Let's Do Lunch!

Happy New Year, Lunch Box Fans! Will you be eating Vegan Hoppin' John tomorrow, for good luck in the new year? I hope so!

Well, look what Santa brought me: my very own Borsa Bella Bag (sitting in front of the beautiful white roses my husband brought me for Christmas. Take that, Santa.)

These adorable handcrafted bags are made in America by the sister of a good friend of mine. When I saw the name of this bag -- "Let's Do Lunch" -- I knew I had to feature it on my blog. The bag has a quilted interior with inside pockets to hold utensils, napkins, and an ice pack, with a magnetic clasp at the top to keep the bag closed. It's a nice way to keep all your lunch containers and utensils together in one place.

Here's the vegan momma lunch I put together to go inside my chic new bag: a thermos filled with Dr. Fuhrman's Famous Soup alongside a rectangular stainless steel lunch box filled with stir-fried carrots and arame (a type of seaweed), two brown rice flowers, and a sweet Clementine mandarin for dessert.

Verdict: I am absolutely in love with arame and carrots, stir-fried together with a touch of dark sesame oil and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. If you have never considered eating sea vegetables, let me tell you that seaweed is simply bursting with good-for-you minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and iodine. Not only that, it also tastes amazing! Arame is a nice one to start with, as it has a mild, almost sweet taste that is easy to enjoy. Try it in a stir-fry like this one, or cooked, chilled, and sprinkled on top of a vinegar-based potato salad. Yum!

Thank you, Borsa Bella!

Samsung F490 and Samsung P720

In Ukraine, the local Samsung team held a press conference for the new line of Samsung mobile phone models. The others were already well-known to the world at large but the F490 and P720 weren't -- most especially the latterThe Samsung F490 should rock a 5 megapixel camera with a gorgeously huge 3.2 inch touchscreen display. The 432 x 240 resolution screen should also complement all that touchy

GSmart i350

GIGABYTE GSmart i350 Quadband smartphone is powered by Windows Mobile 6.0 professional and running Marvell PXA270 520 MHz processor. Other features include 2 megapixel camera with Autofocus, 64 MB RAM and 256 MB flash-memory, miniSD memory slot,Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0, and 2.6 inch VGA display.The handset of GSmart i350 is built in the latest GPS chip of SiRF Star III, which supports

Ericsson technology enables new safety device launched by NTT DoCoMo

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has announced that a brand-new security device with positioning capabilities, enabled by Ericsson technology, has been launched in Japan.NTT DoCoMo, Inc., the Japanese telecoms giant, has launched a safety device that gets high-precision location information by using the GPS function. The device is designed to provide family members or authorities with positioning

Apple's Piping Hot Innovation

BURLINGAME, CALIF. - Want a coffee with your iPhone?Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) Chief Executive Steve Jobs wants to patent a process that will save customers the hassle of waiting to order a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks (nasdaq: SBUX - news - people ) or a fresh burger at the nearest fast food restaurant. Even better: The technology would let you jump the line of those ordering in

Google-powered mobile phones to make a February debut?

First came the fervent and persistent rumours of a Google mobile phone.Then, just six short weeks ago, the search supremo (and just-about-everything-else-online supremo) announced there would not be a ‘Google phone' per se, but rather dozens of them from a raft of mobile manufacturers, and all built on an open Linux-based mobile phone platform named Android.Now things are picking up steam, with

Durable and water resistant phone from China

This is the CK800 from China. It is a phone for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a water and shock resistant as seen in the pics. Although, the higher fall broke the screen but the phone still functioned. It also comes with one of those external AA battery chargers.Pics from mobile163

Taiwan market: Samsung aims to ship 1.8 million handsets in 2008

Samsung Electronics aims to take up a 25% share of the Taiwan handset market with shipments totaling 1.8 million units in 2008, according to Scott Huang, vice president of the mobile communication unit at Samsung Taiwan.Samsung's handset shipments in Taiwan will top 1.1 million units in 2007, surpassing its target of one million units, Huang said.To sustain its goal for 2008, Samsung plans to

AsureWave to focus on production of GPS SiP modules in 2008

AsureWave Technologies, a subsidiary of Asustek Computer, will pay more attention to the development of GPS SiP (system in package) modules for handsets due to increasing demand, according to company president Ted Lee. The company previously focused on WLAN SiP modules.AsureWave has also been shipping wireless SiP modules from its own plant in China since September, Lee indicated, noting that

Handset makers to hit both high- and low-end markets in India

With the increasing number of mobile phone users in India, handset makers including Cal-Comp Electronics and Inventec Appliances have both already entered into cooperation with local telecommunication vendors to supply entry-level CDMA and GSM handsets, while High Tech Computer (HTC) plants to launch an own-brand Windows Mobile-based high-end smartphone and is also expected to work with

Nokia 6500 Classic Golden Version Pictures

Check now this hot pictures of Nokia 6500 classic golden version.At just 95 grams, the 6500 Classic is light for a 3G phone.It is also only 9.5mm thick, and the attractive casings are individually polished to make them individual and are available in Black and Bronze and now Gold colours.There’s a 240x320 pixel display in 16 million colours, a 2 megapixel camera with flash, dual-band 3G (850/2100

Sony Ericsson W960i 8GB pictures

Here is some pictures of Sony Ericsson W960i 8GB and a few words about this nice phone. The Sony Ericsson W960i Walkman Phones has a large 2.6″ touch- sensitive display, 3G, Wi-Fi, 8GB internal storage and a 3.2 megapixel camera. This phone will keep you enterntained. Store up to 700 albums - 8,000 songs, or watch videos on the TV quality screen. Videos are played back at 30 frames per second.

HP teams up with Taiwan makers to offer more iPAQ handheld devices

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has teamed up with a number of Taiwan-based makers in a bid to strengthen it market position in the dedicated PDA and PDA phone segments, according to sources at Taiwan handset makers.The company released its new PDA device, the iPAQ 112, in South Korea last week and unveiled the product in Taiwan on December 25.The iPAQ 112 features a 3.5-inch touch screen and runs on

Nokia N96 smartphone in the flesh!

The new Nokia N96 looks a lot like the form factor of the N81, which I really like. So this is what Nokia’s next flagship handset looks like? Quite honestly, there is nothing here that looks to be innovative or yells out “wow I have to have it.” Perhaps I should hold my judgments until the product is official announced.

ASUS M930W Communicator - The Rival of Nokia E90

Some new pictures of the smartphone Asus M930W - It's like Nokia E90 and we hope it become the Rival of Nokia E90ASUS M930W Communicator specifications:- dual screen with form factor like the Nokia E90- full QWERTY keyboard- 3.2 mega pixel AF camera- Triband GSM (900/1800/1900 Mhz), GPRS, EDGE, 3G (2100 Mhz) and HSDPA at 3.6 Mbps- 256 MB ROM and 128 MB of RAM- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g- Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Nokia E90

Nokia E90 communicator name indicates it is cell phone which is mainly used for communication in all level. Nokia E90 is quad band 3G cell phone. Nokia E90 communicator weighing is 210 grams. This cell phone has a integrated GPS. This GPS phone allow user to locate their favorite places using map application.The Nokia E90 is flip type phone. This cell phone is a ultra modern cell phone. With this


Christmas day started off just like any other December day, picking raspberries- the difference being the pager would not beep.. Or would it- Yes someone had forgotten to pick up their order and turned up. Once the order was organized it was back to picking. As is usual my mind wanders down many paths while quietly picking those plump ripe berries, the background is filled with birds getting on and the occasional frog. December is a time when clouds of the common brown butterflies fill the orchards. As I picked, I watched them flutter from tree to bush, stopping to feed on the flowers. Then my mind drifs and I wonder why the world is so artifical when there is so much beauty just outside the door. Soon its all picked ,time to pack and store as we will be opened again tomorrow.

With all the berries picked it was time to relax. Lunch was easy to prepare, a simple affair, fresh greens from the garden including the first harvest of beans and cucumber, sprinkled with blackcurrants dressed with Nirvana raspberry vinegar, A platter of goodies including homemade quince paste, pickled olives, walnuts, gooseberries, jostaberries, cucumber plus a couple of local cheeses and almonds. The highlight was the goose liver pate, one of our specialty celebration dishes served with Deb’s special 4 grain sourdough bread.

Lunch was a long slow affair celebrating all those wonderful flavours while relaxing on the verandah overlooking the orchards.

By late afternoon it was time to taste the chestnut cake. It was delicious, moist, rich, and very yummy. This cake is sure to become part of future celebrations. The recipe came from 'The Biodynamic Food & cookbook' by Wendy E Cook. (Well worth a read)

By this time Quentin had the goose, stuffed with chestnuts cooking. While we relaxed on the verandah listening to music and a couple of Goon shows. The goose was presented roasted to perfection along side equally perfect roast vegetables especially the sweetest parsnips from the garden. We could manage a small taste and look foward to a few more meals featuring roast goose.

All in all an enjoyable day off.

Nokia Wins UMTS Mobile Patent Ruling

Nokia said it has won afavorable court decision in a battle with wireless firm InterDigital on patents relating to the UMTS mobile standard.HELSINKI/LONDON, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) on Friday welcomed what it said was an extremely favourable court decision in a battle with wireless firm InterDigital on patents relating to the UMTS mobile standard.Nokia, the world's largest mobile-phone maker, won a

For Those Who Text and Drive, You Can Stop Now

CAN technology solve problems that technology has created? Consider my dismay recently as I spied a driver on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut weaving in and out of his lane because he was tapping out messages on his BlackBerry.A Tiny Brain for Your Tire (December 23, 2007) A survey this year by AAA and Seventeen magazine found that 46 percent of drivers 16 and 17 years old said that they

Apple to turn down the volume on iPod

Future versions of the iPod could turn down the volume if listeners play their music at full blast for too long.It is the first time that the company has explicitly expressed fears over the risk the device poses to hearing.Experts believe that millions of young people are risking irreversible hearing damage because of the craze for MP3 players.The iPod, like other digital music players, can store

HTC revenues to decline over 38% sequentially in 1Q08 due to chipset shortages, says paper

High Tech Computer (HTC) revenues are expected to decline 38.5% sequentially to NT$24 billion (US$738.5 million) in the first quarter of 2008 from the NT$39 billion projected for the fourth quarter of this year due to an insufficient supply of chipset solutions from Qualcomm, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.Despite a capacity ramp by Qualcomm, HTC is expected to receive up

Nokia Earns Prestigious Service and Capability Performance (SCP) Certification for its Global Technical Assistance Center

Five Consecutive Years of AchievementNew York, NY, USA - Nokia announced that its Global Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has achieved certification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards program. The Technical Assistance Center is part of the Enterprise Solutions business group of Nokia, which is dedicated to helping worldwide corporations and institutions

Apple expected to announce sales of 5 million iPhones at Macworld

Insiders tell us that Apple expects to announce sales of roughly five million iPhones at Macworld 2008 in January. Of these, around one million are expected to come from Europe. Apple is seeing very strong Christmas sales despite AT&T's announcement that a 3G iPhone will be hitting in 2008 (May-June is our best guess at this point) that could've hampered demand.Apple sold 1 million iPhones in 74

Toshiba 920T slider 3G handset

Toshiba aims to release its slider type 3G cellphone known as the 920T, featuring 1GB of integrated memory to store all your data, audio and video files. That is enough memory to record up to 5.3 hours of video, and with 1Seg support, you will be able to catch up with your favorite Japanese serials no matter where you are (just make sure there is enough juice left inside). Other features include

Sony Ericsson names Opera Mini best productivity app

Opera Software, the only company that puts the Web on any device, today announced that Opera Mini 4, the browser for all mobile phones, won the category for Productive Mobility in the 2007 Sony Ericsson Content Awards.The jury said: "The sophisticated and smart features of Opera Mini 4 take mobile Internet browsing to a whole new level. A superior mobile Web experience.""The best mobile browsing

LG Electronics, orange color super slim Special Release

-- Orange keypad and sophistication emphasizes border-- 13 mm single Ultra thin thickness, applying electric rugged aluminum materials-- LG Electronics Chief hwanggyeongju headquarters Korean business executive, "slim design and feature a variety of domestic and win 3 G mobile phone popularization lead, "he said,"LG Electronics (NYSE:南镛/ www.lge.co.kr) keypad orange and black colors in the border


The SKY IM-S300 is made by Pantech and was introduced to the Korean market with the name "Romantic Wave Slim Phone (SKY IM-S300)". It has a very sexy curvy design and features a slider form factor, 2.2 inch display, 1.3 mega pixel camera and costs about 300 Euros.

iWorld Frees Up Unlocked French iPhones for Worldwide Use

It has been widely reported recently that iPhone sold as "unlocked" via Orange in France are not truly unlocked. Early reports indicated that this was because of a SIM country lock in effect on the unlocked phones. As it turns out, there is no actual country lock in effect, but due to either intentional crippling on Apple's part or simply a lack of proper support - unlocked 1.1.2 French iPhones


Here is the latest phone from Sharp for the Japanese KDDI network. The W61SH will be a branded AQUOS phone featuring Mobile ASV (advanced super vivid) display which boasts a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The screen will measure 2.8 inches with a resolution of 240x400. It will also feature a 2 mega pixel camera, microSD support, measures 104×48×16.9 mm, weigh 131 grams and some sort of taskbar. I think

For Apple iPhone, Japan Could Be the Next Big Test

Apple Inc. may be close to the most important test yet of its iPhone's global appeal.Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs recently met with officials from Japan's dominant mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo Inc., including NTT's president, Masao Nakamura, to discuss a deal to offer the iPhone in the country, say people familiar with the situation. These people say Apple has also been talking to Japan's No.


what is emTube?- emTube is an application for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones that allows you to:- Search and browse videos on YouTube.- Download selected videos onto your phone.- Stream FlashVideo files directly from YouTube.- Play local FlashVideo files.Other features:- Audio and position control during playback.- Normal and full screen (portrait and landscape mode) video playback.- Ability to

Sony Mylo 2 images

The first pic surfaced from the FCC website and the second pic shortly after. The second pic is supposed to be a pretty accurate mock up of what the new Sony Mylo will look like. This device will succeed the original Sony Mylo and will feature PSP like software and features. Looks good...

LG Voyager

Should there be an amorous - if unlikely - evening spent between the venerable Nokia Communicator and Apple's hipper than thou iPhone their children would turn out something like this...The LG 'Voyager' (also known as the 'VX10000' - left) is a surprisingly good hybrid of the two with its Finnish daddies' form factor and sexy mummies' UI. Away from its lawyer-ific styling however is what turns

Samsung Juke

Samsung’s U470 is an interesting little sucker. It’s definitely one of the smallest swivel-phones that we’ve seen and now we have some more details on the svelte musicphone. The Samsung U470 will be coming to Verizon’s network as the Samsung “Juke.”Thanks to an Engadget Mobile tipster, we’ve got the deets on the external controls and the fact that it’s a “basic Verizon Wireless phone.” In other

Giorgio Armani Mobile phone

Giorgio Armani Mobile phone : Giorgio Armani, one of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle design companies, and Samsung Electronics, a leading producer of mobile phones and telecommunications systems, today unveiled the new Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone. Giorgio Armani presented the new Samsung Armani mobile phone at a press briefing in his Armani / Teatro in Milan before his

Soils and Sustainability Workshop + Tilth Conference

I am attending this workshop presented by Oregon Tilth and taught by Neal Kinsey on applying the principles and methods developed by Prof. William Albrecht to build, balance and maintain excellent soil fertility. We are also one of the sponsors.The dates are January 21 - 23, 2008 in Salem, the registration deadline is January 15th. I am very eager to attend this and look forward to having

Fun and Entertainment Made Easier with BenQ C30

BenQ announces the launch of its BenQ C30 mobile phone, a stylish phone that features a unique top key design that lets consumers enjoy multimedia entertainment with more ease and fun. The dedicated access keys allow consumers to easily access FM radio, MP3 player and camera functions.The BenQ C30 is designed with a stylish color combination to meet the vigorous lifestyles of consumers today.

Asus P750 review

Well, HTC's Kaiser has finally hit the shelves and I'm sure many of you out there are wondering what's next? What could possibly outshine a device that's widely regarded as one of the best yet? Well dear readers, about 3 weeks ago a very special device landed on my desk, a device which I'm nicknaming "the Kaiser killer"!The device in question is the Asus P750, some details of which first leaked a

The golden Shaolin Budha mobile phone

This phone belongs in the group of outrageously ridiculous phones ever conceived and made from China. It is a Shaolin Budha themed/design inspired phone . It definitely stands out and wants attention. It features a touchscreen, microSD support and built in camera. It is plated with 24K cold and comes with Shaolin Budha content and many certificates...

Holiday Hours

We will be closed the 24th and 25th, back OPEN on Wednesday, the 26th.Mama Kitty has meowed of heading to the Bahamas for the four day weekend and promised to be back by 8am on Wednesday to help open the shop. Cats don't drink mojitos or get tan, right?Hope you have a cozy holiday with friends and family!

Holiday Reminder: Apple Gift Card iPhone Purchase Restrictions

Some months ago, Apple and AT&T changed their policy regarding the purchasing of the Apple iPhone to disallow cash and require a credit card. This move by the partnering companies was made in order to reduce or eliminate the number of untraceable iPhones that were purchased in order to be hacked and/or unlocked and sold on the gray/black market. What many did not realize was that this policy

Porsche Design Mobile Group unveils P'9521 handhset

While the unlicensed version of Porsche's mobile handset still holds a special place in our hearts, it looks like the Porsche Design Mobile Group finally took it upon themselves to join the growing fray and introduce its own co-branded device.The group has already slapped the luxurious logo on a sat nav device as well as a portable XM radio, but Stephane Bret (the group's director) was caught

Playstation has arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

My very first build of psx4all for the iPhone & iTouch worked! You gotta love when the first compile for a program works!These are two quick screenshots of the very first build (note: not a release, just a work in progress) ...These images won't reflect how the release will look. Also ignore the data in the debug information at the top, as it's not accurate. What can you look forward to in the

LG Rhapsody LB3300 Music Phone

In addition to the affordable Samsung F250 Music Slider, there’s also another music phone being launched today.This time - it’s LG “Rhapsody” -LB3300 slider, created together with high-end audio specialist Mark Levinson, who optimized 8 preset equalizer positions for the best pop, classical, jazz and other genre music playback.LG-LB3300 Rhapsody is equipped with rather interesting LED backlighted

Goldman Sachs Predicts Two iPhone Upgrades for 2008

Goldman Sachs released predictions for the iPhone over the next year or so. In addition to predicting strong holiday sales for the iPhone and iPod, analyst David Bailey predicted that Apple will likely issue two upgrades to the overwhelmingly successful iPhone, instead of simply releasing the second generation model.According to Bailey, Apple will release a "smaller" upgrade in the first half of

Free Version of Navizon GPS for iPhone Now Available

Navizon, who released a third-party software GPS solution for the iPhone a few months ago, announced today that it is offering a new, free version of it's software. The previous version of the Navizon software offered a 15-day free trial after which the software expired. The new version will switch to a 'Lite' mode after the trial expires and allow users to continue enjoying Navizon's GPS

Sony Ericsson experts speak on music, gaming & Mobile TV in January 2008

During January 2008, Sony Ericsson will be speaking at key industry events including CES and MIDEM, sharing technical expertise and business advice in the areas of mobile music, gaming and Mobile TV. Below you will find a brief description of each event with the dates and locations to put in your diary.Running in parallel to the main CES 2008 event, Digital Hollywood at CES can be found in the

December Sprucing Update

The main room of our shop / office is really coming along. We've scrubbed down all the walls and painted them cream with recycled paint from MetroPaint on Swan Island, they have a wide variety of interior and exterior paint which they recycle in 300 gallon batches and sell by 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails. I won a gift certificate for it at a Silent Auction benefiting the Johnson Creek Watershed

Google Launches New, Ultra-Slick iPhone Interface

As if the marriage between the iPhone and Google wasn't solid enough. today Google released new interface made specifically for the Apple iPhone. The new interface puts many of Google's services/applications literally right at your fingertips. Easily accessible through the new interface is Google Search, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, and more.The new interface (seen in the screenshot

Second Generation 3G iPhone Release Delayed?

Although as of this point the only real confirmation of a second generation, 3G iPhone coming in 2008 is from AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, news today indicates that release date may already be pushed back. The push back, should it be a reality, is seemingly a result of Apple's desire to keep sales of the iPhone robust during this holiday shopping season - fearing that a looming release of a newer

iPhone Tops List of Fastest Growing Google Search Terms

Though it will probably come as no surprise to iPhone owners or those who frequent sites like this, the search term "iphone" has topped off Google's list of fastest growing search terms for 2007. iPhone was joined on the list by other non-surprises such as "heroes", "tmz", and "facebook". Also making the list was something called a "webkinz", which this author is happily stupified by.Last year's

UK O2 iPhones Exhbiting Service/Reception Issues

According to a post earlier this morning on Engadget, a number of O2 iPhone owners in the UK are complaining of significant issues with reception. According to the article, users who are having problems are failing to get service/reception in areas where other O2 phones (non-iPhones) are showing strong signal strength.UK Apple stores have been exchanging units for frustrated iPhone owners without

Download Dictionary for your Mobile Phone

Dictionary is a must have companion for everyone, irrespective of age and profession. It would be always better if we can have a dictionary in our mobile phone. This would help us to enrich our vocabulary and to clear doubts on spellings.Here is a Sun Mobile Dictionary which can be used in all the mobiles having Java support. This dictionary has most of all common words and their explanation in

Sagem my411cv a pink clamshell for girls

Girls we have one more thing to add to our get-me-these list for Christmas! And since its pretty affordable, I’m sure this pink clamshell phone from Sagem will definitely be in your hand. Sagem my411cv is cool as the handset's top cover is white with a pink trim while the back of the handset is entirely pink.The handset has a VGA camera with video capture and playback, a music player (additional

Samsung X830

It seems appropriate that I am writing about Samsung’s SGH-X830 just as the chat about Apple’s newly announced music playing iPhone reaches fever pitch. This phone is a combination of music player and Tri-band phone that is designed like no other combination of these two features I have ever seen. The Samsung SGH-X830 looks more like a portable music player

Nokia 3110 Evolve

If you're the sort of person who thinks that not using a plastic bag for your shopping is actually some meaningful way to save the planet, then the Nokia 3110 Evolve is for you.Based on an unremarkable and fairly inexpensive handset launched earlier this year, the 3110

On-device debugging for P1 and W960 with updated Java™ ME SDK (beta)

The latest release of the Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java™ ME platform introduces on-device debugging for the Sony Ericsson P1 and W960 UIQ 3-based phones.Download the Sony Ericsson SDK (beta) for the Java ME PlatformThe on-device debugging directory includes the Java Debug Agent (JavaDebugAgent.SIS) which must be deployed onto the P1 or W960 and provides the debugging functionality.Once a

Verizon Wireless Brings Wireless Joy to the World with the MOTO™ Z6c Slider Phone

Motorola’s Z6c from Verizon Wireless is Now Available and Packed for International Travel with Global Roaming CapabilitiesBASKING RIDGE, N.J.., and LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – 5 Dec. 2007 – Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the nation’s most reliable wireless voice and data network, and Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the availability of the MOTO Z6c world edition, an

Ericsson to develop and host 3's music service in Sweden and Denmark

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has been selected by leading operator 3 to develop and host its award-winning mobile music service, 3Music, in Sweden and Denmark.Under the agreement Ericsson will have end-to-end responsibility for 3's world-leading music service, including systems integration, operations and development of new features. The service will give more than 885,000 Danish and Swedish customers

Flowing with the Seasons

December is awash with red and green. In the shopping centres there is the holly and the ivy, down on the farm there is red of the ripening raspberries and the wonderful contrast of the radiant green leaves. Adding to our living garden are the cacophony of small birds flitting nervously amongst the trees which shade the fertile valley. Other berries are ripening too. Blackcurrants are colouring and the large green gooseberries look almost translucent and ready to burst. There are red currants and white currants under the curved canopy of protecting leaves. The last of the white shahtoot mulberries are ripening

We are picking raspberries every day now and people are dropping in to the farm to buy raspberries. It is nice to stop picking for a few minutes and chat with regulars who enjoy buying directly from the producer. We receive direct feedback and the visitors take away high quality, fresh, biodynamic food. Our produce is available exclusively from here.

On arrival you will be greeted by Deb or Quentin.

as well as Frank

and Hebe

The gardens have developed over the years to provide a cool & relaxed feel to visitors.

Woven fences & screen add to the uniqueness

Apart from the initial shed, the farm shop is constructed from all recycled materials.

and the view! Only from Nirvana. Look forward to your visit.

MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is real gold

If you are into gold shiny gadgets that scream money you should try the new MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition - which I have to admit looks stunning. With lavish 18k gold plated accents, engraved details and a black snakeskin pattern, this exclusive edition RAZR™ is sharper than ever.With 2GB of memory, the RAZR2 Luxury Edition packs an incredible amount of music, pictures and video inside a design

Nokia Siemens Networks launches “pocket-sized” VoIP

Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 04, 2007To better capitalize on the marriage of telecommunications and the Internet, Nokia Siemens Networks is strengthening its VoIP and core network offering by introducing the Communication Key, a USB device with SIM authentication that lets subscribers take VoIP and other rich communications on the road.At the Nokia World event in Amsterdam, Nokia Siemens

Search with Google Maps. Find your way with TomTom

Familiar with Google Maps?Then you know how easy it is to find the right spots; like restaurants, hotels, shops and much more.Familiar with TomTom?Then you know how easily TomTom guides you to these locations.So imagine how easy navigation has become, now that we’ve seamlessly connected the two. You can send business addresses directly from Google Maps to your TomTom device! Simply click on the

How to Replace Your iPhone Battery

Apple has locked down the iPhone battery, which means that once it can’t hold a charge, you need to send it in. If you’d rather just buy your own battery and replace it yourself, we’ve got your hookup. Nate and I got together to film this this tutorial, which shows how to replace your iPhone battery. Heck, even if you have decided that you will never open up your iPhone on your own, we think it’s

Sony Ericsson W960 unboxing video

About This VideoSony Ericsson W960i is the latest Symbian UIQ based smartphone from the Swedish-Japanese handset maker. It features 3.2 MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, new Walkman interface along with dedicated music control buttons... and it's expandable with other applications. Enjoy the unboxing video!

FIH takes over Nokia San Diego CDMA team, say sources

Foxconn International Holdings (FIH) has taken over the CDMA team of Nokia located in San Diego, USA, in attempts to further strengthen its partnership with the handset vendor, according to market sources.FIH is facing strong competition from rivals such as Compal Communications, BYD and TechFaith. These companies are expected to begin shipping low-end CDMA handsets to Nokia in the first half of

Berry Nice

Spring has reached it's crescendo in the hills with lots of growth ,colour and activity.

The goslings (better known as "Tails up mowing ans fertiliser company") are are growing fast as they graze on the orchard pasture, while the chooks are busy discovering a host of goodies that live in the soil.
Most of the fruit trees have flowered and set fruit and the hills and valleys are looking wonderfully productive. The bees are enjoying the vast array of flowers while the shahtoot mulberries are sort after by everyone

Today the air is full of chestnut essence as the catkins hang low with the extra weight.

This also means the berries are ripening and my days are spent harvesting and selling these in a fleeting season that lasts until Christmas. For many of our customers fresh raspberries or currants are the highlight of their Christmas feast.

Tip: iPhoneDrive Brings Disc Mode to iPhones

iPhoneDrive ($9.95), from Ecamm Network, allows you to use your iPhone for file storage, something you can't do with Apple's iPod/smartphone combo out-of-the-box, as there's no disk mode for iPhones like there is for iPods.Launching iPhoneDrive brings up the utility’s browser window and toolbar. It is from there you can transfer files and folders back and forth between your Mac OS X computer and

HELP: I need a RDP client on my iPhone

As a network engineer you can use the SSH client to remotely manage your corporate switches and routers from your iPhone. But suppose you are a Windows Server system engineer, you like to use an application better known as Microsoft Terminal Server Client, better known as MSTSC in the Microsoft world. When you start it in XP, you can punch in the name of the remote Windows Server you want to

Samsung Launches CDMA Phone, MAX

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has launched its first open market phone - Samsung MAX in the CDMA segment.The slider is launched through the company's own distribution network and aiming at the growing CDMA market, will be available to both Tata Indicom and Reliance Mobile subscribers.Hyundai Kim, Vice President and Head - CDMA Division, Samsung Telecommunications India Pvt. Ltd., said, "We expect

Fresh new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic pics

"From the compact Nokia 5310 XpressMusic music phone to the fully-featured Nokia N81 multimedia computer, Nokia offers a range of entertainment-enabled devices for consumers who want their music, games and favourite media with them wherever they go," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President, Nokia. "We believe these full-featured, well-designed devices will be very popular and will help bring

McAfee Delivers on Triple Play Promise With Mobile Security Offering

McAfee VirusScan Mobile now available SANTA CLARA, Calif., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) today announced that McAfee® VirusScan® Mobile, which is included in McAfee's Triple Play offer, is now available for download at http://us.mcafee.com. McAfee currently offers market-leading defense for consumers' PCs and Internet experiences, and the new mobile security component protects

Tons of new Nokia N82 live pics

Here are great fresh new live pics of the Nokia N82. The phone looks amazing in these pics and further down there are pics comparing the N82 to the N95 8GB. Man...the N95 8GB has such a huge screen. If the N95 8GB had the xenon flash then it would have been perfect. Perhaps, Nokia will make the N95 8GB successor with a xenon flash. Enjoy the pics.

Korea first country in the world to conduct a program to Cure Mobile Phone Addicts

Korea is believed to be the first country in the world to conduct a program to help cure mobile phone addiction among the young.A civic group called School Beautiful Movement, together with the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion and SK Telecom, has launched a campaign to teach the youth proper cell phone use. The group hope that the program will help prevent mobile phone abuse

I call me

“i call me” is a mobile phone accessory and a key chain1,use your mobile phone to call the “i call me”(send a signal),”i call me” rings. It is useful,when you can’t find your keys(or wallet,or other)2,use “i call me” to call your mobile phone(just push the button),your mobile phone rings.so you can find your mobile phone.Also it’s very helpful,when you need to pretend that someone calls you

Yellow Gold/Diamond Lines 1GB - SwissMemory™ Prestige

The SwissMemory™ Prestige collection is available only in shells of solid 925 Sterling Silver or 18 ct. White and Yellow Gold. Some designs are handcrafted, mounted with natural diamonds by the world’s best craftsmen, all 100% Swiss made.PRODUCT DETAILS18 ct. Yellow GoldUSB-Memory with 1GB memory stickBladeNail file with screwdriverScissorsKey ringPrice USD: $6,000.00Price CAN: $7,000.00Style

LG Viewty Phone Wins Heart of Europe

LG Electronics is excited about European consumers' initial response to its latest strategic product, the Viewty phone.The company said Thursday that the first 200,000 units sold out in only three weeks in 14 European countries.The Viewty is a high-end five million pixel camera phone with a 3-inch wide screen. Most camera phones in the market have a picture resolution between 0.5 million and

SAMSUNG Anycall J208

New device fuses full Web-browsing with simplicity and ingenuity(Hong Kong, 21 November, 2007) – Samsung Electronics today introduced its latest 3G handset – the stylish candy bar SAMSUNG Anycall J208 – bringing novice 3G users supreme connectivity and video quality, putting the world within reach no matter where one travels.The J208 is equipped with a 262K TFT color display, a dual camera with

Thanksgiving Hours

We will be eating yummy food and relaxing on Thursday and Friday, 22nd + 23rd, the shop will be closed. Mama Kitty will be holding down the fort, but alas, she doesn’t want to run the forklift… We will be open again Monday, the 26th - Regular hours are M-F from 8 to 5:30pmHappy holiday to you!

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone Has Full-Sized USB Port [Concept]

Putting a full-sized USB port in a phone is such a simple idea, even a caveman could think of it. Yet, until now, nobody has. Vincent Palicki's design features such a port by the number keys, allowing devices like thumb drives to plug in and transfer MP3s, movies and documents. Cellphone makers, pay attention...this is a good idea. [Yanko Design]

Gplus GP810

Gplus GP810Here is the latest phone from Gplus, the GP810. Gplus is a pretty common name in Taiwan releasing many phones. This time it's a slider phone and features 260K color QVGA screen, 3 mega pixel AF camera, microSD support, measures 98x49x14.5 mm and weighs 77 grams. It also has a nice brushed metal look.

E-Ten's Glofiish M800 with VGA, HSDPA, WiFi, and GPS -- now official

Why hello hello Mr. M800, thanks for officially joining the QWERTY party. Hot on the heels of their X800 launch comes the keyboard totin' M800 sharing most of the same goodies included that 2.8-inch, 480 x 640 (VGA!) touchscreen. If you love WinMo 6 Professional powered by a 500MHz Samsung S3C2442 CPU and riding atop quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, tri-band UMTS/HSDPA data, SiRF Star III GPS, WiFi b/g,


This unusual looking handset is the JCB TOUGHPHONE (yes, it really is spelled all in capitals). There are no prizes for guessing what the TOUGHPHONE's main sales proposition is - but in case you haven't guessed it, the clue is in the TOUGHPHONE's name.The TOUGHPHONE is rated to at least IP52

Google Unveils Android Mobile OS in Video Demo

The last year has seen a great deal of speculation about Google introducing a mobile phone onto the market. In the last few months, it has become fairly clear that Google would not in fact be releasing a mobile phone - but instead was creating an open source mobile phone operating system that would integrate fully with Google's existing services and offer developers the ability to create a wide

See the iPhone SNL Sketch that Never Aired

A few days ago, Gizmodo posted a video of a Saturday Night Live iPhone sketch that never aired. I'm sure you've all seen the latest iPhone campaign where "random" street goers testify in front of a black backdrop about how the iPhone has changed their lives. Saturday Night Live evidently produced a sketch based on this ad campaign, but it never aired as it was cut due to another sketch running

Samsung i560

We don't have all the details of the Samsung i560 at present, but we can tell you that this is a 3G slider phone running the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system.The SGH-i560 has 150MB of internal memory, expandable through microSD cards. On the back is a 3 megapixel

Nokia N82

How do you follow up a success like the Nokia N95? Well, one way to do it is to follow the path of the Nokia N95 8GB and give it more memory and a larger screen. If you wanted to go further, then you'd probably dream up something even more

Nokia 8800 with 3G

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Cellpone maker Nokia (NOK1V.HE) unveiled two third-generation (3G) 8800-series mobile phones on Tuesday, 8800 Arte and 8800 Sapphire Arte.The 8800 Arte is set to start shipping in the current quarter at a retail price of 1,000 euros ($1,462) before taxes and subsidies. The 8800 Sapphire Arte will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2008 at 1,150 euros before taxes

iPhone Screen Protectors Shipping Free to European iPhone Owners

Though we've been well aware of ShieldZone's free domestic shipping policy for all invisibleSHIELD mobile phone screen protectors, including the iPhone and iPod Touch, the good news is that this extends beyond US shores. ShieldZone (Zagg Inc.) is offering free shipping to the UK, France, Germany, and all over Europe. In fact, international shipping is free, period.The invisibleSHIELD is made from

iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Available

Last night, iPhone firmware version 1.1.2 became available. Though available for download here, the firmware is still not available via the iTunes auto-update feature. Strangely, however, if performing a restore on your iPhone via iTunes, iTunes will download and install the 1.1.2 firmware. Clearly it is only a matter of time, likely within the next few hours, before 1.1.2 is fully integrated

Preview of Coming Attractions

Here's a sneak peek at the cover design for the new, updated edition of Vegan Lunch Box coming out this March from Da Capo Lifelong Books!

For the original, self-published edition my husband and I did all the typesetting, photography, and cover design ourselves. I'm excited to see what real fancy-pants professional publishers in New York City can do. I like what I've seen so far. What do you think?

The cookbook will contain all the recipes of the old edition, plus some new, and will be completely reorganized and stylized. Best of all, I think they've even lowered the price a bit!

I can't wait to get a peek inside!

Sony Ericsson P5i: Rumored specs

The new Sony Ericsson lineup is turning into a highly anticipated set of phones. The P5i is one of the more exciting phones that we have to look forward to. A full touchscreen slider that is rumored to feature a 2.8-inch VGA display, 360 MHz CPU, 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and flash, HSDPA and HSUPA connectivity, built-in GPS, built-in Wi-Fi, 160MB ROM and 128MB RAM with microSD and

NEC N905iµ launched in Japan

NEC has announced the official launch of the 12.9 mm thick N905iµ handset device. The N905iµ device comes with 1Seg TV broadcasting, as well as Yamaha's audio engine, which allows for high quality sound. This combination seems like a good way to attract mobile TV viewers. NEC plans to release the phone for the Japanese market on November 26th, with no plans to move the phone international as of

Nokia to Google: Welcome to the Mobile Market! (P.S. We're Not Afraid of You)

Left out of the Open Handset Alliance, Nokia nevertheless extended a warm welcome to Google's new Android open source platform on Monday. After years of hype surrounding the mobile internet, as well as the subsequent struggles by handset makers and carriers to realize (or, in some cases, thwart) that vision, Nokia cast Google's entry into the market on Monday as further evidence that the day of

HTC already working on Google phone

Taiwan's HTC will start selling a Google phone in the second half of 2008.Taiwanese mobile phone maker High Tech Computer (HTC) is already working on a Google phone, and will start selling it in the second half of next year, an executive said Tuesday.The company was rumored early on to be making a handset for Google as was South Korean handset giant Samsung Electronics. But with the Monday launch

Top 10 Free iPhone Games

If you’ve managed to get yourself an iPhone and haven’t smashed it yet, you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone isn’t preloaded with any games (to me that’s one good reason to smash it) so here are top 10 free iPhone games: 1- Shredder iPhone Chess2- Diamenty which is basically Bejeweled, my favorite online game EVER!3- Sudoku, the world’s favorite logic based number placement puzzle.4- Checkrz


Hi there and welcome to our new blog! We are in the midst of a serious fall cleaning, painting and sprucing up of our headquarters here on 8th Ave. It will continue to unfold for awhile and we hope you enjoy the changes each time you come by. Our price list, available in store, is also reorganized to help you find things more easily and I'll be adding an N-P-K column soon. We update it

Alexander Amosu Luxury Phones

A mosu Luxury Phones has created the worlds first diamond Apple Iphone. This extraordinary piece of craftsmanship has 420 brilliant cut diamonds with a total of 5.65 carats (colour F, VS). The iPhone bezel is available in steel, 18 carat white or yellow gold, with options of white, black or pink sapphires diamonds. The Apple iPhone comes with one year free international concierge service making

New LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H

LG announced a new mobile phone in its Shine product line. The LG Shine Wood features a wooden body and shiny metal accents.Despite the natural feel the LG Shine Wood sports high-end features. LG packed DMB TV, a 2MP camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and an electronic dictionary into the LG-LB2005H.As far as I understand from the Korean press-release, the wooden surface of the LG-LB2005H is no

AppSnapp Offers One Step Jailbreak of 1.1.1 iPhones and iPod Touch

The last week or two has seen releases or updates to many popular GUI applications which let you jailbreak an iPhone running firmware version 1.1.1 in a semi-automated fashion. Unfortunately, all of these required multiple steps and a good deal of user interaction. Consider that burden a thing of the past. With the recent release of AppSnapp, owners of iPhones running firmware 1.1.1 can now

OS X Leopard Notes Don't Sync with iPhone

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Mac OS X Leopard beta testers that Leopard's mail included notes feature akin to the Notes program on the iPhone. The optimistic, and somewhat logical, hope at the time was that notes on the iPhone would sync with notes in the new Leopard version of Mail. In fact, note syncing was even listed at one time in Apple's feature list for Leopard. Unfortunately, that

O2 Already Setting Up iPhone Store Displays

Although you wouldn't say the November 9th launch of the iPhone on O2 in the UK is "right around the corner," that's not stopping O2 stores from getting their iPhone displays up. In preparation for what is certain to be a very energetic lanch in the UK, O2 stores around the country have begun dressing up for the release. A MacRumors forums member, DogcowUK, recently snapped the above shot of an

Sony Ericsson К770 - The Cyber Power

Sony Ericsson K770 is an easy to handle cyber-shot phone with loads of features. The bar shape slim phone with sleek design attracts attention because of its handy features and compact and solid looks. Solid doesn’t mean that the phone is made of steel, the casing is made of plastic but it is not flashy and shiny like some others in the market these days. The compact Sony Ericsson k77o measures

Nokia 5070 review

Nokia's 5070 is a straightforward mobile phone with no frills. It is definitely at the low end of mid-range, if not even lower than that. Made almost entirely of plastic the black, white and red colour scheme is not very inspirational, though Nokia has come up with a grey dot pattern for the back cover and a metal strip to house the back mounted camera which help give it a bit of a lift. The

Mac GUI iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak Tool iNdependence Version 1.2.5 Released

A new version of iNdependence, 1.2.5, is now available. iNdependence is the most widely used tool for jailbreaking and installing third party applications on iPhones running, or looking to upgrade to, iPhone firmware version 1.1.1.Like it's recently released Windows counterpart (of sorts), iDemocracy, iNdependence provides a great deal of automation to an otherwise lengthy and technical jailbreak

iDemocracy Windows 1.1.1 Jailbreak + 3rd Party Application Install Tool Released

For a few weeks now, folks on Mac have been enjoying the convenience of using iNdependence - a GUI tool which partially automates the jailbreak and installation of third party applications - to successfully complete the process to jailbreak and install third party applications on the iPhone with firmware version 1.1.1. With the recent release of iDemocracy, a similar level of convenience is now

New Installer.app is Here, GUI 1.1.1 Jailbreak Coming

Nullriver has released a new beta version of their revolutionary application manager for third-party software on the Apple iPhone. The latest version, 3.0 beta 3, includes a host of new features and a completely redone interface.The new release provides a much easier to navigate interface which replaces the old single list layout of earlier versions. Applications, like before, are organized into

Role of Poultry in a Biodynamic Orchard

To achieve a balanced biodynamic farm the “animal element” needs to be included, to move it towards the concept of “the farm as an individual living organism.”
Nirvana is an orchard, so the logical the choice of animals is birds because birds go with trees & bushes. Both the domestic fowl & geese form an essential part of our orchard. They play an important part in composting, and producing vital ingredients to ensure dynamic recycling of nutrients.
The geese have been chosen for their grazing ability, 3 geese = a sheep. Having webbed feet they can graze the damp valley without damage. Their grazing has reduced our mowing costs by one third.

Our base flock is made up of 20 cross breed embden /touslouse. These birds are hardy & reliable breeders.
They graze the orchards each day. They prefer fine grasses, clover and other grasses when they are short. In general they do not like broadleaf weeds. However they do search out and destroy any comfrey leaf or root. Other goodies they seek out are potatoes, and at certain times of the year, nutgrass and soursobs bulbs. Fruit windfalls are cleaned up. As various crops ripen around the orchard, certain groups of geese “own” certain trees and claim “rights” over all windfalls.
Stocking rates vary according to seasonal conditions. By late summer and through winter we run 20 geese on 4.4ha. Most goslings are born Sept-Oct which coincides with the spring flush. They grow rapidly and have an excellent ability to convert feed to flesh. The flock increases to about 60. By Australia Day the hillsides are drying off and excess young birds are processed and some older birds are sold off to other land holders. This system keeps the genetics ticking over and ensures a good variation in age. We sometimes buy in or swap birds from different genetic pools. The low parts of the valley usually stay green all year providing good feed, and the property can sustain the reduced flock. This means there are fewer birds to fence away from the autumn crops and when pasture growth slows in winter months. Over winter the birds receive a small supplement of grain.

Geese are relatively easy to herd and train. If orchards are fenced, they can be moved around various areas, and kept out of areas before and during harvest. Our orchards are not fenced but we use electric fences to keep them out of areas. The berries are netted to exclude the geese as well as other birds. Their favourite food is chestnuts so during harvest they are herded into a paddock each morning & at the end of the day they are let out to take themselves home.
Housing needs are simple - the main reason for housing is protection from predators like foxes and dogs. The extra advantage of housing is manure collection (as a valuable compost ingredient). Geese can be very noisy (especially at full moon), so careful consideration as to where the pen is positioned is recommended.
Young orchards and geese do not mix, especially in spring, when the bark is slipping - they find this extremely tasty and will ring bark trees very quickly.
I have noticed on other orchards where there are large dams the geese become lazy & don’t graze as well. Our property has several small ponds down the valley which I think encourages them to graze more evenly.

Dopod C750 - Watch for more

Since the picture of Dopod 750 have been leaked lots of online debate is going on over it being looking like HTC Juno or it being HTC Juno. But apart from this debate the smart phone looks seriously business like. Its non flashy looks are made for the people who just want loads of feature in their phone and don’t want to go on a date with it. Or may be they can get a date because of it? As per

Motorola – The ultimate trend setter in cell phones

In the world of globalization people want some thing new and some thing different. Since blue tooth came in the market, we will get various designs and developing solutions, influenced by fashion as well as functionality. Among various mobiles Motorola is one of the best and dazzling handset what you get is only the indispensable, with out any extra price rate. Today we will discuss about

Quiksilver mobile phone concept

What we have here is an interesting and most probably unofficial Quiksilver mobile phone concept. We’ve no clue whether the popular surf clothing company has any plans to enter the mobile market, but if they end up doing so, they may want to make something unconventional. Guess that was the main reason why the designer of this concept decided to make the device look this way. As you can see, the

Audi Mobile Device - Audi's 3G/WiFi mobile phone controls vehicle functions

First BMW integrated the iPhone into the vehicle lineup. Then Audi followed suit with their iPhone-integration announcement. If you’re a fan of German cars (we sure are), it doesn’t get much better than that. Or, does it?Audi, apparently not satisfied with integrating Apple’s iconic iPhone into their vehicles, has a new concept on their hands. The Audi metroproject concept, dubbed the “Audi

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Officially Announced

As we foreshadowed earlier, the Linux-based Nokia N810 internet tablet is now official. The little PC that's scarcely larger than the palm of your hand hooks up to the internet via Wi-Fi, and also can snag a Bluetooth connection with your cellphone. With its highly desirable slide-out keyboard, looks like some tough competition for the iPod touch. It also adds GPS capability with tons of

Motorola KRZR K3 - Hello Moto

The Motorola’s MOTOKRZR K3 is an ultimate style statement. The phones sleek casing is made of high class stainless steel and glass which gives it that non-plastic, no nonsense look. It comes in two smart and sophisticated stone gray and dark pearl gray shades. The MOTOKRZR K3 measures 103X42X16 millimeter although a bit larger then other models of similar versions but that hasn’t harmed its image

Samsung F330 Review

Samsung F330 is another stunning and sleek looking slim slider by Samsung. The F330 is basically music oriented handset which has got style as well. It is being called the music phone as it has a set of dedicated keys for music which are east to operate. It has 1 GB on board memory space to store you favorite songs and if you think that is enough for the music lover like you then the F330 also

Sony Ericsson K810i

While I wait to get my hands on Sony Ericsson's 5 megapixel K850i I'm going to take a look at the Tri-band 3G K810i, a predecessor model which is still a good seller. The K810i is a Cyber-Shot mobile. While not up to the 5 megapixels of the K850i its 3.2 megapixel sensor is a notch up from the widespread 2 megapixel models in the numbers game, should shoot a passable picture and has a fair few

HTC To Ship 50,000 Google Phones By End of This Year

There have been rumors flying around about a Google Phone for the longest time and many people are saying that the actual handset will be produced not by the search engine giant, but by a third party manufacturer already known for creating some rebadged wonders. And now, there's even more fodder to substantiate that rumor.A UBS analyst is reporting that HTC is set to ship "about 50,000" cell

New Nokia Aeon Concept Phone with Touchscreen

Nokia recently gave a glimpse of Nokia Aeon Concept Phone in the R&D section of the company’s website. The new Nokia Aeon concept phone is developed by Nokia’s research and development team and is one of the most futuristic mobile phones seen so far.The most outstanding design feature of Nokia Aeon is the touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone. The touchscreen feature


Not to be, uh, upstaged, by all the other fancy phone monikers out there, Samsung set out to find a unique and catchy name for their new “ultra music” music phone. Already having a world-renowned star signed on to help market the phone, Sammy needed an appropriately flashy name (the “Beyonce Phone” just didn’t roll off the tongue). Now dubbed the Samsung Upstage, the former ultra music / F300 /

Apple cleans up at T3 Awards

Romping home after a fantastic year in tech, Apple take on all comers at the T3 Awards.Apple swept the board at last night’s T3 Awards, struggling home with an armful of six awards for some of the finest tech products known to man.The iPhone scooped Most Anticipated Gadget for 2008, as voted for by Sky News online readers, while the iPod romped home with the titles of Best Commuter Gadget, Best

Palm Treo 500v - World in your Palm

The latest Treo 500v is Palms attempt to save a position for itself in the market. The new Palm phone is coming in the market after a long break. Let’s see if Plam’s innovative team was working hard during this long break or was just having a break.The Palm Treo 500v is available in two colour schemes - grey/silver and white/silver is a Vodafone exclusive, hence given away free with some

Nokia E51 Review - E-xtra Smart

The new Nokia E51 is a business smart phone made for the people who don’t want fuss of carrying four five devices with them at work. Its simple sleek and no nonsense look make it suitable for the people who want more features in the phone and not flashy looks. With the Nokia E51 users can experience mobile telephony, mobile email and messaging, office phone functionality, and cost savings. It

HP iPAQ hw6515 - A Sober Gadget

HP’s IPAQ hw6515 is an innovation in a communicator’s arena because of its slim casing. A communicator has never been so thin and sleek but its main attraction is not slimness but a thumbboard. The phone is totally opposite to what its predecessors looked like, iPAQ hw6300 series, with 118 x 71 x 21 millimeter casing and 165 grams weight you will doubt it of being a communicator. Bu this baby has

Reconecting with Community

From our paddock to your plate
connecting producers to co-producers
In slow food we have read & heard much about how producers should reconnect to their co-producers giving them the joy of savoring fresh local seasonal produce. For some, farmers markets are a logical way to do this but it does not work for everyone. For the past 20 odd years Nirvana Organic Farm& Produce have been doing this in a unique way that goes beyond just selling produce.
As a small orchard in the urban fringe area of the Adelaide Hills just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide’s CBD (Capital city of South Australia) we have taken advantage of our location to develop a unique small business & lifestyle that not only brings the co-producers to us but also the world.
In the beginning we sold direct to retailers & restaurants .This required a lot of running around & selling, especially to restaurants whose chefs changed regularly & were never prepared to pay a fair price. (They often advertised they sold local produce but only in their dreams did they use such produce) We started selling our produce direct from our farm, constructed a small shop, & built up a clientele of individuals who appreciate quality produce.
Our produce is seasonally based, in early summer (Christmas) we produce raspberries, red & white currants & English gooseberries. Latter in summer we have blackcurrants & mulberries. Then autumn our main crop of chestnuts. In addition I make a range of jams & preserves from our produce which adds to the diversity we offer. Each crop has its own band of addicted co-producers. The advantages of this system are
· Fresh seasonal produce. When something is in season we put out a sign, many wait for the sign but some that can’t wait ring & order in advance. People are gradually beginning to understand the seasons & the shorter the season the special the taste.
· Co-producers meet the producers and visa versa. This is a great way to learn about what certain crops mean to different people, their recipes or that ‘these are the best raspberries I’ve had since I left Scotland’ on enquiring how long that was? ‘36years!’
· We can boast that the produce has traveled no more than 200metres & have been picked for opium quality.
· We can keep working. When someone comes to the shop they press a radio controlled beeper & we then can respond & serve them.
· Some of the crops are visible from the shop. This is an added experience especially with the chestnuts as often the grandfather will show the grandchildren the trees & burrs & tell them how it was in Italy 50 years ago.
Nirvana’s on farm shop

We also sell eggs to locals. Either they have standing orders or just turn up. To purchase the eggs they have to negotiate the chooks, geese & dogs to our back door where they leave their money & take the eggs. (We also buy our fresh raw milk & cream this way just down the road)

Selling our produce is only part of what we do to reconnect the city to their food.
Another part is conducting educational tours .These can be booked & fit in around our work. Being a small diverse farm all the elements can be demonstrated. The produce, native areas, poultry, home gardens both productive & ornamental are all there to experience & learn from. For those that want to know more in the Spring I conduct a range of courses that reflect how we do things. These include bio-dynamic methods, home vegetables, poultry keeping, fruit, nut & berry growing & very importantly composting.
We also host work experience students & WWOOFers (willing workers on organic farms) which brings the world to us.
Adelaide Hills slow food convivium programs also assist in the connection process. Nirvana Organic Farm has hosted a ‘meet the grower’ day with a farm walk & chestnut banquette & also a fundraising event catering for one of our open days
Another program. ‘SHARE A SKILL’ offers a real learning experience to our members.
Many of the skills we have we take for granted, yet someone may be eager to acquire that same skill. You may also be relucent to have a whole tribe of onlookers watching your every move Some jobs an extra pair of hand would be handy with a bonus of learning. Some skills would need a few sessions e.g. wine/beer making. Recently this proved very popular with Nirvana’s annual plucking goose party just before Australia Day. The response was so overwhelming we had to put names in a hat & conduct a draw to see who would attend. Although participant where apprehensive at the beginning they soon got into the tasks at hand & at the end of the evening where rewarded with a top quality dressed goose to celebrate Australia day & the knowledge of where it came from & how it got from our paddock to their plate. We refer this type produce & experience as something that money can’t buy.

Deborah Cantrill
Convivium Leader Adelaide Hills
Terra Madre delegate 2004

NTT Docomo unveiled its prototype mobile phone Wellness Navigator

At Ceatec 2007 NTT Docomo unveiled its prototype mobile phone Wellness Navigator. A prototype mobile phone can be used to measures your body fat, pulse rate and acts as a pedometer during your cardio session as well as making calls, taking pictures and browsing the Internet. Just wait until the manufacture officially releases this mobile phone.[Source]

New Samsung F210 Music Phone looks like the X830

The sexy looking slim Samsung SGH-F210 looks a lot like the Samsung X830 but this one is better, the Samsung F210 is a multimedia music player that has a cool 1GB of built in memory plus an additional micro SD card slot support. Love it yet? Hate it yet? This up coming mobile music phone has a metallic dial pad and the navigational buttons and dial pad are apparently very nice to use. (Let us be

Samsung SGH-i450, with music focus, officially announced and Samsung F330 music slider gets official

The Samsung SGH-i450, a music focused S60 3rd Edition smartphone, has been officially announced by Samsung as part of its new line up of music phones. The SGH-i450 is billed as a dual slide with touch wheel music navigation. Features include support for HSDPA connectivity, metallic speaker supporting ICEpower (developed by Bang & Olufsen), and a microSD card slot support for SDHC cards. Read on

iPhone 1.1.1 Update Hacked

Less than two weeks since Apple relocked iPhones with its wolf in sheep's clothing WiFi iTunes update, a hack has been found to once again open it up to third party goodness and potential unlocking. The security hole was found through a single TIFF exploit in Mobile Safari by 'Niacin' - hacker of both the PSP and MSN TV Linux cluster previously - and allows full root access on both the iPhone and

Apple iPod touch 16GB Review

A few years back anyone who took even the slightest interest in computers was regarded with sniggering suspicion and treated as a figure of fun. To employ a much-overused term, they were seen as 'geeks': a group of hairy, unwashed, pimply, young and middle-aged men indulging in a minority hobby. Now it's cool to be geeky and know a thing or two about technology, and one of the key reasons for

Bio-dynamics in action at nirvana

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of farming and gardening that aims to treat the farm as a living system which interacts with the environment linking soil (mineral), plants, animals and humans. This process builds healthy living soil and produces food that nourishes and vitalises mankind.

The biodynamic methods are derived from the teaching of Rudolf Steiner and subsequent practitioners.

The underlying principle of biodynamic agriculture is the development of life-giving humus from dead organic matter. This biologically active humus is the basis of all living soils. It is achieved by:
· Having a diverse system of plants and animals, landscape variety and water.
· Developing skills in observation and nurturing the soil.
· Enhancing the soil structure and nutrient cycles as well as plant growth by the use of specific preparations which are made from farm sourced material:
*Horn manure 500 is used to enliven the soil, increasing the micro flora and availability of nutrients and trace elements. Through its application root growth in particular is strengthened in a balanced way.
* Horn silica 501 enhances the light and warmth assimilation of the plants, leading to better fruit and seed development with improved flavour, aroma, colour and keeping quality.
* Compost preparations 502-507 help the dynamic cycles of the macro and micro nutrients via the biological processes which lead to humus formation.

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture A Farmer’s Perspective
By Deborah L Cantrill*
Bio-Dynamics is not an entirely new approach to agriculture. It is merely another development in the continuing saga of man’s relationship with the soil. The Bio-Dynamic approach does not attempt to replace current knowledge, merely to add to it. Bio-Dynamic agriculture is concerned with producing quality food in a reasonable quantity. The methods are designed to biologically activate life in plants and soil. Skills need to be developed by the farmer to nurture the soil.
To me Bio-Dynamic ag is the craft of farming- the farmer is a skilled, in tune craftsperson. Just like a skilled cabinet maker, using quality timber to make a fine table that will last many generations, compared with mass produced factory table made out of chipboard and staples - made to a price by machines, just like factory farming. Do these products last or sustain?
As a craftsperson, the main thing in ag we are dealing with is LIFE
Life is the key to existence on this planet.
The average farmer and I think more so city gardeners- go out in the morning, not with the concept of life but with the concept of death. They go out to get rid of things. In order to grow a certain crop, everything else is killed.(listen to the questions asked on gardening programs & magazines )
As a Bio-Dynamic farmer I’m always being asked “... But how do you get rid of.......?”
Because life cannot be captured and put under a microscope, it is not understood. You have to become conscious of life before you become aware of how important it is. We have to learn how to experience this.
Bio-Dynamic is connecting this life (bio) with the inter relatedness of the whole system (dynamics ) a bit like group dynamics. This inter-action between all of the kingdoms of nature - MINERAL, PLANT, ANIMAL, HUMAN -- means that everything that is alive is dependent upon other things in a network of living things.
This results in a holistic approach where everything is taken into account from the solid earth to the furthest edge of the cosmos...... including the weather, the conditions in the paddock, the position of the moon and planets , history and potential’s of the land and eco-systems, the needs and abilities of the farmers including their cultural and economic needs.
Part of developing this wholeness is looking deeper into nature. This deeper awareness is based on keen observation and trusting your intuition.
This leads to not letting things run their natural course,, but to intensifying some of the natural processes eg the use of special Bio-Dynamic preparations. Aiding nature where she is week and using human intelligence and good will to foster positive developments.
Putting one’s energy into supporting the good, rather than supporting the bad. WORKING WITH LIFE.

*Deb Cantrill along with Quentin Jones own and run NIRVANA ORGANIC FARM a certified Bio-Dynamic mixed orchard established in 1983 at Heathfield in the Adelaide Hills. Nirvana is an excellent example of both Bio-Dynamic agriculture and small scale sustainable lifestyle that is accessible to the public via farm tours and short courses .The property provides the ideal classroom filled with practical examples for teaching courses in Bio-Dynamic methods, composting, orchard management , vegetable growing and poultry keeping .Nirvana is the National winner of the Organic Federation of Australia Awards of Excellence as the leading Organic Educator.
For more information contact Deb or Quentin
Phone/Fax (08) 8339 2519

The Lonely Lunch Box

Here it is, all alone at the bottom of the box: a final unsold copy of Vegan Lunch Box. Yes, I've turned off my ordering buttons and closed up shop, ready to devote myself full time to shmoo's third grade year.

But don't despair, vegan lunch fans! I'm excited to report that a brand new, completely revised edition of Vegan Lunch Box will be coming out from Da Capo Lifelong Books in March 2008.

The book is being completely redesigned (by professionals, even!) It will include all the recipes from the original plus brand new menus and recipes I created especially for the new edition. The best part is that the book will now be widely available in bookstores across the country, instead of being distributed one at a time out of a basement in eastern Washington. Check back for more information and a glimpse of the new cover some time in the next few months.

If you would still like to get your hands on a copy of the original, self-published edition, copies are still available over at Laptop Lunches. Order one while supplies last, or hunker down and wait for spring.

Motorola ROKR Z6 pics and video

Here are some more pics of Motorola's music focused ROKR Z6. This black and orange version also comes with a matching stereo bluetooth headset, the S9. The Z6 also comes in other but more boring colors. This orange/black really spices up things and follows in the footsteps of Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones. Enjoy the pics and video!Pics and video from gophone

Sony Ericsson W750 concept

Here is another concept from Alexandra from esato who also created for us the W990 and K830. This time it's a clamshell Walkman phone. It has a good size external display with dedicated player keys and a 3.2 mega pixel camera with xenon flash....and most importantly, it's also thin. Me like...

Tons of pics of the candybar Nokia N95 ripoff

This N95 clone has been out for quite a while. It is in fact a candybar disguised to look like the original N95 slider. The keypad is all there..where the navigation keys are. It also comes with a huge 3 inch touchscreen and 3 mega pixel camera. Here are tons of pics of the device and even comparing it to the real N95. The phone is very huge...Pics from sogi

The latest super radio phone

The super radio phone lives! This design was first seen a few months ago with the original super radio phone (hence the name). This design is unique with that huge speaker and dedicated FM screen and keys on the back. This version adopts an all black and shiny surface with red keys. Here are some specs.- 2.4 QVGA 260k color touchscreen- 2 mega pixel camera- super powerful and loud 3D speakers

Some more live pics of the Sony Ericsson Chocolate ripoff

Remember this phone that ripped off the Sony Ericsson Chocolate concept? Well, here are some more live pics of the device. It's not bad looking. The transparent keypad cover works just like the Nokia 8600.

Live pics of the Chinese NBA phone

Remember the NBA phone I posted about a while back. Well, it has been made into reality and here are some live pics of the phone. It sure has a basketball surface texture. I wonder if it bounces too...

The tphone goes white

This as we all know it, is an iPhone clone and has been around for quite a while. The original one was black with a chrome border to simulate to iPhone look. Now, I guess the guys who made this phone decided to do something fresh and release this phone in a new cool white. It actually looks better than the black version.

One really convincing Nokia N73 clone

It had me fooled there for a sec. If this phone would have Nokia or N73 printed on it then it would've fooled me for a bit longer. These guys really put an effort in copying the real N73 physically (of course it is not identical). Here are some specs.- 2.4 inch 260k color QVGA touchscreen- 2 mega pixel camera- stereo 3D ringtones- microSD support- bluetooth stereo- measures 110x49×19 mm-

Two new Symbian OS v9 books from Symbian Press

Symbian Press has published two new books, "Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 3" and "Symbian OS Communications Programming, Second Edition", both targeting Symbian OS™ v9. Below you'll find a brief summary of each book with links to Symbian's website for more information and purchasing options.Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones Volume 3This book by Richard Harrison and Mark Shackman is fully

DivX Certifies Samsung Handset with Video Capability

Samsung Ultra Video SGH-F508 mobile phone delivers outstanding mobile multimedia experienceSan Diego, CA and Seoul, Korea -- July 31, 2007 -- DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIVX) today announced the DivX® Certification of the Samsung Ultra Video (SGH-F508) mobile phone, an innovative handset device that features stylish design and cutting-edge multimedia experiences, including high-quality DivX video

Special Sony Ericsson W660 promotion

Anyone buying the Sony Ericsson from August 3rd onwards are entitled to s special limited edition gift. The gift is the Touch Diva BTS 850 bluetooth stereo headset and it comes in two colors to match the W660. This is quite a good gift. Oh...and this is only on Hong Kong.

Nokia 3500 Classic approved by FCC

The Nokia 3500 Classic was announced over a month ago along with the 6267 and 6121 Classic. It is a simple lower end candybar with a simple but classic design not to mention cheap. It will probably be available soon. Here is Nokia's product description.Nokia 3500 classic: Affordable mobile technology in a timeless designFor consumers who are looking for an easy-to-use, stylish yet affordable

One really long Nokia 8600 hands on video

Nice long 8.5 minute clip of the Nokia 8600 Luna. I didn't understand a work but the clip gives us a good look of the phone. I must say, I played with it last week and the phone has a nice solid feel but it didn't look as nice as my expectations (maybe I saw it too much online...).

Nokia opens its first design studio in India

- Underlines growing importance of India as a global design capital- Partners with Srishti School of Art, Design and TechnologyBangalore, India - Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, has chosen India as the location for the first in a series of satellite design studios it plans to establish in design hot spots around the world, signaling the increasing impact the country is having on

Nokia applauds FCC decision to require "open access" for U.S. 700MHz spectrum

Decision to benefit consumers by promoting greater competition and innovation in U.S. wireless industryHelsinki, Finland - Nokia applauds the FCC's decision to implement rules requiring a portion of the 700MHz spectrum being auctioned next year to be made available for "open access" for devices and services. This decision represents an acknowledgement by the FCC that U.S. consumers should have

iPhone cake

For a cake this doesn't look very edible. I thought it was a pillow or cushion when I first saw it. Also, it's so pretty that I wouldn't want to eat it and ruin it.Pic from zol.com.cn

Nani hands on video

Nani4.3 inch Wide VGA LCD Screen.D1(720x480)WMV9, MPEG1,2,4, DivX, Xvid.Phone(Japan W-SIM).Portable Digital TV(Japan OneSEG).WiFi(IEEE802.11g/b).Windows CE 5.0 Professional PlusMicrosoft Office Viewer.This multimediaphone is developed by Korean venture named Tinnos, Inc. in corlaboration with Japanese comapny, Sophia systems.

Saley Days of Summer are Over

The crazy summer blow out sale was a huge success! We moved boxes and boxes of books and the orders just kept pouring in. Thanks so much to everyone who bought a book plus one to share!

I hope all you parents had a great summer and are ready to gear up for fall. I love Back To School time!! Can you believe it's just around the corner already? I'm starting to put together shmoo's third grade learning plan and order new math and history books. I really do enjoy sitting down with him for lessons each day, so I'm excited about all we'll get to learn and do this year.

Unfortunately for all you bento fans, we won't have much need for lunch boxes this year. Staying at home generally negates the need for a packed lunch, you know. Besides, I'm sure you can tell that I've always made my more elaborate lunches more for my own sense of artistic and aesthetic accomplishment than for shmoo. It was easy to find the time when shmoo was off at school all day, but now that he is home with me and has also gotten older (9 as of this week!) he really has lost interest in the whole endeavor. At the same time my sense of creative fulfillment has shifted to helping with his education and to a number of volunteer efforts. It's been a fantastic adventure, and I'm excited to be moving on to new things.

Having said that, I want to let you all know that there are only a few boxes of Vegan Lunch Box left. If you wish to order a copy for this school year, you probably want to do so quite soon! After these final cases are gone, it will be several months before the book becomes available again.

Some very cool concept phones from Japan

I just love seeing concepts from all over the web and there is an abundance of concepts. But rarely do I see Japanese concepts. Why is everything Japanese just cooler to me? Anyways these concepts are not pics or renderings. They were actually built and put on display. The concepts were presented by the Japanese mobile operator AU KDDI and like all things Japanese...they are to the extreme. The

Sony Ericsson K810 to be available in red

Yet another leak from the carphonewarehouse. This time they are letting us know that the Sony Ericsson K810 will have another red color in addition to the black and gold. It actually looks nice. An all silver or white one would also be nice. This new red flavor is expected to be available in September this year.

New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic info

Nokia5310 XpressMusic phone is a super-slim S40 candybar handset. The handset is only 9.9 millimetre thick and weighs only 70 grams. No wonder it is called a super-slim phone. It is being said that the 5310 XpressMusic phone from Nokia is the company’s answer to Sony Ericsson’s W880 model because of its dedicated music controls on its left edge. The phone enables you to “sideload” music bought

The Picasso phone

This is not some made up Chinese phone. This is the official Picasso phone. It's design is inspired by PABLO PICASSO RUIZ, the famous Spanish artist. the phone's model name is GF901 and will make it's first appearance in Taiwan. The phone comes in 3 different colors (black/red/blue) and has the shiny mirror front (even has that external screen that can't be seen when it's off). Kinda reminds me

New Samsung i620 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone

Features: Operating System - Microsoft® Windows Mobile® standard (WM6) GSM/GPRS - Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz), HSDPA Wireless - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 Camera - Yes Memory - 64MB RAM / 128MB ROM microSD™ External Memory Slot The Samsung SGH-i620 Smartphone has a compact slider form factor, with a slide down QWERTY keyboard. Use the 5-way navigation keypad to access applications quickly. For

TWUIK Visual Album Demo

TWUIK, is a UI technology that we recently launched at JavaONE '07. It allows carriers, developers, content providers to easily create high impact visual UI, snazzy animation and dazzling graphics for your applications. Without any esoteric graphics and math techniques, developers and content providers can create fluid, stutter-free effects and experiences. You can catch a glimps from our YouTube

Sony Ericsson S500 vs W580 pics

Walkman against emotional. Like I have said before Sony Ericsson managed to give unique identities to each of these phones. The S being stylish and the W being music centric and hip. After seeing these 2 phones side by side, I must say that I prefer the W580 look. The S500 looks a bit cheap in real life (the W580 doesn't suffer from this). Currently, my eyes are set on the grey W580. Which

Sony Ericsson W580 hands on video

Here is a 6 minute video showing the Sony Ericsson W580 in action. This phone in it's grey color is absolutely gorgeous. I think I will wait for the price to drop and maybe buy it. Enjoy the video!

Sony Ericsson Z610 ads

Sony Ericsson P1i: Ain't happenin', just ain't happenin'

After a day and a half I realize that a smaller secondary phone may not have to have a qwerty.

PDA Battery(iPhone)

Rechargeable BatteryModels:iPhone, (1400mAh, 3.7VDC)Package Include:Rechargeable Battery x 1Assembly Tools x 1 setInstruction Menu x 120$ US from brando

Sony Ericsson K770 Cyber-shot phone

At just 14.5mm slim and finished in a fashionable Truffle Brown, the K770 can take pictures as good as a standalone digital camera; pictures can be printed up to A4 size. The camera can also be used for video and comes with a powerful photo light for indoor photo-taking and filming. As with all Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot™ phones, ‘ease of use’ sits at the heart of the experience. To take a picture,

New Symbian Samsung i570

Samsung i570- Symbian S60- HSDPA- WIFI- full slide down QWERTY keyboard- landscape oriented QVGA display- 2 mega pixel camera- 160 MB memory- microSD support- measures 96x60x16 mm- weighs 123 gramsPics from mobilemania.sk

New Samsung F110 Adidas phone

This phone was created through cooperation between Samsung and Adidas. This phone is designated as a sports phone with personal trainer applications like a pedometer, heart beat monitor, calories-counter and a voice coach feature that talks during work outs. The phone also features a 2 mega pixel camera, microSD support, FM radio, quadband/EDGE support and bluetooth stereo.

O2 looks to iPhone to maintain growth

O2 expects the launch of broadband and Apple's iPhone to maintain its momentum during the second half of the year, after it outperformed the market over the past three months.O2 refused to confirm that it has won the right to sell Apple's music-oriented handset exclusively in the UK, despite evidence appearing in source code on Carphone Warehouse's website.Peter Erskine, chief executive of O2,

Sealing up your Nokia N95 picture guide

This is an original and creative way for all you folks who wants to protect your valuable Nokia N95. This is a good way to totally prevent scratches but will that transparent cover leave residue when peeled off.

Sony Ericsson W3i concept

This slick concept is made by SE_cz over at esato. This guy is very talented and have created tons of other cool concepts. Anyways, this phone is of a slider form factor and seems to be thin. It has a huge 480x800 touchscreen and has all touch sensitive buttons. Here are the given specs.- 16 GB storage- 256 MB RAM- WIFI/UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE- 5 mega pixel camera with xenon flash

Another watch that is a mobile phone

Yet another mobile phone watch made by the Chinese. This one looks alot better than the M300 but it is still far from looking normal. It is quite huge and bulky. It has a usable screen and has a built in 2 mega pixel camera. Like all of these watch phones, using them requires a bluetooth headset. It even comes in many different colors to suit your liking.

Cell phones light up operating room during blackout

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - The light from the cell phone screens allowed surgeons to complete an emergency appendix operation during a blackout in a city in central Argentina, reports said on Saturday.Leonardo Molina, 29, was on the operating table on July 21, when the power went out in the Policlinico Juan D. Peron, the main hospital in Villa Mercedes, a small city in San Luis province."The

Sony Ericsson X1550 Smart concept

Specifications- UMTS- HSDPA- WIFI- bluetooth- WIMAX- 8.2 mega pixel camera with Leica lens- 6x optical zoom- 2 mega pixel front camera with Leica lens- 2 x 32GB flash disk drive (SSD - solid state disk)- miniSD/MMC slot- Intel sARM Core Duo 2x 1.88 Ghz- 1GB RAM- nVidia nMobile graphics chip (T&L, 64 unificated shaders, 128 MB RAM, full DX10 support)- 32 bit high resolution touchscreen- mini USB-

Nokia 5300 black edition spotted for sale

Looks like the Nokia 5200/5300 black edition is official...well kinda. It has been spotted for sale at the big Swedish katshing site. This probably means an announcement very soon...

Edje virtual keyboard mimics iPhone

Here is the video description:This demo was written to 1) find out bugs with EFL and 2) evaluate usability of iPhone virtual keyboard layout without owning one (they don't sell it here in Brazil). Done in python, about 230 lines of code.

"I'm Ready for My Close Up Mr. DeMille"

Since the introduction of sites like YouTube, it seems like everyone and their brother are shooting and creating videos on pretty much any topic that you can imagine. Just the other day I saw a video on giant robots playing foosball. Since it's obvious that a lot of people out there love to make short films, we thought it would be cool to host a film festival - a Treo-specific film festival to be

Arrow Electronics Announces Integrated Motorola MicroTCA Systems

Arrow's Design and Supply Chain Expertise Back Motorola's Innovative MicroTCA Communications Server Technology to Deliver Application-Ready PlatformsMELVILLE, N.Y., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The North American Components (NAC) business of Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) today announced the availability of development systems that integrate Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) MicroTCA(TM) products for

Nokia spy phone

Doesn't this just look a little crazy? Looks like it's in the middle of a transformation...

More pics from the Samsung U700 event

Here are some more lovely pics at the promotion event for the Samsung U700 (U708) in Taiwan. Like I said before they created a really nice/elegant/stylish atmosphere. the phone is being presented with a really nice stylish case and the WEP-420 bluetooth headset designed by Bang&Olufsen.Pics from mobile01

Nokia trend station

Nice concept of a demo station from deviantart.

Nirvana, An Invitation to Wander


BOOK YOUR OWN TOUR .Minimum charges apply, Bookings essential. Individuals,Families, Schools, Groups
Nirvana provides a wonderful lifestyle for Deb and Quentin. It is where 4.5 Ha in the Adelaide Hills can provide an income from the diverse orchards. It is satisfying work flanked by our faithful hounds, our own fresh food, and food to preserve, fruit wines and beer, great spaces to relax and watch the antics of the poultry. Places to observe a multitude of native wildlife and enjoy the different seasons of the Adelaide Hills. Nirvana may not fit into the normal category of a garden or farm, but it’s a place to work, relax and enjoy life... The way in which the commercial crops are treated can be described as ‘garden quality farming.’ The combination of growing commercial crops, our own vegetables and herbs, composting, native habitat areas, poultry and our various gardens around the house and sheds all rolled into a wonderful balanced and beautiful ecosystem.

THE OUTER GARDENS: the orchards, creek, and habitat areas form the framework and atmosphere.
THE INNER GARDENS: dominated by large camellias. The garden is designed to be low maintenance, use minimum water and be chook hardy. It is made up of rooms that ebb and flow with the seasons. The home veggies and herb gardens are also here.
Balancing both is the compost and Bio-Dynamic preparations. Chooks and geese appreciate both areas

HISTORY In 1983 the valley and surrounding hills consisted of 50 chestnuts and 80 walnuts. The remainder was impenetrable blackberries and broom with the lower areas waterlogged. The house garden was very neglected and overgrown. The camellia, which dominates the front garden, had grown so large it had, over the years, turned the tin on the convex veranda into a concave!
We formulated a 10 year plan to transform this degraded property into a largely self-sufficient, enjoyable, as well as viable lifestyle. At that time we only had the weekends to do this as we both had full time jobs in town. Today, 22 years later, the main crops are chestnuts, raspberries, walnuts and 100 odd mixed fruit and berries, which are use to produce a variety of gourmet jams and preserves as well as fruit for our own use. Geese graze the orchards and along with fowls provide the basis for our compost.
We have been using Bio-Dynamic methods here for 22 years. It adds something special to the craft of gardening, because it enhances both the garden and gardener, as one looks more closely into the processes of nature and life. B.D. Bio (life), Dynamic (inter reactions) between all the kingdoms of nature: - mineral, plant, animal, humans (like group dynamics).

Our garden is more than plants. There is a whole atmosphere about our place, the insects, birds, water, light & shadows, sounds & smells they all there interacting with each other, all ebbing & flowing with the seasons. Our gardens engage all the senses and refresh the soul. Here the garden is a spiritual resource, a place to step back and enjoy the quiet moments.
Nirvana’s gardens are work in progress There is always an area to create or redevelop. Garden plantings are diverse as possible so we can share our garden with a large array of insects, birds, animals both domestic and wild as well as other people. The garden has found its balance & clicked into place.

Nirvana is made up of lots of small garden spaces. The main reason is ease of maintenance for one person to achieve. This also provides a variety of spaces to suit different seasons or times of the day. Even the orchards are divided up into manageable areas; these are divided by natural habitat areas.
The orchards and gardens use little water. To encourage the maximum benefit from the rainfall the soil acts like a sponge so there is no runoff. This is achieved by building up the humus content. (The Bio-Dynamic methods aid this process.) Rather than using hard surfaces, garden areas have paths and sitting areas made from sawdust or gravel. Some areas are irrigated and plants needing more water are grown there and these areas are designed to cool us or the house. Grassed areas are also used to cool the house and act as a firebreak.

What does it takes to run Nirvana Farm? Deb has designed, built & maintains the various gardens. She also works full time as the orchard and farm manager. Quentin works part time depending on the season. He is in charge of marketing, machinery maintenance, mowing, irrigation, & of course Hot Roasted Chestnuts. Woofers (willing workers on organic farms) help out during harvest.

Some highlights you’ll encounter at Nirvana

COMPOST is the soul of the garden. To make quality compost is very important .Our compost is based on poultry manure & bedding along with green plants including comfrey & nettles. The aim is provide new fertility in the form of life giving humus out of dead organic matter.

THE HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN consists of permanent raised beds, quality compost dug in. In the garden veggies are grown for fleeting freshness- delicate –fragrant frequent harvests, small sowing 2 days before a full moon. Once established simple rake over & re seed.
Wild edges provide habitat for beneficial insects & birds.
THE HOUSE & GARDENS were first established in the late 1870’s. The garden is dominated by large camellias & contain chook hardy cottage plants & shady areas. The poultry range through the area enjoying the shade. They also have dust bath areas & train their chicks to roost in the camellias. Native birds are encouraged into the garden via various water containers. An old apple orchard is also near the house.

THE SPRING FED VALLEY forms the headwaters of Scott creek. Water flows through the valley all year round. The creek is dotted with small barrage dams which provide fire water, irrigation & habitat areas. These areas aid the overall balance by sheltering the small beneficial birds, insects & reptiles.
THE FIREWOOD FOREST was planted in 1987 to supply our future firewood needs for cooking & heating. This area also contains various native wetland plants, many endangered.

SHEPARD OF THE WILLOWS .From within the existing cope of French Osier basket willow, sculptor Evette Sunset created a living yurt.
It is a dwelling & visiting place for many creatures. It breathes with the sun, wind & rain. Alive & growing the house reflects the seasons as they pass.
All these along with the orchards & poultry make up the whole that equals an excellent example of a biodynamic farm & gardens all working together to make a whole.

Deborah says'To remember that at its most fundamental level, agriculture is about the artful capture and transformation of the solar gift and work is love in action.