VAT) and will work with either a PC

InfoSonics Begins Shipping Its i700 verykool GSM Slider Handset Into South America

InfoSonics Corporation has begun to ship its verykool i700 to carriers in South America.The i700, a slider form factor, is a quad-band, feature-rich wireless cellular phone that includes a 2.2 inch LCD display, 2.0 mega-pixel camera, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, an MP3 player and additional features. The product is currently shipping in three colors; black, blue and red.Specifications: *

iPhone SDK apps to require Apple approval and iTunes distribution - I am So Shocked!

In a move that anyone even remotely familiar with Apple could have seen coming from miles away, even with the SDK Apple wants complete control of what Apps make it onto the iPhone and iPod Touch and complete control of distribution. I don’t think this tidbit has been confirmed, but how likely is it Apple is going to open up any portion of their business model?The rumor also says that third party

Samsung launches entry level phone Guru100 in India

Samsung announced the launch of its entry level mobile handset - Samsung Guru100. Equipped with features such as MP3 ringtones, mobile tracker and 9-hour long battery, Samsung Guru100 offers a strong value proposition to its users with its consumer relevant features and affordable pricing.Samsung Guru100 is a stylish bar-shaped handset that offers unrestricted talktime of 9 long hours. The