Mabel's Labels

So far in his school career, shmoo has misplaced four lunch containers, two container lids, several cloth napkins, and at least a dozen spoons (I've restocked the spoon drawer twice!)

So when Linda from Mabel's Labels offered to send some labels for shmoo, I was delighted. Now, as you can see, all shmoo's containers have his name and a cute little cat on them. Shmoo even got to pick out the color scheme and picture himself. And now when he forgets his lunch things they will at least have a bit better chance of making their way back to him.

My big question about the labels was how well they hold up to repeated washing. This picture was taken after lunch, when the containers had been washed with warm soapy water and air dried. The labels showed absolutely no sign of wear. I asked Linda about durability and received this response: "I personally have labels that have been on for over 2 years - the life expectancy of our labels is LONG!"

I love the labels, but here's what I really wanted to share, especially for those of you dealing with food allergies: Mabel's also sells Allergy Labels. How cool is that? You can detail what your child is allergic to and put it on everything they will eat and drink from during the day.

Hmm, I wonder if you could even change the wording from "I am allergic to:" to "I am vegan, I don't eat:"? Just a thought.

Thanks, Linda!

Road's End Shells & Chreese

Here's another new vegan product I picked up while on vacation: Road's End Shells & Chreese. I bought a box of their Cheddar Style Shells & Chreese to see how it would compare to my regular homemade version from Ultimate Uncheese (a perennial shmoo favorite).

It was so easy to make! I boiled the noodles, tossing in some frozen peas and corn at the end, drained it, then added some plain nondairy milk and the flavor packet. Just like a conventional box of mac & cheese! The instructions called for just 1/4 cup of nondairy milk, but the pasta still seemed too dry. I added at least an extra 1/4 cup before getting a nice, smooth consistency.

On the side are baby carrots with Vegenaise and dill for dipping, fruit salad, and three Mi-Del Ginger Snaps for dessert.

Verdict: Whipping this up took no time at all, but how would the flavor compare? "Hey, this tastes just like the macaroni and cheese that you make, Mom!" shmoo said. High praise for Road's End, from both the cook and the consumer. 5 stars.

20 years of Hot Roasted Chestnts

-20 years of roasted chestnuts

Autumn is hot roasted chestnut time and will be the twentieth year that Quentin Jones will be setting up his colorful stall in Stirling village. It all started in 1986 at the Aldgate Autumn Leaves Festival. That first year was a big learning curve and the chestnuts were cooked very, very slowly in a kettle bbq. After a bit of practice the nuts were cooked and a legend was born. The current rotating cooking basket was developed in 1987 over a few beers in a neighbor’s back yard. The basket is ideal because it can cook a lot of nuts in a short time. Over the years Quentin has received much advice from the many nationalities making up our diverse culture. “You have to burn them a bit so they are easier to peel”. This advice was accepted and adds to the color and smell as smoke from the nuts wafts up and down the street. Cars screech to a halt and whole families burst from the doors to purchase their weekend treat. Walkers and window shoppers are also enticed by the smell and movement. There are some people who have never tasted chestnuts and they can have a free sample if they ask. They too may be seduced by the subtle sweetness and soft, warm texture of the humble chestnut.
Quentin says that he loves meeting people and the regular customers have become firm friends, sharing their last year’s experiences as they scoff their cone of hot nuts. The cooking of the chestnuts also gives Quentin a reliable guide to how the rest of the crop is fairing in the cold room, a sort of quality control for his fresh nut sales at the farm gate.
Quentin cooks chestnuts in Stirling Village on Saturdays from 11am and Sundays and public holidays from noon. The season usually goes from Anzac day to early July.
For more info call Quentin or Deb at Nirvana Organic Farm Ph/fax 8339.2519 or
184 Longwood Road Heathfield. Exit S.E. freeway at Stirling, turn right at the roundabout and travel 3.3 km.

P.S. Nirvana farm is having a guided tour of the property on April 22nd at 2pm sharp. Adults $8 accompanied children free. Bookings essential or book a tour to suit. This tour is an ideal opportunity to gain access to a successfully run Bio-dynamic orchard. See free range poultry, five composting systems, fruit, nuts and berries. There is the start of Scott Creek and restored native habitat, firewood forest, cottage garden and home veggies. This is life in the slow lane that many people envy.

PUL Wrap

Vegan Lunch Box reader Lilia saw my recent post on Wrap-N-Mats and wrote in with these pictures and comments:

I saw your post about the Wrap- N-Mats and your dislike of the plastic smell. I found a solution and thought you might want to share with your readers. I made my own cloth diapers for my dd who is now 2 1/2 and potty trained. I have tons of PUL left over. This is polyurethane laminate coated fabric. After I read your post last night, I decided to wrap my sandwich in it. I made the sandwich last night, refrigerated it overnight and carried it in my insulated lunch bag. My sandwich was nice and soft at lunchtime. It didn't get stiff. I will be making more of these now for my family and my friends.

To get an idea about what the fabric looks like you can go to Diaper Shop. It's fairly soft considering it's coated, especially if the material that was coated is a knit. A little more stiff if it's a woven, but still folds up more like a thick napkin than plastic. I bought lots of "diapercuts" from Diaper Shop. You can get a nice variety of fabric choices this way, without having to buy a full yard. They run about $3 a cut. and could probably get 4 out of one 20x20 cut. Much more affordable than the Wrap-N-Mats.
As you can see from Lilia's pictures, making a PUL wrap looks easy, with no layers of fabric and plastic to sew together. And the fabric selection is great, with both fun prints and plain solids. Thanks, Lilia!

Follow Your Heart Pizza

On a recent trip out of town I was finally able to pick up some Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheese. I've been hearing about this stuff for years and couldn't wait to try it for myself. Today I took a bit of the mozzarella-style cheese and turned it into a lunch box pizza with tomato sauce, broccoli, and capers.

On the side is, yes, another Applesauce Fruit Squeezie and a bite of fair trade dark chocolate.

Verdict: I really, really wanted to like Follow Your Heart. It's more local than Sheese and isn't made with transfats like Tofutti slices. Perhaps it's a case of having inordinately high expectations, but I was disappointed. None of us liked the taste or texture of any of the Follow Your Heart cheeses. We found them gritty, soft, and watery. But still, I felt worlds better giving this to my son versus giving him Tofutti, and cooked on top of pizza shmoo said the mozzarella tasted "not bad". At lunchtime shmoo picked the broccoli off the pizza first and gobbled it up (dang, I should have put more on!), then ate every last bite of the pizza -- even the crusts! 3 stars for Follow Your Heart.

Nokia N95 vs LG KG928

There is a mega comparison of these two phones over at it168 site. It's a Chinese site so translating is required. There are tons of pics of the phones side by side, UI and cam pics. The pictures with the weird hue are the N95 pics. I recommend heading over to see the full size original cam pics of both phones. Here are their conclusions: LG KG928 Advantages: - great 5 mega pixel CCD cam

Sony Ericsson K800 Ferrari Edition

Someone over at mobile01 decided to mod their K800 Ferrari style. It certainly looks way better than that Porsche phone that I posted yesterday. It looks nice but I think if it was also red where the SE logo was, it would look even better. Too bad there aren't pics of the front of the phone.

Tons of Nokia N76 live pics

There was a press event yesterday in Taiwan which focused on the Nokia N76. It will be released very soon. As a result, there are tons of N76 pics from phonedaily and gophone. There are more pics on those sites if you want to see the UI of the phone. Enjoy the pics!

More pics of Lenovo's new phones

Lenovo had a press event a few days ago and announced lots of new phones. just posted up some good pics of the phones. The first phone in pink or turquoise is the S9 (reminds me of SE's Z610). In the 4th pic, left is the S7 and right is the S6. In the 5th pic, left is the ET600 (WM6) and right is the P851. In the 6th pic, left is the P709 and right is the V770. In the 7th pic, left

Nokia E61i released and available

Mobile email. Depending on your point of view – and the demands of your boss – it’s either the oil that keeps your working day afloat or the bane of your life. Either way, for many of us, it is here to stay. Nokia knows this and just like others has been building support for mobile email into its handsets for a considerable time. But the E61 is a step up the ladder. Part of the company’s new E

Sony Ericsson K510 in four new colors

To be exact the K510c for the Chinese market will be getting new colors. Yesky reports that SE will be releasing the phone in 4 new refreshing and fashionable colors, orange, red, light blue and light green. They will be available just in time for the summer. This reminds me of all those colorful VAIO's. Is SE following in the steps of Sony VAIO?

Sony Ericsson W880 vs Samsung F300

Mobile-review have posted an in depth comparison of the W880 and F300 (with focus on music capabilities). It is in Russian so use Google to translate. In conclusion the W880 wins in their comparison, however the W880 costs more than the F300. I personally would pick the W880. It looks better to me and seems easier to use than the Samsung.UPDATEmobile-review have posted an english version

NTT DoCoMo introduces 3G FOMA N904i phone

It was introduced today at Milan's Design Week. The handset was developed by NEC in collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni. He is a designer who created designs for world famous companies such as Alessi, Fiat and Siemens. No specs yet...but the phones looks great!UPDATEDoCoMo product pageTeaser site

Sony Ericsson W660i gets reviewed

This is the first review of the W660 I have seen on the net. Eldar from mobile-review does an excellent job as usual. Very extensive and tons of pics. Unfortunately the review is in Russian so use Google to translate (probably an English version will be up soon). To sum it up, nothing new or revolutionary (similar to W610 except for 3G, cam and design). The phone looks great in both color

Sony Ericsson K818 approved by FCC

Mobilewhack has discovered from the FCC site that the K818c has been approved. The K818 is a non 3G version of the K810 just like the K790 is the non 3G version of K800. I am guessing that the release of the K810/K818 is not too far away.

The Porsche mobile phone

And I thought the AK47 phone was funny...behold...the Porsche phone (pics from phonedaily)! It's supposed to resemble the Porsche 911. There aren't many details about the phone. It has a cam near the windshield of the car. It is being sold in Hong Kong and costs about 165$ US.

iPod style phones

Specs of the black phone: 1.8 inch 260k OLED screen, 1.3 mega pixel cam, T-flash, measures 52 x 100 x 7.6mm and weighs 70 grams (wow!). The black phone looks really compact and thin. It also has a weird keypad arrangement which reminds me of the Nokia 3650 (probably a pain to use). The white phones reminds me of the SE's W800 with a bit of W900 (the front). The specs are: 260k QVGA

Transparent flip phone

I don't know who they were trying to copy...perhaps this is an original design. The phone looks ok. It reminds me of the days when I used to change my phone housings to clear transparent. I wonder how long it will take before the flip breaks and also how many scatches it will have. The keys are also non standard. Makes the keypad area look less cluttered but how is the usability? Features the

Flip out screen mobile phone

Sorry...I didn't know how else to describe this. Anyways, this phone has a screen that flips out/up and turns it into "DV style". It features a 2 mega pixel camera, 6.5 cm 260k QCIF touchscreen (high sensitivity) bluetooth and supports T-flash cards. It measures 105x 55 x 15mm and weighs 106 grams. Quite a unique design, I must say. I remember once Panasonic had a phone with a screen that flips

Nokia N93/i clone wannabe

At least that's what it tries to be. From the same guy who brought us the good Z610 clone, here is the N93/i clone. Here are the specs:- 2.2 inch 260k QVGA high sensitive touchscreen (whatever that is...)- Bluetooth- 2 mega pixel camera- Powered by Linux OS- Intel XScale PXA270 312MHz,Philips ARM7 processor- Supports T-flash cards- Measures 97 x 51 x 19mm and weighs 120gThe specs are a bit

Sony Ericsson Z610 clone

Wow...this is one good copy. I was fooled for a sec till I took a closer look. It really does look like the turquoise Z610 (just keep it closed at all times). The phone comes only in this color. It features a two mega pixel camera but no touchscreen (also no external screen). it measures 94.5 x 49 x 20mm and weighs 78 grams. It also supports T-flash cards. Maybe there will be a pink and black

Nokia 5700 New!!! ***Only Photos*** for sale

Now this has got to be the one of the most ridiculous things I have seen...even more than those clone Nokia phones. What the heck is this seller thinking??? Here is the seller's item description:"I have for sale 11 unique Nokia 5700 pictures. Here are 3 of them.Image size: 361 x 301You can't find any photos like these on the NET! Those were taken from a friend who already has a Nokia 5700

Nokia 5070 is released and available

Now wasn't that quick. It was only announced 19 days ago on March 29th. It is readily available in both colors in Asia (I don't know about Europe). It costs around 130$ US (quite cheap). If you are not in Asia then you can get it on Ebay from X1387.

More Nokia 6290 pics

Seems like everyone is getting their hands on a 6290 and posting pics lately. Here is another set of pics from After looking at the pics I don't really like that black plastic on top. I like the material of the underside of the phone. It also looks a bit thick. .

Deuxani's final Sony Ericsson P700i pic

Deuxani improvised his last Elena pic and calls this his final cut. The back of the phone and heys look better. Model number has been updated to P700i. This phone has been confirmed by a few people as Elena or P700i. I am so excited. Hopefully the announcement is indeed in a few days. I will definitely be buying this phone when it comes out.

Nokia Beta Labs presents Wellness Diary

Here is the overview from Nokia's site:"Wellness Diary makes it easy to take an active role in the daily and/or long-term management of your health. You can monitor and track a range of everyday well-being parameters, including weight, eating habits, exercise, blood pressure and others. Because this health journal resides on a personal mobile device, you will have privacy and ease of speedy use

Tons of good pics of Sony Ericsson's W580

These great pics are from the Chinese site pcpop. The W580 looks great in these pics and so do the lighting effects. I especially like the pics comparing the phone with the W850 and the W880. The W580 makes the W850 look fat and big and dim (the W580 lighting effects are so bright). As I have said before, I am still waiting for pics of the grey/blue version. Enjoy the pics.

Walkie-Talkie Phone AK-47

This is just madness. This phone is being sold over at brando in HK. Here is the dscription from the site:"Walkie-Talkie Phone AK-47 Vibrating Alert, Games, Long Standby Time, Walkie-talkie!Indepent walkie-talkie system and phone system. Separate system for power switch, conversation, volume control and handsfree. Smart pouch included"Here are the specs:Specifications:- Networks: GSM: 900/

Samsung Upstage/F300 review

I was just drooling over these pics I posted yesterday and today Mobileburn has posted an excellent review. There are tons of pics of the phone, UI and pics from it's cam. In conclusion they were blown away by the phone until they turned it on and used it. They found that it had "myriad usability issues" and gave the phone a "Not recommended" rating.Click for review

Nokia 6290 unboxing pics

Allaboutsymbian published their unboxing pics today. It is a simfree European version. I didn't really like how the box looks. When I first saw it, I thought it was some operator branded box. The color of the phone is quite nice and unique.

Wrap-N-Mat and Celebration Roast

Here's another new lunch toy! I came across Wrap-N-Mats a few months ago and was interested in trying one out. Wrap-N-Mats are a reusable plastic bag alternative that fold around a sandwich and close with velcro. The PEVA or PVC lining keeps the sandwich fresh, then at lunchtime the mat unfolds into a placemat. Nifty!

After we got over the fact that the brand new mat smelled like a stinky shower curtain, we decided to wipe it down and stick a sandwich in it.

I filled two slices of sprouted barley bread with Vegenaise, ketchup, lettuce, spinach, and cold slices of Celebration Roast. I bought the roast recently on a good friend's recommendation, and oh, I'm so glad I did! Even the meat-eater among us agreed that the roast was some of the best-tasting veggie meat we've had. Tasty hot or cold, Field and Celebration Roast are made from wheat gluten, pea flour, and lentils -- no soy, so they're a great veggie meat for those with soy allergies. The Celebration Roast includes a stuffing made from butternut squash, apples, mushrooms, and carrots -- more sneaky vegetables for the shmoo.

I know the whole point of the Wrap-N-Mat is to reduce waste, so it's ironic that the other treat I scored for the shmoo this week was an Applesauce Fruit Squeezie.That's right, shmoo can finally squeeze goo out of a plastic tube just like his friends! I packed the tube-o-mush alongside a fresh orange and some dairy-free Fig Newmans.

Here's the mat all folded and ready to go. Since we're on the subject of bags, I packed shmoo's fig bars in another plastic bag alternative: Natural Waxed Paper Bags. I like to fold the bag and use a hole punch to make two holes through the fold, then tie the bag shut with raffia or twine. (I'm sure I got that idea from Martha...)

Verdict: The Wrap-N-Mat worked nicely, but I must say I still prefer packing lunch in a lunch box. There's something so satisfying about how everything fits together inside a box, and since I tend to pack more fruit and vegetable salads, wet foods, noodles, rice, etc., a lunch box suits my style. But if you are a sandwich-a-day person, a Wrap-N-Mat would sure beat throw-away baggies. Shmoo was utterly delighted with his applesauce tube and wants to know if he can have one in his lunch every week from now on. 4 stars.

Nokia N70 clone

Hahaha! This is getting rididulous. Remember the guy who sold the Nokia N88? Apparently he has another Nokia for sale. It's a "VIRTUALLY BRAND NEW 3G NOKIA N70 SMARTPHONE 900/1800GSM". How the heck is it 3g? The same crappy blurry pictures. This phone is probably in the same series as the N88 since it also has a big ass Nokia on the back. I wonder what the specs are though...

Nokia N88 for sale???

WTF? What the hell is a N88? This item is for sale over at Ebay. Pics are kinda blurry. The keypad lights are purple (looks neat). It has a camera, probably a touchscreen and big ass Nokia written on the phone. Hmmm...the box looks decent. Anyways, here is the seller's description (unedited):" THIS IS BRAND NEW.NOKIA N88NOT IN THE MARKET YET.YOUR THE FIRST ONE WHO WILL HAVE IT.THIS IS MY

The first Chinese Nokia N95 clone

It was bound to happen, it was just a matter of time. About it being the first clone, I am not sure. It is the first one I have stumbled upon. I have no specs of the phone. It's probably like all the other copycat phones (Nokir 828 comes to mind). I can't see what is written on the box since the pics are not that good. What i can see though is that the phone is not a slider anymore but a candybar

Motorola RAZR2 V9 - Style With Distinction

Motorola, keeping in its tune of providing a mobile with nice features in sleek designs, has this time, come up with a new model RAZR2 V9. Though it’s officially unveiled, the new model is all set to hit the mobile world in the Q3 of 2007. It is to be remembered that this model is the descendants of the popular Motorola RAZR V3 that paved the way for the ultra slim trend in the world of mobiles.

SMS crashes SE W850

Here is the poster's description:"I have 3 new messages. I browse through my messages, and when I choose Sms of Doom from Pekka, the phone crashes. It does recover pretty soon, thou.And the content of the message was something like "Are you gonna watch Finland - Azerbaidzan somewhere?" . The exact content is not known, for obvious reasons."I wonder if this clip is genuine and if so why did that

New Sony Ericsson W999i phone found

Recently the UA profiles of M610i and P700i were discovered and also info on the Shinobu and Nicole (so many leaks...). Today, by chance I found this user agent profile over at SE's site. I was randomly typing in different model names. When I typed in W999i, I was extremely surprised. I wonder if this is the W950 successor or the W900 successor. According to the xml the phone features:- QCIF

GPLUS DB9800 live pics

Remember those old Motorola big ass phones? Well here is the rebirth. It is styled like the old Moto but a lot smaller. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, MicroSD support (phone has absolutely no internal storage memory), USB and a 1.3 inch 128x160 resolution color screen. It also has those classic large antennas and stereo speakers (but of bad quality). It comes with preinstalled games and a

Clip of SE P990 running Ubuntu

This clip shows someone taking the P990 apart modifying it and then booting a mobile version of Ubuntu up. Ubuntu is a community developed, linux based operating system. From the clip, I can see it boots real fast (a lot faster then P990 with latest firmware) and runs fast also (maybe a bit too fast...possible fake?). I wonder if it supports phone functions though.

Sony Ericsson W580 demo video

I was quite surprised when I found this over at youtube. There was no info on the clip but by the looks of it, I am guessing this is the demo video of the W580. Nice clip but the phone looks a bit fat there. Enjoy!

Nokia Gold 8800 Sirocco Edition

Yesterday Engadget posted about a questionable gold 8800 Sirocco Edition. Well this phone does indeed exist and Nokia only released it in Asia. Here is the proof at Nokia's Hong Kong site and it's China site. I must say this phone looks great but my favorite is still the black version. Free Chow Tai Fook limited edition ring (as shown in 3rd pic) for the first 500 buyers (according to Nokia China

New Sony Ericsson W52s Walkman phone spypic

Xumdeo today posted (at Esato) the first pic of the new Japanese W52s and fed us some info. This phone is due in the summer. It is pill shaped and the jogdial has been replaced with a pill shaped Walkman button. It also features 2 mega pixel AF camera, 2 GB internal flash memory and MSDP/MicroSD slot. thats a big screen. He also hinted that there will be a SE W900 successor with an

New Nokia phones: 6110 Classic and 6110 Slider

The first phone is the 6110 Classic. It features:- Symbian S60v3- HSDPA 3.6Mbit- 15 mm thick- 2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colors- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)- Estimated price 2000kr = 291$ USThe second phone is the 6110 Slider- S40v3 (with multitasking capabilities)- 3G- 16mm thick (impressive!)- 2.2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colors- 3 mega pixel camera with AF- Estimated price

New Sony Ericisson phones: Shinobu and Nicole and some Sofia info

The first phone is codenamed Shinobu. It features:- Walkman phone- Slider design- HSDPA- 12.5 mm thick (impressive!)- 2.4 inch QVGA screen- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)- Estimated price 4000kr = 582$ USThe second phone is codenamed Nicole. It features:- Sagem OS (first phone under new cooperation)- 2 inch QCIF screen- 3g- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)- 13 mm thick- Estimated price 1800kr = 262$

User pics of LG KE970 Shine

This phone looks really good and just oozes quality. Too bad it isn't too friendly to use according to Gsmarena's review. This person has so many phones with him...just look at the background. There are more pics over at phonedaily. Enjoy.

Win a Nokia N76

Nokia is holding a competition and offering everyone a chance to win a N76. All that needs to be done is to download the design template and create a kick ass design. The design will be featured on the contest's website when it opens on May 3rd. The prize is a N76 with your design. Good luck to all participants!

Sony Ericsson i-mode K550im live pics

The K550 is the i-mode enabled version of the K550. This is the first and only gallery of the K550im I have seen. It comes only in black unlike the K550 which has a white version. It is identical in looks to the K550 except for the K550im sticker under the keypad and a dedicated key labelled with the i-mode logo. The browser is also different. I like those black HPMs that come with the phone (

New Sony Ericsson W660 live pics

Great pics from gophone. The phone in it's two colors look quite different from each other. The floral patterns in the red ones looks really special. I wonder if they will wear off in time though. The gold on both phones fit in well (I usually dislike gold on phones). The HPM-85 looks huge compared to the W660. I wonder how good is the quality of the sound.

Sony Ericsson Camera Phone Kit IPK-100 live pics

Found these good quality pics over at The tripod land case looks nice...I usually don't like how tripods and cases look. The case looks quite sturdy.

Sony Ericsson W610 demo tour

Another cool demo tour from SE. This one seems to focus mainly on the phones Walkman functions and of course TrackID. Nice nonetheless.

Nokia 6131 special Mother's Day edition

This will be available in Taiwan. They phone will come in a special gift box with skincare creams. The first 15000 to buy this special edition will receive this cool fashionable bag. I like how the bag is packaged. Pics are from

Sony Ericsson W610 vs W810 pics

I found this great gallery over at phonedaily. Good quality pics comparing the W610 and W810 and also comparison pics from their cameras. After looking at their camera pics, I like the W610 more for outdoor pics and W810 for indoor pics. In the 4th pic the W810 looks really thick compared to the W610.


Found this over at ubergizmo. It is by a company called Deeda and it really looks like the iPhone...doesn't it? It is a portable media player with PDA functions but has no phone functions. A link was provided to the product page, but it is not working. Maybe Apple has something to do with it?

Sony Ericsson K200 prototype for sale

If you missed his last sale (white prototype K220) then you better hurry up this time. "Peterkay" over at Esato is selling a prototype black K200. The phone looks nice.

Motorola SLVR L9 review

This is the successor to the L7. It looks almost like the L7 but has a new keypad, EDGE support, FM radio and better camera. It measures 113 x 49 x 11.5 mm and the weighs of 96 grams (exactly like the L7). Gsmarena has an in depth review of the phone and they were not so impressed with the phone. I wasn't impressed either except for the fact that it is quite thin.

K810 W580 W610 W660 W880 live pics

Lots of pics were posted today over at Esato by "Sir-Sonyericsson-man". He got a chance to play with all the new SE phones and got himself a K810. Lucky guy...The third pic was unusual. His fingers seemed to ghostly. The fourth pic shows a prototype battery, the BST-40 (1100 mAh). Not everyday you see a battery in a SE phone labelled just Sony. Anyways, this battery will be available soon. Head

K790 with PSP/XMB menu icons

Hey look!!!! The PSP phone!!! Heehee...just kidding guys....looks good, doesn't it? A member (JustinZ) over at Howardforums has modded the menu icons in his K790. It looks quite nice. Maybe there will be a mod to make it identical to PSP's XMB. You can download the icons but I have no idea how to put them into the phone but there is a good thread over at se-nse that explains how.

Nokia E90 live pics and hands on video

A member (aboveconnection) over at Howardforums has posted lots of live pics and a hands on video of the phone. This phone still impresses me everytime I see it. It has almost everything I would want in one phone. Anyways, enjoy.

Lenovo introduces new mobile phones

Lenovo held a press party yesterday in Beijing, China. They announced lots of new phones but the S9 caught my attention. The S9 is part of their new S series which is a stylish and sexy (curvy) series. It reminds me alot of SE's Z610. Not only does it have that shiney mirror screen, it also comes in pink and the Z610. It does look nice though. There is also a lower end S6. For

First pic of Nokia 8600 Luna

This pic showed up at carphonewarehouse's site under coming soon. I am guessing that this is the 8600 Luna. It looks like the 8800 but different from the last spypics. This is the description taken from the site:"The Nokia Fashion High mobile phone is so new it doesn't even have a model number. As its code-name suggests, this is a handset with a distinctly fashionable feel. The rounded corners

New Sony Ericsson M610 and P700 info

These user agent profiles are found on SE's site. Guess there really is a M610 and some new phone under the name of P700. I wonder if Elena is the M610 or P700...P700igsm/wcdmaQWERTY keyboardQVAG screenopera 8.5plays aac, real audio and wmaM610igsm/wcdmaQVGA screenopera 8.5Could there be an announcement around the corner?There are hints of May 8th/9th date.(Jonathan Morris from

Sony Ericsson's W580 cam UI pic

The pics shows how the cam UI has been changed. Probably future phones that aren't designed to be held sideways (like W580,Z750) will have a UI like this. I like it better than the old UI (comparing to the cam UI on the Z610). Thanks to xumdeo for pointing this out.

More live pics of Sony Ericsson's MRC-60

Yesterday I posted some user pics of the MRC-60. Today, I found some more pics at phonedaily. Judging from the 6th pic, the light changes from blue to purple? From the pics I saw yesterday, I thought it just glows purple. I think that it would look also great if they offered it in glossy white.

Turn your UIQ 3 phone into a webcam

Finally there is a version for UIQ 3 phones. This application turns your phone into a wireless bluetooth web cam (or regular USB cam). A driver needs to be installed on the computer and a client on the phone. You can then use your phone as a web cam for applications like Skype. You can try it out (7 day trial).Click to download

Nokia S60 event "Going beyond Web browsing"

This pic is at Nokia's site under press/events. We can clearly see what it say. I wonder what they mean by going beyond web browsing. Is something revolutionary going to be introduced? What is out of the ordinary is that at Nokia's site, at the lower left corner of the pic is an inactive read more link. Either a mistake or an indication that it's not finished. Perhaps it will be corrected/

Sony Ericsson J110/J120 live pics

The J110/J120 is SE's super low-end phones. Even lower then the K2XX series. They have no built cams, tiny low resolution screens and simple UI. The difference between the J110 and J120 is that the latter has FM radio. SEmania has a pic gallery of these 2 phones and their UI's.

New Benq Siemens SF71 mobile phone

These pics were leaked recently. It is a 3G clamshell phone. It features a 2 mega pixel camera, dedicated music player keys, 262k QVGA screen and a brand new UI. The external screen slides and acts as a lens cover. It's hinge reminds alot of SE's Z600. The phone looks good on the outside.....but I must say that on the inside, it's butt ugly. The fourth pic ruins everything.

Funny SE W880 TrackID commercial

Found this over at youtube. I have no idea what language it is in...maybe German (there are subtitles in English though) ? Anyways, it's an ad for the W880 from operator "3" highlighting the TrackID function. I laughed my ass off whenever that guy made that noise (metal song). Enjoy.

Almost official pic of Sony Ericsson's Elena

Well here it folks. Deuxani has created the closest pic to the Elena we will see until SE announces the phone. He improvised his previous pics to the new info provided by a member over at Esato. If the info is genuine then this is almost 100% how the phone will be. I really like how the phone looks and if it looks like this, it will definitely be my

New Nokia Video Manager

This is a brand new application add-on for PC Suite to manage and transfer video clips between your phone and PC. What is cool about this application is that it converts the clips into formats optimized for mobile phones automatically. This makes transferring clips easy and without headaches. Make sure you install the latest PC Suite before installing this. This kinda reminds me of SE's

Nokia E65 review

Nokia’s newest trio of E series handsets comprises of a follow up to the keyboarded E61 called the E61i (even for Nokia this name shows little imagination) a new communicator the E90 and the phone I am looking at in this review, the E65. The E65 comes in two colour schemes. Mine was brown – Nokia calls it Mocca – and silver. The alternative is red and silver. The brown parts are made of a

Mobile phones with BIG BUTTONS

These phones are perfect for older folks. My grandma always complained that the buttons on mobile phones are small. All these phones have unusual designs and are quite bulky in order to accomodate the big buttons. The screen is also got shrunked down. The 4th pic shows a Japanese DoCoMo phone under the name of RAKU RAKU Simple. The pics are from phonedaily.

Screen shot of Sony Ericsson's Elena (M610?)

This pic was posted by the same member over at Esato that posted lots of info today about the Elena. The phone has 166 MB internal memory and has 78 MB free ram at bootup for running applications. Now that's alot! I have around 15 MB at bootup on my P990.

Sony Ericsson Music Remote Control MRC-60 live pics

I know it costs almost 60$ US in Hong Kong. It's quite expensive. I have that silver cradle (cds-60?) in the third pic (got it with the P990). The MRC-60 looks way nicer and more stylish. I didn't know that it glows in purple (the silver one glows in green). Even the remote looks nice. This is good for people who like to connect their phone to their stereo and use the remote to control the music

Win a Sony Ericsson W950!

Allaboutsymbian is holding a competition and you can a W950. All that needs to be done is to fill in short form. Good luck to participants!

New SE Elena (M610?) info

The photoshopped Elena (by deuxani) is 95% accurate of the real phone. It will have Wifi. The front casing will be metal except for part between screen and keypad. The backside has silver edges and the flat part will be in a black rubber. The back speaker is very loud. The prototype software is almost stable and the transition menu is already implemented. It has the same configuration as the M600

Shmoo Review: Twinkie, Deconstructed

"EEEW"..."Gross!"..."YUCK!" Warning: don't curl up in bed with Twinkie, Deconstructedif outbursts like that are going to keep your spouse from sleeping. Because it's hard not to exclaim out loud as author Steve Ettlinger leads you through the mysterious inner workings of the industrialized food system.

Ettlinger sets out to follow each ingredient in a Twinkie back to its original state, and describes the convoluted industrial processes that give us such food additive favorites as "polysorbate 60" and "sodium stearoyl lactylate".

This book is the perfect read for anyone who wonders where our food comes from and what it's made of. If you partake of modern processed goodies – and I don’t mean just the golden cream-filled ones -- you may be quite surprised to find out what you’ve been putting in your mouth. Even though Ettlinger chose to focus on the Twinkie because of its popularity and long list of ingredients, the additives and chemicals he describes are present in a vast number of the foods on our grocery store shelves -- yes, even some of the vegan ones.

Vegans might want to pay special attention to the chapter on soy, where Ettlinger describes the process by which soybeans are transformed into shortening, lecithin, and soy protein isolate, the last of which shows up in many vegan "meats" and "sports bars".

I highly recommend Twinkie, Deconstructed, but maybe not for bedtime reading. Because even after you quit shouting and let your partner go to sleep, you may find it hard to sleep yourself, your mind haunted by images of giant factories filled with corn, flour floating through sprays of chlorine gas, and soy flakes soaking in vats of lye. I know I did.

Self charging Sony Ericsson phone

I found this funny clip over at youtube. It is of a K700 which is supposedly charging itself. He records the phone while zooming in and out to show that there is no charger and to show that the battery meter is charging. He keeps saying no charger, no charger. A self charging phone? I think not.

Nokia N73 special Godfather Edition

This is to celebrate 35 years since the release of the first Godfather movie. The phone will come in a special Godfather themed box. I assume the phone will be black like the N73 ME from the picture on the box. It also comes with a full movie on a 256 MB card. I found this info over at which is a Hungarian site.

SE's TrackID now in Java

Someone made a Java version of SE's TrackID. This means it that this can be run on any Java enabled phone. The problem is that I can't get it to work on my P990. Here are the instructions:- Record with the phones built in voice recorder (at least 10-15 seconds)- Then run the program and browse to the recorded file (1st pic)- Select the file and connect to the net- The info will be processed-

Over 70 pics of Sony Ericsson's K550

I think it is safe to say that this pic gallery holds the record for the most number of pics on the K550. Like the title says there are over 70 pics and are located over at mobile01. Be prepared to wait a bit for all the pics to load. There are pics of the phone from almost all angles, the UI and pics from the cam. There are also pics of the K550 compared to the W810, K750 and K800. Great

K550 vs K800

Battle of the Cyber-shots. Phonedaily did a comparison between the two phones. In these pics both the phones look great but I liked the K550 a bit more. The article is in Chinese so translating is needed. From what I understood about their cameras:- K550 has more pale colors than the K800- K800 has advantage in the dark with and without flash- In good lighting conditions their performance is

Sony Ericsson W990 concept

Remember these pics? The creator of those pics created this new pic which he calls K/W990. All I can say is wow...That is one impressive looking device. Hopefully there will be an SE device in the future that resembles this design (at least the huge screen).

Pics of Motorola Eric So action figures

Days ago there has been news of Motorola cooperating with Eric So to create limited edition action figures for China. These figures are available exclusively when purchasing Motorola phones. The guy is Jay Chou and the girl is Zhou Xun (famous celebrities). The Jay figure will be available with the purchase of the MOTOROKR E6 and the Zhou figure with the purchase of the MOTOKRZR. The figures are

Tons of Nokia 6300 pics

This has got to be the biggest collection of pics of the Nokia 6300 I have seen ever. Over 30 good quality pics of the phone and pics from the phones 2 mega pixel camera. Enjoy!

Sony Fair 2007 Taipei

The Sony Fair is held annually and all the latest Sony products are on display and promoted. This includes PS3, PSP, BRAVIA, Walkman devices and most importantly Sony Ericsson products. At this fair the W580, W660, K810 and new accessories were the stars for SE. I found lots of pics at and mobile01. Still no signs of the grey/blue W580...

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic live pics

Nokia was present at the Springwave Music and Art Festival 2007 which took place in Taiwan (I am guessing here...). have posted pics from the festival which mostly focused on the new Nokia 5700 XpressMusic phone. Finally some live pics. I don't like the red version but I like the other version. The phone also looks a bit thick.

More SE W610 pics

There have been lots of W610 pics and reviews posted everywhere lately (probably due to the fact that it has been officially released a few days ago). I found a pic gallery over at mobile01. There are pics of the phone and pics from the cam. I have yet to see pics of the phone in it's other color.

Shmoo Review: Everyday Dish

If you are a visual learner nothing beats watching a teacher demonstrate what they are trying to teach you. Case in point: cookbooks versus cooking shows. Some of us have a hard time looking at a written recipe and grasping what the cook is talking about, or what the finished recipe is supposed to look like.

If this sounds like you, I’m happy to report that there are plenty of great DVDs and cooking shows out there to introduce you to vegan cooking. In fact, three of my favorite vegan chefs recently sent me a copy of their new vegan cooking DVD, Everyday Dish: Vegetarian and Vegan Meals for Everyone.

Well-known cookbook authors Dreena Burton, Bryanna Clark Grogan, and Julie Hasson have teamed together to create this instructional DVD of 15 vegan recipes, including goodies like Hummus Tortilla Pizza, Lemon Lime Bars, and Triple Chocolate Pudding. The entire DVD is shot in the same gorgeous, well-appointed kitchen, and by the end of the show I felt I’d spent a cozy afternoon in this kitchen cooking with friends.

Although all three of the chefs were charming to watch, I thought Bryanna’s recipes most benefited from the visual format. Many of her recipes require a lot of preparation and call for ingredients that even long-time vegans might be unfamiliar with, like raw wheat gluten, agar, and TVP. If you have never made something like a gluten roast, it’s quite helpful to be able to watch one developing and see what it looks like when it’s done.

Another benefit of cooking DVD versus written recipe is catching all those little tips and tricks experienced cook use but don’t write down in their recipes. Dreena demonstrates how to handle a food processor without making a mess; Bryanna shows you the best way to open silken tofu. They both had me thinking, "Gosh, why didn’t I think of that?"

I would recommend that before you watch this show for the first time you insert the DVD into a DVD-ROM and print all the recipes. That way you can follow along and take notes on the recipes as you watch. Having copies of the recipes will also give you an idea of the quantities involved, as there is mostly no mention of exact amounts during the recipe demonstrations.

If you learn best by watching, are new to vegan cooking, or just enjoy watching cooking shows, the three accomplished vegan chefs of Everyday Dish are here for you!

Sony Ericsson K790 with walkman flash theme

The theme looks great. I didn't know that this could be done with the K790. I am aware that installing these flash menus are possible on older SE phones, but on the K790? Guess I am not updated regarding the new CID phones being modded. This clip was uploaded by autummguitar at youtube. Enjoy.

Hands on videos of Sony Ericsson's W610

I found these clips at youtube. They were uploaded by gogoeditor (I think perhaps from the Taiwanese gophone site). The clips are Chinese.The phone looks awesome. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again...such a shame this phone does not support UMTS...

I-mate's 1st half 2007 roadmap leaked

HTC's roadmap was leaked a while back, now it's I-mate's turn. It seems that the some of the code names are X-files themed (Fox, Scully, Informer, Navajo). There is no ifo on the devices in the 3rd pic. The name of the device in the 5th pic is P30 (reminds me of Nokia's N80). The name of the device in the 6th pic is Odyssey. The pics are from mobile-review's forum.

Free CDC apps for mobile phones

Steeven has developed some useful apps for mobile phones. Below are the apps and his descriptions.SyncALot: synchronize your folder to FTP server with one click. your friends will see your photos on internet at once.MobileWindowsExplorer: just allow you to browse and access windows network likes what windows explorer did.MobileFtpd: makes your mobile work as ftp server. access it with ftp

Sony Ericsson PSP phone

Almost a week ago there was a post at regarding a SE PSP phone. Today published an article discussing the PSP phone. It's an interesting article to read. I personally am not enthusiastic about a PSP phone..if it had a big screen like the UIQ phones then of the main reasons I like my PSP is because of it's big screen.

Sony Ericsson Media and Analyst Conference Call - Q1 2007 Business Update

There was a press release today in the morning announcing that there will be a media and analyst event after the release of Q1 2007 results on April 20th. Will there be announcements of new phones? Highly unlikely...

Tons of pics of SE at CeBit 2007

This is a bit old but definitely worth checking out. There is a huge pic gallery of SE's presence at CeBit 2007 over at mobile01. The best collection of pics I have seen so far. Enjoy.

Tons of Sony Ericsson Z310 pics

I found a huge pic gallery of SE's Z310 over at mobile01. I have posted about a gallery in the past but the Z310 was in a different (copper/orange?) color. Well this Z310 is in pink and actually looks ok in these pics. I didn't like how the pink Z310 looked in the hands on video. There are pics of the UI as well.

Burnt and melted K800

This is something you don't see everyday. Found these pics over at Esato's forum (posted by thelelander). This phone was left next to an Easter candle and it set the phone a bit on fire. What is amazing is the phone still works (even the camera)! Only the housing needs to be changed. Tough phone...

New M600 firmware available on SEUS

SE have been busy little bees these past few days. There is also a new firmware (phone: R9F001 organizer: R6A16)for the M600 in addition to the P990. W950 had a new firmware about a week ago. It increases available memory at startup and adds the transition menu (like in P990's new firmware). Happy flashing!

New P990 firmware available on SEUS

It has finally arrived! The new R5A firmware for the P990. Here are details I have posted in the past about this firmware. I have just updated my p990. Here are some first impressions and some pics (sorry for the pic quality). It took me around 20 minutes the whole update. The first thing I noticed when turning the phone on was the progress bar (first pic). The startup felt alot faster then

Monkey Chow

We've gone BANANAS! First I went ape for this monkey bento container from Japan. Then when Mr. Monkey arrived he needed his very own banana napkin. You can see how things went from there...

The top container holds two Tofu Lettuce Cups -- gingery tofu, peanuts, coconut and lime juice wrapped in buttercrunch lettuce leaves.

The monkey container holds some mango chutney to add to the tofu before eating. Please note adorable banana-handled spoon.

In the other large container tropical party picks hold two miniature hazelnut butter and banana sandwiches next to a small cup of "Monkey Chow" (fruit-shaped cereal).

Finally, every monkey loves to eat his vegetables, so I packed cooked carrots and peas above a trio of corn tires.

Verdict: Oops, I forgot to pack a spoon, but shmoo didn't care. He picked up the container and shook all the peas and carrots into his mouth like the wild, crazy primate he is. Then he devoured the corn tires, flinging the empty cobs around the room and screeching. Just kidding. The little sandwiches and cereal went next, followed by the tofu...without the lettuce. 4 stars.

Nokia interactive monitor

This is installed in the Nokia shop in Hong Kong (in front of Times Square). I have actually been to the shop but too bad it wasn't installed yet (have heard about it though). "firat" uploaded a clip over at dailymotion. Well I will let the clip show how it works. It's quite an attention grabber..I have seen other shops in HK that have used this idea.

SE W880 TV commercial (long version)

I have seen the W880 TV ad on TV and also on the net but I haven't seen this longer version before. I have only heard of this long version from other people...well I found it over at youtube. Cute ad.

More Nokia N76 live pics

There are alot of N76 live pics floating around the net and all of them have one thing in common. The phone always look great (in my eyes of course). It is a slim clamshell and reminds me of Motorola's RAZR but way more advanced and functional. I never realized though that the external screen can be used as a mirror (a nice touch). Enjoy the pics from phonedaily.

LG KE970 Shine review

When I first saw the LG shine, I was really impressed by it's design. It is quite small and slim at 99.8 x 50.6 x 13.8 mm but weighs 125 grams. It is heavy because of the metal but it feels solid and of premium quality. The problem I have with LG phones is their software. I don't find the software as smart as Nokia's or Sony Ericsson's. Gsmarena have posted their excellent review of the phone.

K810 review

A few days ago mobile-review posted a review of the K810 but in Russian. Today they posted the English translation of the review. After reading through it,there is not much difference between the K810 and K800. I also couldn't find any hints of future SE phones. From the last paragraph of the review, I am under the impression that it's successor will appear in a long long time.

Sony Ericsson and Optimobile to bring VOIP to P990

Sony Ericsson has signed an agreement with Optimobile to use their VOIP client. The software called Uniphone will allow users to to make IP calls when WLAN is present or regular calls through a regular GSM network. Uniphone is SIP based which is good since it is the most common standard for IP calls. Hopefully this will be available to P990 users soon.

K550 Cyber-shot unboxing video

This clip was posted by "MikePumperK" over at youtube. I have rarely come across such a long and extensive clip of the K550. It is a quite a long clip (5:24) and includes the unboxing and a review of the phone functions. The phone looks good in white with it's blue backlights. The speaker also sounds loud and of decent quality (might be even better than the K800/K790). Anyone who is

2 interesting clips of SE W950

I found these 2 short clips over at youtube (posted by "redbat99"). They were both posted by the same person. The first one shows the walkman application running on the W950. It is really nice and alot nicer than the walkman interface in SE's regular (non Symbian) phones. The second clip shows the W950 running a GL benchmark application. What impresses me is when the benchmark ran some FPS game

SE W610 live pics

This is from the same site where I found W580 pics. Like I said in my other post, this site is in Chinese but for some reason Google won't translate it. At the site there are pics of the phone, UI and a camera pic. I must say that the W610 in both colors look really nice. The sample cam pic looks good (probably because of the auto focus). If this phone supported UMTS then it would have been

Lots of pics of LG Prada's UI

I found these pics over at the Taiwanese site, It is actually a mini review of the UI with lots of pics. It is in Chinese but it can be translated with Google. I didn't read the review though, cause I wasn't too excited by the UI. It looks boring and even in other color themes, it still looked boring (I wonder if themes can be made and installed).

Tons of live pics of Sony Ericsson's W580

I found this review over at It is in Chinese though but for some reason Google won't translate the page. The main attraction for me is that there are lots of good quality pics of the phone. Pics of the earphones that come with it, the user interface and pics from the 2 mega pixel camera. I must sat I am not impressed with it's cam. The phone design is nice and so is the lighting

Sony Ericsson phones in Adobe® Device Central CS3

This piece of news is a bit old but still interesting. I found this over at Sony Ericsson's developer site under latest news. Well this software enables the creation of "engaging" (thats what they say) mobile content. Hopefully this means lots of cool stuff will be available for our SE phones. Visit the developer site for more info.

More info on P990 firmware R5A

Today, "justjim" from esato's forum updated his P990 (through a friend with access to EMMA)and posted some screenshots and impressions. The pics are exciting for me because now transitions can be turned off. Yippeeee! The built in Opera browser is updated to "513". He says the camera can be operated in landscape mode and java apps load instantaneously. He even says the phone is so fast and stable

Sony Ericsson and Spiderman 3

Sony Ericsson has created a very nice Spiderman 3 themed minisite. There is info on the new Spiderman 3 movie that is supposed to be released on May 4. There are mobile downloads which includes screensavers, wallpapers and video clips. There is also a Spiderman game which I didn't try out yet since you need to register (later I will try the game). There are also 2 movie trailers there and a K800/

LocationFreeTV out for P990

After a long wait the software is out. There were even rumors that this software was to be cancelled. Well it is out now for the P990. At SE's site, it says that it only works on the P990. I wonder if it works on the W950 or M600. This download is good news for people who own the Sony LocationFreeTV base station and the P990. Now you can watch whatever you want whenever and wherever.

A few nice Sony Ericsson photoshop concepts

I found these pics over at esato today. They were created by J. Havrlant from sony-ericsson-cz. I really like these designs especially the Cyber-shot one. The big screen is just amazing. Hopefully SE will make a GSM phone with a screen that large like those BRAVIA phones in Japan. Maybe SE will release a phone with some ideas from these designs.

Pics of K800 keypad when flashed to K810

I posted a few days ago about the possibility to flash the K800 with K810 firmware and the results. The only bad thing about doing this conversion was with the keypad lighting. The above pics posted by gsmtimes show the problem. In normal mode, the lights don't light up above the 4-5-6 keys. In camera mode, the bottom keypad keys don't light up. This lighting issue is probably because of slightly

New Nokia 6120c info

There is info some new 6120c. It has a QVGA resolution screen, HSDPA and is powered by Symbian S60.

Sony Ericsson K220 prototype for sale

A member under the name "PeterKay" over at Esato's forums have posted a prototype K220 for sale. The phone is in white and comes with a battery, charger and box. The box is an unfinished box like with most prototype phones. The phone is still labelled "se123". If you want to get this phone before everyone else (the phone is not released yet), better hurry up...

Sony Ericsson K810i demo video

This is a bit old but it's worth a view. I really like SE's demo videos of the phones and this one is no exception. Enjoy.

Hands on video of Sony Ericsson's Z310

The Z310 is a low end clamshell of the emotional stylish series. It is the little brother of the Z610. HiMobile have posted a 4 minute hands on video of the phone. It looks ok in the clip. The white parts of the phone looks a bit cheap, the gray parts out of place and the screen very small. I thought only the pink parts of the phone looked nice. Perhaps the phone in another color combo would look

ZedgeTone VoiceMaker Tool

Create truly unique ringtones, message tones, voice messages and love/prank messages with the Zedge VoiceMaker Tool in just 2 easy steps. And it's all for free - Zedge style!

Send free SMS worldwide

Text messaging just got easier. With this innovative widget, you can send SMS messages to your friends worldwide from the convenience of your PC or Mac desktop. Sending text messages is completely free. You can send as many as you want in the USA and Canada but limited to 5 per day to the rest of the world.

New Nokia N80 firmware

Symbian-freak has posted that their is a new firmware version, V4.0707.0.7 and it will be available at all Nokia service points in the next couple of days (it is already available via NSU). This is a minor firmware version which just fixes known bugs and improves performance.

Sony Ericsson officially launches W610 in Asia

Although the W610 could have been bought a few days ago, only today it has been officially launched in Asia. The W610 is 2 mega pixel walkman phone. It comes in black or white. It is special because of the fact that it has an auto focus camera...something SE didn't put in walkman phones for a long time.

LG Prada live pics

The LG Prada is the first full touchscreen operated phone (along with the iPhone). It looks good and from the clips I saw, it also seems to work really well. have posted a review with lots of pics but unfortunately it's in Chinese (but we can enjoy the pics).

More live pics of Sony Ericsson's W660

The more I see this phone, the more I like it. It just looks really nice, both the black and the red. Although I wouldn't buy the red one for myself. This phone is quite special since it is the first walkman phone without orange on it.

New Nokia 8600 and 3109 classic info

New info about the 8600 and 3109 classic have surfaced today.3109 classic:128 X 160, bluetooth, S408600:QVGA, A2DP, S40, 16M colors

Moto K3 review

The K3 is almost identical in design to the K1. It is a clamshell UMTS phone that features a 2 mega pixel camera, measures 103x42x16 mm and weighs 105 grams. I think it looks a bit better than the K1. Mobile-review has posted an excellent review.

iPhone for dummies

This is for sale at This is their book description:What the book covers:Getting started with your iPhone, setting up iTunes and your iPhone, getting organized with your iPhone, browsing the Internet with your iPhone, sending and receiving E-mail with your iPhone, buying music and videos from the iTunes store, taking great pictures with your iPhone, organizing and managing your photos,

LG banana phone

LG has released a banana phone. It is referred to a banana because of the shape of the phone. It was designed with ergonomics in mind. It is a slider phone and features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, mp3 player, 142 MB memory measures 101.4x48x23 mm and weighs 105g. More pics at akihabaranews.

New firmware for Sony Ericsson W950

A few days after SE has updated EMMA, SEUS and PC Suite. There is new firmware for W950.Phone: CXC162037 R9F011B/T: CXC162058 R3A01Organizer: CXC 162088 R6A15CDA: 162014/1 R6A13It has been reported:- An increase of 2-3 MB ram at bootup- Start up animation progress bar- Improved Mega bass- Improved sound with DS970Hopefully the new P990 firmware will be available soon.

Nokia updates PC Suite

Nokia has updated it's PC Suite to version 6.83. It fixes known bugs and issues but most importantly is it's full compatibility with Windows Vista. The content copier is also enhanced allowing users to pick what to backup and restore. Click for nokiaClick to download

New Super GoBoy for S60 3rd Edition

Features:- Emulates all GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms- Full quality sound support, with volume control- Runs games directly from Inbox- Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files- Games run at full speed on all phones- Auto or Manual speed selection - to speed up or slow down games- Save/load game support- AutoSave - never lose game progress again- Fully definable keys- Hotswap A/B

White SE W950?

We are used to seeing the W950 in black and orange...but in white (like the white M600)....looks really good. This picture shows up in some W950 clip from youtube. This clip is 52 seconds long and this image shows up at 00:35. Is it real or a photoshop?

HTC Advantage camera review

Mobile-review has posted the third and final part of their HTC Advantage review. There is a very in depth review of it's camera, against the K800/K790, N73 and a Canon digicam. Eldar concludes that the Advantage has the best camera among Windows Mobile based smartphones and communicators.Click for reviewClick for previous parts

Another Sony Ericsson K810 review

This time mobile-review has posted a review of the K810. Unfortunately the review is in Russian so I used Google to translate (an alternative is Babelfish). I will update the link when they post up the translated review. It's an interesting read nonetheless.

Videos Of Sony Ericsson's TrackID

Ever wonder how SE's TrackID works? Well here are 2 videos that shows how it works. The first one is from gizmodo and the second from a regular user. It's quite a nifty function and it actually works (from personal experience).

7 new Samsung smartphones in 2007

From mobile-review:Samsung Electronics has unveiled it's plans to release 6 new smartphones in 2007 at the recent press conference held by the company’s German division. Mr. Norbert Strixner, the marketing manager of Samsung, reported that the current market of ordinary cell phones in Germany is saturated, and he noted the increased demand for smartphones in professional and customer’s segments.

Sony Ericsson PSP phone?

This pic is from They posted that Sony Ericsson is working on a PSP phone with lots of multimedia power. IT is also supposed to have the same UI like the PSP (XMB). That would be quite cool...a PSP phone.

Cell phone stereotypes

This is a bit old but interesting. Nielsen Media Research conducted a survey and discovered that a person's mobile phone tells alot about that person. Here are the results:Nokia- Family-minded- Middle aged managers- Balance seekers- Health consciousMotorola- Fashion conscious- Under 24- Fun seekers- IndividualisticSony Ericsson- Ambitious young men- Professionals- Success driven-

Andy Warhol Branded Nokia Cameraphone

Cingular and Nokia have announced the launch of a limited edition Andy Warhol branded camera phone (to celebrate Andy Warhol). The phone will feature a 3.2 mega pixel camera and a special zoom function to take self portraits. The self portraits can be uploaded online instantly to an online gallery to be "warolized". The phone will be of cylindrical shape and multicolored. It will also come

Superstars at SonyEricsson CeBit 2007

I found this clip over at youtube today. I think the description is in German so I have no idea what it says. I know that in Germany "Superstars" is like "American Idol" maybe it's that. Anyways they are performing the song "If you don't know me by now" at SE's CeBit stand.

Google new mobile search

Google has updated/enhanced it's search site which is optimized for mobile devices. It has a cleaner interface now and the search results look more organized. There is an option to customize your homepage and has easy access to gmail. I like the changes. To check it out, type in your phone's browser:

Forum Nokia has updated their phone profiles

Nokia has updated their device profiles over at forum Nokia to include:- Processor type- Processor speed- Hardware 3D acceleration- Total and free memory- Nand flash memory sizeGood info for all you techies.Click for nokia

Nokia updates Nokia Lifeblog

Lifeblog is smart software that's intuitive to use. Store, organize, browse, search, and edit your multimedia files from the phone or PC. Take a picture with your phone and post it to the Web in less than a minute. Once you start Lifeblogging, it's hard to stop.The new features include:- Addition of a tag engine - Addition of a new 'stacking' view parameter to the time line- Improved slide

Another Sony Ericsson mock-up

Found this pic today. It is some SE phone with one huge screen and a flat type of keypad. With a screen size that big it could be a Bravia phone. It is most likely a fake, since it looks like a photoshopped K810...

Yet another Nokia N73 clone

Another clone from China. It features a 2.6 QVGA 260k color touchscreen, 1.3 mega pixel, stereo speakers and supports t-flash cards. It's dual band, has the dimensions of 112 * 53 * 16.5 mm and weighs only 75 grams (alot smaller and lighter than the N73). It is not as convincing as the Nokir 828 though.

Sony Ericsson updates pc suite to 1.3.11

SE have updated their pc suite for their mobile phones to version 1.3.11. This is preparation for the new firmware. All users who wish to update their P990 is recommended to download this new version to backup phone data. Also uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. Now we just need to wait for the new firmware.

Super radio phone

This is another phone by some Chinese manufacturer. This time the special feature is that huge speaker on the back of the phone. It is supposed to be really loud and clear. The phone features a 2.4 inch screen, 1.3 mega pixel camera and supports microSD cards. There is also a screen on the back which displays info. Quite original, this big speaker idea...Click for pic gallery

New Nokia 8600(?) pics

These pics surfaced today on the net at howardforums (posted by 'micrors4racer'). It could be the rumored luna 8600 (8800 little brother) or it could be the 8800's successor. It looks to have a large screen. It has a slide down design like the 8910. The design looks good though. Hope there wll be more info soon.

Sony Ericsson new firmware R5A details

Yesterday I posted about a possible new firmware today. EMMA has indeed updated and so has my SEUS client. I tried updating my P990 but it says no new update. Maybe it will be available later today. A member over at Esato has posted some juicy details about this new R5A firmware. He got these details from a developer forum- Menu transitions can be turned on/off via control panel- Free memory

User mini review of Nokia's N800

The N800 is Nokia's continuation of th N770. It is an internet tablet with no mobile phone functions. It features Linux OS, WIFI, built in camera and high resolution 65k color touchscreen. The device looks quite sleek and thin. A member over at se-nse has posted pics and a mini review. Enjoy.

Sony Ericsson M600 copycat

Wow. The Chinese do it again. This time ripping off the Sony Ericsson M600. It features a 2.2 inch 260k 176x220 touchscreen, supports microSD cards and has a 2 mega pixel auto focus camera. Too bad it has no support for UMTS, has no bluetooth and doesn't have leds. It also doesn't feature the rocker QWERTY keypad like the M600. It looks quite nice and thin too. From the 4th pic, I can see they

Nokia 6300 review

The successor to the 6230(i). This is Nokia's high end Series 40 3rd Edition line in a classic candy bar design. It reminds me alot of Sony Ericsson's T610. It features a 16 million color QVGA screen, 2 mega pixel camera, FM radio, support for microSD cards, A2DP and standard miniUSB connection. Too bad it doesn't support UMTS or have leds for the camera. Gsmarena have posted today an excellent

Sony Ericsson W200 live pics

W200 is SE's low end budget Walkman phone. It has a VGA camera and support for M2 memory sticks. Although it is 18mm me it looks thick. I also posted a hands on video earlier today. Enjoy.

Hands on video of Sony Ericsson's W200

The W200 is the lowest numbered Walkman phone which means it's a low end budget phone. It comes in two colors (black or white) and is tri-band. It has a VGA camera and FM radio. It looks nice but for some reason it looks thick. Check out the video from shinyshiny.

A Typical Sunday Breakfast

Sometimes readers ask to see what we eat for other meals around here, like breakfast. So, leaving lunch boxes aside for now, here's a picture of one of my son's favorite weekend breakfast treats: waffles and eggs. That's right. In fact, he likes a fried egg placed directly on top of his waffle, just like this, so he can eat them both together. Yes, indeedy.


Were you fooled? Did I getcha? Oh my gosh, I'm so bad at pranks it was hard to even write that paragraph!

No, it's not an egg, I promise!

What is really in this VEGAN breakfast? You're looking at a Vans Organic Blueberry Toaster Waffle topped with vanilla soy yogurt and...a canned apricot half.

I found this idea for "Sunny-Side Up Waffles" in the Pillsbury Kids Cookbookand couldn't resist saving it for good ol' April Fools Day. The recipe notes that you could also use a canned peach half if you prefer.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any veggie bacon on hand to complete the illusion, but ripe kiwi fruit made a pretty side dish.

Verdict: Both shmoo and his dad had to stare at this little breakfast trick for quite a while before finally giving up and asking me what they were looking at. Best of all, the yogurt and fruit really did make a tasty waffle topping. Happy April Fools' Day!

Sony Ericsson Aibo mobile phone?

I found this article at a Swedish site ( Unfortunately, I don't know Swedish but I am guessing they are talking about an Aibo phone (AiPhone). Aibo was Sony's robot dog. A walking mobile phone... I think it's safe to say that this is an April fool's joke.

Sony Ericsson K830?

Well I found this over at sefanatics site. The pic above was posted with the following info:- 4 mega pixel camera with AF and xenon flash- HSDPA- Larger screen with 16 million colors- 256 MB internal memory with support of M2 memory cards- Same design as K810 but comes in a light blue colorApril fool's joke?I think so...

Nokia N98?

This was posted today by mobilmania. I have no idea what language the site is in, probably Czech. From what I could make out...I am guessing the phone features a 16 million 800x352 screen, Symbian 9.2 S60, QWERTY, GPS, WIFI and 3 mega pixel camera. It supports microSD cards. I think it also says that the design is inspired by the LG Chocolate. Well, the phone doesn't look user friendly and it

New P990 firmware soon?

There has been talk lately of a new firmware for the P990. A member at esato has claimed that it will be available on 2/4/07, which is tomorrow. Coincidentally, Sony Ericsson's EMMA is updating on the same date. Perhaps there will be an update. We shall wait and see. If there is an update, I hope it makes the phone even better...