Nani hands on video

Nani4.3 inch Wide VGA LCD Screen.D1(720x480)WMV9, MPEG1,2,4, DivX, Xvid.Phone(Japan W-SIM).Portable Digital TV(Japan OneSEG).WiFi(IEEE802.11g/b).Windows CE 5.0 Professional PlusMicrosoft Office Viewer.This multimediaphone is developed by Korean venture named Tinnos, Inc. in corlaboration with Japanese comapny, Sophia systems.

Saley Days of Summer are Over

The crazy summer blow out sale was a huge success! We moved boxes and boxes of books and the orders just kept pouring in. Thanks so much to everyone who bought a book plus one to share!

I hope all you parents had a great summer and are ready to gear up for fall. I love Back To School time!! Can you believe it's just around the corner already? I'm starting to put together shmoo's third grade learning plan and order new math and history books. I really do enjoy sitting down with him for lessons each day, so I'm excited about all we'll get to learn and do this year.

Unfortunately for all you bento fans, we won't have much need for lunch boxes this year. Staying at home generally negates the need for a packed lunch, you know. Besides, I'm sure you can tell that I've always made my more elaborate lunches more for my own sense of artistic and aesthetic accomplishment than for shmoo. It was easy to find the time when shmoo was off at school all day, but now that he is home with me and has also gotten older (9 as of this week!) he really has lost interest in the whole endeavor. At the same time my sense of creative fulfillment has shifted to helping with his education and to a number of volunteer efforts. It's been a fantastic adventure, and I'm excited to be moving on to new things.

Having said that, I want to let you all know that there are only a few boxes of Vegan Lunch Box left. If you wish to order a copy for this school year, you probably want to do so quite soon! After these final cases are gone, it will be several months before the book becomes available again.

Some very cool concept phones from Japan

I just love seeing concepts from all over the web and there is an abundance of concepts. But rarely do I see Japanese concepts. Why is everything Japanese just cooler to me? Anyways these concepts are not pics or renderings. They were actually built and put on display. The concepts were presented by the Japanese mobile operator AU KDDI and like all things Japanese...they are to the extreme. The

Sony Ericsson K810 to be available in red

Yet another leak from the carphonewarehouse. This time they are letting us know that the Sony Ericsson K810 will have another red color in addition to the black and gold. It actually looks nice. An all silver or white one would also be nice. This new red flavor is expected to be available in September this year.

New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic info

Nokia5310 XpressMusic phone is a super-slim S40 candybar handset. The handset is only 9.9 millimetre thick and weighs only 70 grams. No wonder it is called a super-slim phone. It is being said that the 5310 XpressMusic phone from Nokia is the company’s answer to Sony Ericsson’s W880 model because of its dedicated music controls on its left edge. The phone enables you to “sideload” music bought

The Picasso phone

This is not some made up Chinese phone. This is the official Picasso phone. It's design is inspired by PABLO PICASSO RUIZ, the famous Spanish artist. the phone's model name is GF901 and will make it's first appearance in Taiwan. The phone comes in 3 different colors (black/red/blue) and has the shiny mirror front (even has that external screen that can't be seen when it's off). Kinda reminds me

New Samsung i620 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone

Features: Operating System - Microsoft® Windows Mobile® standard (WM6) GSM/GPRS - Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz), HSDPA Wireless - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 Camera - Yes Memory - 64MB RAM / 128MB ROM microSD™ External Memory Slot The Samsung SGH-i620 Smartphone has a compact slider form factor, with a slide down QWERTY keyboard. Use the 5-way navigation keypad to access applications quickly. For

TWUIK Visual Album Demo

TWUIK, is a UI technology that we recently launched at JavaONE '07. It allows carriers, developers, content providers to easily create high impact visual UI, snazzy animation and dazzling graphics for your applications. Without any esoteric graphics and math techniques, developers and content providers can create fluid, stutter-free effects and experiences. You can catch a glimps from our YouTube

Sony Ericsson S500 vs W580 pics

Walkman against emotional. Like I have said before Sony Ericsson managed to give unique identities to each of these phones. The S being stylish and the W being music centric and hip. After seeing these 2 phones side by side, I must say that I prefer the W580 look. The S500 looks a bit cheap in real life (the W580 doesn't suffer from this). Currently, my eyes are set on the grey W580. Which

Sony Ericsson W580 hands on video

Here is a 6 minute video showing the Sony Ericsson W580 in action. This phone in it's grey color is absolutely gorgeous. I think I will wait for the price to drop and maybe buy it. Enjoy the video!

Sony Ericsson Z610 ads

Sony Ericsson P1i: Ain't happenin', just ain't happenin'

After a day and a half I realize that a smaller secondary phone may not have to have a qwerty.

PDA Battery(iPhone)

Rechargeable BatteryModels:iPhone, (1400mAh, 3.7VDC)Package Include:Rechargeable Battery x 1Assembly Tools x 1 setInstruction Menu x 120$ US from brando

Sony Ericsson K770 Cyber-shot phone

At just 14.5mm slim and finished in a fashionable Truffle Brown, the K770 can take pictures as good as a standalone digital camera; pictures can be printed up to A4 size. The camera can also be used for video and comes with a powerful photo light for indoor photo-taking and filming. As with all Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot™ phones, ‘ease of use’ sits at the heart of the experience. To take a picture,

New Symbian Samsung i570

Samsung i570- Symbian S60- HSDPA- WIFI- full slide down QWERTY keyboard- landscape oriented QVGA display- 2 mega pixel camera- 160 MB memory- microSD support- measures 96x60x16 mm- weighs 123 gramsPics from

New Samsung F110 Adidas phone

This phone was created through cooperation between Samsung and Adidas. This phone is designated as a sports phone with personal trainer applications like a pedometer, heart beat monitor, calories-counter and a voice coach feature that talks during work outs. The phone also features a 2 mega pixel camera, microSD support, FM radio, quadband/EDGE support and bluetooth stereo.

O2 looks to iPhone to maintain growth

O2 expects the launch of broadband and Apple's iPhone to maintain its momentum during the second half of the year, after it outperformed the market over the past three months.O2 refused to confirm that it has won the right to sell Apple's music-oriented handset exclusively in the UK, despite evidence appearing in source code on Carphone Warehouse's website.Peter Erskine, chief executive of O2,

Sealing up your Nokia N95 picture guide

This is an original and creative way for all you folks who wants to protect your valuable Nokia N95. This is a good way to totally prevent scratches but will that transparent cover leave residue when peeled off.

Sony Ericsson W3i concept

This slick concept is made by SE_cz over at esato. This guy is very talented and have created tons of other cool concepts. Anyways, this phone is of a slider form factor and seems to be thin. It has a huge 480x800 touchscreen and has all touch sensitive buttons. Here are the given specs.- 16 GB storage- 256 MB RAM- WIFI/UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE- 5 mega pixel camera with xenon flash

Another watch that is a mobile phone

Yet another mobile phone watch made by the Chinese. This one looks alot better than the M300 but it is still far from looking normal. It is quite huge and bulky. It has a usable screen and has a built in 2 mega pixel camera. Like all of these watch phones, using them requires a bluetooth headset. It even comes in many different colors to suit your liking.

Cell phones light up operating room during blackout

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - The light from the cell phone screens allowed surgeons to complete an emergency appendix operation during a blackout in a city in central Argentina, reports said on Saturday.Leonardo Molina, 29, was on the operating table on July 21, when the power went out in the Policlinico Juan D. Peron, the main hospital in Villa Mercedes, a small city in San Luis province."The

Sony Ericsson X1550 Smart concept

Specifications- UMTS- HSDPA- WIFI- bluetooth- WIMAX- 8.2 mega pixel camera with Leica lens- 6x optical zoom- 2 mega pixel front camera with Leica lens- 2 x 32GB flash disk drive (SSD - solid state disk)- miniSD/MMC slot- Intel sARM Core Duo 2x 1.88 Ghz- 1GB RAM- nVidia nMobile graphics chip (T&L, 64 unificated shaders, 128 MB RAM, full DX10 support)- 32 bit high resolution touchscreen- mini USB-

Nokia 5300 black edition spotted for sale

Looks like the Nokia 5200/5300 black edition is official...well kinda. It has been spotted for sale at the big Swedish katshing site. This probably means an announcement very soon...

Edje virtual keyboard mimics iPhone

Here is the video description:This demo was written to 1) find out bugs with EFL and 2) evaluate usability of iPhone virtual keyboard layout without owning one (they don't sell it here in Brazil). Done in python, about 230 lines of code.

"I'm Ready for My Close Up Mr. DeMille"

Since the introduction of sites like YouTube, it seems like everyone and their brother are shooting and creating videos on pretty much any topic that you can imagine. Just the other day I saw a video on giant robots playing foosball. Since it's obvious that a lot of people out there love to make short films, we thought it would be cool to host a film festival - a Treo-specific film festival to be

Arrow Electronics Announces Integrated Motorola MicroTCA Systems

Arrow's Design and Supply Chain Expertise Back Motorola's Innovative MicroTCA Communications Server Technology to Deliver Application-Ready PlatformsMELVILLE, N.Y., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The North American Components (NAC) business of Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) today announced the availability of development systems that integrate Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) MicroTCA(TM) products for

Nokia spy phone

Doesn't this just look a little crazy? Looks like it's in the middle of a transformation...

More pics from the Samsung U700 event

Here are some more lovely pics at the promotion event for the Samsung U700 (U708) in Taiwan. Like I said before they created a really nice/elegant/stylish atmosphere. the phone is being presented with a really nice stylish case and the WEP-420 bluetooth headset designed by Bang&Olufsen.Pics from mobile01

Nokia trend station

Nice concept of a demo station from deviantart.

Nirvana, An Invitation to Wander


BOOK YOUR OWN TOUR .Minimum charges apply, Bookings essential. Individuals,Families, Schools, Groups
Nirvana provides a wonderful lifestyle for Deb and Quentin. It is where 4.5 Ha in the Adelaide Hills can provide an income from the diverse orchards. It is satisfying work flanked by our faithful hounds, our own fresh food, and food to preserve, fruit wines and beer, great spaces to relax and watch the antics of the poultry. Places to observe a multitude of native wildlife and enjoy the different seasons of the Adelaide Hills. Nirvana may not fit into the normal category of a garden or farm, but it’s a place to work, relax and enjoy life... The way in which the commercial crops are treated can be described as ‘garden quality farming.’ The combination of growing commercial crops, our own vegetables and herbs, composting, native habitat areas, poultry and our various gardens around the house and sheds all rolled into a wonderful balanced and beautiful ecosystem.

THE OUTER GARDENS: the orchards, creek, and habitat areas form the framework and atmosphere.
THE INNER GARDENS: dominated by large camellias. The garden is designed to be low maintenance, use minimum water and be chook hardy. It is made up of rooms that ebb and flow with the seasons. The home veggies and herb gardens are also here.
Balancing both is the compost and Bio-Dynamic preparations. Chooks and geese appreciate both areas

HISTORY In 1983 the valley and surrounding hills consisted of 50 chestnuts and 80 walnuts. The remainder was impenetrable blackberries and broom with the lower areas waterlogged. The house garden was very neglected and overgrown. The camellia, which dominates the front garden, had grown so large it had, over the years, turned the tin on the convex veranda into a concave!
We formulated a 10 year plan to transform this degraded property into a largely self-sufficient, enjoyable, as well as viable lifestyle. At that time we only had the weekends to do this as we both had full time jobs in town. Today, 22 years later, the main crops are chestnuts, raspberries, walnuts and 100 odd mixed fruit and berries, which are use to produce a variety of gourmet jams and preserves as well as fruit for our own use. Geese graze the orchards and along with fowls provide the basis for our compost.
We have been using Bio-Dynamic methods here for 22 years. It adds something special to the craft of gardening, because it enhances both the garden and gardener, as one looks more closely into the processes of nature and life. B.D. Bio (life), Dynamic (inter reactions) between all the kingdoms of nature: - mineral, plant, animal, humans (like group dynamics).

Our garden is more than plants. There is a whole atmosphere about our place, the insects, birds, water, light & shadows, sounds & smells they all there interacting with each other, all ebbing & flowing with the seasons. Our gardens engage all the senses and refresh the soul. Here the garden is a spiritual resource, a place to step back and enjoy the quiet moments.
Nirvana’s gardens are work in progress There is always an area to create or redevelop. Garden plantings are diverse as possible so we can share our garden with a large array of insects, birds, animals both domestic and wild as well as other people. The garden has found its balance & clicked into place.

Nirvana is made up of lots of small garden spaces. The main reason is ease of maintenance for one person to achieve. This also provides a variety of spaces to suit different seasons or times of the day. Even the orchards are divided up into manageable areas; these are divided by natural habitat areas.
The orchards and gardens use little water. To encourage the maximum benefit from the rainfall the soil acts like a sponge so there is no runoff. This is achieved by building up the humus content. (The Bio-Dynamic methods aid this process.) Rather than using hard surfaces, garden areas have paths and sitting areas made from sawdust or gravel. Some areas are irrigated and plants needing more water are grown there and these areas are designed to cool us or the house. Grassed areas are also used to cool the house and act as a firebreak.

What does it takes to run Nirvana Farm? Deb has designed, built & maintains the various gardens. She also works full time as the orchard and farm manager. Quentin works part time depending on the season. He is in charge of marketing, machinery maintenance, mowing, irrigation, & of course Hot Roasted Chestnuts. Woofers (willing workers on organic farms) help out during harvest.

Some highlights you’ll encounter at Nirvana

COMPOST is the soul of the garden. To make quality compost is very important .Our compost is based on poultry manure & bedding along with green plants including comfrey & nettles. The aim is provide new fertility in the form of life giving humus out of dead organic matter.

THE HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN consists of permanent raised beds, quality compost dug in. In the garden veggies are grown for fleeting freshness- delicate –fragrant frequent harvests, small sowing 2 days before a full moon. Once established simple rake over & re seed.
Wild edges provide habitat for beneficial insects & birds.
THE HOUSE & GARDENS were first established in the late 1870’s. The garden is dominated by large camellias & contain chook hardy cottage plants & shady areas. The poultry range through the area enjoying the shade. They also have dust bath areas & train their chicks to roost in the camellias. Native birds are encouraged into the garden via various water containers. An old apple orchard is also near the house.

THE SPRING FED VALLEY forms the headwaters of Scott creek. Water flows through the valley all year round. The creek is dotted with small barrage dams which provide fire water, irrigation & habitat areas. These areas aid the overall balance by sheltering the small beneficial birds, insects & reptiles.
THE FIREWOOD FOREST was planted in 1987 to supply our future firewood needs for cooking & heating. This area also contains various native wetland plants, many endangered.

SHEPARD OF THE WILLOWS .From within the existing cope of French Osier basket willow, sculptor Evette Sunset created a living yurt.
It is a dwelling & visiting place for many creatures. It breathes with the sun, wind & rain. Alive & growing the house reflects the seasons as they pass.
All these along with the orchards & poultry make up the whole that equals an excellent example of a biodynamic farm & gardens all working together to make a whole.

Deborah says'To remember that at its most fundamental level, agriculture is about the artful capture and transformation of the solar gift and work is love in action.