Video previews of Nokia's new 5700

The 5700 was announced by Nokia a few days ago. It is a combination of Nokia's 3250 and 5300. It has a twist design and is an XpressMusic phone. I found two clips on the phone. The first one is from symbianfrance. It shows the UI of the phone in action. The second clip is from and I have no idea what language it is in. It does have an on screen translation though but it doesn't

Amazing video of Sony Ericsson Night Tennis Miami 2007

Night tennis is a special event which Sony Ericsson created. It was introduced last year in Madrid, Spain. The game is played in total darkness except for UV lighting. Players are dressed in special glow in the dark clothing. The ball glows in the dark along with the paint on the court. This is accompanied by a neon light show and world famous DJ's, Paul Oakenfold and Masters At Work. This looks

Hands on video preview of Sony Ericsson's Z750

Sony Ericsson anounced the Z750, their first HSDPA phone a few days ago at CTIA. This is the first hands on video I have come across (thanks to phonearena). Enjoy.

Flashing K800 to K810 results

I posted before about the possibility to convert the K800 to K810. Well, a member of esato has tried flashing his K800 with K810 firmware. He flashed the K810i R1KC001 firmware with wotanserver with success. Here are the results:- The photofix function is present but not that useful (not much different from photoDJ)- TrackID is also present- Java is updated to version 7.4- Date of firmware is 7/3

Pics of Sony Ericsson's Z310

The Z310 is a lower end version of the Z610. It has the same external shiny flip as the Z610. You can only see the screen when it's lit up. The Z310 doesn't look half bad considering it's price. It even has a camera and light effects.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot mock-up

This mock-up was created by 'Meilow'. He used the Ubiquam U-520 phone for inspiration. It has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with xenon flash. The lens cover slides sideways and it has a shiny front like the K810. This Cyber-shot also supports UMTS. It actually looks quite good.

Video of Sony Ericsson's W580 fitness app

"With the W580 Walkman® phone you can even take your favourite tracks to the track. It will count your steps, your calories and monitor your running speed/distance/time. Add to that your best tunes for motivation and whether you’re on a run, in the gym or just out for a stroll, the W580 is the perfect fitness partner."Above is SE's description of the fitness app that comes with the Z580. This

Another hands on video of Sony Ericsson's W580

This is the third hands on video of the W580. This clip from phonearena is alot longer than gizmodo's video. I posted another video a few days ago. Enjoy.

K810 pic gallery and video

This is a bit old but still worth checking out. 'Rog' from se-community has posted a pic gallery and a hands on preview video of the phone. Enjoy.

MOTOKRZR SE Z610 hybrid

Well, I guess the folks in China decided to kill two birds with one stone...copy the design of the MOTOKRZR and Sony Ericsson's Z610. It comes in turquoise, pink and black just like the Z610. Well, everything else just reminds me of the KRZR. The phone is a dual band clamshell. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, 260k color 176x220 screen and supports t-flash memory cards. It's special feature

Sony Ericsson W850 copycat

This is a dual band slider phone. It features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, 1.8 inch 176x220 260k color screen and supports t-flash memory cards. It also has stereo speakers. One at the top of the phone and the other at the bottom. The main attraction I would say is the colorful lighting effect when a call or message is recieved. Not only did they copy the W850 design, the icons in the menu are copied

Nokia 5300 copycat

This is a dualband phone which features a 2 mega pixel camera, 260 k color 3 inch touchscreen and supports t-flash memory cards. The best part is that it even has a game emulator. I am guessing that it is a NES (Nintendo) emulator meaning there are tons of games (which are included). It is not a slider like the phone it is trying to copy. It also has gaming buttons. All this for only around 130$

Motorola Ming copycat

This phone from China features 2.2 inch 260k color 176x220 touchscreen, 2 mega pixel camera with LEDS and loads of other stuff. It also lists that the mp3 ringtones are very loud. What really catches my eye is the fact that the logo symbol looks almost identical to Motorola's symbol. Like most copycat phones from China, this phone is dualband and alot cheaper than the original Motorola Ming. It

Convert your K800 to K810

Well I don't mean the housing. Now you can flash K810 firmware to K800 phones. The K810 firmware has a slightly improved media player, more advanced themes and Track ID. Sounds good to me. Now all we need is to try to change the housing. Good luck to anyone who wants to flash their K800 with K810 software. The flashing is through wotanserver.

Helio's Ocean dual slider

This is one impressive device. It slides one way to reveal a number keypad and slides another way for a full QWERTY keyboard. It also isn't so big and doesn't even look thick or bulky.I find the screen a tad small though. Mobileburn has a hands on preview and a picture gallery.

Review of Sony Ericsson's K200/K220i

The K200/k220 are SE's low end phones. The handset measures 103х46х16.7 mm at weighs 82 grams. The phone features a VGA camera. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The difference between the K200 and K220 is that the latter has FM radio. Mobile-review has an in depth review of the phone. I think the phone looks good for it's price.

Sandisk introduces 4 gb memory stick micro

SanDisk expanded its Memory Stick Micro (M2) line by introducing a 4-gigabyte (GB) card.With the capacity to hold up to 1,000 songs, 2,000 high-resolution photos or 20 hours of MPEG4 video2, the 4GB M2 is compatible with Sony Ericsson’s latest generation of slim line, multimedia mobile handsets such as the Cyber-shot and Walkman® series. SanDisk announced the 4GB M2 at CTIA Wireless 2007.

Nokia 5070: Fun and function

Espoo, Finland - Designed with the needs of young consumers in mind, the newly announced Nokia 5070 features a compelling blend of fun and function for today's socially networked mobile customer. With strong messaging, leisure and personalization features, the Nokia 5070 has everything that the mobile social set needs. The Nokia 5070 will be available in the second quarter of 2007 with an

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic: Adding a new twist to mobile music

3G Smartphone can download and play tracks from range of Internet music storesEspoo, Finland - Today, Nokia revealed the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, an accessible 3G smartphone augmented by a dedicated audio chip for enhanced music performance. The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic features an iconic twist design that easily switches between four modes at the flick of the wrist - music player, 2 Megapixel

Nokia 6110 classic?

The first phone is the 6110 Classic. It features:- Symbian S60v3- HSDPA 3.6Mbit- 15 mm thick- 2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colors- 2 mega pixel camera (no AF)- Estimated price 2000kr = 291$ USThe second phone is the 6110 Slider- S40v3 (with multitasking capabilities)- 3G- 16mm thick (impressive!)- 2.2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colors- 3 mega pixel camera with AF- Estimated price

Another excellent Nokia N93i review

This time the review was done by mobile-review. It was reviewed a while back back it was only in Russian. Now they have posted the translation into English. As usual, the review is extensive and in depth. Worth reading if you are interested in the N93i.

Nokia brings bold style of the L'Amour Collection to CDMA markets worldwide

New Nokia 7088 phone satisfies both the practical and passionate with high style and a strong feature setEspoo, Finland - Inspired by the same indulgent palate of colors and textures that has defined Nokia's L'Amour Collection as the pinnacle of mobile fashion design, the Nokia 7088 makes its debut today, bringing a new level of sophistication to the CDMA market. The Nokia 7088 is not only the

Nokia to set up a mobile device factory in Romania

Nokia will set up a manufacturing facility for mobile devices in the county of Cluj in Romania. The company will invest an estimated EUR 60 million in the Cluj plant, which will be the company's 11th mobile device production facility globally. Nokia has decided to come up with the new factory in Romania to meet the increasing demand for mobile devices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nokia

Sony Ericsson: Expect More From Us

ORLANDO – Sony Ericsson will be expanding its cell phone line in the US with the company's "largest set of devices for North America ever," Sony Ericsson president Miles Flint said at the CTIA trade show today.

Sony Ericsson K550 vs Nokia 6300 pics

The K550 is SE's second Cyber-shot phone and little brother to the K800. It has lower specifications than the K800. The Nokia is targeted at the same audience as the K550 but it has some advantages over the K550. I personally like the look of the K550 more.

LG Google phone?

LG Electronics and Google Team Up to Enhance the Mobile Experience. LG Electronics (LG), a leading worldwide provider of advanced wireless handsets and accessories, and Google today announced a global collaboration to pre-install Google’s services on millions of LG mobile phones. Mobile users around the world will now be able to easily search for information, find locations, update blogs and

10-Function Professional calendar counter for FREE

Accurately count days or search dates in seconds. 10-Function Professional calendar counting! Works on almost ALL java-enabled mobile phones/PDAs. Please see the extensive help in the "Help" option of each screen to understand how to use it. It's FREE!!!Click to download

Live Nokia N76 pics

There is an interesting review over at the Chinese pconline site. If you don't know Chinese or don't feel like reading the translation then you can enjoy the pics there.

Sony Ericsson se123?

I find these pictures quite funny. It is quite rare that SE would present a phone with the 'se123' label which is used before a phone gets named. These pictures are from CeBit.

Sony Ericsson W580 preview

Se-community has a hands on preview of the W580. There are pics of it next to the W880. The W580 is one fine and slim slider. The more pics I see of the phone. the more I like it. There is also a video clip of the phone. Enjoy.

Good pics of Sony Ericsson's W660

I found many pictures over at se.it168. There are pictures of the black version and the new portable speakers. The floral pattern on the red version is quite special.

More internal pics of 'Elena'/M610

More pics posted by 'zopp'. From the last pic we can see that the production date is 06W33 and it's a EP1 prototype.

New Nokia N76 video

This is a very arty video of the N76 posted at Nseries Arena Blog.Click for video

More W580 live pics

Here is another picture gallery of Sony Ericsson's new W580. I have to say that this phone looks good. I am still waiting for live pics of the grey version.

Pic of 'Elena' taken apart

This picture was posted by 'zopp' to prove to the guys at esato that he indeed has the phone. I would say that this proves that he has the phone and that it's real. Stay tuned for more pics.

Pics of 'Elena' (M610) in white

Today 'zopp' posted more pics at se-nse. This time he posted pics of the white casing of the 'Elena'.

Live pics of Sony Ericsson's W580

Live pics of the W580 at CTIA from mobileburn. Too bad there aren't any pics of the grey/blue version. I would have liked to have seen those. More pics at mobileburn.

Live pics of Sony Ericsson's Z750

The Z750 was announced yesterday by Sony Ericsson. Live pics at CTIA from mobileburn. The UI of the phone seems refreshed.

LG Shine VX8700

This phone is meant for the US markets and it's design is very similar to the VX8600. It is relatively thin and nicely designed. It also features a 2 mega pixel camera. There are more pics at mobileburn's site.

Modded SE W850i

This W850 has modded flash theme/menus. This is amazing...definitely a must see.

Video of Sony Ericsson's W660

Video is from mobilissimo. The W660 looks really good in both colors. Enjoy the clip.

Pics of Sony Ericsson's K220

The K220 is a low end phone from SE. It features a built in camera and FM radio. It comes with large keys and a simple user interface. It actually looks nice for a cheap phone.

Musubi Easter Eggs

Yes, yes, I know Easter is still a week away, but I've been looking forward to this lunch box for months, and besides, next week is Spring Break. Anyway, maybe this advance posting will give some of you time to join me in making adorable Musubi Eggs this Easter!

To make these eggless eggs I followed the recipe for Musubi in Vegan Lunch Box. (Also known as onigiri, musubi are Japanese sticky rice balls.) I pressed the sticky rice into a plastic Easter egg sprayed with nonstick spray to start forming the egg, then used my hands to solidify and finish the shaping. I pushed the filling in where an egg yolk would be. These are filled with cashew butter but tart, salty umeboshi plum is traditional.

To decorate the eggs I used mamenori -- thin, vegetable-dyed sheets of edible soybean paper (please note that the pink sheets are colored with cochineal and are therefore not vegan). I cut the sheets with scissors, pinking sheers, and paper punches, then set them in place with a dab of water. The mamenori tended to curl when wet but wouldn't stick without a bit of water, which was a big pain. In the end, though, I was happy with our little eggs and loved the pastel colors.

As you may have noticed if you followed the mamenori link above, these sheets cost a pretty penny, especially if you want to use an assortment of colors. I was lucky enough to work out a trade with Cooking Cute for a few sheets -- thanks, Ngoc! If mamenori is out of your price range, other options include using nori or dyeing the rice itself with natural food coloring. I even think those thin "fruit by the foot" fruit leathers I've seen at the grocery store would work.

I was also inspired recently by the fruit-filled bouquets over at Edible Arrangements, and decided try my hand at making my own tiny arrangement for Easter. I cut out a pineapple flower with a cookie cutter, used an apple corer to remove the center, then wedged a cantaloupe ball in the middle and surrounded the flower with honeydew leaves.

On the side is Sprout Salad with Mandarin Orange Dressing (also from Vegan Lunch Box). The dressing is hiding in a little plastic carrot down below, nestled next to a happy warren of jicama bunnies. A small container of sunflower seeds can be eaten as is or sprinkled on the sprouts.

Verdict: The first thing shmoo said upon seeing this lunch? "Oooh, honeydew!" Yes, melon is exciting when it's out of season! The eggs were a hit, too. Shmoo was tickled that he could actually eat the colored paper. He loves squeezing his dressings out of all these little plastic squeeze bottles, but still doesn't seem too keen on actually eating his salads. 5 stars. Happy Easter!

Tons of K810 pictures

I found at a Chinese forum a thread with tons of pictures of the K810. There are also pics of the K810 next to the K800. Enjoy.

Symbian announces Symbian OS v9.5

CTIA Wireless, Orlando, USA and London, UK – 26 March 2007 – Symbian Ltd. today announced the launch of Symbian OS v9.5, the latest evolution of the world’s leading operating system for smartphones. Symbian OS v9.5 brings high performance features designed for richer consumer and enterprise experiences as well as significant savings to phone build costs and time-to-market, delivering a truly

Sony Ericsson supports next-gen Java

CTIA WIRELESS 2007, Orlando (FL), USA, March 26, 2007 – Sony Ericsson today announced its first mobile phone to support Mobile Services Architecture (MSA), the next-generation Java™ umbrella standard (JSR-248). The Z750 clamshell phone is the first phone based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting a range of new Java programming features including instant messaging / chat and

More 'Elena' pics

Wow, what a busy day. More pics posted by 'zopp' of the Sony Ericsson 'Elena' (M610?) over at se-nse. The phone looks to be as thick as the M600. He posted the first pics of this phone a few days ago.

More pics of the mysterious Sony Ericsson phone

More pics were posted by 'zopp' today over at se-nse of this unknown phone. This time he posted a pic of the phone turned on. He posted the first pics of this .

New Sony Ericsson Z750

The Z750 is Sony Ericsson's first triband HSDPA (850/1900/2100) and quadband EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) telephone. It's design is almost identical to the Z610. The keypad has changed plus it also includes a built in radio. The screen is larger and of higher resolution. There are also the classic send and end keys. It will be available in pink or grey. It will be bundled with a 128 mb M2 card. The

New Sony Ericsson W580

The W580 is a slider walkman phone. It features a 2 megapixel camera (which is hidden when the phone is closed), quadband, 2 inch QVGA screen and radio. It measures 99x47x14 mm and weighs only 94 grams. It is quite small and thin. Too bad it doesnt support UMTS. It comes in two colors, style white or urban grey. The phone features light effects. It will be bundled with a 512 mb M2 card. It will

Review of HTC Advantage

This is the first in depth review of the HTC Advantage (X7500). It features a 5 inch vga touchscreen display, 8gb hard drive, built in GPS, 3 mega pixel camera and runs Windows Mobile. This device is very impressive. This device was reviewed by mobile-review and split into two parts.Click for part oneClick for part two

Sony Ericsson and Sagem to cooperate

Sony Ericsson and Sagem Communication enter into licensing and ODM agreements regarding mobile phones.

Nokia E62 review

The Nokia E62 is a business phone available through Cingular.The E62 lacks both the 3G UMTS and Wi-Fi of its predecessor, the E61. I have used the E61 in the past. The keyboard was a pleasure to use and the screen was fantastic. I was disappointed that it didn't have a camera. I also found the phone a bit to wide. Phonearena has recently reviewed the E62.

Sony Ericsson's W810 with walkman 2.0?

In response to the K800 pics with walkman 2.0 pics, 'awtroop' from esato created the above pics. He was just trying to prove how easy it is to fake these pictures. I personally find the K800 pics more real than these ones though...

More real pics of Sony Ericsson's K810

Excellent photos of the K810i. More at 'xumdeo's photo album at flickr.

More pics of Sony Ericsson's W660

More pics of the stylish W660 thanks to There are also pics of the black version.


Kick start your day with the new MOTORIZR Z8. Reinventing the slider phone, the MOTORIZR Z8 brings multimedia, speed, pleasure and mobile broadband¹ to your fingertips. Providing you with the ultimate in entertainment, the MOTORIZR Z8 allows you to watch crystal clear video at 30 frames per second through a large QVGA 16m TFT display. The device also supports optional expandable memory up to

First Nokia N76 TV ad

This is the first promotional video of Nokia's N76. It is simple with pleasant background music. I like the video. Check it out at nseriesarena.

Pics of new Motorola LAZR

These surfaced today of a new Motorola phone at bengalboy's site. It is labelled LAZR and features half a gig of internal memory but no external support, 2 inch external screen and powered by Linux.

More pics of an unknown Sony Ericsson phone

More pics posted today by 'zoop' at se-nse. He says he has no idea what phone this is. I am guessing that this phone is a low end phone, possibly a k 3xx series. He has been posting alot of pics the last few days. Hope he will be posting more. Maybe Sony Ericsson is announcing new phones very soon.

Walkman 2.0 on K800

This was posted on a Chinese forum. If this is true, I would like to also have it on my K800. If you know Chinese then there is more info at the site.

Another pic of Sony Ericsson's M610

Another pic posted by 'zopp' at se-nse. Yesterday he posted pics of the M610 prototype on se-nse. He says his phone doesnt work and only displays this when turned on. Well we can see it is dated a while back and we can clearly see 'Elena'. Hope he will provide more pics or info.Click for se-nse

Symbian OS 9.5

CTIA Wireless, Orlando, USA and London, UK – 26 March 2007 – Symbian Ltd. today announced Symbian OS v9.5, the latest evolution of the world’s leading operating system for smartphones. Symbian OS v9.5 brings high performance features designed for richer consumer and enterprise experiences as well as significant savings to phone build costs and time to market, delivering a truly scalable

Sony Ericsson to route phone calls through your TV

Sony Ericsson has filed a patent application for a Wireless home communication system method and apparatus. The patent, published last week, details how the device would route phone calls through your home television set in a similar way to an in car handsfree kit. There is more info at mad4mobilephones site.

New pics of Sony Ericsson's M610?

New pics surfaced today of a new SE device. This is getting confusing already. Is this the M610, 'Elena', 'Lizzy' or 'Maria? From the pics we can see that it has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 2 leds. The pictures were posted by 'zopp' at se-nse.

More pics of Hi-Tech Wealth's solar-powered S116

Yet more pics on the solar powered phone , thanks to engadget.Click for engadget

Real pic of solar powered phone

Yesterday I posted about this solar powered phone by HTW. I found this pic of the phone exhibited at CeBit. This company had a stand there. I found this pic at trustedreviews.Click for trustedreviews

Nokia E90 also available in grey

We all know that the E90 will be available in black and red. Pictures from i-symbian have surfaced revealing that it will be available in grey also. More info and pics on i-symbian's site.

Sony Ericsson's Second Life CeBit presence

Here SE presents their products in a virtual booth. For those that couldn't visit SE's booth at CeBit, I guess this is the best alternative.

PS3 launched in Europe

The PS3 was launched today in Europe and Australia finally after a long delay. At the London launch people were rewarded free taxi rides home and a 46 inch HDTV. It was certainly worth waiting in line in London to buy the PS3. The launches were crime free unlike the U.S..

Nokia N99?

The first pic surfaced about 2 months ago. The second pic shows a recent patent filing from Nokia. Is there any truth in the first pic? The claimed specs of the N99 are 9 way front joystick button, 16GB FLASH internal memory, up to 4GB mini SD slot, 16:9 3.2″ wide screen, GPS, MP3, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, WLAN WIFI, qwerty pad, 8MP camera, 3CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture. There

Sony Ericsson M610

Deuxani does it again. I am impressed with his vision of the M610. His previous work on the K850 was also impressive. The M610 looks absolutely stunning.

CeBit is over

Well, CeBit is over and nothing exciting was announced from Sony Ericsson or Nokia. At least Sony Ericsson announced the W660, Cyber-shot accessories and portable speakers. The next show that might be of interest is the CTIA Wireless show which takes place in Orlando, Florida. Sony Ericsson is supposed to announce something there. =)

Smoker's phone

This is the ultimate phone for smokers. It looks exactly like a pack of cigarettes. Flip the top open and there are real cigarettes inside. It's dual band, has a color screen, VGA camera, supports micro SD cards and has a color screen. It is available in China. More info and pics available at gearfuse.Click to visit

Solar powered phone

HTW has introduced a mobile phone that can be recharged by solar power. It measures 47.6x80x0.8 mm the phone is equipped with a QVGA screen, an expansion slot and a 1.3-megapixel camera. 40 minutes under the sun enables 20-25 minutes of talk time. The phone will be named S116.

Pic of cancelled Sony Ericsson Slider

A member from Esato under the name 'Xumdeo' has been really generous and posted a pic of a cancelled Sony Ericsson slider. This phone was meant for Japan.

More insider info on Nokia's N81?

Someone commenting on ringnokia claims to have seen the N81 and has provided some info. You decide whether it's credible or not.

Vegan Lunch Box Accessories Kits

I love all the little napkins, containers, and toys I've been using lately in our lunch boxes. I thought some of you might want to join in the fun, so I've put together a selection of Lunch Box Accessories Kits for sale!

First, each kit will feature one of these 2.5 ounce stainless steel ramekins with a plastic lid. The ramekins will fit inside a Laptop Lunch System or a To-Go Ware container. They are perfect for holding dips, dressings, nuts or small treats. I can't imagine using my stainless steel lunch boxes without them.

Each kit will also include two or more little Lunch Box Napkins, sewn by yours truly. I've been digging through my fabric stash for the last two weeks, sewing up a huge assortment of napkins in all styles and colors, from the demure to the fun and colorful (I went a little crazy on this, so there are many more than what's pictured above).

Finally, as you can see from this picture, my "Lunch Box Toys" drawer is getting rather, well, STUFFED. In the spirit of Spring Cleaning I would be happy to throw in a random toy or two with each order. There are decorative paper and plastic liner cups to hold food and divide larger containers into smaller segments, small plastic containers, party picks and skewers, lunch box notes, soy sauce/dressing squeeze bottles, and more.

Order through PayPal by selecting the "Buy Now" button below. Important: when you place your order you will see a text note field that asks "What's Your Lunch Box Style?" Use this space to tell me anything that will help me choose the right napkins/toys for your order. For example, what kind of lunch box do you use? Is this for a little girl who loves pink, a boy who likes pirates, or a grown-up who likes sock monkeys? Are there any colors you really can't stand? Do you eat with chopsticks? Do you prefer something nondescript? Tell me all about it!

Ooh, I think this will be fun! Supplies are limited, so order quickly before they're all gone.

Lunch Box Accessories Kit
$15.00 (includes shipping)


Live pics of HTC's Kaiser

These pics are from a Taiwanese site. This smartphone will feature a 3 mega pixel camera, HSDPA, HSUPA, 3G, GPS and powered by Windows Mobile 6. Nice pics of the device, especially the one showing how screen tilted. More pics are on the Taiwanese site.Click for site

Samsung's Helio Heat

Samsung's Helio Heat is quite impressive. It has touch-sensitive controls and an extremely low price. The new model features bluetooth, 136MB of internal memory (no external support), 1.3 mega pixel cam, Helio Music compatibility and the full suite of GPS stuff including Google Maps and Helio's "Buddy Beacon" service on its 2-inch QVGA display. Mobileburn has an excellent review.Click for

Samsung's x520

“The SGH-X520 is a combination of a very sophisticated design and irresistible trims…”, says Samsung. The phone is available in five different trims: light-green, red, pink and violet. It's measurements are 89x42x17.7 mm and weighs 78 grams. It has an unusual design. This model is focused on design hence not being impressive in specs. It looks good and is quite cheap also. Mobile-review

First IRC client for Symbian S60 3rd edition

mIRGGI is the first IRC client for S60 3rd Edition devices. It is currently in early stages. It is a totally free program.Click for mIRGGI siteClick to download

Nokia N73 clone

This clone of the N73 is called the 'Nokir 828'. It looks almost the same as the N73. It features a 2 mega pixel camera and a 2.6 inch touchscreen. I am sure you have guessed that this clone originated from China. This clone costs only 100$. Nokia is suing every single shop in Hong Kong that is selling this phone.

LG KS20 full touchscreen phone

This is very similar to the LG Prada due to the fact it is a full touchscreen phone. This phone is also not very publicised and listed at very few sites. I stumbled upon it at phonearena. It is a windows mobile smartphone. It is triband phone with UMTS support. It has a 2.8 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240x320. It features a 2 mega pixel camera, wifi and tv-out. Looks and sounds good.

MyStrands for Symbian S60 3rd edition

Powerful music tool for the mobile:- Browse and play your music by track, artist, album and playlist.- Get recommendations for great music.- Link to our extensive mobile web site for detailed information.- Find out who's playing your music now. Find out what other music they're listening to. Add them as a friend.- Discover new music through your friends.Check out the videoClick to download

Sony Ericsson W820i?

Someone has posted results for a Sony Ericsson W820i over at jbenchmark. Is it a new phone or just a typo?

Nokia N77 preview

The Nokia N77 was announced at 3GSM in Barcelona. It is Nokia's second DVB-H phone. It is a candy bar and very similar in design to the N73. Allaboutsymbian has a hands on preview of the phone. Enjoy.

Nokia N93 vs N93i

The N93 is Nokia's flagship camera/video phone. The N93i is the continuation by improving in size and looks. I personally like the N93i more. The N93 looks big, clumsy and clunky. Spec wise, they are the same. Symbian-freak has compared the two phones head to head.

Google phone?

There has been for quite a while, rumor of a Google phone. It has also been 'kinda' confirmed by Google themselves. This is the latest pic that has popped up on the net. I anxiously await for more info.

Nokia 7088

This is the rumored Nokia 7088. It is a slider CDMA phone. Leather is used in it's construction so this might be a 'L'amour" phone. It has recently popped up at the American FCC site. I think that this will be a low end phone.

Now THAT'S a Lunch Box!

Although I dearly love the kid-friendly Laptop Lunch System I use for shmoo, I still like to keep my eye out for larger, plastic-free lunch boxes that fit us big people and our big, plant-based appetites. Yes, sometimes even my To Go Ware doesn't hold enough salad to satisfy my veggie-lovin' tummy. It's time to Super Size It!

My latest is this 3-tier Food Carrier. It stands about 10 inches high including the handle, which means I can fit it into my insulated cooler for longer trips. With three containers I should be able to pack a nice variety of foods or a set of matching snacks for the three of us. (And hey, if that's still not big enough for you, how about this 4-tier version?)

For its maiden voyage I packed my new food carrier with a hearty lunch for two for shmoo and his Dad, who took off together on a day-long Field Trip of Science. Two white bean hummus and grated carrot sandwiches are packed in the first tier alongside a few radishes. I jammed as many fresh tangerine segments as I could into the second container (shmoo has been known to eat that many all by himself, so I hope he remembers to share!) In the bottom tier are tortilla chips and salsa and a few "seedy fudge balls" made from ground sesame, sunflower, and flax seeds mashed together with tahini, cashew butter, dates, raisins, and a splash of tangerine juice. I rolled them in cocoa so they look like little truffles.

Verdict: Shmoo is quite taken with these stainless steel containers, and is getting old enough to take them apart and put them together by himself. But is he old enough to carry one to school without swinging and denting it, and possibly someone's head in the process? I don't think so. He's sticking with the plastic lunch box.

Shmoo enjoyed the fruit and the fudge balls and ate all but the crusts of his sandwich. My husband took one small bite of his sandwich and ate all the chips and salsa. Guess who's the picky eater in this family? 4 stars.

New call filter app for UIQ 3 phones

Anfy Mobile Call Filter is a utility application made with the concept “Simple Yet Efficient” for your UIQ 3.x devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in the main application screen. The best feature of this program is that it's totally FREE.Click to download

iPhone pic

This is just a pic that has been circulating the net lately. This cardboard made replica seems quite big or maybe the guy just has small hands.

iPhone from China

This is from some manufacturer in China. I like the fact that it looks quite small and thin. It is also pretty cheap. It cracks me up how they altered the Apple logo. I am sure we will see alot of iPhone copycats in the future.

Flash SMS for S60 3rd Edition phones

SmsOne by Zidian Workshop allows the sending of flash SMS messages. A flash SMS is a message that shows up automatically on the recipient's screen. Click to try

Gucci mobile phone

Not much is known about this phone. Only a couple of pics like the one above are available. Perhaps Gucci wants to battle the LG Prada. I wonder what the specs will be and which manufacturer will partner with Gucci.

LG Prada

This is one heck of a phone. One of the first phones with only a touchscreen. Same idea as Apple's iPhone. I really like how the phone looks. It is supposed to be available in about 2 weeks. It also won't be cheap.

Samsung's Symbian i520

Samsung isn't so well known for Symbian powered mobile phones. It is a S60, 3G slider phone. It features a 2 mega pixel camera with no leds or auto focus. It's dimensions are 101.7x50.5x17.9 mm and weighs 99 grams. Mobile -review has reviewed the phone.Click for review

Sony Ericsson to unveil music store

Sony Ericsson hints that they will be opening an online music store. There are no more details at the moment but there probably will be in a few months.

Pantech's new slim slider

It will be introduced next month. It will be only 9.9mm thick, making it one of the slimmest slider phones. The opening mechanism uses magnetic fields. The phone features a 1.3 megapixel, mp3 player and supports T-DMB.Click to visit

Lonelycatgames X-plore final for Symbian mobile phones

X-plore is a file manager for Symbian phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system. Features:View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *Integrated text and image viewerView file detailsEdit file attriutes (hidder, read-only, etc)Rename and delete filesCreate or edit text filesCreate foldersMulti-selectionCopy or move files and foldersSend files by Bluetooth or

Samsung's F200 music phone

This is a small slim slider inspired be Samsung's X830. It has a 1.46-inch 220 x 128 resolution external display, support for MP3, WMA, OGG, DCF, and SMP file formats and supports microSD cards. Pics from a Taiwanese site.Click for

Mobile TV warned to standardise

A European Commission (EC) official has issued a stern warning to those involved in mobile TV to agree on adopting a single technology standard. EC telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding said that if the industry did not agree on one, she would do it for them. This is taken from an article from BBC.

More real pics of Sony Ericsson's W660i

More real pics of the W660i from engadget. It looks great. It looks even better than the other pic from esato. I am still waiting for real pics of the black version. There are more pics on engadget's site.

Bellperre - Timeless Luxury Phones

A new mobile phone brand enters the market. What is special, is the fact that their phones will be constructed with luxury materials. There will be '0%' plastic. I wonder what the tech specs are. They have a website but there is currently little info available.Click to visit

Nokia updates PC Suite to 6.82

Below is a list of changes.- Updated listing of network operators in One Touch Access- Increased stability and reliability for the main window of Nokia PC Suite- Stability fixes for backup and restore- Improved mobile music experience with Nokia Music Manager- Update your phone software with Nokia Software Updater- Added fluency in information exchange between Nokia phones and Microsoft

Let's Hear It For Sneaky Mommas!

After seeing my recent pea-filled St. Patty's Sandwich, Vegan Lunch Box reader Roxy shared this tip: "I like to blend peas into guacamole--it adds more nutrition to the already nutritious dip and you really can't tell the peas are in there. I use about 1/4 cup of peas to every large avocado. Yum!" Thanks, Roxy, I love it! In fact, it inspired me to make a post especially for sharing these kinds of ideas.

Sometimes it seems like the only way you can get children to eat vegetables is to slip a bit in quietly here and there. Kids might also be resistant to eating beans, or nuts, or ground flaxseed, or their daily vitamin. What is a parent to do?

As those of you who have read my book will know, I love getting sneaky! And when it comes to getting healthy foods into reluctant kids, I think a Vita-Mix is a Sneaky Momma's Best Friend. I use mine almost every day to blend vegetables into creamy soups, cooked kale into pizza sauce, even spinach into breakfast smoothies!

Of course, I don't actually lie about what is in my blended concoctions, but even when I tell my son that his favorite black bean soup is filled with onions, zucchini, and peppers, he tends to shrug and keep on eating. I guess it's "out of sight, out of mind", and what he can't see can't gross him out.

What other tips do you have for us desperate Sneaky Mommas (and Poppas)? Please share! And don't worry -- your secrets are safe with us.

Shmoo Review: Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat!

Reviewed by special guest blogger Shmoo.

"Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat!is a kind of neat book. It's about a kid who eats vegetarian and other kids think he's weird because he doesn't eat meat. He eats vegetarian meat. The kids who make fun of him are mean but then they try his food and then they don't think he's so weird anymore. He goes to an animal sanctuary. I want to go to an animal sanctuary some day. I want to see a tiger.

"Vegetarian kids will like this book, or meat eating kids so they can learn about what happens in factory farms and what happens to the animals. Maybe they would lose their appetite for meat, or maybe they would be nicer to vegetarians.

"I have different lunches like this kid. Sometimes other kids wonder what I have for lunches. What was funny was one time this other kid said he liked the smell of my lunch. I like my lunches, too!"

TWUIK for mobile phones

Cutting edge FLASH-like graphical user interface technologies for mobile devices. It is simply amazing. It must be seen to be believed. Check out their website. Tons of info and video clips.

Another pic of the K850

The front was made by deuxani as I posted earlier. Now another individual under the name of 'thecoolsha' has improvised on the pic and added as to how the backside of the K850 would look. This is also based on the leaked pics. Great work!

Live pic of Sony Ericsson's W660i

The first live pic of the phone that I have seen online. Thank you esato.

Psiloc localizations update 1.30

Psiloc has just released a new version (1.30) of all Psiloc localizations for UIQ3. Upgrades are free for all legitimate users.Click for psiloc

Psiloc localizations update 1.30

Psiloc has just released a new version (1.30) of all Psiloc localizations for UIQ3. Upgrades are free for all legitimate users.Click for psiloc

Sony Ericsson K850i

This picture was created by the well known and talented individual under the name of 'deuxani'. It can be found on various forums like esato and mobile-review. It is based on the pictures that was leaked recently by a Chinese site. I really like how the phone looks in his pic. Excellent work deuxani.

Nokia N91 vs Sony Ericsson W950i

N91 is Nokia's flag ship music phone. It has a 2 megapixel camera without auto focus. It has Nokia's Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system. It has built in 4gb of storage space. W950i is Sony Ericsson's flagship music phone. It has no camera. It has Sony Ericsson's Symbian UIQ 3 operating system. It has a touchscreen. I personally like the look of the W950i more. It is smaller and

.NET apps now possible on Symbian phones

This implementation is brought to us by redfivelabs. This makes mobile applications for Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework to run on Symbian phones unchanged.Cllick to visit

.NET apps now possible on Symbian phones

This implementation is brought to us by redfivelabs. This makes mobile applications for Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework to run on Symbian phones unchanged.Cllick to visit

Amazing new rally game for UIQ 3

It's a 3-d racer game where the viewer perspective is from above. Each car is equiped with mines and rockets and cars are upgradable. It is fun and has great graphics. It also has downloadable content. The graphics remind me of the game skyforce. There are more details at my-symbian.Click to visit

Amazing new rally game for UIQ 3

It's a 3-d racer game where the viewer perspective is from above. Each car is equiped with mines and rockets and cars are upgradable. It is fun and has great graphics. It also has downloadable content. The graphics remind me of the game skyforce. There are more details at my-symbian.Click to visit

Pics of a mysterious new Sony Ericsson phone

Well well well. Seems like alot of pics and rumors have surfaced the past few days. These pics were posted by a member over at Esato's forum. He claims he is from "Carolina Del Norte". I assume he means the Sony Ericsson research park in North Carolina, USA. This is a photo of a phone codenamed 'Edtna' and will be possibly named, W910 or W890. He claims it will be announced soon. He also claims

Sony Ericsson Soul Mates

Let Sony Ericsson find you a soul mate from around the globe. Plus, you have a chance of winning 4 Z610i mobile phones for you and your friends. Good luck to participants.

Nokia Sports Tracker for S60 3rd Edition by Nokia

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker that runs on S60 smartphones. Information such as speed, distance and time are automatically stored to your training diary. To be able to use application for real, you need Nokia S60 3.0 phone with Bluetooth GPS device or Nokia S60 3.0 phone with integrated GPS. It is available at Nokia's site.Click to visit

Nokia Sports Tracker for S60 3rd Edition by Nokia

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker that runs on S60 smartphones. Information such as speed, distance and time are automatically stored to your training diary. To be able to use application for real, you need Nokia S60 3.0 phone with Bluetooth GPS device or Nokia S60 3.0 phone with integrated GPS. It is available at Nokia's site.Click to visit

Nokia launches new Nokia N95 campaign

Nokia’s new N95 is a tri-band GSM handset with 3G and HSDPA support. Like others in the N series it makes a big noise with its numerous bells and whistles, not the least of which is built-in GPS and a 5-megapixel camera. I’ve found phones in the N series to be a bit hit and miss both in terms of design and how all the features are managed. Take the superbly designed N73, for example, and

New K810i review

K810i, the evolution of the K800i, has been reviewed over at gsmarena. Excellent review as usual. Enjoy!Click for review

Sony Ericsson announces MPS-75 Snap-On Speakers

This is a plug in speaker unit with excellent sound quality. It is powered from the phone. It is also available in a black/orange combination.

Sony Ericsson announces Camera Phone Kit IPK-100

This is a kit for their Cyber-shot phones. The kit contains a case, tripod (97mm height), tripod connector and belt clip. It will be available in Q2 2007.

Sony Ericsson announces W660i

This morning Sony Ericsson unveiled the W660i 3G walkman phone. It comes in two colors, Record Black and Rose Red. They both look great. It is supplied with a 512MB M2 stick. It features a 2 megapixel camera but without auto focus and no leds. It is only 14.5 mm thick. Also, this is the first walkman phone with out any signs or the color orange. The info and pics were taken from Sony Ericsson's

Pics of my silver K800i James Bond Special Edition Box Set

Well here it is...the silver K800i James Bond Special Edition Box Set. There are a couple of minor differences between this and the regular K800i. The box has a new design. The phone is in silver with some black on it. The headset that comes bundled is in black and not in silver. It also comes with a 64MB M2 card with adapter. This phone is technically identical to the regular K800i. Overall, I

Nokia N73 Music Edition

If you are currently a user of Nokia’s N70, which I reviewed a while ago alongside the CoPilot navigation software, then you could well want to cast an eye over its natural successor, the N73. I liked the N70 but sitting it next to this new handset just a couple of months after reviewing it, it feels underpowered and clunky. Nokia’s handsets can sometimes seem over-designed, and/or rather too

Unidentified phone spotted at Sony Ericsson's site

This picture was posted by a member over at Esato's forum. I have checked Sony Ericsson's site and have confirmed that these banners do indeed exist there. The phone in the banners appear to be a slider phone. It doesn't look like any current SE phone. Maybe this is the rumoured Cyber-shot slider phone.

The first spy pics of Sony Ericsson's K850i

Finally, the first live pics of the rumoured Cyber-shot K850i ('Sofia'). Sony Ericsson's successor to the great K800i. The phone has a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and a xenon flash. I think the phone looks great. The screen is huge. I wonder if the small keys will be easy to use. They actually remind me of the keys in the K810i. The phone The phone looks compact and no protruding lens

New Sony Ericsson M610i spy pics

Finally more pics of the rumoured M610i codenamed 'Elena/Maria'. This is the successor to the M600i. It will have a 3.2 megapixel camera and WIFI. The first and forth pic isn't a real live pic but I believe it to be accurate as to how the real phone looks. The other 2 pics, despite being pics of only the housing, gives us a good idea of how the phone looks in real life. These pictures surfaced

Nokia N93i Multimedia Computer

The N93i is basically an improved N93. It is a bit slimmer and looks alot better. This is currently Nokia's flagship camera/video phone. It has a Carl Zeiss lens with 3x optical zoom and 3.2 megapixel sensor. It can capture videos at VGA resolution at an amazing 30 frames per second. It also features video out. There are 2 excellent reviews at mobile-review and allaboutsymbian.

CeBIT is approaching

CeBIT is German for "Centre of Office and Information technology". It is held in Hanover, Germany every spring. This year it will be held from 15-21.3. Lots of people are eagerly awaiting this event since Sony Ericsson and Nokia haven't really announced any high end phones lately. So, lots of people expect them to announce new high end phones. In two days we will see...

New video convertor for Sony Ericsson UIQ smartphones

The software by the company Rock Your Mobile! is a high quality video convertor supporting AVI, DVD, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP and ASF.Click to try

Nokia 7390 3G phone

The Nokia 7390 is the flagship phone of the L'Amour collection 2006. The L'Amour collection is mainly focused on style and design. It is a 3G (UMTS) clamshell with 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus. The phone is available in two color combinations, black/bronze and beige/pink. It is a very attractive phone and packed full with features. Mobile-review and gsmarena have both reviewed the phone.

Free themes for Symbian UIQ 3 phones

These are original themes from the official UIQ site. They are compatible with Symbian UIQ 3 mobile phones such as Sony Ericsson's W950/M600/P990 and they are all free. There are currently six themes available. They are all nicely designed but my favorite is 'UIQ Azure'. Click for themes

St. Patty's Lunch Box

St. Patrick's Day (coming up on March 17th) is quite the event in the McCann household, with lots of wearin' and eatin' o' the green. Well, we eat green every day, but on St. Pat's lots of things start turning green! Case in point: these St. Patty's Peanut Butter sandwiches from Disease-Proof Your Child. Cooked peas are blended with peanut butter to make a stunning green spread. I added some agave syrup to make it a bit sweeter for shmoo.

Other green goodies include grapes, romaine lettuce with pumpkin seeds and a little shamrock squirt bottle filled with raspberry-balsamic vinegar.

And what would St. Patrick's Day be without potatoes? Here are two Potato Beetles from Vegan Lunch Box, packed with a container of ketchup. Chive antennae and nori smiles make these two very happy beetles.

Verdict: The potatoes were a huge hit, with demands for many more "potato 'polies" (he says he thinks they look like "rolypoly" bugs now) for snacks later. He left most of the salad but finished everything else. 4 leaf clovers. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sony Ericsson Z310i

This is SE's second 'emotional' product. This meaning, it's focus is on the design and styling. It reminds me of their first 'emotional' phone, the Z610i (especially the outer screen). The Z310i is a very basic phone and sits in the class of low end mobiles. There are color options. It is really cheap and I think it is worth it. It looks alot more than it is worth. The phone has been reviewed by

Sony Ericsson revolutionizes tennis

As we all know SE sponsors tennis tournaments. SE plans to lighten up the Sony Ericsson Open at Miami. The players will wear specially designed neon whites. The game is to played in total darkness with only UV lighting. 'Paul Oakenfold' and 'Masters at Work' Will be providing the club beats to complement the game. Wish I could be at this event and see it with my own eyes.

Sony Ericsson and Jamaraquoi sets guiness records

On February 27, 2007 Jamaraquoi performed 37,000 feet in the air in front on an audience of 200. The show consisted of special light effects that turned the whole plane into a stage. This special performance was named 'Gig in the Sky'. It was a campaign to promote the 'W' series of mobile phones from SE or in other words, walkman phones. There were several records set. One being, the largest

Finally, DIVX/XVID for UIQ 3 mobile phones

Owners of the W950, M600 or P990 can now rejoice. Finally, Smartmovie has been ported to UIQ 3. Although, a free divx player has been released a lttle while ago. This is great news considering so many people were waiting for it. More details can be found at the Lonely Cat Games website.Click to visit

Pic of my White W850i

I bought this phone last November and in white as shown in the pic. This is the first slider phone from Sony Ericsson. It is really gorgeous in my eyes. The black version is also nice but I chose the white in the end. The screen and speaker are of great quality. The camera lacks auto-focus but takes ok pictures(in optimum lighting conditions). I find the directional pad hard to use. If the phone

Sony Ericsson W610i

Just like the K750 had the W800, the K550 has the W610. W610 is the walkman version of the cybershot K550. It is almost identical except for design and software. It is available in a combination of white/black and black/orange. Unlike other recent walkman phones, the W610 has an autofocaus lens. This phone has been reviewed by mobile-review.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

The Nokia N800 is the company's follow-up to the 770 Internet Tablet, somewhat of a pioneering device that brought web browsing away from the computer and into the lounge room, or indeed anywhere you can get a data connection. The Nokia N800 is not a phone, nor does it have PDA functionality, yet it is an interesting device and one that I find very handy to have around. We will be focusing mainly

Nokia E90 Communicator

Some new pictures of the smartphone Asus M930W - It's like Nokia E90 and we hope it become the Rival of Nokia E90ASUS M930W Communicator specifications:- dual screen with form factor like the Nokia E90- full QWERTY keyboard- 3.2 mega pixel AF camera- Triband GSM (900/1800/1900 Mhz), GPRS, EDGE, 3G (2100 Mhz) and HSDPA at 3.6 Mbps- 256 MB ROM and 128 MB of RAM- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g- Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Sony Ericsson's first super slim mobile phone

The W880 is only 9.5mm thick. It comes in silver/black or black/orange. It is also walkman branded. I am impressed with the form factor of this phone. Currently the phone is being sold at around 450$ which I find quite expensive. It will probably drop to 350-370$ in the near future. I must commend SE for releasing this phone so quickly after official announcement. The phone has been reviewed by

Sony Ericsson's second Cybershot mobile phone

The first being the K800. The K550 is a cheaper alternative. It is not as advanced as the K800. It has a 2 megapixel camera and has leds and not a xenon flash. It comes in black or white. I actually quite like the looks of the K550 in both colors. This phone holds the record for the fastest phone entering the market after official announcement by SE. I think it was 2 weeks. Here are two great

The 5 megapixel LG KG920

The first 5 megapixel GSM mobile phone by a major company (it entered the market last summer). It has a CCD sensor with xenon flash and autofocus lens. I personally own this phone and I must say that it takes really good pictures. Pictures taken outdoors during the day can rival a regular digicam. In dark conditions the pictures are ok...not great. The flash is definitely stronger than leds but

Review of Sony Ericsson K320i

The K320i is almost identical to it's predecessor, the K310i. This is low end phone for the masses and it even looks good. An excellent review from Eldar over at mobile-review. Enjoy!Click for reviewBackLink PartnerBacklinks For YouBerta Phil's DirectoryBig Day DirectoryBIG-SITES.netBindexed.comBizFire Business DirectoryBusiness DirectoryCalamus DirectoryCategory Dump - Web DirectorySearch Engine


A Vegan Lunch Box reader named Melissa emailed me a few months ago suggesting that this recipe for pupusas would make a tasty vegan lunch. Pupusas are traditional El Salvadorian corn masa "cakes" filled with meat, cheese, or beans that are patted flat and fried. They are often sold by street vendors in El Salvador and Honduras.

My lumpy little pupusas are filled with refried black beans and cilantro. I must admit I have not yet achieved Masa Mastery; my dough kept tearing and sticking, leaving bits of refried bean poking out as I tried to round the dough balls and pat them flat. Eventually I came out with a few decent-looking pupusas, but even the really ugly ones still tasted good. I packed them with a small container of salsa.

Melissa serves her pupusas with a simple pickled radish slaw, so I followed her lead. This slaw is filled with green and purple cabbage, radishes, vinegar, and cilantro (I'm on a real slaw kick lately, now that I know I like it).

I also made my recipe for Calabacita con Elote (Mexican zucchini and corn) from Vegan Lunch Box. As I revisit some of my recipes with the nutritional knowledge I now have, I'm finding ways to make them healthier. In this case, I steam-fried the veggies with a bit of water instead of oil, then stirred in the marjoram with a tablespoon of Late Harvest Riesling Vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar, sugar and salt. We actually preferred the lighter taste of the white grape vinegar over the original recipe.

To finish the meal on a sweet note I tucked in an organic baby banana and a tangelo. (After taking the picture, shmoo requested that I score the tangelo for easier peeling and wrap it in plastic.)

Verdict: Sadly, this wasn't one of shmoo's favorites, although I thought it made a nice-looking, healthy, well-balanced lunch. He liked the fruit and pupusas and ate them all, but just picked some of the radishes and corn out of the veggie dishes. 3 stars.

Thanks so much, Melissa, for introducing us to pupusas!