Sub-$100 Purple Magic 3G Linux powered mobile phone unveiled by NXP and Purple Labs

The independent semiconductor company founded by Philips - NXP Semiconductors and the embedded Linux solution provider for mobile phones - Purple Labs today announced the low-cost Linux-powered 3G mobile phone. The so called Purple Magic phone is based on the NXP Nexperia Cellular System Solution 7210 for 3G, coupled with the Purple Labs Linux suite. First it’s important to say this is a

Garmin hits iPhone directly with Nuviphone

We know, it’s not like the nüvifone is a total surprise any longer, but just in case you tend to rest easier after digesting information straight from the source, here goes.The Nuviphone aims both to compete with the iPhone as well as to bring Garmin’s experience with GPS navigation to the forefront. Almost entirely controlled by a 3.5-inch touchscreen interface, the device centers around its

Panasonic prepare to lunch Panasonic 822P

Panasonic is going to release its 8.9mm-thick mobile phone ‘822P’ in Japan market, which is equipped with a 2.2-inch display with 240 x 320(QVGA) resolution, a 2M camera with auto focus function and a micro card slot expandable to 2GB. Supporting international roaming service and Bluetooth connectivity.The 822P comes with four different colors including red, pink gold, black and white. It is

Alltel Wireless also announced,Samsung Muse sports

The Samsung Muse sports is the second mobile phone announced of Alltel Wireless with a fresh look and a stimulating sound to satisfy all who find inspiration in music. With the Samsung Muse, those passionate about music always have their favorite tunes within reach. Users can customize the phone with a dedicated music key for ringtones, XM Radio Mobile and easy access to the MP3 player.The

Alltel Wireless announced the LG Scoop

Alltel Wireless announced the LG Scoop ,plan to be available during the first quarter of 2008.The LG Scoop allows customers to take it easy on their thumbs with a messaging-friendly QWERTY keyboard and chat-style IM. Offered in three colors including citrus orange, slate gray and turquoise blue, the LG Scoop has AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger pre-loaded, so there is never a missed

Bell Mobility lets loose white HTC Touch, Verizon next?

Canadian carrier introduced a white version of the same device and is therefore again faster than Verizon which is expected to introduce a white HTC Touch as the Verizon XV6900 as well.The specs stays the same and the white HTC Touch also runs on the Windows Mobile 6 Professional supporting Bell’s EV-DO high speed mobile network and featuring HTC TouchFLO, a 2 megapixel camera and camcorder,

Pantech’s W61PT in AU KDDI shops

One of the ten KDDI “Spring Collection” presented yesterday,is Pantech W61PT.This time, Pantech is aiming at women from 20 to 40 years old with a sweet design and 3 “fresh” colors (Noble White, Elegant Pink et Midnight Black). The specifications include a 2.4 inches screen, 2 megapixels Digital Camera, MicroSD port and many other functions in just 14.2mm of thickness.Via Akihabara News

Gmail IMAP Now Works With Windows Mobile

I currently carry two phones around with me during the day, my personal Nokia N95 and my HTC S620 for work. The S620 is a great phone for email, but unfortunately the Windows Mobile version of the gmail mobile app looks awful on it, and gmail IMAP had problems dealing with HTML email.Luckily, the gmail IMAP problems with Windows Mobile have just been fixed and I now have good access to my gmail

Nokia to buy mobile software firm Trolltech

Nokia said on Monday that it would acquire Trolltech ASA for about 844mn krona (US$153.7mn) or 16 Norwegian krona per share in cash.The Finnish mobile handset giant said the acquisition of Trolltech will enable it to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and develop its Internet services business.The Board of Trolltech has unanimously

Panasonic VIERA 920P TV Mobile Phone

Panasonic is releasing a mobile phone based on its television line, the VIERA.The Panasonic VIERA 920P is a phone which would initially be available for the Japanese market. To be released for Softbank, the Panasonic VIERA 920P features a 3-inch wide VGA resolution and a simplistic rectangular design to maximize your viewing experience. It can be folded on its hinge either vertically or

Nec Flask Cell Phone Is Pure Liquid Gold

The NEC Flask which will be released sometime in 2008, it is powered by a liquid fuel cell that disappears as power is drained away.The handset features a touchscreen display and what appears to be valve to potentially recharge the handset once the fuel has all been used.There are no other details as of now or even how they plan on refilling the fuel, just these pics from the NEC’s Website which

Google CEO bullish on mobile Web advertising

AVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - The arrival of a truly mobile Web, offering a new generation of location-based advertising, is set to unleash a "huge revolution", Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said on Friday."It's the recreation of the Internet, it's the recreation of the PC (personal computer) story and it is before us -- and it is very likely it will happen in the next year," he told a

Solar Powered MP4 Player 2GB - Mobile Power Station

Uniquely designed 2GB MP4 Player with 2 solar panels built in for either recharging the built in Li-ion batteries or for recharging other electrical devices through the USB OUT. The eco friendly MP4 player will never have to be plugged in to get any power, and with the ability to recharge 4.5V, 5V, 6.3V, 9V devices, you will be getting a mobile power station wherever you go.Other excellent

Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman, in Pink

W580i Walkman to the list of victims being subjected to this "Here is another phone that took the pink plunge lately. After the Pearl, add the Sony Ericssonpink" treatment. Features remain the same as the original saintly white version of the W580i including the "shake control" and Yahoo, AOL, and MSN email support. Available on AT&T at $129.99 on a two-year contract.Features* 2.0 MP camera with

Samsung Electronics Launches Secret Color Phone Models

Looking like something out of a Barbie set, Samsung Electronics launches two models of their Secret Color Phone Line namely models SCH-W360 and SPH-W3600.The phones feature a two-tone scheme with the keyboards available in four different colors -- blue, pink, green, and red. The keyboard is a touchpad with vibration for tactile feedback. The phones could also support two concurrent Bluetooth

Opera delivers the Web on world's first mobile WiMax gaming device

Opera Software announced that Korea-based POSBRO has selected the Opera browser for what is labelled the world's first portable WiMax gaming device. The POSBRO G100 takes advantage of the high data speeds offered by WiMax (4G) to deliver online gaming from a portable device. POSBRO used the Opera 9 for Devices SDK to create a compelling Web experience for people using the G100 device.The device

Brando SIM-unlock card for iPhone

Apparently the deal with this card is that you slide it into your iPhone and it somehow magically hardware unlocks your iPhone. I am not an electrical engineer, so I can’t tell you how well this thing will work, but if I had to guess, it won’t.Although there does appear to be a chip, and not a memory one, maybe some sort of processor, that might be able to help accomplish the task, but I am still


The January weather has been variable from extremely hot to morning fogs and dews. The cooler days have provided an opportunity to get some berries pruned and mowing done. It is the driest since we have been here (25 years) most of the spring fed ponds have dried up. Last week we have missed out on the storms that were associated with a very unusual weather pattern from the east.

Now the main raspberry season is over the main job is pruning the berries as well as picking and processing the ripening fruit.

Another job is removing the nets from the berries. This is one of those ‘many hands make light work’ type of job so with a group of students from the FOOD FOREST permaculture course coming for a farm tour it was an ideal opportunity to get the nets down. As well as a farm tour they enjoyed lunch in the willow house.

Picking mulberries is a messy business, they are plump, juicy and delicious but very few people are interested in buying them……So I’ll process them into vinegar and jam to sell and wine for our table. Some will be frozen for winter crumble tops and cakes. The plums have demolished by the rainbow lorikeets. Next year they will be netted, I’ve been pruning them lower to allow for netting. Which may work for the birds but what about the kangaroos? They are eating rock hard quinces plus the bark and leaves of the trees. They have been around for a couple of years now, in fact ever since a property at the back of us was sub divided and an electric fence was put around 20 acres. This has blocked the corridor through to Mark Oliphant Conservation Park. Add to this to the drought and our greener than average valley is very attractive to the kangaroos.

Samsung SGH-L310 and SGH-L320 for fashion

Seoul, Korea, January 24, 2008 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone and telecommunication equipment provider, today announced the launch of SGH-L310 and SGH-L320 for fashion conscious users.Creating a new segment to introduce a gender concept for mobile phone market with a launch of SGH-A400 in 2001, Samsung has continuously shown a successful female phone line up including

The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism adds a touch of glamour

Nokia unveiled its latest addition to the Prism Collection, the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism, aimed at design-conscious consumers. With its seamless diamond-cut design with a crystal centre key, the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism continues to highlight the geometric shapes and personalized style of the Prism Collection.Nokia worked in collaboration with the creative designer Frédérique Daubal, which

YouTube for Mobile (beta)*

Access millions of YouTube videos at any time right from your mobile phone. This downloadable application puts YouTube in your pocket.Which videos are hot?Access the latest, the best and the most viewed videos.Search......and watch any YouTube video.Stay tunedWatch your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos any time.UploadUpload videos directly from your mobile phone.*Available for Nokia's

Readius® commercial product brings e-reading comfort to mobile phones using rollable displays

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – January 22nd 2008 – Polymer Vision, the inventor of rollable displays and a spin out from Philips, today introduced the Readius® product for commercial launch by mid 2008. The exclusive device exploits the versatility of rollable displays to merge the ‘reading friendly’ strengths of e-readers with the ‘high mobility’ features of mobile phones. Together with the

Toshiba Unveils New G450 Mobile Phone Plus USB Modem

Toshiba UK today also announced the G450, a unique four-in-one innovative mobile device designed to enable anyone to connect a laptop to the internet using a HSDPA mobile network. As well as providing instant high speed mobile broadband access, the G450 is a mobile phone for voice calls and texting, a USB data storage device and an MP3 player. It will be available across Europe in the first

LG KW838 Chocolate Phone with 2 Flavors

LG chocolate phone has got 2 flavors in one in China. The upcoming chocolate phone, LG KW838 will support CDMA and GSM network with its 2 sim card slots.When both GSM and CDMA sim cards are inserted, both networks can be activated and stand by at the same time. Whenever there is an incoming call from GSM network, you press the G button to answer/end the calls. The C button will be used for CDMA

Nokia Introduces Low End Nokia 2600 Classic and Nokia 1209

Nokia unveiled the Nokia 2600 classic and the Nokia 1209, two mobile handsets that offer range of colors or exchangeable covers for consumers in emerging markets. Nokia 2600 classic, which will retail for approximately 65 euros before applicable taxes or subsidies, has begun shipping, ramping up in all key markets during the first quarter of 2008. Nokia 1209 will become available globally during

iBoom JukeBox

iBoom JukeBox takes iPod speakers to the next level by including an RF remote that enables you to control iPod playback from across the room and through walls. The remote also features a bright and easy-to-read display screen for surfing and selecting your iPod content right on the remote. Total control at your fingertips!With its elegant design and touch-sensitive controls, iBoom JukeBox is sure

Is Modu Similar to Will Com's W-Sim in Japan?

Today Modu Wireless releases a teaser video on their upcoming product. Without any explaination but just the promotional video, people are guessing the functionality of the card they are showing. It looks really like the idea of W-SIM in Japan though.Available in 2005, the W-Sim is a new technology used by Japanese PHS operator Willcom. The card is much larger than your normal sim card, but it

Sony Ericsson T270 and T280 Coming on 24-Jan

24-Jan is the day for a Sony Ericsson press event in India this week. News from several blogs that T270 and T280 will be announced this week.Similar to Sony Ericsson T250 announced in 2007, the new T270 and T280 are low end phone with bluetooth and FM radio. Both of them will have a 128 x 160 resolution display screen. The T280 will have an extra camera module compare to T270. Other than that

New Sony Ericsson Kxxx phone

New Sony Ericsson announcement is expected to be held very soon. While we are playing the waiting game, more rumors are being leaked as usual. posted a possible new release, which is another cybershot branded camera phone. No confirmed model name yet, but the site says it will be belongs to the k-series.The new K-series cybershot phone from Sony Ericsson comes with a 5 megapixel

No Downgrade from iPhone 1.1.3 to 1.1.2 or Earlier Firmware

For those of you who decided to try out the latest iPhone firmware in order to check out the new features, planning only to downgrade back to 1.1.2 or 1.1.1 after deciding whether or not the loss of third party applications was worth it, a bit of bad news has found (or shortly will) its way to your doorstep. As it turns out, what was previously witnessed with the leaked 1.1.3 firmware, holds true

Apple Delivers iPhone software update 1.1.3

Apple today announced a free software update for its iPhone that allows users to automatically find their location using the redesigned Maps application; text message multiple people in one message; create Web Clips for their favorite websites; customize their home screen; and watch movies rented from the new iTunes Movie Rentals right on their iPhone. New iPhone products shipping from the

Nokia N95 8GB Now DLNA Certified

Nokia today announced that the Nokia N95 8GB had the distinction of being the first ever mobile phone to receive Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification. The DLNA is a body advocating the interoperability of wired and wireless consumer devices. For the consumer, this accolade translates into convenient and intuitive connectivity between your DLNA Certified home electronics devices,

Lotus Notes wear for iPhone

The Lotus Notes Email is coming to Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The official information about this is expected tomorrow, when annual IBM Lotusphere conference kicks off in Orlando. If it is true, the application would possible be the first official, third-party application developed with new Apple iPhone SDK.IBM is also expected to declaration about their free Lotus Symphony flavor of OpenOffice

Toshiba presents G710, G910, and G450

Toshiba has unveiled a set of three new phones to their Protege series with the G710, G910, and G450. We saw the 910 back in December when it was approved by the FCC, along with its 920 sister phone. The G450 (pictured) is a brand new design as far as we can tell. It's being dubbed as a USB modem HSDPA handset, which can double as a perfectly able phone. Hit the jump for highlight features on all

Linux mobile software firm plants flag in China

A design center in the South of France specializing in Linux mobile phone development has opened offices in Beijing. Purple Labs's China office will be headed by newly appointed GM of Asian sales Gordon Tsang (pictured at left), formerly of Openwave.Based in Chambery, France, Purple Labs is said to offer "one-stop" services "from hardware reference design to a complete customizable Linux software

China Telecom selects Nokia Siemens Networks to boost its MegaEyes service for better work efficiency and life experience

Nokia Siemens Networks to enable broadband and multimedia services for operators through its industry leading Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) capability.China Telecom, the leading wireline provider of telecommunications services in China has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as the primary solutions provider for its video monitoring service, MegaEyes. This video monitoring solution is an operator

Google announces faster, more customizable Google experience for iPhone Users

At the first day of Macworld, Google announced new improvements to the integrated Google experience on iPhone. The previous version, launched just over a month ago, brought together our suite of web applications -- including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more -- into one easy-to-use interface. Since then, we've streamlined the interface even further, making the applications faster and

Oh, did I say March? Um, I meant August.

You know how I mentioned below that the new issue of Vegan Lunch Box would be out in March? Well, as so often happens in the world of professional publishing, there’s been a change of plans. The publisher has decided that it will be much more exciting to bring the book out in late July/early August, in order to generate lots of excitement at back-to-school time. I can see the logic there, but I’m still sad to have to tell you all that the book won’t be available for several more months. Doh!

In other news, the latest issue of Vegetarian Journal (Volume XXVII, No. 1) includes a very nice review of the old, self-published version of Vegan Lunch Box. I want to tell all the VJ readers out there not to worry: all the recipes listed in the review will be in the new edition out in August, along with new recipes you might like to try out, too.

Hey, I also noticed that this issue also includes an article on "Veggie-Friendly Literature for Kids", listing dozens of storybooks, novels, poems, and more that encourage and support compassion for animals and an understanding of vegetarianism. The books are divided by age group, from preschool to teens. All that and seven recipes for vegan cheesecake! Woo!

Vice Cream, Anyone?

Lately my favorite non-dairy frozen treat is a simple frozen fruit sorbet: I push frozen bananas, pineapple, and strawberries through my Champion Juicerand out comes perfect, creamy sorbet with no added sugar.

But before I switched to sugar-free, I used to make luscious non-dairy ice creams using a Krups La Glaciere Ice Cream Maker and the book Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights.The recipes are simple and far better than any vegan ice cream I've bought at any store. The "milks" are from nuts, which give the ice cream a rich, creamy sweetness. Chocolate pecan was our favorites, but once you understand the basic proportions you can make practically any flavor you like.

In case any of you are interested, I'm selling the ice cream maker and book together as a set on ebay. I hope they go to a good vegan home, one that will use them to make many, many wonderful, non-dairy delights.

LG dropping new silver version of the Prada phone

With over 700,000 of these babies sold its no surprise they are trying something new to see how much longer they can capitalize on this single design, and they really are truly amazing devices. Other than the external color change there is at least one internal update as well.The internal update comes in the form of some better QWERTY keyboard software, I wonder if that brings it closer to that

SoftBank 920SC Phone - Mobile for who love images

Softbank Mobile has released the PHOTOS 920SC slider phone that features two cameras - a 5-megapixel camera for picture taking and a 3-megapixel one for video conference. It further takes a stamp on the camera-phone market by including a xenon flash, 3X optical zoom, Bluetooth, IrDA, GPS, face recognition and auto focus capabilities. This will give its contemporaries, a run for their money.The

Sony Ericsson W930i concept by muhummad-oli

Here is a nice Sony Ericsson W930i concept created by muhummad-oli.The W930i have a Bravia high definition TFT touch screen, 16M colours,16GB internal but you can add a memory card.Run with a impressive 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, Autofocus, Video(VGA 30fps), flash, secondary VGA video-call camera. The camera uses Sony’s touch screen Cybershot interface and has Best-Pic and Photo fix.Other features

Samsung has won the most innovation honoree awards in 2008

Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) is honored with 13 International CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Awards. Among wireless distributors, Samsung has won the most innovation honoree awards in 2008.In the wireless handset accessories category, the Samsung UbiCell(TM) was named the Best of Innovations, which is awarded to the most highly honored products in each category. In

iPhone Ambulance Chasing?

Here’s yet another sign of the iPhone’s ever-growing effect on the web, web-site design, and on business (even though we’re always told it’s not a ‘business-class’ device).This new web app listing in the Apple Web Apps Directory is for Lawyer Websites for iPhone. More of a service than an app really, Lawyer Websites for iPhone is described as The first service the creates law firm websites

The best iPhone clone from China

We have seen many iPhone clones and copies but I must say that this is the best one so far. It faithfully copies the iPhone's looks without adding any ugly markings on the phone itself. Here are some specs:- 3.5 inch 16 million color 480x320 touchscreen- FM radio- microSd support- A2DP- measures 103x53x12 mm- weighs 110 gramsThe name of the phone is appropriate...

Sprint Samsung M800 announced

Samsung announced this morning yet one (after Samsung F490) handsome cell phone: Samsung M800 for Sprint with 5 megapixel camera.The other Samsung M800 specifications: * CDMA 800/1900 and CDMA200 EV-DO connectivity * Camera: 2 mega pixel * Sprint Navigator GPS location * microSD memory card slot * Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0Samsung M800 expected to ship soon.

New concept from Nokia: Nokia Eco Sensor

Today Nokia presented next Eco phone. (About his previous phone Nokia 3110 Evolve ). New Eco Sensor Concept Phone is only concept but also devising to save and clean up our Environment.New concepr from Nokia comes with a touch screen unit that can be worn on hand or neck with the help of the strap made from solar cells to explore our health, environment and weather conditions.

Samsung F490 Heir to the iPhone Throne

If Samsung had managed to release the immensely promising, but ultimately slightly disappointing F700 earlier then it wouldn't have been labelled an iPhone wannabe and looked an awful lot better for that. Have lessons been learnt...?Well, with the announcement today of the 'F490' Samsung certainly looks to have hit the books since this time round it has come up with a handset that marries the

Motorola tests hydrogen for phone batteries

Cellphones are a viable part of our day to day lives, but there are major hick ups when it comes to the battery back up. In today’s world if your phone runs out of battery it makes you half paralyzed which means you loose on time, money and at times emotions. So finally we have something that can bring a revolution in the cell phone arena. The Canadian firm, Angstrom Power says that it has

Sony Ericsson signs Maria Sharapova in Landmark Off-Court Deal

Melbourne, Australia – 14th January 2008 – Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications has announced today that it has signed an exclusive four year sponsorship agreement with female tennis player, Maria Sharapova, to become the company’s first global brand ambassador.The stunning and talented Russian, who turns 21 in April this year, will undertake a series of innovative new consumer brand campaigns

ASUS, iRiver to Sell Unlocked Smartphones in U.S.

LAS VEGAS—Asus and iRiver are well-known brands in the U.S., thanks to Asus' line of PCs and iRiver's MP3 players. Here at CES, they both announced they're diving into the U.S. cell phone market with a series of unlocked GSM phones that will probably be sold through their existing PC retail channels.iRiver's single GSM phone, targeted for the end of this year, has more than a little of the iPhone

Xing Bao N98 Multi-media Phone with Dual Surfaces and Bluetooth

Xing Bao N98The phone has 3.0 inch and 1.2 inch dual-LCD, dual-call, dual-receive. There are two 1.3 MP cameras at front and back, and can be as webcam. IR camera for night capture. 2.0 stereo bluetooth function. It supports TF card to expand the memory. and also it supports MP3 and MP4 playback. Hand-writing and keypad input. Built in 1.3MP camera and games. Dual speakers stereo audio syste. '

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Showcased at CES 2008

Samsung has unveiled Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC at CES 2008. the new UMPC is powered by 1 GB of high-speed DDR2 system memory, the Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC is a no-compromise, high-performance mobile computing solution.The new Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC is equipped with split-QWERTY keypad, Version 1.5 that enables larger, improved keycaps making text entry easier. Moreover it also has an 80 GB 1.8-inch


About This VideoSamsung Electronics showcases its stylish line of high-fashion mobile phones at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. These phones combine chic, sophisticated design with Samsung's innovative mobile phone engineering to suit consumers who desire a phone that offers both style and the latest in advanced technology.The B'Phone by Samsung is a limited edition handset

X-SIM II for iPhone

All new iPhones being sold in the US, UK & Germany are locked to a particular provider (Version 1.1.2, Bootloader 4.6)If you wish to use the iPhone with another provider in that country or in another country, you will need the X-Sim II to ypass the lock to work with your exising sim card. In Canada, it will work with Rogers & Fido Networks.Also works with: at&t, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, ORANGE,

Yahoo! Launches Yahoo! Go 3.0, Extends Leadership and Sets New Standard for the Mobile Internet

New Enhancements Deliver More of What Consumers Want: Intuitive Design, Open Content, Hyper-personalized Home PageLAS VEGAS, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced the launch of the all-new Yahoo! Go 3.0, Yahoo!'s flagship all-in-one mobile offering, in early beta at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008, further solidifying Yahoo!'s leadership position in delivering

First Trojan reported for the iPhone

While not a huge risk, the first Trojan for the iPhone has been discovered. The first reports came from iPhone enthusiast site and were later confirmed by security research company F-Secure.The Trojan specifically targets users that have modded their iPhone so they can install third-party applications. The application masks itself as an update to Erica’s Utilities and is labeled as


Sensory’s BlueGenie™ Voice Interface Enables a Truly Hands-Free ExperienceLas Vegas, NV – 2008 International CES - Sensory, Inc., the leader in speech technologies for consumer products, today announced that BlueAnt, a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth peripherals, will use Sensory’s BlueGenie Voice Interface to deliver the BlueAnt V1, the first ever Bluetooth headset with a true voice user

Yahoo! counters Android with simple web services tools

In a move reminiscent of Google's "Android," Yahoo! has announced its own toolkit aimed at improving mobile phones as Web services clients. Early proponents of Yahoo! Mobile Widgets include phone vendors LG and Motorola, with Linux phone stack vendor Access also looking at the technology.Mobile Widgets are intended to let third-party developers write Web applications that support mobile phones as

How to Install Wikipedia on Your iPod

I have an old 20GB iPod and even though I have a lot of music on there, I am only taking up half of the space available. So there’s another 10GB kicking around doing nothing and so I decided to start putting some useful iPod tools on there for when I’m on the move. Some of that space was allocated for installing one of my favourite websites - Wikipedia. Yes that’s right. You can now have the


Las Vegas, NV – Panasonic, a leader in High Definition technology, today announced the development of the world’s first* 32 Gigabyte (GB) SD High Capacity (SDHC)** Memory Card with Class 6 speed specification, perfect for recording High Definition video. With the ability to store up to eight hours of High Definition video, the 32GB SDHC Memory Card prototype will be showcased at the 2008

Listen to the Music from Your iPhone in the Car with the Belkin TuneBase™ FM for iPhone and iPod and TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod

Equipped with ClearScan technology, TuneBase FM and TuneCast Auto help ease the frustration of manually finding a clear FM frequency by automatically doing it for youand (Compton, CA) – You can now listen to the music from your iPhone in the car with Belkin’s new TuneBase FM for iPhoneiPod and TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod. Featuring ClearScan technology, with one push of a button both FM

Sony Ericsson Announces Z555 Fashion Phone

Sony Ericsson today revealed the Z555, an elegant clamshell phone which combines a rich feature set with striking good looks. With a unique diamond reflective finish on the front, and sophisticated details, it truly reflects your personality. Choose between Diamond Black and Dusted Rose and you will soon get noticed.The Z555 incorporates Sony Ericsson's handy Gesture Control, letting you easily

Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman Phone Packs with GPS

Sony Ericsson today announced the W760, a global Walkman phone with tri-band HSDPA, enabling broadband speed downloads of the latest music and content wherever in the world it is used. Offering music on your mobile and much more, the phone delivers built-in GPS to help you find that secret gig, distinctive Stereo Speakers for sharing your music and the latest hit games, including Need for Speed

New ROKR E8 Takes You from Talk to Music in One Touch Using Motorola ModeShift Technology

Motorola today expanded its ROKR family of music products with the introduction of the ROKR E8 mobile device.Using ModeShift technology from Motorola, the quad-band GPRS/EDGE Motorola designed ROKR E8 presents users with only the controls they need, at the time they need them, instantly transforming from music player to phone with the touch of a button.When powered off, the surface of ROKR E8 is

New Sony Ericsson W350 Walkman Phone Announced

Sony Ericsson today announced the launch of the W350, a Walkman phone that offers the perfect blend of style and function. Featuring for the first time from Sony Ericsson a flip phone that allows you to control your music at your fingertips.At just 10 mm thin, it is sleek enough to fit comfortably with no bulges into your pocket or purse. Its unique flip covers the keypad for a minimalist look.

New Motorola Z10 Delivers Filmmaking on the Fly

Motorola today made it easy to capture, edit and share videos and images directly from the mobile device with the introduction of MOTO Z10 at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8545, Central Hall).The new MOTO Z10 is a complete, pocket-sized, mobile film studio. This stylish kick slider makes it easy to capture high-quality video, edit clips, create transitions between

MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition Now Available Exclusively through MOTO STORE

Motorola today announced that MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is available in the U.S. exclusively through MOTO STORE ( Featuring the signature MOTORAZR2 form factor with gold-plated accents (on medallions, navigation key and hinge) and embossed in a snakeskin-like texture, this sleek beauty is available unlocked for GSM networks.The ultra-slim MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition

OpenMoko Unveils Neo FreeRunner

OpenMoko, originators of the Neo 1973, the world's first totally open mobile phone that continues to receive critical acclaim from the Free and Open Source (FOSS) developer community, will unveil the Neo FreeRunner, a version of the phone tailored for mass market consumers. Neo FreeRunner, based on the same free and open source principles as the Neo 1973, will be previewed at the press-only Lunch

Blackberry 9000 in the flesh?

If the device in the image below is in fact the real Blackberry 9000, there are going to be a lot of disappointed Blackberry owners or would be owners. Overall appearance shows that it is slimmed down a lot. The screen does look bigger than current models, and then again that could just be my imagination.Three big changes I noticed by looking at the image; this device is now using the micros-USB

In Defense of Food + NWHS meeting

Author Michael Pollan has a new book out In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto. He was on Talk of the Nation Science Fridayand it was so nice to hear him talking about his manifesto: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." I am excited to read this follow up to his last book, Omnivore's Dilemma.One other note is the 53rd Annual North West Horticulture Society meeting is coming up January 15

New MWG handsets

The MWg Zinc II is the successor to the O2 Xda Zinc launched by MWg (founded by the team responsible for O2’s ground-breaking products in Asia).Features:Operating System Windows Mobile 6 ProfessionalProcessor Samsung 500MHz ProcessorMemory 256MB ROM, 64MB SDRAMCellular Data Tri-band UMTS (2100/1900/850 MHz), Quad-Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz), HSDPA 3.6MbpsWireless Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0,

Next iPhone software update to allow copy-paste

Apple will release an iPhone software update during MacWorld Expo 2008, well informed sources confirmed MacScoop. But it appears that the unpolished iPhone sofware version recently leaked on the Internet doesn't include all the features of the final release.The reports we obtained claim that the software update will add copy-paste, which is one of the most requested features by iPhone users, and

Microvision to Unveil Handheld ''Plug-and-Play'' Pico Projector for Mobile Devices That Delivers a Home Theater-Sized Viewing Experience

Ultra-thin laser projector prototype with connectivity to mobile phones, PDAs, PMPs, digital cameras and laptops to be displayed during CES 2008REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision (NASDAQ:MVIS), developer of light-scanning technologies for display and imaging products, will unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week an advanced prototype of the first handheld,

‘iPhone’ was the most Googled gadget of 2007

As many of you may remember, Apple hyped up 2007 right from the start with a “The first 30 years were just the beginning, Welcome to 2007.” The iPhone had been one of the most anticipated Apple gadgets, and it lived up to nearly everyone’s expectations. During the course of the year it reached another milestone - on The Internet. The term ‘iPhone’ was the most Googled gadget of 2007. The number

A Year Later: iPhone Loves and Wants

It has been nearly a year since Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage at Macworld San Francisco and devoted nearly his entire speech to the introduction of the iPhone. Since then, it has become a favorite addition to our MacRumors Editors’, as well as 5 million other users’ pockets. Looking back, what are some of our favorite things about the iPhone? What are some things that we still hope are

Typing Tips For The iPhone

If you’ve used the iPhone for any length of time at all then I’m sure you’ve become quite acustomed to the keyboard. What you might not know however is that there are a few tips you can use to increase your speed.The first is tip relates to punctuation. When you reach the end of your sentence you can simply double tap the space button to add a period, a space along with switching to a capital

LG To Bring Out 20 New Phones; Expect Sales Of 4 Mn GSM Handsets By Next Year

LG Electronics India Private Ltd (LGEIL) has declared that the company would launch around 20 new cell phones by the coming year.Additionally, the company aspires to triple its business in the GSM section, and plans to sell four million handsets by the coming year (2008).The company has decided to invest more than Rs 11 billion (USD 278 million) by 2011 in order to reinforce its share in the

LG Viewty Launched in India

LG Electronics has announced the launch of LG Viewty (LG-KU990) in India.This candy bar styled phone has a large 3-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and sports 256K colors. It has an inbuilt memory of 100MB and also supports external memory through microSD cards. It's 3G enabled with HSDPA for faster connectivity, Bluetooth v1.2 enabled with A2DP compatibility and USB

Verizon Wireless Customers Expected To Exchange More Than 300 Million Messages This New Year’s Eve

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Spreading New Year’s wishes is more fun with text, picture and video messages from Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the nation’s most reliable wireless voice and data network. This New Year’s Eve, Verizon Wireless expects its customers to send and receive more than 300 million messages in the 16 hours between 12 p.m. today and 4 a.m. ET New Year’s Day.Mike

Samsung W579+ Gold Edition

The Samsung SCH-W579 has already been approved by the FCC, so be ready to experience its goodness soon. On the specs front apart from both GSM and CDMA networking, we also come across features like ; TFT, 240x320 pixels, 262K colors display, a 2megapixel CMOS Camera, a MP3 Player and support to 72-tones polyphony. We especially dig the cool digital clock on the outer body and its ability to

iSMS Text Messaging Replacement for iPhone

Newly available via Installer/AppTapp is iSMS, a native text messaging client replacement for the iPhone. iSMS - also called weiSMS, is partially based on WeSMS, a Chinese SMS application, and provides a list of features/enhancemens not found in the standard iPhone SMS application. These lacking features have been high on iPhone owners' lists of gripes with the iPhone.Though very much a beta,

Shares of Apple (AAPL)

Shares of Apple (AAPL) have reached a milestone for the year, with shares opening trading over $200 today. Although shares of the Cupertino based computer giant have crested past the $200 mark in both of the last two days, end of day trading has seen share prices retreat back below the $200 mark before closing.Shares have risen over 60 percent since the introduction of the wildly popular iPhone