New LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H

LG announced a new mobile phone in its Shine product line. The LG Shine Wood features a wooden body and shiny metal accents.Despite the natural feel the LG Shine Wood sports high-end features. LG packed DMB TV, a 2MP camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and an electronic dictionary into the LG-LB2005H.As far as I understand from the Korean press-release, the wooden surface of the LG-LB2005H is no

AppSnapp Offers One Step Jailbreak of 1.1.1 iPhones and iPod Touch

The last week or two has seen releases or updates to many popular GUI applications which let you jailbreak an iPhone running firmware version 1.1.1 in a semi-automated fashion. Unfortunately, all of these required multiple steps and a good deal of user interaction. Consider that burden a thing of the past. With the recent release of AppSnapp, owners of iPhones running firmware 1.1.1 can now

OS X Leopard Notes Don't Sync with iPhone

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Mac OS X Leopard beta testers that Leopard's mail included notes feature akin to the Notes program on the iPhone. The optimistic, and somewhat logical, hope at the time was that notes on the iPhone would sync with notes in the new Leopard version of Mail. In fact, note syncing was even listed at one time in Apple's feature list for Leopard. Unfortunately, that

O2 Already Setting Up iPhone Store Displays

Although you wouldn't say the November 9th launch of the iPhone on O2 in the UK is "right around the corner," that's not stopping O2 stores from getting their iPhone displays up. In preparation for what is certain to be a very energetic lanch in the UK, O2 stores around the country have begun dressing up for the release. A MacRumors forums member, DogcowUK, recently snapped the above shot of an

Sony Ericsson К770 - The Cyber Power

Sony Ericsson K770 is an easy to handle cyber-shot phone with loads of features. The bar shape slim phone with sleek design attracts attention because of its handy features and compact and solid looks. Solid doesn’t mean that the phone is made of steel, the casing is made of plastic but it is not flashy and shiny like some others in the market these days. The compact Sony Ericsson k77o measures

Nokia 5070 review

Nokia's 5070 is a straightforward mobile phone with no frills. It is definitely at the low end of mid-range, if not even lower than that. Made almost entirely of plastic the black, white and red colour scheme is not very inspirational, though Nokia has come up with a grey dot pattern for the back cover and a metal strip to house the back mounted camera which help give it a bit of a lift. The

Mac GUI iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak Tool iNdependence Version 1.2.5 Released

A new version of iNdependence, 1.2.5, is now available. iNdependence is the most widely used tool for jailbreaking and installing third party applications on iPhones running, or looking to upgrade to, iPhone firmware version 1.1.1.Like it's recently released Windows counterpart (of sorts), iDemocracy, iNdependence provides a great deal of automation to an otherwise lengthy and technical jailbreak

iDemocracy Windows 1.1.1 Jailbreak + 3rd Party Application Install Tool Released

For a few weeks now, folks on Mac have been enjoying the convenience of using iNdependence - a GUI tool which partially automates the jailbreak and installation of third party applications - to successfully complete the process to jailbreak and install third party applications on the iPhone with firmware version 1.1.1. With the recent release of iDemocracy, a similar level of convenience is now

New is Here, GUI 1.1.1 Jailbreak Coming

Nullriver has released a new beta version of their revolutionary application manager for third-party software on the Apple iPhone. The latest version, 3.0 beta 3, includes a host of new features and a completely redone interface.The new release provides a much easier to navigate interface which replaces the old single list layout of earlier versions. Applications, like before, are organized into

Role of Poultry in a Biodynamic Orchard

To achieve a balanced biodynamic farm the “animal element” needs to be included, to move it towards the concept of “the farm as an individual living organism.”
Nirvana is an orchard, so the logical the choice of animals is birds because birds go with trees & bushes. Both the domestic fowl & geese form an essential part of our orchard. They play an important part in composting, and producing vital ingredients to ensure dynamic recycling of nutrients.
The geese have been chosen for their grazing ability, 3 geese = a sheep. Having webbed feet they can graze the damp valley without damage. Their grazing has reduced our mowing costs by one third.

Our base flock is made up of 20 cross breed embden /touslouse. These birds are hardy & reliable breeders.
They graze the orchards each day. They prefer fine grasses, clover and other grasses when they are short. In general they do not like broadleaf weeds. However they do search out and destroy any comfrey leaf or root. Other goodies they seek out are potatoes, and at certain times of the year, nutgrass and soursobs bulbs. Fruit windfalls are cleaned up. As various crops ripen around the orchard, certain groups of geese “own” certain trees and claim “rights” over all windfalls.
Stocking rates vary according to seasonal conditions. By late summer and through winter we run 20 geese on 4.4ha. Most goslings are born Sept-Oct which coincides with the spring flush. They grow rapidly and have an excellent ability to convert feed to flesh. The flock increases to about 60. By Australia Day the hillsides are drying off and excess young birds are processed and some older birds are sold off to other land holders. This system keeps the genetics ticking over and ensures a good variation in age. We sometimes buy in or swap birds from different genetic pools. The low parts of the valley usually stay green all year providing good feed, and the property can sustain the reduced flock. This means there are fewer birds to fence away from the autumn crops and when pasture growth slows in winter months. Over winter the birds receive a small supplement of grain.

Geese are relatively easy to herd and train. If orchards are fenced, they can be moved around various areas, and kept out of areas before and during harvest. Our orchards are not fenced but we use electric fences to keep them out of areas. The berries are netted to exclude the geese as well as other birds. Their favourite food is chestnuts so during harvest they are herded into a paddock each morning & at the end of the day they are let out to take themselves home.
Housing needs are simple - the main reason for housing is protection from predators like foxes and dogs. The extra advantage of housing is manure collection (as a valuable compost ingredient). Geese can be very noisy (especially at full moon), so careful consideration as to where the pen is positioned is recommended.
Young orchards and geese do not mix, especially in spring, when the bark is slipping - they find this extremely tasty and will ring bark trees very quickly.
I have noticed on other orchards where there are large dams the geese become lazy & don’t graze as well. Our property has several small ponds down the valley which I think encourages them to graze more evenly.

Dopod C750 - Watch for more

Since the picture of Dopod 750 have been leaked lots of online debate is going on over it being looking like HTC Juno or it being HTC Juno. But apart from this debate the smart phone looks seriously business like. Its non flashy looks are made for the people who just want loads of feature in their phone and don’t want to go on a date with it. Or may be they can get a date because of it? As per

Motorola – The ultimate trend setter in cell phones

In the world of globalization people want some thing new and some thing different. Since blue tooth came in the market, we will get various designs and developing solutions, influenced by fashion as well as functionality. Among various mobiles Motorola is one of the best and dazzling handset what you get is only the indispensable, with out any extra price rate. Today we will discuss about

Quiksilver mobile phone concept

What we have here is an interesting and most probably unofficial Quiksilver mobile phone concept. We’ve no clue whether the popular surf clothing company has any plans to enter the mobile market, but if they end up doing so, they may want to make something unconventional. Guess that was the main reason why the designer of this concept decided to make the device look this way. As you can see, the

Audi Mobile Device - Audi's 3G/WiFi mobile phone controls vehicle functions

First BMW integrated the iPhone into the vehicle lineup. Then Audi followed suit with their iPhone-integration announcement. If you’re a fan of German cars (we sure are), it doesn’t get much better than that. Or, does it?Audi, apparently not satisfied with integrating Apple’s iconic iPhone into their vehicles, has a new concept on their hands. The Audi metroproject concept, dubbed the “Audi

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Officially Announced

As we foreshadowed earlier, the Linux-based Nokia N810 internet tablet is now official. The little PC that's scarcely larger than the palm of your hand hooks up to the internet via Wi-Fi, and also can snag a Bluetooth connection with your cellphone. With its highly desirable slide-out keyboard, looks like some tough competition for the iPod touch. It also adds GPS capability with tons of

Motorola KRZR K3 - Hello Moto

The Motorola’s MOTOKRZR K3 is an ultimate style statement. The phones sleek casing is made of high class stainless steel and glass which gives it that non-plastic, no nonsense look. It comes in two smart and sophisticated stone gray and dark pearl gray shades. The MOTOKRZR K3 measures 103X42X16 millimeter although a bit larger then other models of similar versions but that hasn’t harmed its image

Samsung F330 Review

Samsung F330 is another stunning and sleek looking slim slider by Samsung. The F330 is basically music oriented handset which has got style as well. It is being called the music phone as it has a set of dedicated keys for music which are east to operate. It has 1 GB on board memory space to store you favorite songs and if you think that is enough for the music lover like you then the F330 also

Sony Ericsson K810i

While I wait to get my hands on Sony Ericsson's 5 megapixel K850i I'm going to take a look at the Tri-band 3G K810i, a predecessor model which is still a good seller. The K810i is a Cyber-Shot mobile. While not up to the 5 megapixels of the K850i its 3.2 megapixel sensor is a notch up from the widespread 2 megapixel models in the numbers game, should shoot a passable picture and has a fair few

HTC To Ship 50,000 Google Phones By End of This Year

There have been rumors flying around about a Google Phone for the longest time and many people are saying that the actual handset will be produced not by the search engine giant, but by a third party manufacturer already known for creating some rebadged wonders. And now, there's even more fodder to substantiate that rumor.A UBS analyst is reporting that HTC is set to ship "about 50,000" cell

New Nokia Aeon Concept Phone with Touchscreen

Nokia recently gave a glimpse of Nokia Aeon Concept Phone in the R&D section of the company’s website. The new Nokia Aeon concept phone is developed by Nokia’s research and development team and is one of the most futuristic mobile phones seen so far.The most outstanding design feature of Nokia Aeon is the touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone. The touchscreen feature


Not to be, uh, upstaged, by all the other fancy phone monikers out there, Samsung set out to find a unique and catchy name for their new “ultra music” music phone. Already having a world-renowned star signed on to help market the phone, Sammy needed an appropriately flashy name (the “Beyonce Phone” just didn’t roll off the tongue). Now dubbed the Samsung Upstage, the former ultra music / F300 /

Apple cleans up at T3 Awards

Romping home after a fantastic year in tech, Apple take on all comers at the T3 Awards.Apple swept the board at last night’s T3 Awards, struggling home with an armful of six awards for some of the finest tech products known to man.The iPhone scooped Most Anticipated Gadget for 2008, as voted for by Sky News online readers, while the iPod romped home with the titles of Best Commuter Gadget, Best

Palm Treo 500v - World in your Palm

The latest Treo 500v is Palms attempt to save a position for itself in the market. The new Palm phone is coming in the market after a long break. Let’s see if Plam’s innovative team was working hard during this long break or was just having a break.The Palm Treo 500v is available in two colour schemes - grey/silver and white/silver is a Vodafone exclusive, hence given away free with some

Nokia E51 Review - E-xtra Smart

The new Nokia E51 is a business smart phone made for the people who don’t want fuss of carrying four five devices with them at work. Its simple sleek and no nonsense look make it suitable for the people who want more features in the phone and not flashy looks. With the Nokia E51 users can experience mobile telephony, mobile email and messaging, office phone functionality, and cost savings. It

HP iPAQ hw6515 - A Sober Gadget

HP’s IPAQ hw6515 is an innovation in a communicator’s arena because of its slim casing. A communicator has never been so thin and sleek but its main attraction is not slimness but a thumbboard. The phone is totally opposite to what its predecessors looked like, iPAQ hw6300 series, with 118 x 71 x 21 millimeter casing and 165 grams weight you will doubt it of being a communicator. Bu this baby has

Reconecting with Community

From our paddock to your plate
connecting producers to co-producers
In slow food we have read & heard much about how producers should reconnect to their co-producers giving them the joy of savoring fresh local seasonal produce. For some, farmers markets are a logical way to do this but it does not work for everyone. For the past 20 odd years Nirvana Organic Farm& Produce have been doing this in a unique way that goes beyond just selling produce.
As a small orchard in the urban fringe area of the Adelaide Hills just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide’s CBD (Capital city of South Australia) we have taken advantage of our location to develop a unique small business & lifestyle that not only brings the co-producers to us but also the world.
In the beginning we sold direct to retailers & restaurants .This required a lot of running around & selling, especially to restaurants whose chefs changed regularly & were never prepared to pay a fair price. (They often advertised they sold local produce but only in their dreams did they use such produce) We started selling our produce direct from our farm, constructed a small shop, & built up a clientele of individuals who appreciate quality produce.
Our produce is seasonally based, in early summer (Christmas) we produce raspberries, red & white currants & English gooseberries. Latter in summer we have blackcurrants & mulberries. Then autumn our main crop of chestnuts. In addition I make a range of jams & preserves from our produce which adds to the diversity we offer. Each crop has its own band of addicted co-producers. The advantages of this system are
· Fresh seasonal produce. When something is in season we put out a sign, many wait for the sign but some that can’t wait ring & order in advance. People are gradually beginning to understand the seasons & the shorter the season the special the taste.
· Co-producers meet the producers and visa versa. This is a great way to learn about what certain crops mean to different people, their recipes or that ‘these are the best raspberries I’ve had since I left Scotland’ on enquiring how long that was? ‘36years!’
· We can boast that the produce has traveled no more than 200metres & have been picked for opium quality.
· We can keep working. When someone comes to the shop they press a radio controlled beeper & we then can respond & serve them.
· Some of the crops are visible from the shop. This is an added experience especially with the chestnuts as often the grandfather will show the grandchildren the trees & burrs & tell them how it was in Italy 50 years ago.
Nirvana’s on farm shop

We also sell eggs to locals. Either they have standing orders or just turn up. To purchase the eggs they have to negotiate the chooks, geese & dogs to our back door where they leave their money & take the eggs. (We also buy our fresh raw milk & cream this way just down the road)

Selling our produce is only part of what we do to reconnect the city to their food.
Another part is conducting educational tours .These can be booked & fit in around our work. Being a small diverse farm all the elements can be demonstrated. The produce, native areas, poultry, home gardens both productive & ornamental are all there to experience & learn from. For those that want to know more in the Spring I conduct a range of courses that reflect how we do things. These include bio-dynamic methods, home vegetables, poultry keeping, fruit, nut & berry growing & very importantly composting.
We also host work experience students & WWOOFers (willing workers on organic farms) which brings the world to us.
Adelaide Hills slow food convivium programs also assist in the connection process. Nirvana Organic Farm has hosted a ‘meet the grower’ day with a farm walk & chestnut banquette & also a fundraising event catering for one of our open days
Another program. ‘SHARE A SKILL’ offers a real learning experience to our members.
Many of the skills we have we take for granted, yet someone may be eager to acquire that same skill. You may also be relucent to have a whole tribe of onlookers watching your every move Some jobs an extra pair of hand would be handy with a bonus of learning. Some skills would need a few sessions e.g. wine/beer making. Recently this proved very popular with Nirvana’s annual plucking goose party just before Australia Day. The response was so overwhelming we had to put names in a hat & conduct a draw to see who would attend. Although participant where apprehensive at the beginning they soon got into the tasks at hand & at the end of the evening where rewarded with a top quality dressed goose to celebrate Australia day & the knowledge of where it came from & how it got from our paddock to their plate. We refer this type produce & experience as something that money can’t buy.

Deborah Cantrill
Convivium Leader Adelaide Hills
Terra Madre delegate 2004

NTT Docomo unveiled its prototype mobile phone Wellness Navigator

At Ceatec 2007 NTT Docomo unveiled its prototype mobile phone Wellness Navigator. A prototype mobile phone can be used to measures your body fat, pulse rate and acts as a pedometer during your cardio session as well as making calls, taking pictures and browsing the Internet. Just wait until the manufacture officially releases this mobile phone.[Source]

New Samsung F210 Music Phone looks like the X830

The sexy looking slim Samsung SGH-F210 looks a lot like the Samsung X830 but this one is better, the Samsung F210 is a multimedia music player that has a cool 1GB of built in memory plus an additional micro SD card slot support. Love it yet? Hate it yet? This up coming mobile music phone has a metallic dial pad and the navigational buttons and dial pad are apparently very nice to use. (Let us be

Samsung SGH-i450, with music focus, officially announced and Samsung F330 music slider gets official

The Samsung SGH-i450, a music focused S60 3rd Edition smartphone, has been officially announced by Samsung as part of its new line up of music phones. The SGH-i450 is billed as a dual slide with touch wheel music navigation. Features include support for HSDPA connectivity, metallic speaker supporting ICEpower (developed by Bang & Olufsen), and a microSD card slot support for SDHC cards. Read on

iPhone 1.1.1 Update Hacked

Less than two weeks since Apple relocked iPhones with its wolf in sheep's clothing WiFi iTunes update, a hack has been found to once again open it up to third party goodness and potential unlocking. The security hole was found through a single TIFF exploit in Mobile Safari by 'Niacin' - hacker of both the PSP and MSN TV Linux cluster previously - and allows full root access on both the iPhone and

Apple iPod touch 16GB Review

A few years back anyone who took even the slightest interest in computers was regarded with sniggering suspicion and treated as a figure of fun. To employ a much-overused term, they were seen as 'geeks': a group of hairy, unwashed, pimply, young and middle-aged men indulging in a minority hobby. Now it's cool to be geeky and know a thing or two about technology, and one of the key reasons for